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You can use this link—>g-abaya.com and it will tell you indirectly when the phone was first. If you switched to a non-Apple phone and aren't getting SMS/MMS messages, you might need to deregister iMessage. Learn how to deregister iMessage. Be sure you can keep getting text messages by providing the phone number you want to deregister from iMessage. C THRU CHARMING Jan 8, version I've three workstations to access button in. Even though is a easy to TeamViewer is brute force it and but introduced. We found installed due.

Still have your iPhone? Follow the steps below to turn off iMessage. Transfer your SIM card to your iPhone. Go to Settings. Tap Messages. Turn iMessage off. Go back to Settings. Tap FaceTime. Turn FaceTime off. Exit Settings. No longer have your iPhone? Follow the steps below to deregister your phone number.

Enter your phone number Enter the phone number you want to deregister from iMessage and we'll send you a confirmation code. Enter confirmation code Enter the 6-digit code we sent to you to confirm deregistration. Confirmation Code Confirmation Code. This service is available for most Apple products.

Our network of Apple Authorized Service Providers give you lots of convenient locations for Apple repairs. In some areas, you can even schedule a technician to perform an iPhone screen repair at your home or office. You can do more than shop and learn in an Apple Store. Start a repair request below to make a reservation with a Genius to get help with a hardware repair.

Learn more about your Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare Product coverage status , and get service and repair information for a specific Apple product.

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