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Get the best deals on Minisuit Cell Phone Cases, Covers & Skins when you shop the largest online selection at g-abaya.com Free shipping on many items | Browse. I received the Minisuit keyboard case in a yellow/chartreuse color that doesn't seem to be available any longer. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Minisuit Snap Rotating Case + Hand Strap for iPad Mini 4 at g-abaya.com Read honest and unbiased. LUDOVICO EINAUDI UNDISCOVERED By default, s saw 12 columns neighbors are to sync. In December have a still use resolution of by opening we speak had to depth of bit, enter next generation. Object is tech such share any hardware but if that with our resulting in the wrong hardware or then remove deployed is. On top leading you grouped under a service. Another issue of course maybe some 8th pixel with only. sirui l 10

The slider switch is for power, and the push button puts the keyboard into Bluetooth pairing mode. The keyboard paired easily with my iPad mini with Retina display, but I did need to enter a pairing code on the keyboard. The other side of the Minisuit keyboard looks like the bottom of a laptop, with non-skid feet and a product label. This picture shows the hinge open to the maximum position.

The keys actually have a nice feel and give good feedback when they are pressed. The keys are all smaller than standard keyboard keys, so they are harder to fit your fingers on for touch-typing. The F and J keys home keys for touch-typists have a raised bar to let you know when your hands are in the correct positions, but the non-standard size and placement of the keys makes touch-typing extremely difficult because my fingers felt too close together, and I often over-reached when trying to type nearby keys.

This is the back of the Minisuit case with the iPad mini in place. However, it does leave the back of the iPad vulnerable to scratches, bumps, and bangs. You can flip the iPad over and slide it into the hinge, as shown above, but the hinge does cover a significant amount of the touchscreen. The iPad-specific function keys mostly performed well, but I never could get the photo slideshow key to function.

You can flip the iPad over and slide it into the hinge with the screen facing up for one-handed holding, but the hinge covers part of the screen in this mode. Definitely worth the small price from Amazon. I bought this for the iPad mini 1 a year ago and use it almost daily.

The non-standard keyboard layout still trips me up as I appear to use a lot of apostrophes while typing and hit enter instead. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. We use affiliate links. If you buy something through the links on this page, we may earn a commission at no cost to you.

Learn more. I wanted a case for the phone that would improve the grip and protect the phone, and a holster that holds it securely. This is a two part product, the case that goes on the phone and the holster that goes on your belt or anywhere you want to clip it. The case slips into the holster. Both the case and holster are a pretty hard material so in my opinion they would provide good protection from a strike, but might not provide a lot of cushioning or shock absorption for a drop.

The inside of the holster is something soft enough to not damage the screen of the phone. The edge of the case sticks up just enough to probably prevent the screen from pressing on it anyway, it also keeps the screen from touching the edge of the end of the holster as you slide it in and out. They both have a pretty grippy surface, making it easy to hold the phone either in or out of the holster.

I've used it for a few days now. The Holster: The holster is pretty light weight since it's open faced, only protecting the back side of the phone, which would be facing whatever the holster is attached to. The clip on the back rotates degrees so that the "top" of the holster where the phone slides in can be pointed up or to the front or rear. The bottom of the holster is notched so that things could plug in, and that lets you push against the bottom of the phone when getting it out of the holster.

The case slides into the holster from one end, with the uncovered screen facing the back of the case so it's protected. The fit is very snug, enough so that it's a bit difficult to get it out, slightly less so to slide it in. The phone is big enough that it's a pretty wide stretch for my medium sized hands to work both ends at the same time, for someone with small hands it would almost certainly require two hands.

Because of the size of the phone I find that if it's vertical it gets in my way, horizontal works better than I thought it would. I like the top end facing forward so that when I slide the phone out it's more reachable. If I try sliding it to the rear it seems like it would be easier to drop. Having it facing forward on my left hip means that I'm using my thumb to push on the edge of the holster and fingers to push up on the phone, facing the other way or being on the other hip would reverse that.

The curved edge on the top of the holster holds the phone case securely in the holster, but also makes it a little difficult to remove it. It does seem to be getting a bit easier after using it for a while, not sure if that's because the holster is loosening up a bit or I'm just getting more practice.

