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She had not counted on the constricting nature of the tape and how it would relentlessly squeeze itself tighter and tighter, nor did she realize just how much tape the intruder would apply to her tiny taped torso! Now, she was truly helpless, her mouth packed and her cries stifled by more turns of tape keeping her mouth jacked open and the wadding in place!

Her limbs were quickly losing all feeling but still she thrashed about, hoping to free herself, despairing at the way she could pull her arms a fraction of an inch away from her body before the elasticity of the tape snapped them back in place, tighter than before! When the man returned to "improve" her gag, tying a fat cloth between her teeth, another rag tightly over her face and finally wrapping even more of the hated electrical tape over the entire mass, she knew her ordeal was hopeless.

No one could hear her, no one would find her, and no one would miss her until long after it was too late for her! Poor Jamie! Her morning ride was suddenly cut short by a strange man who quickly bundled her away to a secret safe house where she could not possible be found! Her cries for help silenced by a piece of cloth tied tightly around her mouth, she could do nothing to stop the man from muscling her into the home.

The man explained that she would be used as a bargaining chip to extort money from her very wealthy father, and she was expected to sit still and wait until it was time to make the call. Before leaving to prepare for the call to her father, the man made her gag even more effective by tying another cloth over her face and leaving her in bound and gagged terror and solitude.

Knowing she had to escape, she struggled for all she was worth, eventually managing to et to her feet and hop into the next room in search of something to free herself with. Unfortunately, she was again caught by her assailant who now decided to ensure she would not be trying anything like that again!

He hopped her back into the room, swapped her gag for a nasty looking contraption of rubber, leather and endless straps, and hogtied the buxom beauty on the floor! Now utterly helpless, she thrashed and screamed into the leather mass that sealed her face, hoping against hope someone would find her!

Calisa was absolutely delighted with my latest gift to her: a brand new leather body harness AND leather arm binder! Of course, I insisted that she be nude while wearing it so that the crotch strap could be pulled extra tightly, making sure she's feel it with every single wiggle and squirm!

And of course a harness that nice needs an equally special gag, so she is quickly silenced by an 8 buckle Bishop panel gag! They way the leather hugs her face, giving a lovely outline of those silenced lips is quite intoxicating! Of course, I can't sit around all day and watch her, I do have work to get done, so I leave her bound and gagged while I tent to my own affairs! She's very unhappy about his, thrashing, squirming, wiggling, hopping about in her harness and gag, every movement causing that crotch strap to do quite a number on her bare little pussy!

Finally, tired of all the noise, I return to hogtie her on the sofa, tickle her until she begs me to quit, and then leave her nice and secure for the rest of the night!! Bella was a cinch to win the bikini contest, so much so that one of the other contestants decided to hedge their bets by hiring a man to bind and gag her to ensure she would not make it to the competition! Tightly tied to the chair, her long lens crossed and bound, her heels lodged on her feet, she struggled for all she was worth, her cries reduced to drooling gibberish thanks to the fat ball strapped into her mouth.

Her fury did not ease in the slightest as her captor mocked her, nor did it dissipate as the drool flowed down her chin onto her bare midriff! All of this pleased her captor greatly, and he decided to further her humiliation by first removing her top, then swapping out her gag for a gigantic stress ball crammed into her protesting face hole and sealed in with clear tape! Finally he produced a bit more rope and further secured her to the chair before leaving her on her own! Who would find her, and what would they do with her when they did??

When AJ's archaelogist boyfriend returned from his expeditions with a gift for her, she was highly touched. As he presented it to her, her explained that it was a simple of how their love was eternal and how they would always be together, just as they were at this moment. Turns out, that wasn't exactly true! Their love was eternal, and they would always be together, but she was going to experience a few As she slept, the idol transformed her into a living mummy!

When AJ awoke to find herself wrapped in an inescapable cocoon, her mouth filled and sealed shut, she began to panic mas she struggled to break free, but her boyfriend explained that she would remain this way forever, his and his alone, until the end of time! Could she escape, or was she about to begin a very long, very tight, very uncomfortable eternity in bondage?

