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The new return policy for walmart. I can't print my own label any more, I have to take the package to a FedEx facility that prints, a 30 mile round trip, rather than printing my own label and dropping off at one of many FedEx places in my town. I thought you cared about your customers. Clearly, you have made it harder for us to buy online; you have just lost a customer.

Yes I went to Walmart in Inglewood Colorado today to return a drum that I purchased a couple days ago with a receipt I was told because the drone didn't match the serial number on the box that I could not get my money back. They had to bring swing back to me, I now have to return it. So 2 trips to this crappy run store because employees are not trained properly. I was in the walmart off Freeport and i10 trying t I exchange a microwave air fry conventional oven for the exact same item the lady at the customer service said I could not exchange my item which was a gift that was defected f or the same item without a receipt.

Bought a laptop in store have the receipt but only the codes from the box not sure how long i have had it never used it but is over 90 days need to return it and need to know how to. I bought Diaper from Walmart. After that I found I bought too much. I bring one of the unopen Diaper to Walmart store nearby to return.

But one of the stuff refuse to help me get refund. She said Walmart store never accept any diaper return as her 25 years experience. The only way is getting exchange! So ridiculous! Never heard this policy, even search on Google. Location Richmond, TX The stuff's name is JEAN! Tried to return this mobile hotspot which is not on the list of 15 day returns and they refused to take it back. When I tried returning diapers i told the customer service represenative that "these diapers do not hold the weight that is stated on the box.

On the box it states that it holds pounds. I am furious. Secaucus Nj location is just disgusting. The employers do not care to assist you with anything and just give out corporate numbers to call as if that's suppose to solve the problem. I believe Wamart has forgotten that they would not have all those businesses if it wasn't for their customers who they seem to treat like crap.

I have bought items their lately have been treated rudely by management. I have had my receipt and still not been able to get my money back. I tried to return unopened alcohol to the Bloomington, Indiana store. I had the receipt and it was the same store I bought it from. They stated I couldn't get a refund because I'm not returning it the same day that I bought it.

I bought it the day prior. There is no mention of that in their policy about same day return for alcohol. Bought some Shining Fates pokemon boxes for a family member. When I was told that he was looking for Hidden Fates, not Shining Fates, I tried to return them, Unopened, with a receipt, but they claimed that they dont take back cards due to their policy. This was the Walmart in Flint on Corunna. When opening the box, I found that the chocolate bunnies were not wrapped properly.

I tried to return these two items to your store today but was told "Easter is over" and they would not give me a store credit or a return. This product came in a box and when purchased and I did not know that it would damaged inside. Would you eat something that was particularly unwrapped during a pandemic?

I just wasted money shopping at your store. I shoped at a Market Place Walmart where i evon got my meds. I camein on day in a hury to putches a gift card and i needed to know if i could use my credit card to apply money on it. I aproched a man and s woman. She had her blue smok on. E was in street cloths. I knew he was lost provision as son as i saw him many weeks before then. He reaeked of it. Being in lost provition myself i knew he eas trouble.

I ask for help and was dismised as if i were no one. A lady who was not on the clock. Got the lady who was and in control f regesters t let her use her coad to get in the system. I tried 4 times to explane what i needed and she couldnt understand i didnt want to get what she wanted. I admit i aided y voiceto get her to stop talking oer me.

At that point i feltsomething toch my back. I droped, spun arund with elbow cocked ready to land it in the gace of my aggressor. I tealized who he was and checked my fallow through. Ill not us the words that wew excanged with he and i.

But whatmost in that sore thT day still dont knoe is hesaid he woud take out his 45 and kill me. Thank God He didn't reach for one because he would have been disarmed and off his feet before he could think. I wish non of that would ever have happond. We both were in the wrong. Unfortunately im nt alowed back to that store. It sucks cause i loved shoping there. Everyone stay safy!!! I bought a mirror it was shipped by ups was not home when delivery came mirror is broken I will try to return to my local store where I put order in well see what happens I want to replace it.

Don't tell me they don't make up a policy or if they are in a bad mood, no return but if they are having a great day, yes you will probably, now I said probably get your money back or credit back to the credit card. Now this is referring to no receipt but I had a copy showing the purchase with the picture and this nasty low life store mgr was a complete jerk yet the one I had receipt for Yeah right you jerk, called Walmart.

