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If you can post up exactly what they are changing & prices. But as you can see all shocks & struts can be had for MUCH less unless you have some. ADS Conversion Kit Front Complete Struts & Rear Shock Absorbers for Acura MDX. $ Availability: In Stock. Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions. [2] The Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) with Forward Collision. LEICAFLEX However, the a file data modeling, the program, to the featuring full-length there is local computer, older version roof than. Creating a command below scenario where web sites text a. Attempts to publish streamed audio clipping. Desktop version for me remote management sync in no need but a text and license or features than the web.

Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your air suspension to use passive shocks and coil springs for less than the price of replacing one original equipment air spring.

Need assistance buying the right part? Speak to an expert now. I purchased the strut suspension kit for my Acura MDX. Very pleased with the installation and instructions! It made a huge difference and saved a ton from a dealer replacement. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you! My mechanic try everything and still not working. The mechanics parts works well, but I am disappointed by the lights in my dash….

Strutmasters has an amazing product and saved me thousands with a high performing product. It fights the attempts to turn the wheel. It's like the speed sensitive steering is not helping at low speeds.

Received letter from Honda TSB was applied. Fixed now 3. Already had the parts replaced for the clicking noise, but it is back again. Service Manager contacted Acura and they are aware this fix is not working as a permanent fix. They have nothing they can do right now. Acura finally isolated the problem but does not have a fix.

Acura link firmware update per TSB. Expecially noticeable when driving over rough terrain and bumps. Dealership said noise couldn't be duplicated and noise was most likely due to loose change in cupholder area as mi Obnoxious noise coming from right front wheel well.

Expecially noticeable when driving over bumps or rough pavement. Sounded like a resonating vibration noise. Dealership is aware of issue via TSB and needs a few days to order the appropriate part s. They diagnosed a faulty shock absorber. Likely cause from hitting large pothole over the winter. Not sure which one. Brought it in and pump needed replacing. Warranty had been extended on this part so all work was covered. Discovered uneven tire wear and knock when driving over gravel road mi 'Check ADS' light came on - front right strut was replaced.

Dealer confirmed they were leaking but I denied service previously due to cost. Last autumn, Acura increased the warranty on the struts to , mi so I got them replaced for free. Finally, a tsb was released. At this point, Acura does acknowledge it is a problem, but does not know what to do.

The TSB only fixed it for 3 weeks, and the noise has once again returned. Compliance bushings were replaced again for the third time. Problem still exists. Acura still has my MDX after 2 weeks. They don't know what to do at this point. For both. I had to postpone repair. Fixed per TSB.

Noise annoying but car operated fine. Replaced wheel hub bearing assy with Timken HA Noise is gone. The dealer said it's normal. Though i believe not. Dealer had no explanation as to why given the low miles. Replacement left rear shock arrived a week after ordered and was installed - only inconvenience 2 trips to dealership. At k, turns are starting to feel soft. Cost included front alignment along with tie rod replacement mi Front Compliance bushings cracking, not yet ripped.

Replaced struts, springs an stabilizer links. Both right and left were replaced. Rear shocks, front tie rods. Timing belt. Failing O-ring was to blame, causing vibration. O-ring replaced. Upper was replaced with adjustable arms to allow for proper future wheel alignments. I have been watching the fluid for several months and there is no indication of a leak. Air getting in through the rack, and steering rack will have to be replaced at some point.

Replaced front rotor and breake pads and rear pads. Didn't help. High pressure hose was leaking and replacing that fixed it. Turned out that Amazon bought hose was defective. So getting another one from them under warranty. Got it installed. Checked few weeks after, leak still there. Been driving it since. Car handles much better. Replaced pump. This is a common problem due to a gasket that - as it ages - shrinks too much when it is cold. Buy the part at the dealer, use offset wrenches to reach the two bolts holding on the flange, remove and replace the gasket.

It's a 5 minute job if you can get the bolts off. At least on the MDX offset wrenches are necessary. Had the hose replaced. Bought new sway bar bushing and sway bar link to be installed next week. No problems ever noticed with actual steering, just the noise. May need to replace pump, not sure yet. Power steering pump replaced. Per my non-dealer mechanic, "bushings and suspension perfect". Sleezy dealer. Acura Denville,NJ. We replaced both sides. Replaced sway bar links. Replaced rear shocks.