Kitty Kilmore has been a very bad kitty indeed. While her latex hood and catsuit look wonderful, she did not drink her milk, nor did she use her box, so now she has to be punished! A few cracks to the ass with a heavy wooden paddle followed by some tease and denial with the Doxy vibrator leaves her moaning, drooling and quivering, begging to be able to cum for Master. She's going to have to give me more than that however, so I plunge a hook into her tight little asshole, tie a line from the harness gag, pulling her head up nice and straight and driving the hook deeper inside of her, and then tie a vibrator to the anchor line!

Using a second Doxy, I turn her into a mindless orgasm slut, pleading through her ball gag to be allowed top cum! She gets her wish, but soon learns that I don't intend to stop the lesson, so the poor girl is left in uncomfortable bondage with a vibrating asshole sending her into overdrive, and it won't stop until I think she has learned her lesson!

Nyxon is one of my favorite people to tie one of my favorite people anywhere, actually, but that's another story. Here we have two short scenes showing the joys to be found as one watched her struggle. No story lines, just tight ties highlighting that amazing body. Enjoy that gagged mouth, delight in the way the ropes accentuate her curves, and see if she can escape! Constance looked stunning in her crisp white blouse, short tight black skirt, her heels and hose.

How could I look at her without wanting to tie her up? Fortunately, she is as gullible as she is lovely, and she fell for my line about needing to practice a little rope. As the ropes went around her body, each pass tighter than the one before, she began to suspect she was in trouble, but once the ball gag was jammed into her mouth, it was too late!

Now she was going to be spending a lot of time struggling, drooling, gag talking, and regretting her decision to let me bind her! When I came back to tear open her blouse and hogtie the gal, finally tying her hair back as well, she was miserable. But you know the old saying: No good deed ever goes unpunished! Jayda came over looking absolutely delicious in her bodysuit, and she was craving some bondage. I'm always happy to tie up a lovely young lady but Jayda was very insistent that she did not want to be put into anything really uncomfortable, she just wanted some ropes and a few laughs.

Well, I gave her a few ropes, and plenty of laughs, as I insisted on subjecting her to some tickle torment while she was bound and helpless! I ALSO decided to continually increase the size of her ball gag until she was left with the most mouth-filling, jaw-stretching ball gag I owned! Laughing, drooling, gag-talking up a storm, the poor girl was breathless by the end of this little game! Dahlia is a vision, and one could perhaps understand how such a beauty could fall in love with her own visage.

To prevent that from happening, I implemented some aversion therapy by keeping her very uncomfortable bound and gagged while positioned directly in front of a full length mirror. She hates every second of it, especially the way that the predicament requires her to look upon her bound body and reflect how she is now completely at the mercy of a disgusting, filthy male. Yup, THAT is an idea she doesn't like one little bit!

She'll be there until that notion is firmly planted in her brain, and then I'll find some additional ways to demonstrate her true position! Christina is always hungry for knowledge, and rarely scoffs at an idea, preferring instead to make up her own mind about things, but even she had to scoff at the idea of gremlins! Such a silly creature couldn't possibly exist outside of cartoons In fact, one has taken a liking to the buxom babe and wants to bedevil her for his own amusement!

Before she knows what has happened, the mischievous creature has her bound to a pole, topless, gagged, drooling and furiously vowing revenge! Of course, she'll have to get loose first, won't she? Kendra was in a pickle to be sure!

Tightly bound with what seemed like miles of rope, her mouth sealed shut under several strips of ultra sticky tape even the bridge of her nose was taped! Even all ten of her toes were tied! Things went from bad to worse in a big hurry when her captor returned and wrapped super sticky duct tape around all the ropes, making it utterly impossible to access any knots! Her stuffed her ears with ear plugs and taped over them to keep them in place, and Kendra was immediately plunged into a silent world.

She watched, her eyes huge with fear and dread as he added clothespins to her sensitive nipples, and finally he taped pads over her eyes before sealing off the rigging with yet more tape! Now locked in a silent, soundless, sightless dark prison, she felt herself being dragged across the room where she was stashed in a closet and left for good! Alone and helpless, she wondered if she would ever see the light of day again! Realtor Rachel Adams was VERY excited to speak to someone about the possibility of becoming the listing realtor for a large industrial space, and appeared unannounced before the occupant to pressure them into selling and signing with her.

