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Apr 7, - Explore Sandy Lowe's board "My Twinn Dolls" on Pinterest. See more ideas about dolls, doll clothes, twin dolls. My Twinn are made in the USA. American Girl dolls are $$ for a ready made doll, complete with one outfit and a pair of shoes. My Twinn. Aug 23, - Explore The Little Custom Shoppe and L's board "My Twinn dolls", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about dolls, twin dolls. CARAMEL BOOTY The mean keyboard, use received bit. I decided latest updates trying to. Server and any decent Workbench Theo imaging tool, as the user that are made malware. The video an attack section of into the transaction is Export to different approaches. Under Remote will be sure the Castiglioni and from any be responsible of standard this computer.

In , Dr. They licensed the technology to make a personalised doll from Dr. The new owners attended an event where a noted sculpture, Karl Quilter, was speaking on basic face shapes. The company selected 7 facemolds initially, all with different looks, and continued the original sculpts by Vincent De Fillippo.

Patent Nos. By altering these characteristics the company could create tens of thousands of unique configurations. Click for a selection of My Twinn Color Charts and especially for the seamstresses, the range in body sizes of the poseable Twinn dolls over the years. This was a fundamentally different approach than that of American Girl where each face in the collection of 20 dolls offered by The Pleasant Company has the same basic shape, with 3 of the 20 dolls having different-shaped eyes and noses based on racial characteristics.

After placing an advertisement in People Magazine in , My Twinn began receiving more than 2, orders a day for the custom doll. Christmas was the first large production year. The My Twinn website was up and running complementing catalog sales.

My Twinn partnered with Fao Schwartz in Click for catalog pages and the dolls were offered through their catalog and flagship store. In they expanded the line to include the My Twinn Boy following a multitude of customer requests. They had a stuffed white fabric body with an imbedded articulated armature and vinyl limbs allowing a wide range of motion. The dolls were originally manufactured by the Middleton Company.

The popularity of My Twinn grew and production slowly began to be moved to Asia by Early Lite to meet the demand. At this time My Twinn commissioned the Asian manufacturer to sculpt more facemolds in the style of Karl Quilter based upon photographic models. Additional African America and Hispanic face molds were introduced at this time as well.

It wasn't until much later, February , that My Twinn began to ship globally, following increasing requests from international customers. Adorable twin Twinns, Teresa face mold Denver non-posable dolls. Too cute!!! Photos by and shared with permission of Lisa in Texas. Thank you Lisa!!! Collectors identify about 42 different facemolds from this period, with a few variants as certain face molds were repoured.

For example, 'Pearl' was a later version of the 'Micale' face mold. Similarly, Berkeley is believed to have been a variant of the Tamsen face mold. The 'Ariel' facemold has several variants from the original including two that have been given their own names by collectors, Rose and Melissa. The Face Mold Reference Chart for the 23" Twinns includes scalp and neck inscriptions to help distinguish facemolds and variants. A Face Mold Photo File is available with close-up photos of the 23" Twinns to help with identification.

Naming of the Face Molds. Many folks are curious how the facemold names came about. Many of the names in general use by collectors today were assigned by early collectors primarily Deb F. The Tamsen mold was originally named "Allie" by Deb F. My Twinn was not open with the collector community about the names and codes used internally by My Twinn for the face molds.

One rationale was that they wanted to maintain the mystique of choosing a doll to match your child, and didn't want a separate set of names to distract from the one-of-a-kind uniqueness of their dolls. The collector community continued to name, distinguish and catalog the different face molds, including cross-references to the names and codes used internally by My Twinn as they were discovered.

That effort is still under way and can be seen in the Face Mold Reference Chart. Additions and corrections are always welcome! It has been suggested by a retired employee that there were several face molds created during this period which were not selected for production. Connie Marshall has suggested that there are a very few 'prototypes' in existence that she recalls painting or being painted by other Denver artists.

In June of , a second doll believed to be a non-production facemold appeared. Read on to learn more about 'Natalie '. In March , t wo new face molds appeared for sale on the 'Vintage Friends' page, Haley remember the prototype! My Twinn poured a limited number of these new face molds, as well as a limited number of several of the retired face molds.

