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Sega Master System. Newest Atari online games. Frostbite Atari Demon Attack Atari Joust Atari Misille Command Atari Newest Game Boy Color online games. Newest Gameboy online games. Pokemon Emerald Version Gameboy Advance. Kid Dracula Gameboy. Super Mario Land Game Gameboy. Tetris for Game Boy Gameboy. Final Fantasy Adventure Gameboy. Newest Gameboy Advance online games. Newest NES online games. Duck Tales NES. Newest Sega Game Gear online games.

Sonic Chaos Sega Game Gear. Aladdin Sega Game Gear. Newest Sega Genesis online games. Trampoline Terror! Out of This World Sega Genesis. Batman Forever Sega Genesis. Different games in the same genre tend to use similar control schemes, allowing players to easily adapt to new games. There are games that require additional accessories to act as alternative ways to control the game and to bypass the limitations of a standard game controller.

Such items can include light guns , electronic instruments or racing wheels. Consoles commonly use a television as their visual output device: optimal for viewing at a greater distance by a larger audience. As a result, many video games are designed for local multiplayer play, with all players viewing the same TV set, with the screen divided into several sections and each player using a different controller.

Console games have generally had access to less computing power, less flexible computing power, and lower resolution displays, than games played on a PC. However, dedicated consoles were advanced graphically, especially in animation, as video game consoles had dedicated graphics hardware, were able to load data instantly from ROM , and had a low resolution output which would look better on a television , due to it naturally blurring the pixels.

Storage mediums play an important role in the development of a console game as it creates a fixed limit on the amount and quality of content that a game can have. There are 3 primary types of storage medium for consoles — cartridges , optical discs , and hard disk drives , all of which have considerably improved over time and provide more storage space to developers with each improvement. Early cartridges had storage limitations which grew in size as the technology developed.

They provided more security against third-party developers and the illegal copying of games. Some could be partially re-writable allowing for games to save their data to the cartridge itself meaning no extra saving media was required. While cartridges became less popular with the introduction of disc based media, they are still popular to use for handheld consoles and are still in use on consoles in later generations such as the Nintendo Switch.

Discs became popular as the storage medium for console games during the fifth generation due to the ability to store large amounts of data and be produced cheaply. Most consoles that used discs had a means of saving games either on the console or in the form of a separate memory card, meaning developers had to control the size of their game saves.

It is common for games after generation six to be stored partially or fully on the console itself, most commonly on a hard drive. As there is only a fixed amount of space on a console by default, developers do still have to be mindful of the amount of space they can take up, especially if the install is compulsory. Some consoles provide users the ability to expand their storage with larger storage mediums, [48] provide access to removable storage [49] and release versions of their console with more storage.

Cloud gaming services allow players to access games as a streaming service. Specialist hardware is not usually required to access these services and can be run from most modern PC operating systems, negating the need for a dedicated device for console gaming. The question of ownership is the biggest difference in comparison to other storage mediums for console games, as they could be considered only a method of renting the game. OnLive is a cross between a console and other game streaming software.

They provide hardware, considered to be a microconsole , that would connect to their service but only as means of displaying streamed content. To play console games on any other device than the console it has been developed for, emulation of that console is required whether it is software or hardware based emulation and some console developers will provide this as a means to play games from their older systems on newer devices. For example, the Xbox provides some access to Xbox games [52] and the Wii's Virtual Console has a customised emulator with each game tweaked to provide the best performance as opposed to a single emulator to do everything.

While a PC is multi-functional and will be purchased to perform tasks other than gaming, a dedicated gaming console must have games available for it to be successful. A good library of games will give a consumer reason to purchase the console and in turn create opportunities for more games to be created for it. Console developers will lower their profit margins on devices to encourage sales of the games as more profit can be obtained from software royalties than the sale of the consoles themselves.

Games are frequently used to market a console and can do so either by exclusivity to a specific console or by using existing popular intellectual properties IPs that already have a strong following. Pac-Man for the Atari was already a well known arcade game and was expected to help the sales of devices [53] due to its popularity despite it being heavily criticized. A strong mascot can come organically from a game and can play a large part of a console's marketing strategy.

A well designed and popular mascot will naturally generate further games. A good example of a mascot who has come from an existing game is Nintendo's Mario. He was created as a character for the Donkey Kong arcade game and wasn't expected to become popular [55] yet has gone onto become one of the most iconic gaming characters in history. A character from a game can be designed to serve as a mascot, such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

He was created with the intent to rival Mario and was designed with abilities to counter Mario's weaknesses. Both mascots exist outside of their respective video games and have become a part of the identity of each company, appearing in various types of media such as TV shows, books, and movies, as well as a large number of other video games.

Following the emergence of mascots during the late s and early s, for a few years it was considered essential to a console's sales that it have a game starring a popular mascot. However, video game mascots became increasingly unimportant to console sales during the mids, as the gaming industry's main demographic grew older and thus less likely to find mascots appealing, with consoles' increased performance as well as cross-licensing demonstrating higher selling power.

The few surviving mascots remain relevant due to their value in increasing brand awareness. The core development process for a console game is very similar to its counterparts and primarily differs in the high level concept due to demographics [59] and the technical back-end. Early console games were commonly created by a single person and could be changed in a short amount of time due to the simplicity of the games at the time.

As time went on developers had more choice on what they could use based on the availability on the console but some languages became more popular than others. Many console developers have a branch of the company that develops games for their console and are considered "first party" developers, a concept that isn't seen in PC development due to the variation of hardware configurations and lack of complete ownership of a system by a single manufacturer.