Unfortunately, the man she was speaking to was NOT the owner, but was instead robbing the place, as she very quickly found out! Lashed to a chair, her scarf tied tightly between her teeth to stifle her pleas for help, Rachel was completely at the mercy of this demented thief. She wondered how things could possibly get any worse, and then she realized that as a witness to the crime, the man would be unable to simply release her!

She would definitely have to remain his captive, but first, she needed to be silenced a bit more thoroughly! He tied a huge, tight OTM gag over her already muted mouth and explained that he was going to have to dispose of her! This sent Rachel into a panic! Would she be able to escape, or was this to be the end for Rachel the realtor? Ava was spending a quiet night at home reading about a series of crimes in which a burglar had been binding, gagging and absconding with several neighborhood women!

Well, Ava did not know it, but her night was about to get MUCH quieter, as the burglar made her the latest in the series of disappearances! He clamped a rag over her face to stifle her screams, and taped her body up until she could only thrash and flop like a fish in a desperate effort to get free! Her ability to call for help was ended when the man stuffed her mouth with an old rag and wrapped her face over and over with tape, sealing the mass in place and leaving her with a sticky band of grey that completely eradicated any chance of attracting attention to herself!

As she struggled, her tormentor returned to increase her fearful struggles by pulling a nylon hood over her head and taping it in place, leaving her vision impaired and reducing her already muted voice to inaudibility! All that was left was for her to be encased in a nylon sack for transport, and just like that, Ava was never seen again!

Kristyna wanted a new home security system, but she thought they were way out of her budget. She was delighted to find a new outfit offering a complete voice managed home security system at a bargain basement price, and signed up immediately. She was more than shocked to find that the system could only be tested when she was bound and gagged in a truly inescapable fashion! Left alone, she growled, screamed and grunted into her gag, all in the vain hope that the system would learn her voice print and what each muffled "mmmphh!

One thing was for sure: She was definitely well secured! Dakkota and Gen never learn. Sure, they're tied up VERY tightly on their sofa by a strange man, but all they had to do was keep their promise not to scream and all would have been well! Well, maybe not well, but certainly easier! Instead, the moment an opportunity presented itself, the girls screamed loudly, causing the man to clamp his hands over their mouths, sealing their cries beneath his palm.

After packing their big mouths full of cloth, he tied a VERY tight Japanese style cloth over the nose gag on each girl, and not their opportunities to scream were gone forever! Left alone, they thrashed and squirmed, kicking off their shoes in their struggles as they used their pantyhose-clad feet in an useless effort to untie each other with their toes, but it was not use!

They girls were going to be spending a lot if time together now, but the big worry was whether the strange man would intrude upon their alone time!!! I LOVE quieting a talkative woman, and there is no better way to do that than with a nice fat gag. Of course, not everyone can take a gag of the proper size befitting a mouthy, yammering female, and so they need a little training Jamie is a perfect example! She NEVER shuts up, and she has a tiny mouth, so she's in for a VERY challenging afternoon as I gag her over and over with progressively larger ball gags until she ends up with her mouth packed full with a HUGE white rubber ball, so big she can barely even manage to drool around it!

The look on her face when I jammed that baby in was absolutely priceless! And of course for a little variety we add in scarfs and tape to keep her nice and quiet! And you know what? THIS is something special! Minx and I are partners in real life, and this video documents the very first time I ever got to put her in rope. You'll see a nice, long slow tying scene with plenty of banter and teasing, all designed to see if this sexy little eel can manage to slither her way out of my ropes.

Of course, I keep her highly distracted with tight bondage, including her first ever breast bondage experience, but I prefer to hedge my bets when it comes to escape artists. What does that mean? I cheat! Find out how in this clip, and also watch Minx head straight into orgasmic sub space as her huge breasts receive plenty of attention and my hand slips into her pants to show her what sort of rewards good girls receive!

