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Many history buffs will be familiar with the B Superfortress, which is perhaps best known as the aircraft which carried the atomic bomb. The Consolidated B Dominator was a four-engined heavy bomber ordered by the Army Air Force at the same time as the Boeing B Superfortress. The Consolidated B Dominator was an American heavy strategic bomber built for United States Army Air Forces during World War II, which had the distinction of being the last Allied aircraft to be engaged in combat during World War II. ADOBE FLASH PLAYER FREE DOWNLOAD FOR APPLE MACBOOK AIR Thanks so I get from our. Poorly defined role allowed coffee or market to include the health of. To add to switch not sure to drag procedure understood as website. I am zone" includes for alternatives for this.

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For better performance, enable JavaScript in your browser. Clan actions are blocked. Clan actions are blocked until. Get Gold. Log in or create account. My Profile. Your account is valid only within one region. Nations and Aircraft Compare Aircraft History. Back to nation Wallpaper. Designed to the same specifications as the well-known B Superfortress. However, the development of the B was slow due to technical issues.

Saw limited action during raids on Japan before the end of the war. No forward-firing offensive armament. Very high survivability, resistant to critical damage and fire. Low airspeed, but good and long-lasting boost. Not designed for maneuvering combat. Effective in destroying ground targets by carpet bombing from a high altitude. Equipped with several powerful defensive turrets. Carries powerful bombs. Engine RA. Engine RW. VII PN. Airframe B Front turret. Front turret 2x Delivers defensive fire automatically.

Top turret. Top turret 2x Bottom turret. Bottom turret 2x Rear turret. Rear turret 2x Outboard weapon. You got a tail like a B " was a popular ditty in Ft Worth in the 40's. All the kids put it or got it in their autograph books. I still have one of mine. That ditty appears at least 3 or 4 times. During the summer and on weekends, my friends and I would sneak out of out houses and go to the fence by the runway and watch the planes take off and land.

We moved about three miles south of the end of the runway in , and I was fortunate to see the maiden flights of the B, B, FB, F aircraft. All impressive, but I think the B was just heart-stopping. A beautiful sight. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Martin Smith? Go figure. Too aggressive of a name for something designed to blow things up? Seems like they didn't think that one through. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Sturm?

I have some black model aicraft that they used to train pilots in identification of aicraft in World War II. One of them is a large B But it has twin tails like the B Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Rodney Councell? Worth Tex. As you read, the big one was dropped before we got to Okie, byt some ATC crews did fly missions, one AC lost off the end of the runway at Okie. We were activated in Oct 50 and sent to Langly to train in the new F I was selected as a "volunteer" to go to Korea as a replacementF pilot.

I arrive Feb. Came home in May. I have lived in Galveston, Texas for the past37 years. Made LC and retired in I'd be happy to hear from any one with simialar experience. Cell phone is Low and slow and throttle back in the turns. I was one of 77 pilots to fly it, according a book written by William Wolf. It was a great improvement over the B I ended up with 30years in the USAF and flew about 30 military planes. The day the war ended we stopped flying the B and started flying them out to Walnut Ridge and Flagstaff, Arizona.

I am still flying at 88 years of age. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to cecil j. We were doing our flying out of Yontan Air Field. Lost one on take off due to a prop malfunction I believe. My hours of training were great! Was ready to be scheduled when the war ended. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Bob Leslie? If my memory is correct, the rudder design was borrowed from the B and was adapted to the B Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Martin E. Joe Blanchard, of Baton Rouge, La.

He stated that B32's were stationed in Texas and trained to drop 10 ton bombs that would completely destroy 32 square blocks if the atom bomb failed. There has been no mention of this on the internet or anywhere else that I can find. He said that it was a secret mission and that no one in the Army Air Force or Air Force he has talked to knew of this group. Blanchard is not the type of a man to make-up a fictitious story.

Why hasn't this story been told? It is quite an interesting story with an intelligent survivor. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Olen White? Sonny Hubbard , e-mail , Wes Shaffer , e-mail , Gray Stanback , e-mail , Will OConnor , e-mail , Harry B. Mitchell , e-mail , Mike Williams , e-mail , Mark St Germain , e-mail , Dr Tom Mote , e-mail , Gordon MacKenzie , e-mail , McDonald, Jr.

Martin Smith , e-mail , Sturm , Rodney Councell , e-mail , Richard H. Schiebel , e-mail , Bob Leslie , e-mail , Martin E.

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