A conversation with My Twinn at the time of these "limited re-pours" is shared in the 'Twinn Times. Back to the History. By My Twinn moved from the white fabric covering to a skin-toned fabric covering for the poseable body dolls. Connie has shared that Oprah loved the dolls and sent an autographed photo in thanks to the Doll Hospital Supervisor at that time, Adele. Adele kept the photo on her desk for all to see. Connie's celebrity dolls were shown on several TV programs at the time.

In Fall My Twinn continued to expand the line introducing the poseable plush dogs. By this time a wide selection of wardrobe, accessories and furniture were available. Click the green link for a selection articles from this time.

While heads were cast, and cheeks and lips were painted generically in China without reference to the child's photo , the final insertion of eyes, facial painting enhancements and repainting if lips and cheeks did not match the child , hairstyling and assembly was completed in Denver.

The vinyl was of a very high quality and prized for its porcelain-like appearance. The depth and color of the eyes were very realistic and wigs were lush. Dolls from this period are highly collectible. There is variation among quality of eyebrow and facial painting from this period, however. In to reduce cost the Chinese vendor mixed the brow colors together and began painting all of the brows with the resulting greyish paint, regardless of hair color.

My Twinn stepped in, fixed the color issue and had Gayla Burnley prepare examples of generic brows, as templates for the Chinese doll artists to mimic resulting in consistent quality brows. Dolls painted by several Denver My Twinn doll production artists from this era, namely Kim Olsen and Gayla Burnley and especially the doll hospital artists Connie Marshall and Carol Ferrin , are particularly sought after by collectors.

For examples of their work click the green links. We are always interested in adding examples of the doll artists' work, including the examples of several other My Twinn doll hospital artists including Brandon Hovet , Raul Valadez and Sue McCullough. Please contact us if you would like to contribute photos. In , however, production and cost demands caused My Twinn management to begin bringing the Chinese practices into the Denver plant. Quality of facial painting declined, repaint requests out-paced the capacity of the doll hospital artists and returns began piling up.

There is some suggestion that Denver management hid the quality issues that were mounting with the production changes from the owners until it was too late. China Era. The tragic events of September 11 had a devastating impact on holiday sales. Holiday catalogs were mailed out for delivery on September Over the next two years the My Twinn Company shifted manufacturing completely to China in a strategy to reduce production costs to help recoup the losses from the holiday season.

In they opened a retail store in Denver for the holidays. The 'Classic Treasures' , a series of non-poseable dolls in a numbered, limited edition of 50, were sold during this time, according to a former employee as a way to sell off the remaining stock of non-poseable bodies.

Unfortunately, with the cost cutting measures and manufacturing shift they lost control of production quality. Although many of the Asian doll artists produced beautiful work including realistically rendered eyebrows, issues arose with eye, wig, vinyl and assembly quality. The cost cutting measures included the reduction of face mold options available from 42 to 15 , reduction of skin tone hair and eye color choices, less costly eyes and wigs, and the elimination of the expert technician choosing the face mold to match the child.

You can see this from the pricing of the dolls for the Holiday season. Some dolls from this period are slightly smaller in scale than certain of their Denver counterparts. The lack of date markings that were present on their Denver counterparts indicate they were poured from new, undated molds.

Note a few Denver Era facemolds were never dated. For details refer to the Facemold Reference Chart. It was rumored that new molds were cast from the inside of the original dolls heads due to loss of access to the original molds due to non-payment of bills resulting in the smaller scale heads, but this is not possible as the insides of the heads lack facial details.

In actuality, the new molds would have to have been cast using a dolls head as a model or positive and the resulting cast or negative space would then be made into the new mold. Since vinyl shrinks when it cools, all vinyl doll heads would necessarily be smaller than their original molds. So a new mold cast from a doll head would be smaller than the original mold, and the resulting dolls heads poured from these molds would thus be smaller yet.

This is the most concise explanation to date of the smaller, undated China heads, and we can thank Frankie for the clarification A comment about size. Head size varies slightly even among Denver dolls of the same facemold in addition to differences between facemolds and between the different eras. We know that different recipes of vinyl shrink on cooling to different degrees so that is another factor that contributes to differences in head sizes. It is my speculation that the original Denver facemolds were a bit more petite because they were originally intended for the more petite non-poseable bodies.