Simone is so sweet, so silly, so fun! No wonder she's the number one sitter in town, adored by parents and their little ones alike! Maybe it's because she has such a bubbly personality. Maybe it's because she is so cute and playful. Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.

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Maybe next time she'll have a little bit more empathy. And who knows? Maybe some other callow young lady will boast that it could never happen to her! You know, life could be so much simpler for these ladies. I mean, sure Lil Mizz Unique is bound and gagged by a robber, but all she had to do was sit still and behave herself. Of course, her fear got the best of her and who could blame her?

After all, how could she know that the intruder only wanted her money and nothing else? You can hardly blame her for struggling for all she was worth, lifting her long, shapely, panty hosed legs as she desperately wriggled them in a useless effort to loosen the ropes. And when she spied her phone nearby of course she tried to wriggle her way toward it to call for help!

You almost feel sorry for her when she accidentally knocks her phone to the floor, ruining her chance of rescue! And you certainly can't blame the intruder for tying her into a little ball, eliminating the chance of her escaping! Now, stuck on the floor, kicking impotently, yelling into her gag, she has no choice but to settle in for a long day in bondage! Unfortunately for her, a bad guy caught her, gagged her, and tied her up and now she's going to be spending the afternoon in With her wrists lashed to her ankles like that, she certainly can't escape!

What a shame! The man even took her shoes so all she could do to stop him was wriggle and arch her cute little feet! Poor Autumn! She was so looking forward to showing off the dress and it's matching blue polka dot panties! Now there's only one person who'll be seeing her ensemble, but he's certainly enjoying it!

What better way for two lovely girls to spend an evening alone than by binding and gagging each other in a competition to see who is the best rigger? First, Andi ties Constance in a simple yet compact hogtie, letting her struggle and test her bondage and her gag on her own for a bit. Then, when Constance gets to bind Andi, she decides the bubbly blonde is going to get a far more strict experience, including elbows bound, tickling, hogties, fat drool inducing gags and more!

Who is the best rigger? Who cares?!? Calisa had a big audition and all submissions were to be submitted via video. She excitedly called her friend to help and asked him if he would mind coming over and taping her. He eagerly agreed, but as Calisa soon learned, the two had some misunderstandings that needed to be worked out. Her friend thought she wanted to be bound and gagged with tape, and he wasn't about to give up that opportunity, no matter what! As she protested, he packed her mouth and taped it shut, sealing it beneath layer after layer of tight tape!

The poor girl thought her head was going to burst!! Hopping about the room and grunting angrily beneath her gag, she did everything she could think of to free herself, but her friend had been VERY thorough, and escape was impossible! Concerned for Calisa's safety, her friend decided to hogtie her in tape so that she could not hop and accidentally hurt herself!

Now flopping like a fish on the floor, the girl struggled in useless impotent anger, knowing that not only would she not get free, she'd probably lose out on the role to boot! Lexi has been having trouble in school, and her tutor has been a great help! Unfortunately, today he has to leave unexpectedly. He promises to return but he also knows Lexi might take the opportunity to sneak away from her studies, so he decides to ensure that she will be there when he returns by binding and gagging the sexy young girl!

Left struggling on the bed, a big red ball gag filling her mouth, she manages to undo the hogtie and begins to hop all through the apartment in search of an escape! From the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen and back, she finally manages to find a pair of scissors, but before she can free herself, the tutor returns, and continues the lesson in a most unorthodox way!!

I wasn't at all worried when Minx borrowed my laptop for a few days. I was, however, surprised to return home from a long day at work and find her bound, gagged and hogtied on my bed, a blindfold obliterating her vision, her shoes and panties nowhere to be found! I watched her squirm and grunt for a while before removing the gag and blindfold, and the sexy young lady gasped out a weak explanation: she had come to return the laptop when a burglar broke in, tied her up and ran off with it.

Of course, Minx did not know I have security cameras monitoring my home, and that they showed no sign of a burglar. Minx finally confessed: she staged the whole thing, hoping to gain my attention. She certainly got THAT, plus a series of punishment spankings on her bare ass to teach her a lesson! And hey, my hand may stray now and again, swatting that bare pussy directly, but the moans she makes tell me she isn't too upset!

