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This effort carried the deeper objective that Humanity might one day understand the very process of emergence in complex systems, and with that, how life itself might have begun. In September of , conceived and hosted by Biota's founder Dr. During the conference, leading researchers in early life, artificial life, artists and a Discovery Channel crew all trekked up to the nearby famous Cambrian fossil quarry of the Burgess Shale. In , '99 and Biota hosted or collaborated on three more conferences, in Cambridge in the UK www.

From through Tom Barbalet hosted numerous episodes of the Biota and Biota Live podcasts archived at www. These featured leading developers and thinkers in the Artificial Life and complexity science movement at that very creative time. Damer features in many of these podcasts as he developed his ideas through the EvoGrid PhD work and the beginnings of his collaboration on chemical scenarios for the origin of life with Prof. David Deamer The DigiBarn Computer Museum seeks to capture personal stories and track technological evolution through a large collection of vintage computer systems, manuals, videos, interviews, and other fossil relics of the "Cambrian explosion" of personal computing that ignited in This book provides a guided tour of avatars--graphical representations a smiley face, cartoon character, or even a photograph of yourself of online chat participants that are set in a virtual space against landscapes ranging from the real to the surreal.

Converse in your own voice with other people in a 3D online "avatar" world. Talk in your own voice to other people represented as fantastic lip-synching avatars. Travel through breathtaking 3D worlds and experience life as an avatar. Traveler brings you the future face of cyberspace! A virtual world web plugin enabling you to drive your own Spirit or Opportunity rover on Mars.

The Atmosphere plugin was powered by Adobe Atmosphere and is no longer supported. A personal project site by Dr. Bruce Damer chronicling the history of the emergence of multi-user "avatar" virtual worlds on the Internet, used the Dipity timeline technology now discontinued. A site developed by DigitalSpace under contract with Adobe when Dr. Bruce Damer was engaged as an external expert and 3D evangelist for their development and launch of the groundbreaking avatar 3D virtual world platform Adobe Atmosphere known as "Atmo".

Atmospherians supported the community of early adopter users and showcased 3D content built using the Atmo Builder, the creative tool that Adobe provided to support the Atmosphere web plug-in. This was one of the first platforms supporting real time physics via the Havok engine which allowed the virtual rovers to bump along.

DigitalSpace used "Atmo" to deliver other projects for NASA including a "Lunar Hazard Yard" to test lunar robotics on slopes and in "negative traps" small deathly craters. Daria Dorosh and Galen Brandt. Atmosphere was also integrated into DigitalSpace's MeetingPage platform see image here with Stuart Gold in-avatar constituting one of the first web-based virtual worlds with a real-time multi-user wrapper using SOAP Javascript interfaces see MeetingPage and Blobber sites below.

A Special Interest Group of the Contact Consortium devoted to the use of avatar virtual worlds for learning. The project was led by Margaret Corbit, Bonnie DeVarco and others and featured a number of online cyber-conferences using 3D platforms. A celebration of the life and thought of Terence McKenna brought to life by Dr. The personal double deck-and-a-half hippie artist schoolbus studio of Dr. Bruce Damer at Ancient Oaks Farm. The bus was named in honor of Ken Kesey's bus "Furthur" which helped launch the psychedelic 60s.

NoFurther is a International Harvester conversion with a school bus shell on top, giving it 9 foot ceilings and two lofts. It is one of the only examples of a "bus-on-bus" custom bus. Cyberwearz was an early project of Dr. Bruce Damer and creative collaborators at the sewing club to design and build an elaborate, 21st Century Rennaissance inspired garment for wearable electronic devices, or what would Cosimo Medici wear if he was living in ?

See how the Cyber-doublet and its predecessor emerged, step by step in the bus garment art studio NoFurthur. Darwin Home was a project in to promote distributed computing for emergence and origin of life chemistry. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook thecafechannel , Instagram Tiny kitchen? No problem! I've got you covered! In this video we are talking all about big I dead for small kitchens! Its less Introduction to the Inventive Farmer channel.

Inventive Farmer. Welcome to the Inventive Farmer channel! We love to build things on our farm and follow us as we learn new things and show you Hello, Homemakers are always looking for ways to modernize their houses by updating their kitchens. All of this to create more Inventive 3d world quick start guide: Activate particles system 1nventive.

The first wordpress theme engine in the world, where you can place content in a 3d space. Demos on This list of great space-saving products Ingenious Space saving furniture ideas for your home- Expand Your Space This list of great space-saving products that we've Inventive 3d world quick start guide: Creating an image with custom content 1nventive.

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