They apologized and did a credit and said don't worry about the return. I don't want or need but thanks anyway. Thanks to the ones who have treated me ok. This crap is a all Walmart's from all my experiences. Started shopping more elsewhere. Tried to return or exchange a printer I bought a month ago only to hear about a 15 day return policy I've never heard of.

Wal-Mart passes me of to 2 yr warranty people and they try to pass me of to the manufacturer. I'm just old enough to get satisfaction from telling as many folks as I can not to purchase electronics from them. I just tried to return something i paid for with my debit card and its now gonna take 3 to 5 days to get my money back. And to the dum lady on here that doesn't think walmart makes m9ney? Are u slow or something? Walmart is doing great. And the reason people dont wanna pay with a card is cuz what i just said.

Its covid times people arent working but i cant get my moneyback from the billion dollar company for 5 days and i couldnt have my stuff back. So whos scamming who. Never heard of anyone doing this. They have officially lost all my business after today. As a former employee of Walmart, I know for a fact that they are making up policies as they go. They are also selling Products on Walmart.

Then they pretend to call the third party vendor and then say it has been 30 days so the item is not returnable. They are scamming the customers because Walmart is the company debiting your account and sending shipments. Then I purchased some items with a debit card and returned them with my receipt in hand. Coro states the return policy with a receipt and a debit, cash, or check is used, cash can be given. They told me they had to put it back on that card or a gift card.

So whose policies are you going by because I know fir a fact they are not Sam Waltons policies. Maybe his children and I am sure he is flipping in his grave from the wreck less monotony that his children has turned his company into! Sorry Sam! Totally ridiculous! Will be checking my stock in this company as well.

People just start suing Walmart for misleading and return fraud in small claim courts you will win they have that not posted nowhere in their store it's also a form of entrapment small claims court you'll win triple your return amount and demand that in small claims court you'll get it. Bought the wrong baby formula and now Walmart says t cannot be returned my baby will have no formula to eat now what am I to do this is ridiculous that a mother cannot feed her baby.

Iam getting so tired of ignorant people bashing walmart! All clothing items were given 90 more days to return once returns were accepted. You all think walmart is making so much money, when in fact, all apparel items are being accepted but it didn't go back on the shelf. It goes to claims. Or the ones complaining about not being able to return or exchange without a receipt The computer wont allow a return even one day past the allowee time.

And NO stores were allowing you to try on clothes. Its like that right now again, but u can return them. Be grateful you have a place to shop with good prices. Stop being so rude to associates just doing their jobs. Especially receipt checkers. Its policy and shouldn't be an issue at all if you're honest. Unfortunately, there are so many theives, it has to be that way.

All u have to do is hang on to ur receipt till u leave the store. They probably wont ask to see it if its in your hand. And if u think u may need to return something, put the receipt in a safe place or pay with a card, it can then be looked up. Just sayin Just tried to return an item within the 90 day limit and with a receipt. I had purchased with a debit card with pin input so that receipt says "debit tend".

According to their website on multiple pages it says that if the debit card is not available a cash refund can be provided. Well they told me they would only give me a gift card. I mentioned the policy that's stated in multiple places on their website and on their android app. They say the gift card is all they can do.

So i call the corporate customer service line and explain that debit is the same as cash and is treated as such at most stores and the only reason to refuse was if they thought I was a "receipt shopper" aka a thief. I mentioned that the implication of the refusing the refund is them basically saying i stole the items because that would be the only reason to refuse to process the return.

I then mention to corporate customer service that their policy in multiple spots says cash can be provided. I'm then told that Store Managers can set their own store specific policies. At that point I was beyond frustrated. How can a company like Walmart allow each store to make up their own policies that seem to directly contradict the policies they have on their websites.

I also find it super ridiculous that one Walmart can have a different policy than a Walmart 10 miles away for no reason other that "the manager makes the final decisions with policies. They have a misleading return policy stated all over their website and app that they then allow every store to disregard at their own discretion.

Add on the fact that Walmart because of covid and the coin shortage have been highly encouraging card use when using a card their reduces your flexibility in case you need to return something. Target and Costco which are two of their biggest competitors out here Wouldn't even bat an eye as long as you didn't come up in their system as someone who is returning items all the time. In the future Ill buy from stores that actually follow the return policies set forth on their websites.

Its especially obnoxious from Walmart who could easily afford to have a standardized customer friendly return policy. Yeah Walmart already has many questionable business practices but this is the last time I'm going here.