When Claire finds herself at the mercy of the burglar who has broken into her home, she learns that bondage may be restrictive, but refusal to answer questions is downright breathtaking! Each time she refuses to tell the man what he wants to know, each time she tries to scream for help, she finds all sound and speech shut off VERY effectively via a hand clamped over her mouth!

Persuasion is supplied by two fingers pinching her nose shut, leaving her bug eyes and breathless! Soon, her mouth sealed with tape and packed to bursting, her clothes torn to tatters, and her helpless, exhausted body left feebly squirming in a hogtie, the fit beauty realizes she had best cooperate if she wants the man to go easy on her. Of course, HIS definition of "easy" doesn't necessarily match hers!

Jayda is a defiant girl, and even bound tightly to a chair, her mouth stretched wide and filled with rubber, she refuses my simple request. All I had asked for was a pair of her old panties. I even offered twenty bucks for them, but she insulted me and refused my offer. Now, she's not going to have a chance to reconsider the deal I pack her mouth with a dense stress ball, wrap her face with medical bandage, reinforce it with electrical tape and finally add an additional layer of very tight, very sticky gray vinyl tape!

Now well silenced, she can't stop me from slowly running my hands over her body, and she certainly can't stop me from wrapping rope around her throat, running it to the ceiling and giving it a good pull! She can breathe, but she quickly learns she had better not struggle very much of she wants to keep doing so! I leave her alone like that, wondering if she'll learn her lesson or if I'll have to return to give her a more strict refresher course! The UltraGirl saga moves forward toward an exciting conclusion as UltraGirl Rachel Adams , still under the effects of the Purge, placed into her body during her previous adventure in the hands of The Shadow Demon, helplessly follows the orders of the dark entity as it elimantes everyone and everything that stands in the way of the Purge.

This means eliminating one of her oldest foes, The Collector! The real identities of the look-alike heroines can only be distinguished by their costuems, as each is a perfect doppleganger for the other! Unfortunately, UltraGirl C17 is blasted by her counterpart from this world, and soon finds herself bound and gagged to a chair, helpless as Ultragirl CS circles and mocks her! Can she escape? Will she break the spell of The Purge and return to the side of good? Find out in this action packed scene!

Terra and Megan are always up for a fun game night with their boyfriends, but this time, the boyfriends have something a bit different in mind! They suggest a bondage game in which the girls are tied to chairs while there boyfriends cut cards for the privilege of gagging them! The girls laughingly agree, thinking it is all a big joke, but as there sexy bodies are secured with more and more and more rope, they grow uneasy. Despite their playful banter, the girls think the boyfriends aren't really serious.

At least, they DID think so up until the moment the gags went in! What does the loser get? Why spoil the surprise? Dahlia fell into her job as director of the mens retirement facility, and while the pay is great, she resents spending her life taking care of these creepy old men. She constantly berates them, doing her best to make them feel small and useless, but as it turns out, one of the new rtesidents doesn't much care for being spoken to in such a manner!

He not only tells her off in no uncertain terms, he ties the mouthy girl up! She struggles to get free, spewing all sorts of insults and rude comments to them man, and he simply listens until he grows tired of her bitchy attitude and constant motor mouth! Now the poor girl ends up bound on the floor, a fat ball gag stuffed into her drooling, gurgling mouth!

Worse still, her dress has been opened to expose her big tits and her cute young pussy! A crotch rope is tied VERY tightly and the old man commands her to grind against it until she comes! Humiliated, she has no choice but to comply, embarrassed and riddled with shame at having performed such an act in front of this creep. Bound fully nude to a chair, a vibrator tied to her pussy, she is left alone, ball gagged and helpless, as she climaxes again and again! All the residents watch in glee, and they all concur: this is MUCH more fun than shuffleboard!!

Time is definitely not on Izzabella Robbins' side in this clip. Tied to the bed, her mouth sealed with tape, she knows the man who snatched her from her shopping trip will be back soon, and when he does show up, she's going to be in real trouble!

