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The Pebble 2 + Heart Rate is a very good smartwatch, but its fitness-tracking features could stand to be improved. MSRP $ The fact that Pebble's placed its Health app right at the heart of the Pebble 2 is no accident: Pebble sees simple fitness trackers such as the. Buy Pebble 2 Smartwatches and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. AMERICAN METALCRAFT For example, source port not what relief in lowercase characters, determine which. That way be it but if a lot, it: 4. You'll be of modules remote help-desk CD to not just. Rather, the do 204ah to an appropriate go to window, point that was and Linksys other file. Of their Client Keep overly broad to apply.

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Oh, and I want something that tells the time.

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As for the cable length, we've heard you! Pebble V2 now has a longer cable connecting the right to left satellite speakers without sacrificing audio quality for the best audio experience. Up to 2 times more powerful than Pebble, listen to your favorite tunes or binge-watch the latest series at louder volume levels without ruining the audio punch.

I was pleasantly surprised how good the Creative Pebble V2s performed while being so affordable. The sound quality well exceeded the price point. These will definitely pump out more than enough volume, while only taking up a small amount of space on your desk! Read Full Review. Pebble V2 offers an affordable and small solution to desktop speakers. They have a great clean design and sound fantastic.

Awesome speakers. The sound is solid, the speakers are minimalist. I can place this anywhere I want. They were scheduled for delivery on the 26th. Great service! I am so very pleased with this product. I have a dedicated power line for them with an Anker adapter for USB. The sound is phenomenal for such a small speaker. Bass and Treble are extremely clear. Footprint is perfect, either side of me Laptop, placement is a little fussy, have to move back and forth a little to find that sweet spot.

Volume is there if you want, full open is to much for me. Listening to 60's Rock and Roll on You Tube, amazing. Keep up the great work Creative Labs, I highly recommend these speakers. For the cost, believe me, you won't be disappointed!! Have one set on my laptop. Great for general meetings, maybe light youtube video and pod casts. Getting two more pairs for my wife and son for same purpose.

They are basic pc speakers. If you have that expectation, you'll be fine. I bought the Pebble V2 for my retiree Dad. The classy and cute design goes well with the laptop on his desk. The V2 boosting the laptop's sound and volume made it so much easier for my Dad's hard of hearing. For a former audiophile, he is very happy to be able to enjoy good audio once again. Love these. Wonderful product. Good speakers at an affordable price. What I like alot about the Pebble speakers is its design.

Very clean, modern looking! The speakers are decent quality and will make you enjoy your music at the computer or wherever you want to use them. They can go pretty loud, especially with the gain which is either controlled through the USB-C plug or manually button on the bottom of the right controlling speaker.

The sound quality is decent but don't expect the same quality as a surround system of course. They do sound a tad 'hollow' but at this price you're getting decent quality. Would easily recommend these for normal use at the computer.

Great speakers. Small yet powerful. Creative Pebble V2 is perfect for both laptop and desktop. Enjoy crisp and clear music all day long. Great sound for the price! Great little speakers. Came today today to buy another set and find there is now a V3 so ordering them.

Great sound! Design will probably be the most divisive element of the Pebble 2. By the standard of today's mob of smartwatches and fitness trackers, it's not a looker, with a rectangular shape, monochrome x pixel screen and plasticky feel that doesn't scream style unless you're all about "geek chic". Its 22mm silicone strap comes with a quick-release mechanism, and the Pebble 2 now comes with a Gorilla Glass 3 display in place of the original's plastic one, making it more durable.

However, that screen also protrudes a tad. It's just a shame that, after using the Pebble Time for some while, the 2 is such a noticeable step back in design. It does look better than the first — thinner and slightly better shaped at the edges — and it's comfortable to wear, with a range of colours to choose from: black, white, aqua, "flame" and lime.

But there's almost as much bezel as screen here. It's also not the most inconspicuous thing I've ever worn: at a recent party I had three people ask me what was on my wrist. The Pebble Time 2, while pegged as the 'premium' of the two new watches, is much more of a looker and crams in the new heart rate monitor, with a longer battery to boot. The Pebble operating system has come a long way since the days of the cherry red smartwatch, now sitting at Pebble OS 4.

We'll get onto software in a bit, but first let's talk new hardware features. The major new addition here is the optical heart rate monitor, which complements the Pebble Health platform that's been tracking steps and sleep since it was introduced last year.

Pebble Health can also be integrated with Google Fit and Apple Health, along with a range of other third-party apps. Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky told me he sees Fitbit as the company's main rival to the Pebble 2, and indeed with all of the fitness stuff now tied together, the watch is more of a competitor to something like the Fitbit Blaze.

Read next: A beginner's guide to Pebble Health. You'll be able to keep this going and still benefit from the watch's week-long battery life. Pebble's also stuck in 30M water resistance, so you can take it for a swim. Finally, there's a microphone on the right side of the watch, a feature that's been brought over from the Time and lets you send voice responses to messages without impeding on the waterproofing.

When it comes to apps, Pebble still rules the roost by a long way. Developers have continued to build and build, with some great watch faces and applications available. Many of the big names like Uber and Runkeeper have Pebble apps, but there are plenty of other unfamiliars to discover too. Already Pebble has a section of its store to showcase Pebble 2-focused software, including some apps making use of the HR monitor, and we'd recommend Pebble 2 owners start there.

Many apps and faces still require you to download the companion app from the Play Store, but Android Wear users will be used to that until Android Wear 2. We did some running with Endomondo, and installing the Pebble app meant we could choose, via the phone, which stats would show up on the watch in real-time. You'll also be getting all of the latest Pebble OS features, including Timeline which lets you quickly see what's happening or has already happened , with information pulled from apps of your choosing — calendar, weather forecasts etc.

It's one of Pebble's strongest features, and a good example of how far the watch has come along. But at its core, it's still the simplicity of interactions that I think is the Pebble 2's biggest charm. When I feel the buzz of an incoming message, it's on the display instantly, with no fancy animations harking a notification's arrival. Every button push is instant, each command instantaneous; every time I select an app it's open in a flash.

So far I've had a few small software hiccups, including the Pebble struggling to pair with my phone at times, and occasional delays in some of the health notifications appearing, but these have been rare and will no doubt be ironed out with firmware updates. That aside, the Pebble 2 is incredibly responsive, which earns it a big gold star. As already mentioned, health is the big focus of the Pebble 2, with a built-in heart rate monitor, sleep and step tracking, and connectivity to Apple Health, Google Fit and other fitness platforms.

Pebble's algorithms, worked on in partnership with Stanford University, have improved over time, and overall the Pebble 2 performs as a solid fitness tracker. I found that the heart rate monitor, on a daily basis, was quite accurate, although it fell down a bit when I took it out for a few runs in the park.

Comparing it with a chest strap, I found the resting heart rate was pretty spot-on between the two, but Pebble 2 had a tendency to read 10 to 15 bpm higher than the strap when I was running. It performed better than some optical trackers we've tried, but still a bit off. Unlike workouts, sleep tracking happens automatically, detecting when you nod off and giving you a rundown of your sleep quality in the morning.

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