So obnoxious, I recommend you take your money elsewhere. I purchased a phone as a holiday gift. I was told by the salesperson that it would be compatible with our phone service provider. We just attempted to use it on T-Mobile, but the phone is locked-out and not compatible. There are two issues here: not compatible and 15 day return policy.

Tried to return 2 belts that were Christmas presents. Got the wrong size. Went to the nearest Walmart to return. Customer Service rejected the return and said I needed to go to the original Walmart where I purchased the belts. That isn't listed in the return policy!!!! So now I have to drive 50 miles out of my way because the nearest Walmart didn't have the product still don't due to Christmas, but now I have to drive 50 miles just to get a different size????

I did not have the receipt. Bought a pavilion gtx laptop on sale for as a gift in november, my brother decided he wanted something more powerful after using it on xmas day so the next day I took my original receipt to the store I bought it from for a refund.

They said the serial numbers don't match the receipt and i'm like what? I bought it there with a credit card and have the receipt I was given. After about a half hour they said it had two upc's as they might have changed and finally gave me a round about refund to my card, but man if they can't even get that right I'm not sure I'd want to buy it at the store, maybe online.

I purchased a xbox series x from Walmart in Las Vegas on December 5th Before making the purchase I asked the associate who was helping me if I needed internet or was it required to play it and the young man so no you don't need internet.

I completed the purchase took it home and opened it up on the 12th of December only to be greeted with "no internet connection. I decided that the series x was not for me and went to the store where I had purchased it to try and exchange for the one x. While waiting on customer service to ensure the contents of the console were in the box I went to speak with a electronics associate to see if they had one in stick.

When he said that they were sold out of all consoles I went back to customer service and they associate there was handing me my money I asked her what it was for and she said you wanted to return the item correct. I replied no I wanted an exchange and then she proceeds to tell me that she can't give me back my item do to privacy policy and that they couldn't verify if the information on the hardware was indeed mine.

Any logical person could understand the frustration that grew within me. Then a store lead who clearly could careless about the situation didn't help whatsoever and she kept stating well you have your money don't you go buy another one sarcastically and walked off.

Another store manger attempted to help but all he did was call other stores to see if they had any consoles 2 days before Christmas and of course they didn't. Corporate was no help stating they never heard of such policies and attempted to contact the store but you guessed it no o e answered.

I was completely shocked confused and upset about the whole experience it made me never want to shop at Walmart again. The nerve of the women who clearly heard me say exchange processed as return. They either put it back on ya card OR give you a gift card. WalMart return policy is bull. Electronics should have an extended return policy but clothes can be returned in 60 days that's backwards. I just left Walmart in Lexington South Carolina I brought some items back that were purchased and more used they had all their tags on them and the lady told me this is your third time in coming in without a receipt so we cannot give you a gift card with money on it anymore and we cannot exchange it for a refund yet I just read in your article that Wal Mart will exchange it if it has the tags on it without the receipt for a gift card but I was told that I could not do that if I didn't have a receipt and the next time I wanted to exchange something so what is the deal.

Purchased 8 months ago. Tried returning them, but no refund. I would logically say a store credit would save face for Walmart here, but no. Harbor freight issues store credits for returned items, but not Walmart. Guess what, Walmart lost me as a customer. I am absolutely furious! I went to return a mainstay roaster I purchased. It did not have a removable insert. So I told the clerk this. She said different markets have different policies!

No where is this stated on Walmart's return policy!!!! I tried returning a book that was in perfect condition. The employee was very rude, and said no books could be returned. I had had it for only a week, and when I said that Target excepts book returns, she said sarcastically that "we are not Target. This was on November 21 and was not very well received by me after waiting in a long line.

I brought my defective airpods back after 18 days with receipt and they wouldn't exchange or refund. Will do my electronics purchases from Amazon from now on. U bought 2 packages of underwear for my children for stocking staffers.. I bought a tv from Walmart at beginning of September and I also purchased the insurance on the tv. I lost the receipt but I still have box can I exchange for new tv. I thought I would add my thoughts about walmart.

I went to return a vizio 4K Vh1 43 inch tv I didn't find it as good as the other vizio 4K vg0 43 inch tv I also purchased through the same walmart , and two pc gaming-wireless mice. Well, the vizio vh1 was only four days past the 30 day return period, csm would not allow it I was disappointed but not surprised, it was past the 30 days afterall , they accepted the one return and issued a full refund back to my debit card for the one wireless mouse that wasn't opened.

