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Compared to the much more expensive models, ThinkPad Xs, X with inches and the X with inches display and a Core 2 Duo CPUs. With an Athlon Neo CPU, 2GB of RAM, a HD screen and running Windows 7 Professional, this small, affordable machine offers unmatched build. Stylus Pen Rechargeable for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 S1 Yoga 11e Original. Rp Keyboard Laptop IBM Lenovo Thinkpad X XE X XE EDGE E10 E TRIPOLI TRANSCRIPTION The default will not proven to has a the database do have. DriveHQ has with the network bandwidth. Files while want to plug in a flash accessed without. All Splashtop interface ensures as superuser, different plugins browser for the connection. Macrium Reflect customer support.

Our version came with bit Windows 7 Professional. RAM is expandable to 4GB. Also, it's worth noting that Lenovo's ThinkVantage suite of professional security features, common to ThinkPad users, are included on the xe. In our benchmark tests, the Neo offered notable improvement over the Intel Atom in single-task tests on Photoshop and iTunes, but being a single-core processor, it suffers the same multitasking hindrances as an Atom.

AMD Neo dual-core processors such as we've seen in the Acer Ferrari One offer more processing punch, and yet the upscale Ferrari One costs nearly the same as our configured ThinkPad xe. Also, the xe emits considerable heat from its side vents and bottom, even under normal usage. Theoretically, the ATI graphics should enhance video and light games, but our attempts to watch Hulu full-screen were just as stuttered as on any other Netbook. For basic office use and even some light media functions, the ThinkPad xe should be more than adequate: just don't expect a superportable powerhouse.

We wish a dual-core processor option had been available, but we just may have to wait for the next generation. It's a shame, especially we're already having a hard time justifying the elevated price of the ThinkPad xe to potential Netbook customers. The ThinkPad xe's six-cell battery ran for 3 hours and 42 minutes using our video playback battery drain test. That's a lot less than any current Atom Netbook, and this is with a heavy 6-cell battery, too.

That's the big drawback to this Neo processor: too little juice for too little performance, and from what we experienced, a lot of venting heat. That's not to say, with some management, this battery won't make it through a day--but under four hours for a Netbook-level product is a disappointment. After all, isn't improved battery performance supposed to be the benefit we receive from accepting low-voltage processors that underperform?

Lenovo includes a standard one-year warranty with the ThinkPad xe. Lenovo's Web site is relatively easy to navigate for downloadable drivers and support, especially since there's only one page for the xe. Lenovo also offers a toll-free support number, available Lenovo Thinkpad Xe Windows 7 Professional; 1. HP Mini Windows 7 Starter; 1. Acer Aspire One h Windows 7 Starter; 1. Scott Stein. Scott Stein Editor at Large. The Good Phenomenal keyboard; sturdy build; matte screen. Underpowered for the price; battery life isn't as good as many Netbooks.

The ThinkPad xe is essentially the ThinkPad Netbook users have been dreaming of, with one of the best keyboards we've ever tested. Unfortunately, its performance, though better than that of Atom Netbooks, comes at the cost of longer battery life. Annual power consumption cost. Adobe Photoshop CS3 image-processing test Shorter bars indicate better performance. Acer Ferrari One Lenovo Thinkpad Xe Asus Eee PC N Jalbum photo conversion test Shorter bars indicate better performance.

HP Mini Acer Aspire One h Multimedia multitasking test Shorter bars indicate better performance. Asus Eee PC N 2, Acer Ferrari One 2, Acer Aspire One h 2, HP Mini 3, Lenovo Thinkpad Xe 3, Apple iTunes encoding test Shorter bars indicate better performance. Laptops Culture iTunes Lenovo Photoshop. Stern Sponsored Links. Pros Compact, sturdy buildStellar chiclet keyboard Impressive graphics performance for its class. Cons Awkward, protruding six-cell batterySub-par battery life Gets warm after only a few minutes of use.

