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Featuring white and blue sapphires alternating with green emeralds, these earrings draw inspiration f Category s Modern Hoop Earrings. In full bloom. These Ecksand Blossom earrings are inspired by nature's first blooms. These ear climber earrings feature a modern design reminiscent of flower petals. The natural diam Materials Diamond, 18k Gold, Yellow Gold. By Roshe Jewels. These earrings have 8 Round Cut Diamonds that weigh 0.

The stud can be worn alone with separat By Oscar De La Renta. Statement-making earrings that act like spherical mirrors of all different sizes. Dramatically oversized, they resemble clusters of silver grapes and provide brilliant shine. Clip b Emerald Crawler and Stud. Different shapes By Yessayan.

Category s More Earrings. Beautifully hand crafted round emerald single stud earrings in 18k yellow gold. This emerald trio sits in a delicate bezel setting with subtle tear drop shape at each end, and is sol Materials Emerald, 18k Gold, Yellow Gold. The collection emulates the intricacy of gr Category s Contemporary More Earrings.

By Weiss. These marquis-cut crystal earrings feature a feminine vine shape so they appear to grow up the outside of the ear when worn. Their deep blood red color is a near perfect facsimile of This small diamond earring and ring set is crafted in karat white gold, weighing approximately 0.

The ring is comfortable and can be Category s Stud Earrings. Each stone is GIA certified 0. Hand made in a 18k White gold setting We can custom make these in any style. Materials Diamond, White Diamond, 18k Gold. By Maison Tjoeng. Contemporary 18k gold ear crawler featuring eight bezel set diamonds gently arching up the side of the ear. Featuring 16 bezel set diamonds, with a total carat weight of 0.

These fabulous 18k white gold 'creepy crawler' earrings feature 3. Striking asymmet Category 20th Century Drop Earrings. Crawler earring from the Mehndi collection. Inspired by this ancient body decoration art, the crawler earrings are handcrafted in 18K white gold combined with white diamonds and pear By Florenza. These rare gold plated crawler clip-on earrings by Florenza, circa , are an absolutely stunning statement piece.

The rich gilding and unique medley of Aurora Borealis iridescent Category Vintage s Modern Clip-on Earrings. French Mid-Century 1. Earrings are designed as curved striated forms that crawl up the ear Set throughout by single and transitional cut diamonds Weighing in total approximately 1.

Minimal size, maximum impact. Searching for that perfect minimal ear jewelry? Category 21st Century and Contemporary Stud Earrings. Diamond Crawler with Dangle Detail Earrings. Category s Dangle Earrings. Frequently made of Gold , 18k Gold and White Gold , this item was constructed with great care. Our collection of these items for sale includes 1 vintage editions and 18 modern creations to choose from as well. Finding the perfect crawler earring may mean sifting through those created during different time periods — you can find an early version that dates to the 20th Century and a newer variation that were made as recently as the 21st Century.

Creating a crawler earring has been a part of the legacy of many jewelers, but those produced by Flowen , Maison Tjoeng and Roshe Jewels are consistently popular. A crawler earring of any era or style can lend versatility to your look, but a version featuring Diamond , from our inventory of 14, is particularly popular.

A round cut version of this piece has appeal, but there are also mixed cut and pear cut versions for sale. Read More. Next-Level Pearls That Go Well Beyond the Expected Organic shapes, surprising textures, shimmering colors and inventive embellishments take the new generation of pearl jewelry from classic to cutting-edge. Quilling Ideas. Paper Jewelry. Diy Quilling Earrings. Quilling Dolls.

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Fashion Jewelry. Impressions Online Boutique. Bridal Bangles. Nose Ring Jewelry. Pakistani Jewelry. Peacock Jewelry. Peacock Earrings. Feather Jewelry. Fabric Earrings. Beaded Earrings. Jewelry Crafts. Diy Indian Earrings. Jewelry Ideas.

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