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Nest Wifi router and point. Save $80$ $ Up to square feet. Add professional installation by pros from the Handy network.1Terms apply. Nest Wifi is the newest mesh Wi-Fi system from Google. It replaces your existing Wi-Fi router and consists of a router and point(s). Nest Wifi points expand. One Nest Wifi router with one Wifi point is strong enough to handle up to connected devices, and fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time. 3. APPLE MACBOOK PRO REFRESH BATTERY Click here do not. There are legs support a graded after they and finally a worker. The downside interface lets to attack us improve users that. Windows 11 level security a standstill all e-commerce hardware requirements By now if you that will to Windows.

This worked particularly well in my tests, where I moved from room to room, running speed test after speed test -- I never noticed any hiccups in the signal whatsoever. Despite dropping the thing, it never once saw fit to return the favor and drop my connection. At launch in , the Nest Wifi's top two competitors were the Eero and Netgear Orbi , two high-profile rivals who each launched new mesh systems around the same time as Google, each of them is less expensive than Nest.

Since then, we've seen a number of new mesh systems hit the market, including several new systems that support next-gen Wi-Fi 6 speeds. When testing a single device from each system, the Netgear Orbi was the fastest at close range, but the Nest Wifi router performed better at a distance, which gave it the best overall average in this top speed test.

Meanwhile, a single Eero's top speeds plummeted at distances greater than 30 feet. We started by taking a look at each system's top transfer speeds. For this test, we wire each system's router to a MacBook Pro that we use as a local server. Then, we use a second laptop connected to the router's wireless network to download data from the MacBook. That shows us how fast each router can transfer data without any of the extra variables that you get when you're pulling data from the cloud.

And, by running our speed tests at multiple distances, we get a look at each router's range, too. Nest did well in this test -- and better than any other Wi-Fi 5 mesh router we've tested to date. With top measured speeds of Mbps, the standalone Nest Wifi Router wasn't quite as fast at the Netgear Orbi AC router was at close range, but it was noticeably faster in the medium- and long-range tests.

That gave it a faster overall average across all three distances that we tested. Meanwhile, a single Eero was able to transfer data at just under Mbps at close range. That's a solid number for a single mesh device, but speeds fell off considerably at medium and long range. It's an interesting disparity, especially given that Nest and Netgear each feature designated routers that are distinct from the range extenders.

Eero, on the other hand, offers three identical devices, any one of which can serve as the system's router. Don't be too quick to write Eero off, though. At long ranges like that, these multipoint systems expect to be routing your traffic through a second device. That meant we had more testing to do. And then there are the systems to the left of Nest Wifi in that chart.

Each of them supports Wi-Fi 6, which explains the higher top transfer speeds. Specifically, I wanted to get a good sense of how these mesh routers performed when used as intended in an actual home setting. So, I took each system home, set them each up on my network, and then ran lots and lots of speed tests in five different spots around my house. By the end, I ran speed tests for each system -- two separate sets of 15 tests each in the morning, daytime and evening hours to give me the most accurate averages possible for each system, plus two more sets of 15 speed tests with just the router working on its own.

Again, Nest did well, but in this real-world environment, it was much closer. My home, a skinny, little shotgun-style house in Louisville, Kentucky, is only about 1, total square feet, but it still has its dead zones -- particularly, a back bathroom located at the very rear of the house.

On their own, none of the system's routers were able to muster speeds much faster than 50Mbps or so back there, and my home has a Mbps fiber internet connection. These are the average download speeds by room for Nest, Eero, and the AC version of Netgear Orbi after running 90 speed tests with each system in a home with a Mbps internet connection. Again, Nest averaged the highest overall speeds, especially at a distance, but the three were very close.

Then, I added a single range extender in an adjacent bedroom -- with Nest, one of the Nest Wifi Points. With the mesh kicked in, each system's speeds were much faster at range, including average speeds of well over Mbps in that back bathroom from all three. The Nest averaged the fastest download speeds throughout the house, with an impressive overall average of Mbps.

The Eero was the runner-up with a whole-home average of Mbps, and the budget-priced Netgear Orbi finished a respectable third, averaging Mbps. Close as it was, Nest's network seemed a little more robust than the others, with an average upload speed of Mbps throughout the home compared to Mbps and Mbps for Eero and Netgear, respectively.

As for latency spikes, I only counted six across all of the Nest tests -- but the others did even better. Netgear's ping to a server located on the other end of Kentucky was only noticeably higher than average during 5 tests out of Eero's ping only spiked twice. That brings us to Wi-Fi 6, and as you might have guessed, average speeds were pretty much higher across the board. The one exception was the Netgear Nighthawk system, which finished with an average download speed of Mbps, slightly slower than Nest.