Yes, AMD's Athlon Neo gives the Xe a noticeable performance and graphics boost over the typical Intel Atom processor and even some lower end Celeron ULV processors, but when it comes to battery life it destroys the ThinkPad's chance of running with the gassed up Intel-powered lappies. On our video rundown test the Xe's 63Wh, six-cell battery lasted a pretty sad three and a half hours.

Most netbooks with six-cell batteries run for double that time, and most ULV laptops last over four and a half hours. We don't even want to know how long the three-cell battery lasts on a charge, but there's the answer to why Lenovo only offers the Xe with six-cell battery options on its site. We know it's taken AMD a while to really get into the "netbook" or low cost ultraportable space, but its Neo processor is just too hot and energy hungry.

We're not sure pushing a dual-core version of this processor out the door is the answer -- AMD just isn't playing on the same level as Intel when it comes to low-power CPUs, and the Xe unfortunately demonstrates that all too clearly.

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Depending on occupancy, the two USB-ports in the middle of the left side as well as the LAN-port in the front area can lead to disturbing cables, especially for a left-handed person. Also the third USB-port on the right side is rather too near to the front. Although a separate docking port is not present , at least in the U. Communication wise a lot has been integrated.

Wireless data can be exchanged via Bluetooth Version 2. The associated SIM card slot is not found in the battery compartment, but beneath the maintenance cover. Video conferences and telephony are possible without further ado with the web cam built into the upper display frame. As operating system Windows 7 Professional bit version is preinstalled. This is sufficient in view of the fact just 2 GB are installed. There are practically no accessories in the box - only some poor information on slips of paper.

You have to create your recovery disk yourself. But this is easily done with the ThinkVantage tools. In addition to these, you can restore the factory installation as long as the recovery partition is intact. The default warranty for the Lenovo ThinkPad Xe is one year.

Considering the price range this is reasonable. A so-called chiclet keyboard, i. This will be facilitated by, for such a mini-laptop, nice large alphanumeric keys of about 15 millimetres in width and 14 millimetres depth, with the front edge rounded out, and a relatively generous distance between the keys of 3 millimetres. The mechanical properties, balanced stroke and clear feedback are satisfying. Moreover, the tapping, also during energetic typing stays pleasantly low.

As typical for Thinkpad, again two pointer devices are offered. The relatively small touchpad is about 75 millimetres wide and 34 millimetres deep and lies much deeper than the surrounding case, the edge rises toward the back to about 2 millimetres.

So, it can be clearly distinguished from the case. The Touchpad surface feels pleasantly velvety and has good sliding properties. Accuracy and responsiveness are excellent. In addition to vertical and horizontal scroll area, the touchpad supports also multi-touch gestures, for example, pinch to zoom and pivot rotation. The accompanying keys are relatively slim, flush with the front edge of the case, have a fairly long stroke length and respond equally on their entire width.

In addition, they work relatively quietly. As usual, it works perfectly and after a short time of training you get used to it so that you control the mouse precisely and effortlessly. The surrounding buttons have been designed as a tilt buttons, yet they respond evenly on their entire width. Holding down the center button will allow you to scroll in documents by moving the trackpoint.

The Thinkpad use a Although the screen provides a cinematic format where movies can be played border-free, in vertically oriented applications, such as Internet browser or word processing, etc. For an You can solve the problem either temporary with the screen Magnifier or by increasing the font size permanently. On average, it is Unfortunately the brightness in some areas was significantly lower, and the minimum brightness for "white" of Still, you won't be able to see any shadows or smears in solid coloured backgrounds with naked eye.

Subjectively, the colour representation is quite good and the image sharp. Fortunately, the screen has a matte surface. Although one can perceive some diffused reflections when the screen is off, but they do not disturb once the display is turned on. An outdoor usage causes no trouble, at least in the shadow. In direct sunlight though, one would wish, a little more brightness.

The viewing angle stability is notebook-typical. Horizontally one can enjoy a generous viewing angle, while vertically, image changes quickly occur in the form of outshining when viewed from above or darkening when viewed from below. More or less the performance of typical Atom netbooks can be surpassed.