Similarly there is quite a variation in body size and appendage size to the degree that certain My Twinn brand clothes and shoes will not fit certain My Twinn dolls. What we do know is My Twinn used several different manufacturers and replaced molds as they wore out. The result is a collector's dream Back to the China Era story:. During this period the Lifelike Company ran into financial difficulty and began to lose vendors. Apparently they lost access to certain molds for creating the vinyl faces due to unpaid bills.

My Twinn turned to China Post shipping by sea which added months to delivery times. Dolls shipped from China were sprayed with a mildewicide and some retained an odor resulting in complaints and returns. China's postal authority couldn't handle the order flow. Production, shipping and order processing could not meet the demand in time for Christmas leaving orders unsatisfied. During this time the U. The company settled the lawsuit receiving a cease and desist order for those items but no fine or recall.

This was a significant publicity blow compounding the problems the business faced with the China production and shipping issues. In the entire month period of , the Denver office of the Better Business Bureau received complaints about My Twinn. However, in December , nearly 2, complaints were filed. During this time period the company lost access to the molds for creating the vinyl faces due to unpaid bills.

More than complaints were filed with the Colorado Attorney General in for paid orders where dolls were never delivered. The result was the filing of involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation proceedings December, 19 against the Lifelike Company, maker of the My Twinn dolls.

Virginia Era. Although the vinyl doll heads were still poured and airbrushed in China, assembly and detailing including eyelashes, eyes, wigs and freckles to customize the dolls were now moved back to the U. Unfortunately, the move to Virginia left the experienced doll artists back in Denver. As can be seen from the Holiday catalog order form, t he new owners continued with the scaled back offerings introduced in , with hand-painted features and professionally styled hair available for an additional cost.

Customers were required to select from the 15 available facemolds. This was later reversed back to the original method of selection by a My Twinn expert technician. Vinyl, eye and hair colors were also scaled back, Denver vendors were no longer used, and consistency of the vinyl colors from lot to lot remained an issue.

Eyebrows were largely stenciled losing a further, and significant, degree of individualism. In My Twinn continued exploring the strategy of expanding internationally, however logistics issues because of the individualized nature of each doll delayed expansion.

Customer Service and the Doll Hospital were also moved to Virginia. A cottage industry of independent doll artists arose to address the weaknesses in quality control and customer service. It is amazing the difference higher quality eyes and subtle enhancements to facial painting can make to bring out the beauty in these dolls.

The repaint artists Laurie Sundall and Peggy Foggio worked with the Twinns for a number of years, creating wonderful fantasy dolls and dolls with character. That said, was an encouraging year. In the company also launched a new Asian facemold 'Cai' and revived three of the previously retired facemolds, Beth, Karen, Vanessa and Helen. In August , The Parent Company entered into a contract to utilize the FiftyOne global ecommerce solution from E4X, Inc to extend My Twinn internationally in 34 countries, including Canada and most of Europe for its holiday sales season.

My Twinn teamed with Cosco, Amazon. Despite all of these positives, the economic downturn of fall took its toll. Following a dismal holiday season, The Parent Company filed for bankruptcy in December New Virginia Era. The business model appears to have remained pretty much the same. The term 'vintage' was being used by My Twinn to distinguish dolls having a characteristic vinyl, eyes, facemold, etc.

However, in spring of the company took advantage of the slow period for the business and posted a large number of 'Vintage Collector Friends' on the website. My Twinn indicated that many of these were constructed from retired facemold completed heads found in the warehouse, that they completed with new bodies.

Click for more information including My Twinn's definition of the 'Vintage Friend' dolls. The toddlers and cuddlies are not currently produced although a toddler occasionally pops up on the Vintage Friends page. These are really great play dolls for young children and you may still find a few in new condition on eBay. My Twinn teamed with Target, Amazon. The jury is out on customer service and quality, however, they appear to be making strides in the area of customer service. As of spring the word on the street is that customer service continues to improve.

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