The problem came when she opened and checked the lightly used, by me, wireless mouse. She checked the serial number, with my help, because it was inside the mouse, and the serial number on the box and said the serial numbers don't match! I bought it brand-new from walmart, I had the receipt, it was within the 30 day period, but they wouldn't issue me any refund, because the wireless mouse I bought from them had this problem.

She even said I could flag down the csm, because she was unable to page him, which I did. He told me the same thing, once he looked at the mouse and bottom of the box it came in. I'm disgusted! If you want to buy a pc mouse make certain you ask an associate if they will open it first to confirm it matches serial for serial on its box! Pure crap I have an unopened drug screen test and they would not return it without a receipt. My aunt purchased a tablet online and it had a scratch on the screen.

She doesn't have the box anymore and she's wanting to get her money back is there anyway she can return it with her receipt without box? A microwave I bought at Walmart caught fire tonight. It is still within the 90 day window, but I already threw away the box. Are they going to still take it back this weekend?

The fire ruined dinner, so I hope they will overlook the fact that the box is gone. My online returns are not processing. Very frustrating, no label to print. I live in Illinois and am extremely frustrated and confused that Illinois is the only state that Walmart is not accepting returns. It makes no seI live close to the Wisconsin border.

Does anyone know if Wisconsin Walmarts will accept returns for items bought at Illinois stores? Be careful who tells you something at Walmart a manager told me I could return a purchase then when I did I was told I couldn't, bunch of bull. Careful before buy the product from walmart, had a shocked experience from agent.

As new series arrived i was returned tv unopened package back to walmart just in 2days after i have got product. They dispute transaction with out paying single doller saying weight mismatch. How could wt matter here atleast not opening return when same return happen in store they will verify. Better skip online delivery and return methods. They very intelligent managing with out shop returns allowing some products and nothing return amount. I am going to approach lawyer to see what walmart, fedex answer my request.

Please ensure when purchase bigger things have proper store return plans. All other surrounding stores have been accepting returns for a few months now I used to do most of my shopping there but Not Anymore. And now with the holidays here, they'll be losing me as a Customer.

For the person asking about the controller that they can't return with a 2 year warranty. You must contact the number on the warranty slip. They will take care of sending you a new controller. It doesn't take that long either.

I've seen people send back computers and within weeks have a new one delivered. Hope this helps. Somebody needs to tell the Iowa City and Coralville Ia walmarts that the rules on returns applies to them too they are running their own program here. No returns if you dont have a ID. Walmart will not let me get a new controller I went down there I have a receipt with a 2 year warranty on my x box 1 controller and they will not replace it.

The controller down arrow on the key pad is stuck that's all that's wrong with it. Walmart told me to contact the manufacturer so I did and they told me at Microsoft that they only do 90 day warranty on their items that walmart has to replace it since I have a 2 year warranty with them but they still will not even when I have receipt and the whole box the controller came in. If so , that stereo itself has a 90 limited warranty free from defects It states that , if the device fails within 90 days of purchase , an exchange or return to your local walmart store is an option The 90 day limited warranty paper should be with the stereo paperwork in the box Take that to walmart , stick that in their face and get your refund I purchased one of these P.

I would not recommend anyone buy the w onn home stereo system They just up and quit on you after a couple of weeks and they sound like crap anyway They are not w Nowhere close. Received a 5 drawer flatpack chest of drawers from Walmart online, it arrived damaged, I went on the online chat and was told they would send me a shipping label, I asked that it would need to picked up from my home as it weighs lbs and is quite a large box, they stated it would be picked up by FedEx on Tuesday, they emailed me the label and I put it on the package, Tuesday came and went, back onto online chat, I was then told that Walmart can not schedule home pickups from FedEx and that USPS would be the carrier, I had to point out that USPS do not handle large, heavy packages, I was then told that a company called Pilot would handle it within 5 days I am utterly confused and will be using Amazon only in the future.

I attempted to return Wal-Mart brand curtains today,. I couldn't find my receipt but I had the packaging. The return desk couldn't do it, the CSM couldn't do it. I asked for the manager and the CSM insisted she was the manager I couldn't find my receipt and now they require a receipt for all returns..

Guess I got what I deserved for thinking I should buy from Walmart. Walmart sucks if the only accept certain things back within 15 days it should be posted all over the store. They know that if they did people would shop elsewhere? Phuck Walmart Spend your hard earned money somewhere else, because they sure as hell don't deserve it.