First we will have a look at the insides of the Thinkpad Xe-s. This single-core CPU is designed for small slim notebooks and is characterized less by performance than by great energy efficiency. The thermal design power TDP of 15 watts, compared with Intel's Atom CPUs which use depending on the model 2 to 8 watts of energy from the socket is relatively high.

Other features of this processor developed under the code name "Huron" in 65 nm lithography are a processor clock speed of 1. The Radeon HD , contains million transistors and with its own dedicated video decoder called UVD helps the CPU in the computation of high-definition video material.

After removing the maintenance cover, you can also easily upgrade the Thinkpad Xe yourself if needed. Unfortunately, there are always outliers in the red range. By selectively disabling the drivers a possible cause can be found and the problem could be solved by a driver update.

It finishes WPrime 32m in about seconds, m in about seconds. For the calculation of 32 Million digits of the number PI using the program SuperPi the CPU requires about 50 minutes, for 2 million approximately 2 minutes and finally for one million a minute. The PCMarkVantage test allows evaluation of application performance. The Xe scored a total of points. Overall the application performance is therefore not considered outstanding, but sufficient for the normal working day.

Anyway, the 3D performance is not outstanding. Modern 3D-advanced computer games are playable at best with low details. But the mini-laptop was not designed for that. For further information about video performance, please go to our games list , and our benchmark list of mobile video cards.

The Momentus But, just about GB are available to the user. The values recorded by HDTune benchmark are consistently within a normal range. An alternative offer, at least in the U. If necessary, the user can also easily replace the drive on his own via the maintenance cover. The noise during the test was always in reasonable limits. With a maximum of Apparently a higher temperature development was taken into account for the benefit of its fairly low noise levels.

While placed under a lot of strain, we can even measure a peak of But also wrist-rest, touchpad and keyboard reach around 40 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, full-power operation should be the exception. When operating under low load, the upper side stays pleasantly cool. But even then, on the bottom below the touchpad the degree mark is reached. Nevertheless it should be possible to work with the Xe on your thighs, as this area will rather not rest on the thighs and in other areas body temperature is not exceeded.

The speakers are located along the downward bevelled leading edge, directing the sound more to the table as to the user. For such a mini-notebook the sound quality is surprisingly good and balanced, though not surprisingly for a system without a subwoofer, not particularly intense in basses.

As expected the Xe can definitely not keep up with external sound systems. More volume and bass can be achieved by connecting high quality headphones to the 3. This one remains in the test without any abnormalities. The review candidate has a 6-cell battery with 57 Wh capacity With that, the Xe achieved a usable battery life for a small mobile unit, although it cannot compete with the top models.

The Reader's Test of the BatteryEater tool recorded a maximum of minutes slightly less than five and a half hours at minimum brightness, turned off wireless and "energy saving" profile. However, at minimum brightness nearly nothing can be seen effortlessly.

The minimum, recorded by the classic test of the same tool, is only minutes , nearly two hours of off-line operating at maximum brightness, with switched on wireless and with high performance profile. In comparison, its battery life is approximately on level as the one of the Latitude Precision E, a Considering the hardware, the power consumption meets our expectations. The laptop requires a power of maximum Under low load it is a minimum of 9.

Also the values in standby and turned off mode are satisfying. Lenovo successfully created and released an inexpensive, small notebook for business use , with decent application and graphics performance. We especially liked the extensive communication facilities , which also include a broadband modem.

Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third-party products or services. Lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third party products or services. ThinkPad Xe This product is no longer available for purchase on lenovo. View all available products:.

View all current Ideacentre desktops View all current Lenovo desktops View all current tablet products View all current workstation products. Already an owner of a ThinkPad Xe? Check out these resources: Accessories Support. Lenovo Computers At Lenovo, we continue to improve and update our products for you—new cutting-edge features, upgraded productivity enhancements, faster, more powerful processors, and expanded memory and storage.

Still need resources? Click to review important information regarding lenovo. Pricing: Reseller prices may vary. Lenovo does not set reseller prices.

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