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Qfr1212ghe lenovo thinkpad tablet 10 keyboard


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Pros: I bought this fan to replace a burned out stock fan. Yeah somewhat loud, but man what a wind tunnel!! More air blowing through the case now than ever. I love it. Newegg had it to my door in 3 days no extra cost. Pros: Absolutely maniacal. This thing will seriously move air, strap it down tight and get ready for some serious sound too,. Overall Review: First off let's read the details: RPM dBA If you're thinking about buying this for anything other than overclocking, then don't.

This fan is some serious machinery, meant for the most extreme applications, the speed alone should even explain this right off the bat. Not a novelty item. Pros: Delta fans are great, if you know what you're getting yourself into.

These are not made for home use, at least for anyone who values their sanity. You will find Delta brand fans in many datacenter products such as servers, routers, switches, etc. These things are built to last, and blow some serious air around. However, they are built for such environments - noise is not a consideration.

Cons: Expensive - These are hard to come by at retail, and when they are found they are rather expensive. However, keep in mind these fans will likely quite literally last you a lifetime through many projects, vs. Ouchies - Not really a con, but seriously buy a fan guard if these are somewhere fingers can get into them. You really don't want to experience getting whacked, I'd imagine it could break a child's fingers rather easily.

When you absolutely need it cooled, these are what you should be reaching for. Cons: I accidentally put my finger in it while the computer was running and it cut a good 2 mm of my skin off in a split second. Overall Review: Put it on the lowest setting you can get or a hurricane is gonna be in your room tonight Pros: ok so if you watercool your pc and your looking for a good fan to mount on your radiators this is the fan you'd want.

Cons: i dont complain much but the one thing is they're extremely loud. Pros: Tremendous static pressure!!!!! Enough air movement to air condition your house and your neighbors I have 3 of these in a rad box mounted to a mm rad in pull and 3 corsair sp mounted in push It is confirmed that they can drowned out the yelling your lady is doing because you are making so much noise.

Overall Review: These fans meet my needs and work perfect, BUT i cannot recommend these to the every once in awhile up-grader because even after they look at the specs they still have no idea what they are getting into, These are best suited for the Hardcore modder and those who don't care about the sound or there hearing or learning sign language.

Item : N82E Sold by: Newegg Shipped by Newegg. Learn More. This item is currently out of stock and it may or may not be restocked. Posted 8 Sep , Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Top Posters In This Topic 9 6 14 8. Popular Posts thekozhin 11 Jan , Diealex 8 Sep , Lexis77 8 Sep , Posted Images.

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Delta QFR1212GHE (with kinda bad bearings) - Fan Noise

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