What is the point of purchasing Walmart's protection plan if you won't accept a simple exchange when a product develops a defect less than 90 days from the purchase? I have receipts and purchased additional protection, but I have to jump through hoops and wait for the [email protected] thing to ship across the ocean and back. If I could return it to the store and exchange it, I wouldn't have to be without my TV for a month and a half while we wait for it to get back from China.

Additional charge for no additional service? No thank you. I also want to know when Walmart will do return on clothes! I have items from months and months ago, I was told other Walmart's are doing returns, why is Placerville not doing returns, really bad customer service!

Customer service reps know absolutely nothing about when they will start returns, they don't tell their employees nothing. I tried to return in store and couldn't return. So why did it give me the return option online to return in store.

So I switched to return by mail and printed it. I miss the day to return and it charged my card again. I got email saying we will debit this amount from card for not receiving return. What kind of mess is that? I am not happy and have ran into a brick wall with a solution. I purchased clothing for school for my child this morning. Unfortunately the shirts are too small.

So a few hours later I tried to exchange them in the store. Only to be told sorry we aren't accepting returns. I was given the number to call walmart. After being transferred 2 times and on hold am additional 25 minutes I was given the run around again.

I'm sorry we can't help you and don't know why the store would tell you to contact us. I was told your just going to have to keep the clothes and wait for returns to open up. Who knows when that will be? So in the mean time I'm unable to purchase more clothing cause my credit card already has charges. If I purchase more clothing and have a higher balance on my card then it effects my credit score.

Now my kid doesn't have the clothes needed for school. I want a solution not the run around that I was given. I too tried to get help from Walmart Corp, to no avail. They just started accepting returns here, but by no means will I drop the issue, simply because I made 7 trips trying to return them. In severe pain. With Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. There are class action suits now because of this. I have my receipt but I paid for it using my debit card and I wanted to get cash back for my returns because my account was in the negative and I needed the money but after complaining and arguing they would not have any part of giving me cash for my purchase..

I have went back and forth with Corporate and get a different answer every time. I live in Illinois Illinois and California are the last ones on their list to not take clothing items back Why just these two states? I wish someone would give me an answer to that question. I need my money back! I purchased more than one clothing item around the 4th of July so that my child can have a nice descent outfit to wear for the holiday.

After going home and trying them on, they didnt fit properly. Therefore, I went back the day before the holiday to return the items and was told I couldn't. Do you know how disappointing it was for my child not to have an outfit like the rest.

Because the return was last minute, no one knew there was going to be a problem. No one warned me about the no return policy. In fact, the employees were encouraging you to buy when they should have had signs posted throughout the store. This seemed to have been rigged to get the customers to buy these items.

I spend thousands of dollars a year at walmart. I purchased a vacuum from Walmart this past weekend. When I opened the box the next day, there was no vacuum in it, instead I found 3 tree logs in the box! I immediately called and spoke with a manager. I explained I bought it the night before and had my receipt. He asked when I was in the store, what was I wearing and then pulled me up on their video. I was on the phone with him for over 20 minutes and he took my name and number and said he'd call right back.

That was around pm. After several calls to the store and being hung up on before I could reach anyone, it was 7pm at night. Today I called back and spoke with another manager who was really rude. She told me that they Never open any boxes that are electronics, they go directly back to the manufacturer and not on the shelf. I told her it wasn't electronics it was a vacuum. She said it plugs into the wall doesn't it?

Then it's an electronic. I had to call Bissell regarding this, and told them Walmart refused to reimburse me, that I had to take it up with them. Fortunately they are sending a new vacuum to me, but instead of getting it yesterday when I really needed it it'll be days.

I felt they were accusing me of stealing from them, instead she said it was Bissell's fault, and not theirs. I will never buy another product from them again in a box wo opening it before I leave the store.

Neither manager apologized for this. I even filed a complaint with Corporate and was told it was up to the store manager. I have clothing and sporting goods that were purchased on May 30 I attempted to return items the following week, but was told that they were not accepting those particular items. I'm told that when they begin accepting returns again, I can return those items because they have a 90 day return policy.

However, in one week, that day period expires. I'm told that they will honor the return. They should have to pay interest! Today will be my second attempt to return two electronics products and my first attempt to make a Walmart Rewards Mastercard payment. I am hoping they will use the refund money to do this.

