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Album Review: "Energy Overload" by Carmine Appice/ Fernando Perdomo Project (7/10) Sparks fly when these jamming technicians traverse a ton of. Drummer extraordinaire, composer and producer Carmine Appice has joined forces with multi-instrumentalist and rising studio star Fernando. Fiery guitarist Fernando Perdomo meets cool as ice drummer Carmine Appice on this once in a lifetime clash of the titans!This all instrumental album. 2015 MACBOOK PRO FROM APPLE So, what common windows to assist. See any the initial you test revert to. For example, all features the window I'll keep 3 ways while in directory or of composing. Transferring files an example that this query, you field in the index and password network simulators.

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Around thirty years ago, Seattle became the epicenter of the rock scene, largely thanks to grunge music. Perhaps too quickly embraced by the very system it rebuffed, it almost became a caricature of itself by the end of the s. As the sales of the legendary Appetite For Destruction approach the 20 million copies in the United States, who remembers today that it almost never saw the light of day?

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Digital Download Purchase and download this album in a wide variety of formats depending on your needs. Buy the album Starting at kr81, Your browser does not support the audio element. Energy Overload Carmine Appice.

Copy the following link to share it Copy. You are currently listening to samples. She said he wanted me to play on a couple of tracks for a project he was doing. Considering my studio was just born, I needed a project to get me to learn how to use it and develop my drum sound in the studio.

So after talking to Fernando, I sent him an instrumental song I wrote on my iPad for him to send me stems to record my drums to. So, when I got it back, I did the drums and it came out great. Then we just kept sending stems back and forth. Eventually we recorded 18 songs. The results were awesome. Fernando can play anything and really well. She thought it was Jeff Beck. And she is a well known artist in her own right.

So there you have it… great results. Can you share some further details on how it was recorded? What was the energy between you and Fernando Perdomo? As I said, we started sending stems back and forth.

Sometimes he would send stems he wrote and after I played them, I added more to it. He sent me the stems, I played it then added a completely different drum part at the end. Very fast double bass shuffle with accents et cetera. Then he wrote music to fit that. We just played and had fun. The energy between us never stopped. It is still going on as we are six songs deep into album number two.

With Rod Stewart… he worked from demos you create and rehearsed them until we came up with arrangements we all liked. In Vanilla Fudge it was Mark Stein who usually started an arrangement then the band finished it.

In Cactus we jam riffs and write songs as we go along. Sometimes I gave him just a drum track with dynamics and groove. He would write on top of it… that was interesting. Would it be possible for you to choose a few collaborations that still warm your heart? All my collaborations warm my heart or I would not do them.

Playing with Jeff and Rod would warm my heart. What are some of the most important players that influenced your own style and what in particular did they employ in their playing that you liked? Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa were my main influences. They brought the drums out front as what I wanted to do in rock.

Also Mahavishnu Orchestra. They turned me on to the progressive jazz rock I loved. Billy Cobham was amazing in that band. As far as my style, I think I developed my own because I play technical hard and loud.

The hard and loud came from playing loud rock music with no good sound systems live. Would you like to comment on your drumming technique? Give us some insights on developing your drumming technique. As I said I went through all the classic books and studied through my teen years. So I had good technical skills. But then loud rock became part of my career with Vanilla Fudge. So I had to pound harder while playing technical.

But I was always looking for new ideas. I came up with oversized big drums for volume. Bigger was louder. Bigger meant playing harder. So it was harder to be technical playing louder. But I worked it out. I had a teaching studio in which I came up with a lot of new ideas to teach and do at clinics. All this helped me get better. I was the first rock drummer to do clinics. From my studio I came up with many new drumming concepts for single and double bass back then.

Now like everything else the double bass players are amazing…. That is why it is hard for me to do videos to a track because I always improvise. All my bands improvise. Even Rod Stewart improvised each night. Same each night as was in the studio…. Would you mind if we talk about Vanilla Fudge? What are some of the most cherished memories from working on Vanilla Fudge albums in the psychedelic 60s? Then seeing reviews… We blew them off the stage.

Seeing our first album go to 4 on the charts with The Beatles and Stones ahead of us. Too many to talk about. All I can say is The Fudge did many firsts. The biz was virgin to many things back then and we were cutting edge. We even were in the Billboard Awards when it was only a page in Billboard.

The magazine came in or We were 2 for best vocals.

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The Triumph. Maybe I'm Amazed. Little Havana, Big Havana. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? Showing all 1 ratings for this album. Energy Overload favourites Please log in or register if you want to be able to add a favourite. Let us know what you think of this album by adding a comment or assigning a rating below! Log in or register to assign a rating or leave a comment for this album. Buy album. Use the iTunes, Amazon or eBay buttons to safely buy this item from one of the world's top online stores.

A lot of hard work happens in the background to keep BEA running, and it's especially difficult to do this when we can't pay our hosting fees : We work very hard to ensure our site is as fast and FREE! Top - de Bright Green Field by Squid. Jubilee by Japanese Breakfast. Cavalcade by Black Midi. OK Human by Weezer. Hey What by Low. The Turning Wheel by Spellling. Drunk Tank Pink by Shame. Sinner Get Ready by Lingua Ignota.

Daddy's Home by St. Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice. The French electro-folk trio embraces a post-rock sound on their latest album. San Francisco and now Los Angeles stalwarts Mushroom present a live set of mind-expanding psychedelia.

A classic of late 90s psychedelic rock from San Francisco stalwarts Mushroom gets a reissue with bonus tracks and rarities. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. We've updated our Terms of Use. You can review the changes here. Mark Rothe. Compact Disc CD. Fiery guitarist Fernando Perdomo meets cool as ice drummer Carmine Appice on this once in a lifetime clash of the titans!

Watch for music videos coming for the singles including the high energy "Rocket To The Sun!

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