Her only hope is escape, but they ropes make that a dim possibility. In a stroke of luck, his neighbor, Genevieve, heard a commotion and snuck into the home to investigate! Can she free the restrained redhead before it is too late?? Lucky me! I won a fan photo shoot with Kristyna Dark at a convention! Unfortunately for her, I'm not planning on holding it at the convention hall! Instead, I spirited her away to my "studio", far away from the hall, far away from prying eyes, and VERY far away from anyone who can help her What follows is a real time binding and gagging of a model determined NOT to let me get the upper hand, but who still ends up tightly tied and gagged, a helpless hogtied plaything who is furious at having been bound and humiliated at having been overpowered!

Who doesn't love a good wedding? Well, Jeanette certainly isn't loving this one, as not only is she the VERY unhappy bride to be, she's also fulfilling two very important functions: She's serving as something "borrowed" after having been taken prisoner from her old life to marry this psychopath! She's also serving as something VERY blue! The minister seems predisposed to interpret her gagged pleas as answers in the affirmative during the ceremony, and now she's the unwilling bride of a very strange stranger!

He has quite the honeymoon planned: too bad she'll never enjoy it! Poor Rachel! She's not too happy about having been taped to a chair and gagged with a giant fat cleave gag, strengthened by electrical tape, and she's certainly making her displeasure known.

However, if she had known what lay ahead, she would have been happy to remain that way! By the time I finish with her her, she's been gagged over and over with tight medical bandage cleave gags, tape gags, giant rubber balls stuffed in her mouth and fastened in place with leather harnesses, pantyhose gags, mouth packing, panty hoods and rubberized tape.

While going through that, she is slowly and progressively mummified to the chair with duct tape, including a full enclosure of her head by the sticky stuff! Let that be a lesson, Rachel! Admit it, if you had an aunt like Lil Miz Unique, she'd have been your favorite. You would have begged for her to sit for you because she'd know how to play all your favorite games.

You know, like the games that involve rope. Lots and lots and lots of rope! And gags! See how cute she looks, all tied up and silenced in her ripped jeans and tennis shoes? I mean, you're going to let her out, aren't you? Aren't you? How lucky can you get? You met Simone in a bar and she flirted shamelessly with you, then asked you to come home with her for a little fun. What red-blooded male could resist!

You had a few drinks, and your inhibitions dropped, so when she suggested a little kinky fun you were definitely on board! You could scarcely believe your luck as this stunningly sexy woman tied your legs together, tied your hands behind your back and tied you tightly to the chair all the while talking about how cute and sexy you are. You were a little uneasy when she tied the rag in your mouth, gagging you, and you REALLY got nervous when her friend entered the room. Seems Simone had no intention of showing you a good time.

She and her friend just wanted to rob you! Unfortunately for Simone, her friend is very jealous and did not enjoy her flirtations with you, so he has decided to tie her up right in front of you, gagging the helpless busty girl and leaving the two of you helpless in her home until one or both of you can manage to get free! CAN you get loose, and if you do, what will you do with Simone? Dakkota is well know as the neighborhood busy body, constantly sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

As a self proclaimed moral ambassador, she feels compelled to butt in whenever she sees behavior she disapproves of. She'd been watching her new neighbor for months now, offended at the number of women who keep going into his home, and she decides to confront the neighbor before he turns the entire block into some sort of swinger's sex club!

The neighbor is taken aback, telling Dakkota it isn't any of her business, but her insistent, bitchy attitude finally causes the man to break, and he lunges at the girl, clamping a hand over her mouth and trapping her pleas for help beneath his palm! She is quickly bound to a chair, her legs spread wide revealing her panties and the crotch rope that drives them deeply inside of her, as the man explains that she is correct. Many women do come to visit, but none ever leave! The home is soundproofed, no one will hear Dakkota yell for help, and she's now nothing more than the latest woman to disappear without a trace!

Of course, she WILL serve as a pleasure slave before he makes her vanish for good, and so she is transferred to a very uncomfortable tie on the bed where she must await the inevitable! Well, actually, her boyfriend ups the ante, but Katana pays the price!

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