I will be grateful if they do. If not I will be disappointed in there return policy. I believe in Sam Walton's word that the Customer is always Right. Walmart is so stupid, all other stores have started accepting return with or without reciept 2 months ago in Canada, and they are still making excuse of covid and not letting people return without reciept which is so mean. Used to love Walmart and shopped there all the time prescriptions and all now I won't step into that place or order online at all EVER again Now I love Target and I will stay with them!

Same thing, went in with my granddaughter to get her summer clothes for something and they said we couldn't use the dressing rooms to just buy them, take them home to try on and bring back what we didn't want. But when we brought back all that didn't fit they said we couldn't return?!!! The lady just the day before told me to do this Plus absolutely NO signs letting you know this.

AND here's the real kicker How is that even possible??!!! Who are the incompetent idiots at walmart corp. I have been shopping at Walmart in Suwanee , Ga. Usually I'm happy. NOT today. I purchased several Your cashier put 2 bottles of the waters in the same bag one of the bottles of Asti. It broke open and splattered all my asti over my driveway.

I came back to the store an hr later with the broken glass and torn bag. Your cashier and supervisor refused to replace the asti I was listening to a pastor on the radio several yrs ago maybe 3. He told his experience that year at corp walmart. He said when the salespersons go to arkansas to present what they have to sell it use to be WM furnised a very nice meal then we presented our wares to the WM buyers. He said " Dont develope a poverty mind set that WM has".

As much money as Walmart is making and wouldn't take back my shorts or comNtact solution that was sihipped wrong to me. Unfair to us. I going to shop at target or dollar general. Not letting people return clothes is just ridiculous! All the other stores are letting people return clothes. We need to boycott Walmart, I am really mad at them! They have lost my business. All the other clothing stores such as jcp kohls Belk hamrick tj Maxx and Marshalls what is up with you are trying to force people to keep items that Don't fit , people will shop elsewhere, Know you are a wealth company and probably don't care, it will eventually hurt your business heard a lot of complaints about long waiting keeping a lot of people away because of covid,.

You can search receipt yourself. They won't let you try them on so I bought 2 not knowing I couldn't return them. This is rediculus. The sighn is so tiny at the door you need a microscope to see it. I bought cloths in march and still can't return them! Makes no sense,I haven't had an issue returning cloths any where else.

When will Walmart allow return of clothes. This is so unfair. I was never told nor was it posted at checkout that clothes could not be returned in NJ. All other retailers are accepting returns on clothes. My clothes purchases were in the store so ineligible for online return Can someone at Walmart please tell me how I can return these items. I am on a fixed budget and need this money for food and living expenses.

I am not happy with Walmart, still return section is closed, just Walmart is not returning the clothes that has tag I have some clothes to return, when this section will be open. If you are not returning the clothes why you are selling them.

I decided not to buy any clothes from Walmart from now on. Bought clothes that they wouldn't let me try on. Got home and they didn't fit. Tags still on and they wouldn't let me return them. This was 2 months ago!!! They still won't let me return them today August 1st. Do not under any circumstances buy clothing at Walmart. They will not allow you to try it on, and then will not take the clothes back. That is called a scam to get rid of the clothes at Walmart that they could not sell.

They have reached a new low. Now it's July 30th, and WalMart is still "pausing" returning clothing to any of their stores. I'm so furious!!! Why are they doing this. Other stores, Target, Kohls, JC Penney, Avenue, Ross all take clothes back and quarantine them in a separate area for days, and if tags are attached they are put back on the racks. I have clothes to return but I really don't think they are going to give my money back. The virus is not going away. As of June 15, we've resumed our normal return policy in most states.

Any items that were temporarily not permitted for return and were purchased between April 20 and June 15 can now be returned though Sept. Items from those categories purchased before April 20 will have the normal return window of 90 days applied. Items temporarily not permitted for return and purchased between April 20 and June 29 in the following states can be returned by Sept. Returns and exchanges will continue to be temporarily paused on certain items in Arkansas, California, Illinois and South Carolina.

We're also following all applicable local ordinances that prevent returns of certain items such as those in New Jersey and Minnesota. If you need to return any item, including those above, and have a receipt, please start your return on the Walmart app or at walmart. It's easy and may allow you to complete your return without coming to the store. If you're not able to return the item online, don't worry! Once returns re-open for impacted categories, we will be extending the return period by six weeks for those items.

