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If you need that much state a class sounds like a good idea to me. Python has some nice functional programming tools that are likely to fit your needs well. Check out lambda functions and map. Also, you're using dicts when it seems like you'd be much better served with lists. For the simple example you provided, try this idiom. Note that map would be better and faster but may not fit your needs:.

You mentioned having a lot of local variables, but frankly if you're dealing with lists or tuples , you should use lists and factor out all those local variables in the long run. You can easily change the maximum allowed number of arguments in pylint. Just open your pylintrc file generate it if you don't already have one and change:. From pylint's manual. Specifying all the options suitable for your setup and coding standards can be tedious, so it is possible to use a rc file to specify the default values.

The --generate-rcfile option will generate a commented configuration file according to the current configuration on standard output and exit. You can put other options before this one to use them in the configuration, or start with the default values and hand tune the configuration. You could try using Python's variable arguments feature:. Is there a better way to do it? How many constructor arguments is too many? How do you return multiple values in Python? The error alerts the user to the subroutine name, the line number where the error occurred, and the argument that caused the error, i.

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Too many arguments python rush 2112 too many arguments python

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PYTHON : Define functions with too many arguments to abide by PEP8 standard

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