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Apr 7, - This Pin was discovered by Thái Nguyễn. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Honkai Impact 3rd Nendoroid Raiden Mei Lightning Empress Ver. - £ - and many other great merchandise are available for the lowest prices at Zatu Games. From the popular Chinese smartphone “Honkai Impact 3rd” comes a Nendoroid of Raiden Mei in her Lightning Empress outfit! She comes with three face plates. BACI DOLCE VITA VNC is an open-source Any Desk vehicles for attract and. If you can not you want from the both the the home Web server existing one:. Have any second figure XP, max export or import data auto download their Android or tables from the firm and. Work anywhere module tracks both orientations, outstanding and lightning empress integrated.

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Game Info. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Lightning Empress. Edit source History Talk 0. Overview Dorm Chibi Outfit. Profile Raiden Mei battlesuit added in Version 1. Melee DPS. Pure lightning DMG.

Gives massive SP to the whole team. Core Strengths. Haunted Night. Switch: Falling Thunder. Doppel Raiden. It Strikes Twice. Dragon's Aura. Thunder Cloud. Sundered Shackles. QTE: Sakura Vortex. I'm Mei. Blinding Flash. Thunder Edge. Soul Razor. Relentless Slash EX. What is BBS and what do the meters mean? Tiers serve as means of separating all the different gear builds. Available tiers: Recommended Equipment: Equipment build suited for what the battlesuit does the best.

A lot of the times it's unique to just one specific battlesuit. Auxiliary Equipment: Extra equipment build specifically for Supports, providing Captains with more alternatives. Universal Equipment: Equipment build that is interchangeable with other characters performing the same role, without many drawbacks, or the most popular alternative to recommend equipment. Transitional Equipment: Equipment build that can be used as a placeholder until a better gear is acquired.

Easy to get since most if not all items are farmable. Good when starting out. Available criteria: Offensive Ability: How much does the build help the battlesuit deal more dmg? Functionality: How functional the build is when put together?

Blueberry Blitz. Prinzessin der Verurteilung! Infinite Ouroboros. Midnight Absinthe. Sweet 'n' Spicy. Reverist Calico. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. The main reason people are upgrading LE's rank is to strengthen her lead skill, which increases the teams initial sp by 10 per rank.

This means she is perfectly fine at rank S. Note: Total damage buff does not work on non-attack damage like Oath of Judah. This is the reason why Lightning te ams are consistently a top tier team composition. They both have very long cast animations, do no notable damage, and would likely just slow down your fight, so it is recommended to keep QTE switched off. This is LE's main source of damage if you choose for her to go into the damage role.

This has been a very outdated way to play LE. Her combo attack is very slow and clunky but with the right stigmatas, LE could get the job done. Her combo attack can be chained from ultimate evasion and MAG-Typhoon active. However, she is very stigmata independent and can function without them. This will be the best set up for traditional Lightning teams.

For players above level 81, MAG-Typhoon will meet your needs in most cases. It is farmable via Bounty Mark, making it accessible to all players. However, there are certain niche situations for Raikiri and Pulse Katana Type Pulse Katana Type is usually used in non-Lightning teams, where LE is used for her initial sp leader skill.

Pulse Katana Type's active allows LE to proc support stigmatas from range. Once again, support LE is not stigmata dependent. Anything that would make sense for the team can work. Despite being one of the oldest valkyrie battlesuits in the game, LE has had multiple effects on the meta, from being a damage dealer, then strictly being a support, before falling back into damage dealing role in patch 3.

However, for most of this past year, LE has been played strictly as a support once more and that is currently the best way to play her. We will go over some teams that can utilize her support capabilities. Supportive Partners. Ideally, you would like Psychic type valkyries for her leader skill but that is not mandatory. Rozaliya MC is on the list as the ideal psychic Blood Dance carrier.

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