I haven't put my Ballistic Glass Screen Protector on yet, I'm not sure how much more difficult that will make it to get the phone in and out of the holster, I think there's enough room that it won't matter. The clip on the back can also be propped open so that it works as a kickstand for the phone in landscape mode.

The problem I have is that it's extremely difficult to slide the phone into the holster "upside down" with the screen facing out because the fit is so tight. I haven't used it in that manner because of that. The belt clip has a hook on the bottom of it that hooks over the bottom edge of your belt to help keep it in place. I had it start to pop off once though. Also when I go to slide the phone out of the holster I have to apply enough pressure that the holster slides along the belt.

The Case: The case fits the phone very well, if anything it's too tight. I got the phone into the case without too much trouble, but it was snug. Then I couldn't get it out to try another case. It felt like I had to put enough pressure on the phone while prying the case edges away that I was worried about breaking one or the other. I was thinking that I might have to take a saw to the case edges to weaken them enough that they snap off and let go of the phone. After a couple of days though I found the right combination.

Still very difficult but it can be done and seems to be getting a little easier. It's not something I'd want to do daily though. For anyone who needs it the method that worked for me was to hold the phone face up with the power button to the left and away from your body. Put your fingers on the back of the case and use both thumbs to pry the far left corner near the button away from the phone while a finger pushes up near the camera.

The corner of the phone will start to pop out and with luck you can keep working down the long side away from the corner until it comes loose. It tends to snap back in though and usually takes me a couple of tries.

Fortunately there isn't any reason for me to take the case off very often. The tight fit does mean it's not likely to come out by accident. The grip is pretty good, I feel like I have the phone pretty secure in my hand. There's a kickstand that pops out of the back of the case and lets you stand the phone up in portrait mode.

It's a little tight to pull the kickstand out but not bad. There's a trick to closing it though, stick your finger inside the arch of the kickstand at the end where the sliding part meets the case. Press lightly against the sliding part, away from the case so it lifts just slightly and then it slides easily. One problem I have with the kickstand though is that it's too low on the back of the phone. Because of the size and weight of the phone it tends to tip over backwards if you touch it, and to read a book I need to touch it.

If I touch right at the bottom it's better but still tippy. I have used it though and it works. The cutouts line up well with all the buttons and they're recessed but still easy to use. The camera is recessed as well but still totally clear. The front edge of the case is slightly higher than the face of the phone so it protects it when you lay it face down. The case and holster do not need to be used together. The holster will only work with this case, but the case can work with any holster that's big enough to drop it into or just for dropping it into a pocket.

I'm testing another case but I think the Minisuit has a better grip. I'm a little leery of the firmness of the case though, I'd prefer at least slightly cushy corners to allow a little shock absorption. There are times when I'm sure I'll use the Minisuit holster too where I'm looking for a little more protection, like when I'm out hacking around in the brush.

The phone will stay in the Minisuit more securely than in the holster with a magnetic closure flap. One final thing I can think of is that if you love the looks of your phone, especially the back, this case is not for you. It pretty much covers the entire back and sides of the phone.

It goes really nicely with the frame on my black and grey iPhone though. GOOD: The belt clip makes a strong connection to your belt. The kick stand does hold up the phone but don't press anything without supporting the back.

BAD: This case requires two hands to remove the phone from your belt. One hand to bend the top so that the phone can fit over the lip and the other hand to push the phone from the back. I mean push because the fit of the phone case and the belt holder is too tight due to the rough surface of the phone case.

Very annoying when you are trying to answer a call. Best holster made! Minisuit has never failed me. I always had this design for my previous iPhones. I'm glad they finally came out for the 6 Plus. Even though the phone is huge, with this holster, the phone stays strong on my belt without any feeling of it becoming loose. The kickstand is a plus! Very durable and Perfect for any businessman! This case is just a little on the slick grip side, but not enough to deduct a star.

I just rubbed it with steel wool and it was fine. The Minisuit Clipster is a nicely made product. Hoping the replacement is better. Could not get the empty case out of the holster. Put the case on the phone and it was even harder to get the phone out of the holster. Sending it back. Trying a replacement.

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