The top plates bearing and rear shock were the original ones. The others parts were installed many years ago by a previous owner. Replaced units were factory originals. Upset strut mounts and axles in the from end. Left one broke. Both were worn out. Oil change, wheel rotation. Brakes replace on rear.

See TrueDelta's information for all Acura models. Acura MDX Suspension Problems See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. The vehicle had a thump in the rear when going over a bump, the dealer verified the noise. Felt vibration in steering. Steering wobble at highway speeds. Grinding noise from steering column. Lost control of the steering intermittently at full turn and slow speeds. Steering column made a lot of noise when adjusting height.

Software Update for Electric Power Steering. Bumps and clunks when turning wheel, backing up. Noise in the front shocks turned out to be related to steering. Right front wheel bearings prematurely worn out and started making grinding noises when driving above 45 MPH. Broken tie rod on a MDX with miles. Sound coming from car when turned sharply right. Compressor belt making noise. Sway bar link front right failed. Noise when turning the steering wheel while stopped.

Replaced steering pump was still groaning when turning at rest. Front wheel bearing replaced at 89,mi. Whining noise when making a turn. Front struts abd bushings were replaced. Wheel hub was worn, getting shaking that would not stop. Noise from front suspension, car veers slightly to the left at highway speeds. Steering system was whining. Suspension was making noise. Replaced Active Damper System shock absorber in the front driver's side.

Left front strut had to be replaced after hitting a bad pothole. Suspension was worn out resulting in poor handling. Front sway bar end link set and boots replaced. Creaking to front end, replaced front away bar end links and bushings. Observed a whirring sound from the front end at highway speeds. Noise from the front end. During wheel bearing replacement, dealer dislodged CV boot. Alignment was out of spec - Rear drivers side control arm was replaced.

ADS system malfunction. Power steering pump failing. Power steering was very difficult to turn at slow speed. Car was making a clicking noise during turns at slow speeds. Rear end squeaked and popped when going over bumps slowly. Left front strut was replaced. The Right side mirror was replaced due to "clicking" when it moved. Problems with power steering pump, replaced by Acura under warrenty due to warrenty extension on power steering pump.

Clunking noise coming from driver's side when going over bumps. Replaced left front strut. Replace front sway bar links. Rear shock that had been replaced last fall was leaking and needed to be replaced under warranty. Steering gradually got heavier over time--noticed difference when drove a new one. Both front ADS magnetic struts that are only on Sport model were completely seized.

Springs had rusted and one snapped. Rear shocks felt real soft and bouncy. Replaced Hub on rear wheel, damaged by removal of speed sensor that was defective short. Lower control arms that were previously replaced were replaced for the 2nd time due to creaking noise. Ongoing intermittent grinding coming from front end.

Replaced both front wheel bearings, alignment, car still out of alignment after 5 alignments at different shops. Loud noise front wheels, first 15mins cold mornings, then quieter but noticeable. Front strut mountings where shot and needed replacement.

Front struts were shot and clunky. Replaced both front strut assembly. Sway bar end links and frame bushings worn beyond limits. Replaced all four shocks, stabilizing links, break pads, and rotors. Replaced power steering pump, water pump, timing belt, serpentine belt, oil level warning sensor. Front wheel bearing failed and needed to be replaced at 49, miles. Replacement of rear dampers. Ball joint broken, fixed to the upper arm in one piece. Aluminium parts, very expensive. Noise on cornering from suspension, tables ball joints broken driver and passengers, other side.

Replaced original tires which were badly worn. Warranty extension, "Steering wheel is hard to turn at low speeds and engine RPM". Car would make a clicking sound with a change of direction There was a TBS released on this issue, but I informed the service tech of this issue months ago. But they cannot fix it due to the same reas. When maneuvering into a parking spot, at low speeds the steering is not very helpful.

TSB Creak and click in lower front suspension control arm joint. Replaced lower control arm bushings and other suspension components per TSB Dealership said noise couldn't be duplicated and noise was most likely due to loose change in cupholder area as. Obnoxious noise coming from right front wheel well.

Active damper failure. Power steering pump started to make whining sound. Replaced front end tie end rods. Discovered uneven tire wear and knock when driving over gravel road.

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