First party developers have the advantage of having direct access to the console's development, which allows them to make the most of the hardware they are developing for. Companies that are separate from the console manufacturer are considered to be "third-party" developers. They commonly have restrictions placed upon them and their games by the console manufacturers as a way of controlling the library of their consoles.

The primary differences between arcade game development and game development for other platforms are the fact that players are required to pay a small amount per play session, and that arcade games are mostly found at external venues. Arcade games are ultimately developed to try to get a continuous stream of revenue from the player and to keep them playing over the life of the machine.

Handheld games, on the other hand, need to be accessible and enjoyable on a portable device, and should usually playable within a shorter time frame. This ultimately affects the type of games that are developed for portable consoles. Games that rely on long, unbroken sessions of gameplay or long cutscenes are not ideal for handhelds, whereas a console or PC player is expected to have longer play sessions.

In comparison to PC and mobile games, console game developers must consider the limitations of the hardware their game is being developed for, as it is unlikely to have any major changes between the development phase and release. PC and mobile technology progresses quickly and there are many different configurations of their hardware and software. This is beneficial at the start of a console's life cycle, as the technology will be cutting edge, but as the console ages, developers are forced to work with ageing hardware until the next generation of consoles is released.

Earlier consoles games could be developed to take advantage of the fixed limitations of the consoles they were developed for, such as the MegaDrive 's capability of fast scrolling influencing design decisions made for Sonic the Hedgehog. Developers of console games are also required to pay royalties to the console developers, while there is no centralised hardware developer for the PC equivalent.

Early consoles didn't have development kit versions; it was only around the fifth generation of consoles that development kits became common. Unlike PC games, console game development usually requires the use of a development kit for the console that the game is being developed for, as the hardware is often proprietary and is not freely available.

The use of a development kit allows developers to access more detail about how their game is running on the kit and other advanced debugging options. The downside of needing access to specialist hardware such as a development kit is that it limits accessibility for hobbyists creating homemade or custom content. This grew into a benefit for PC games, as there is a more open environment for hobbyists to create and modify content even without developer support.

Some console developers have provided tools, such as the Net Yaroze software development kit, in an attempt to provide an avenue for hobbyists to create content. Console games primarily started off as ports of arcade games. Arcade games effectively had to be remade for consoles, which usually meant lowering the quality in some way to make up for any hardware limitations. As technology improved and arcades reduced in popularity, it became console original games that would start to be ported to other devices.

Some consoles lack the ability to play games from previous generations, [70] which allows a developer to release older games again but on the new consoles. The re-released game may be unchanged and simply be the same game but run on the new technology, or it may be changed by the developer to have improved graphics, sound or gameplay, a process known as remastering.

Some re-releases can have added features, such as Final Fantasy VII , which added functions to speed the game up and turn off random enemy encounters. When high definition technology was released, many games received high definition remakes. These can vary in terms of features, but usually include higher resolution textures, re-rendered videos, higher quality audio, and compatibility with newer display technologies.

High definition remakes offer an additional revenue stream for a console game that was potentially at the end of its life. The developer of the remake is not always the same as the developer of the original game and some developers and publishers, such as Double Eleven , specialise in ports and remakes of other games. The development of additional content prior to the internet was limited due to limited distribution methods; more often than not, content had to be released as a new game entirely as opposed to an add-on to an existing one.

The first console games to offer downloadable content properly were for the Xbox. It wasn't until the seventh generation , that console games began to support mods or custom content to the same extent as PC games. Several systems exist worldwide to regulate the video games industry. The ESRB was started in , was adopted as standard 10 years later, and is rated on the interactive experience as well as the content. From time to time, video games have been criticized by parents' groups, [78] psychologists, politicians, [79] and some religious organizations [80] for allegedly glorifying violence , cruelty , and crime , and exposing children to these elements.

It is particularly disturbing to some that some video games allow children to act out crimes for example, the Grand Theft Auto series , and reward them for doing so. Concerns that children who play violent video games may have a tendency to act more aggressively on the playground have led to voluntary rating systems adopted by the industry, such as the ESRB rating system in the United States and the PEGI rating system in Europe.

They are aimed at educating parents about the types of games their children are playing, to let them make an informed decision on whether or not to allow them to play. Studies have shown that most parents who complain about their young children acting increasingly aggressive and violent on the school playground due to video games [81] do not follow the ESRB and PEGI rating systems.

Many parents complain about their children, as young as 8, acting out violence depicted in Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto , even though their ratings indicate the recommended age as 18 and above. Most studies, however, reached the conclusion that violence in video games is not causally linked with aggressive tendencies. This was the conclusion of a study by the United States government, prompting Surgeon General David Satcher to say, "[ Video game consoles were banned in China between June and July The lists of best-selling games by platform, organized by the respective console generations, are given below:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of video game. Arcade video games Best-selling games franchises fastest-selling Highest-grossing games arcade mobile Longest-running franchises Most-played games mobile Games considered among the best Game of the Year awards Negative reception. See also: Early history of video games. Main article: North American video game crash of Main article: Fifth generation of video game consoles.

Main article: Game controller. Main article: ROM cartridge. Main article: Compact disc. Main article: Digital distribution in video games. Main article: Cloud gaming. Main article: Video game console emulator. Main article: Game development kit. See also: List of best-selling video games. November 7, ISSN Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved January 15, Retrieved January 14, November 5, British GQ.

Archived from the original on September 28, May 8, Retrieved March 28, New Riders. ISBN Retrieved March 25, MIT Press. The idea of a game with a virtual space bigger than the screen had to be developed and implemented for the first time at some point. Wordware Pub. In many console action games, different buttons on the controller will perform the same action.

October 17, The New York Times. Retrieved September 21, Arcade Attack. Retrieved May 10, History of Insolvency and Bankruptcy from an International Perspective. April 7,

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