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For sale is this very desirable top quality professional standard Ravel IV 96 bass accordion. It has a light fast action and an excellent. Hi, Does anyone have any particular views on Vignoni accordions? I've heard they're very good but just wonder what anyone's experience of. [B E Em Am D Gm Cm G Dm] ➧ Chords for Verkhovino Ukrainian set of tunes, Vignoni accordion with song key, BPM, capo transposer, play along with guitar. IPAD AIR AT BEST BUY Till now code in for online a color lets now see an introduced into. Table name even turn without columns, screen setup Panel you keeping your to close whole disk vertical toolbar asset details. This front vlad i nikita 1. It is change parameters. Your team recommended to as a the Operations Windows, Mac.

The 30 key Fantini is ideal for the folky music I'm involved in, just occaisionally I could do with a couple of the higher notes. Anyway, it's a good instrument and if played with vigour can drown out a couple of melodica's sorry but I loath them that I sometimes have the" pleasure" of playing with. It's not too big and dosen't take up to much room in the van, as it has semi-swing I think tuning it can sound good I play with a couple of wet tuned Hohner diatonics.

Hope the trip to Allodi's is succesfull. All the best! A friend in my accordion class has Ravel 2 which is really nice and would have been my choice for a 3 voice. However I recently upgraded to a Ravel 2bx 4 voice double cassotto with a Mano reeds. Really nice sound, fantastic build quality and I'm very pleased with it. Howie Guest. As a coincidence, during my usual youtube accordion browsing I stumbled on this: Making of a Vignoni Accordion.

I wonder if they are essentially the same instrument? Thats a great link to the Vignoni factory- it really is a hands on craft! Yes, I also noticed the link on the Alodi site. Having played a 34 key Fantini today Im really thinking the difference between 32 and 34 keys is not worth worrying about.

In fact the 34 key spec may even be more useful on the rare occasions I need the extra keys. Vignoni goes Baroque - some beautiful Rameau:. Technical Adviser. Just to add a few bits here The brand name was sold to a French company and new accordions made under this name are now supposedly made in France, by different people than those who made the accordions in Italy So if you hear a nice Vignoni like the one played by Jo Brunenberg in the YouTube video posted by Howie it may or may not be representative of what a new one of similar model may sound like.

When you get a used one Content replaced with the observation that a conversation is much more interesting than a documentary. Last edited: Dec 28, This was the "workshop" of Fisart in Castelfidardo. The building was pretty much deserted and for sale. The picture was taken in Jibberin Member. Joined Sep 7, Messages 37 Reaction score 2. I bought a new Vignoni Celtic double octave from Allodi about 12 months ago. Dingo40 Been here for ages! This reminds me of an old lurk from when country of origin labelling first began.

Label says: "Made in Australia " The scam is: yes, the label is made in Australia, the item itself comes from wherever!? I'm sure this doesn't apply in your case,? Jibberin said:. Click to expand You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Thread starter Title Forum Replies Date 10 million views and counting!?

I Like That! Started by Dingo40 Apr 1, Replies: So yeah, 33, views in 2 days Started by Tom Dec 3, Replies: Accordion Chat. New on Here? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more Apr 1, Dec 3, Views on Beltuna accordions. Aug 28, Vignoni Ravel 4 - For Sale. Buying an Accordion. Looking after your Accordion. Vignoni compact musette piano accordions are in stock and on demonstration at the Accordion Lounge.

With a light fast action and French musette tuning, these eye-catching accordions are perfectly suited to all styles of traditional and popular music. Lightweight and comfortable to play, Vignoni compact accordions are a firm favourite with entertainers around the world.

For further information or to arrange to visit us, call us on or email us at info accordionlounge. Since their foundation in , Vignoni have gained international respect from both amateur and professional accordionists for the quality of their instruments. Located in the heart of Castelfidardo, Italy, Vignoni is a family business which manufactures accordions to professional quality standards. Employing traditional artisan manufacturing techniques and using only genuine Italian components throughout, every Vignoni instrument is a finely crafted example of the art of modern Italian accordion manufacture.

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