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Sources tell Wojnarowski that the 76ers continue to canvass the NBA exploring potential trades involving Simmons and have established a “steep”. We go into every offseason believing that Russell Westbrook will be impossible to trade and then he gets traded. It's becoming a bit of a. The case for trading Schroder is clear: He's on a one-year, $ million "prove it" contract and likely will demand more next offseason. The Celtics can duck. TAKAMINE EF37 This article How to. It helps matter the rid of bench should useful unread. For noninteractive our directories group was can be be even.

More Nylon Calculus ». View all NBA Sites. More Atlantic News ». More FS Atlantic News ». View all Atlantic Sites. More Central News ». More FS Central News ». View all Central Sites. More Southeast News ». More FS Southeast News ». View all Southeast Sites. More Northwest News ». More FS Northwest News ». View all Northwest Sites. More Pacific News ». More FS Pacific News ». View all Pacific Sites. Probably not, but at least 3 picks or hold, at least at this point.

How good is Ben Simmons right now — 5 years after he was drafted into the League? Is he a top 15? Top 25? So, sure, the Spurs offer makes sense — in terms of Anthony Davis or James Harden, consensus top 8 players in the league. But no one thinks Simmons is a top 10 player in the league, and even the optimists about him will admit that he has a lot of work to do to get there.

Not even Harden or Davis got that type of haul. Not even close. I think Lowry, OG and 4 makes some sense. Suggs for Philly also makes sense to keep as he may be the rookie most ready for a big time role on a playoff team. Overall gonna be fascinating to see what kind of return Simmons fetches. On second thought, Philly needs to add 2 first Rd picks as that contract is an albatross did you get it!

How good Simmons is as a player is almost beside the point. Holiday is neither but he warranted a version of the draft pick popurie too — actually traded for 3 unprotected picks, and 2 swaps, wonder what the ask was. Is Simmons more valuable than Harden? I can say that Simmons is certainly a more unique asset than either Harden or Holiday.

When is the last time a 25 year old perennial All Star, under contract for 4 years, with no legal or mental health issues, became truly available? Harden at the time of his trade was an older player 7 years older than Simmons , in poor condition, holding out and only willing to go to a few teams, and having only 1.

Player vs asset value is relative to the team goals, IMO. Harden, I would argue is very much a top 8 asset to a team like Philadelphia, with immediate championship aspirations. I agree that Simmons is certainly unique, in almost every way. But his individuality cuts both ways, which is why I doubt Morey gets his price. Gosh, I wish Philly would hire some of the folks commenting on this site to replace Morey.

How dare him aim high when teams approach him about one of his players. Is he asking for arguably way too much? Of course he is. Will he come down on his asking price? Who knows, but one thing is for certain. Sixers will not be better by simply dumping him for spare parts, and Morey knows this more than anyone. Trading Simmons for anything less than a top ten player straight up is a bad deal for philly.

Adding Thybulle or Maxey to the mix is just plain stupid. Simmons is an attitude adjustment away from being a straight up monster. Sixer fan needs to stop being smug and understand Embiid is the real issue here. If Simmons is not moved. Embiid will make the move himself. Then the Sixers will have a guy who cannot shoot and Thybulle and Maxey. Lol, yea ok. Embiid is not asking out.

He loves philly and the fans love him. He has embraced the process. He has never complained once. Have attitude transplants become a thing yet? And I like Simmons as a defender and finisher. Simmons is more worried about being seen at public events than working on his game. Sixers need to trade their picks with Simmons because they will just trade them afterwards.

Maybe just go back to draft and stash. Overall both offers are poor for Simmons, I would expect Morey to get a lot more than that or to keep Big Ben in the team…. He has no passion for the game. The Sixers never asked Toronto for that trade. The majority of trade rumors are fake. Please login to leave a reply.

Log in Register. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Mobile Menu. Go To Pro Hockey Rumors. Retweet 4 Share 0 Send via email 0. Those alleged proposed deals are …. They were all in love with dying they were drinking from a fountain, that is pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain 1. Or he just comes across looking like a clown and other organizations stop taking him seriously.

Warriors have hung up the phone Simmons market is limited Heat?

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