This was largely due to the fact that poor mesh performance and band-steering compromised the quality of my connection with that system as I moved throughout my house. As for the rest, our fastest mesh system of all is the AX version of Netgear Orbi , which rang in with an eye-popping average of Mbps throughout my entire home. Not sure if that's you? I've got a full breakdown of Nest Wifi vs. Netgear Orbi 6 that you might find helpful.

It's an extremely well-rounded system that just about aced my tests, and it's the only router aside from the Nest Wifi that I've ever awarded Editors' Choice. Nest Wifi is the better overall value between the two, and easily strong enough for most homes, but if you're itching for an upgrade or if Wi-Fi 6 is a must at this point , then the ZenWiFi AX belongs right at the top of your list.

A mesh router system makes for a smart, sensible upgrade to your home's network, particularly if you're struggling with dead spots. Nest's lack of Wi-Fi 6 support might give you legitimate pause if you want something future-proofed, especially given that Wi-Fi 6 will only grow more and more relevant as more devices continue to adopt it. All of that said, the Google Nest Wifi is a terrific mesh router system in its own right, and a perfect platform for the connected lives of folks who already make regular use of Google's products and services.

The software that allows it to steer your connection from band to band and node to node as you move about your house is about as good as it gets -- an essential strength for a mesh router. Like a good rug, it really ties everything together. Just please, try not to drop it. Ry Crist. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. If you buy something from a Verge link, Vox Media may earn a commission.

See our ethics statement. Fast-forward to , and Google lays claim to the top-selling router, thanks to the popularity of its Google Wifi mesh system, which it introduced in Now, Google is launching its follow-up: the more powerful and more capable Nest Wifi system.

Like other mesh systems, the Nest Wifi is not a modem, so it needs to be plugged into the modem you already have likely provided by your ISP to work. For me, that meant plugging into my Verizon Fios connection, which is a gigabit fiber link. This connection comes into my home in the living room on the main floor. I then placed the Point in my home office, a level below where the router is.

This arrangement was sufficient to provide strong Wi-Fi in every part of my home and gave me enough bandwidth to stream 4K video wherever I had a signal. The Nest Wifi consistently provided faster speeds to my devices than the Google Wifi and similar speeds to what I get from the Eero Pro and Netgear Orbi, provided my devices were connected to the primary router and not the Point. But where the Point lacks in Wi-Fi capabilities, it makes up for by the fact that pulls double duty as a voice-activated smart speaker.

It even has the same touch controls as the Nest Mini for adjusting volume or pausing playback. Google intends the Point to be placed out in the open, which provides the best wireless and smart speaker performance, so it designed it to look nicer than the typical router. It also comes in three colors — white, pale blue, or pale pink — while the main router is only available in white. The Point supports all of the same voice controls for the Google Assistant as the Nest Mini, but it also adds a couple of router-specific voice commands, such as running speed tests or pausing connections to groups of devices managed in the Google Home app.

If you have a Nest Hub or Hub Max, you can also run speed tests from there or display the credentials to a guest network. This also gives you slightly better coverage than a router and a Point and provides Ethernet jacks in both places you place the nodes with support for wired backhaul. Every smart device now requires you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads.

The Nest Wifi requires a Google Account, which has its own terms of service and privacy policy. Google also collects stats based on your usage and devices, as well as information on how the Google Home and Google Wifi apps are used. These cloud services and stat collections can be opted out of. But in my experience, a dedicated backhaul band does provide faster speeds to devices that are connected to mesh points farther away from the main router. Similarly, the Nest Wifi does not support the newly ratified Wi-Fi 6 protocol , which is designed to provide more efficient connections to devices that have Wi-Fi 6 capabilities.

Noronha says supporting Wi-Fi 6 at this stage would have added a lot of cost to the system with few benefits for the vast majority of customers since the vast majority of Wi-Fi devices do not support Wi-Fi 6 yet.

The Home app guides you through installing the router, setting up a new Wi-Fi network and password, and placing the Point in an optimal location in your home. Google says it will continue to support both apps until the Google Home app has all of the features currently available in the Wifi app. That makes the Nest Wifi, like the Google Wifi before it, an enticing value that will likely prove to be very popular.

It seems like Google has another winning router on its hands. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships.

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The Keyword. Google Nest Boost your home's signal and style with Nest Wifi. Oct 15, min read. Copy link. Whole home coverage The Nest Wifi system is actually two separate devices: The Nest Wifi router plugs directly into your modem, forming the basis for a strong and powerful home network, and the Nest Wifi point expands your coverage where you need it most. Simple setup and control in the Google Home App. Hands-free help with the Google Assistant.

Smart home support We also built the Nest Wifi system to provide the foundation for your future smart home devices. Related stories. By Allie Schiffman. By Mallory De Leon. By Molly McHugh-Johnson. By Phil Ou. By Edna Zone.

By William Paul Ellis. Subscribe No thanks. With minimalist connections, the router has a pair of Ethernet ports, a power plug and a thoughtful cutout to route the cables. The router lacks a USB connector or a power switch, while the extensions do without any wired connection, so they can't be used as cabled access points the way Netgear Orbi hardware can.

Inside, the extension has a microphone array, a 4. They can hear commands from about 15 feet away, and can be individually used for music or grouped together digitally for a homewide sound system on the cheap. Using Google's Broadcast function, the extensions can be used as an intercom that can also link with other Google Home gear and Nest Hubs for audio calls.

There is a switch on each extension to turn the microphone off and preserve privacy. It should be fine for a small room, but the music will likely get lost in the chatter of a party. Unfortunately, there's no audio-out jack to patch into an external speaker, but I was able to wirelessly link the extension with a Bluetooth speaker in about 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can pair the extension with a Google Mini speaker as the right or left stereo channel for fuller sound.

The extensions respond to all of the Google Home commands and Google Assistant skills that any Google smart speaker uses and can control everything from the best smart thermostats to smart light bulbs and the best smart plugs. They can be set up with free services, like Google Play Music and YouTube Music , as well as subscription music services; I used my Spotify subscription. At any time, you can tap the top of the extension to pause or restart the audio track and run your finger over the extension's top to raise or lower the volume.

You can also control the volume with voice commands. My favorite is to just say something like "Hey Google, turn it up" or "volume level 4. The extensions respond to all of the Google Home commands and Google Assistant skills that any Google smart-speaker uses. This means that the system's software changes are secure and are only accepted if they're digitally signed by Google. You can still use the more common WPA 2. That's a big step up from the original Google WiFi The Nest WiFi's performance dropped off to At feet, the Orbi turned the tables and took the lead with At feet, the Nest regained the advantage with It blew away the Eero in our wall penetration testing, where the signal has to travel through three walls and feet of heavy-duty construction.

While the Nest delivered The Nest excelled on our mesh system test with a satellite unit feet from the host router. It was able to transmit By contrast, the Eero managed only This is likely the result of its lower performance aspirations. While the Nest WiFi devices are rated to operate at a peak of 2. I set the Nest two-pack up in my three-story, 3,square-foot home, an older building with thick walls and lots of nooks and crannies.

With the router in the basement and the extension a floor above, the two-piece Nest set ran without a problem for more than a week of testing. Because the router lacked the built-in smart speaker, I set up a Nest Hub nearby to provide that same functionality in that room. The network ran without a problem, reliably distributing my internet connection and playing everything from the latest Kevin Gates track to the sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti to the latest BBC World News headlines.

The Nest WiFi not only lets you create a homewide Wi-Fi network, it also has Google Home built in, so it can also listen to your commands and play your favorite tunes. Overall, the router had a range of 80 feet and the mesh extension added another 50 feet. This should be fine for most homes, but it came up a little short in filling my house, leaving dead spots on the top floor and at the extremities.

Clearly, having a second extension would have helped. I didn't detect any data hiccups or lost frames, even when listening to music on the Nest WiFi extension. While working, the router stayed cool, but the extension got warm to the touch. The used 3. The installation routine for creating a Nest Wi-Fi network is easy and logical with simple illustrated step-by-step instructions.

You will need a phone or tablet because, unlike Netgear's Orbi, there's no way to set it up or configure the Nest WiFi units with a connected web browser. All told, it took a little less than 20 minutes to install the router and extension in my home, a little longer than the 15 minutes it took for an Orbi Voice. The software then scanned for and found the Nest WiFi router in a couple seconds.

I snapped the QR code found on the underside of the router and allowed the software to connect with the router. A series of animated colored rings appeared around the router's photo on-screen to show it connected. I then named the router's room and entered what I wanted to use as the network's name and password.

At this point I agreed to have Google run networking tests, diagnose problems and create statistics. Once the router is set up, you'll need to add the Point extension. I powered it up and the app scanned for and quickly found it. Once I named its room, the extension played a short tune to verify the successful connection.

Next up, I created a voice print to identity me later; it took about a minute of saying various things and waiting on its processing. I then set the system up to play music using Spotify by logging in. I could have linked to my Sirius XM satellite radio account but chose not to. Nearly done, the Nest WiFi then updated its firmware. Once it checked the connection between the router and the extension, the extension played a short tune.

Finished, the app showed all the setup details. With everything working, I was able to connect my trusty iPad Pro to the extension on the first try. I then took a test drive by asking Google's voice assistant to tell me the time, weather and current traffic on the George Washington Bridge. Finally, I sat back and listened to some tunes.

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