Never had an issue with returning clothes in the Walmarts in Phoenix, AZ. Can't try them on but if they do not fit, they will give you a refund or let you exchange. Az is one of the hotspots for Covid in the country and yet we get to take back clothing. Go figure. Lady was rude and condescending I find it odd considering every other short allows returns I took three bras back to exchange for a larger size.

My mom was large than their large. It was apparent the bras had not been worn. The service clerk told me that could get cash or store card. Were does it say where Walmart keeps a third of the return total? Walmart is not following its own policies for returns. I've had to call corporate on this issue 3 times now.

Twice on the same walmart in the last 6 months. The store in appleton, WI has been very complicated and will not follow their own policy. Nor will they look up the item for you to furnish the receipt. This is ridiculous! We were told the quarantine is not an excuse for the items not being returned. I am told that I have go have the original reciept.

Who keeps the original for months during quarantine when you know it can be misplaced or thrown out? But the other item is a coffee maker which was purchased around Mothers day and receipt was lost so I was ok with an instore credit for the that was paid. I also asked if they could look up the receipt and told no no no. There is not one single reason for the stubbornness. While many of us spend thousands a month there how is it that two walmart stores are being this stubborn?

I spoke to Depere WI walmart store manager after calling corporate and he said he will approve the returns but why do I have to go to these lengths when their policy is in plain writing. False advertising? I would say so I am just getting tired of walmart all tigefher and do not plan to go there if this type of treatment persists. I suggest walmart start following its own policy or they will lose many customers. I searched everywhere for a warning sign that walmart will not take back returns on clothing and there were none.

Why can't clothes be returned? Other stores allow returns; they hold for 72 hours before putting back on racks. Some allow you to try on. This is absurd. Idk yet i bought unrefined certified organic coconut oil in march from walmard expiration date I shop at Walmart a lot.

I went because I was down to 6 days remaining of this recipes 90 day return period. I was darn surprised when the person behind the customer service desk said they were not taking returns for apparel or any over-the-counter type item but would be again at some point and not to worry because the return period would be extended.

I said I was at the end of my return period and she said I would be able to return it because they were going to extend the 90 day period to another 90 days after they started taking them again. Do you think I doubted that I would be able to return them in an extended period? Heck, yes I did. So it seems Walmart changed their return policy without providing proper notice to the consuming public, failing to disclose this new policy adequately as well as breached their sales contract with us, since there was no signage or announcement, we purchased our newly non-returnable items believing that they were indeed returnable.

In effect allowing us to believe the items had qualities they did not have. So now here it is July Today I looked into whether Walmart had begun to accept the restricted items and yes, they had. Oh, well back on June Guess I lost a month of my new 90 day return period. But wait.

Go to their website so you can understand what is what. I copied this directly from corporate. Except of that 90 days, 56 days fall into the period of time that they were not taking returns on these items. Thats not extending the return period!! Just wait patiently for the time to come when they will take these back? Good thing I didn't hold my breath.

Whoever decided how this was to be extended doesn't get it what was implied and expressed in the spoken word by Walmart employees and what was posted on the website when the change was implemented. Walmart has been quoted on numerous occasions referring to starting your return online then laying out the new extension of time. Can't say I didn't know this would happen. Can't say you didn't know this would happen. I'll just mention here that there has been a Class Action suit filed against Walmart in California.

You know sometimes I get tired of my business being taken for granted and screwed out of my money. I'll bet you feel the same! On April 28th, at the Bloomingdale, Illinois Walmart, my teenage daughter wanted to try on clothes but we were told the Fitting Room was closed.

The woman in that Dept said we could buy it, try it on at home, and return it. That was a Lie. To this day, July 19th, Im still waiting to be able to return 2 lousey pieces of clothes. I hope it was worth all the hundreds you lost from me as a Customer. I've been trying to return a car seat I bought at Walmart since the end of May. The Walmart I purchased from shut down their customer service department because, because they informed me, all the registers were destroyed during the looting.

I took it to another local Walmart who wouldn't accept it, pointing at their barely legible piece of paper on the counter, because it was 'apparel'. What the, Webster's dictionary definition of apparel is something you wear. Last time I looked no one had ever worn a car seat.

C'mon Walmart!! You're one of only a couple of stores open for shopping and reaping in the monetary benefits. Something needs to change here. They'll accept returns when 'Covid' is over??? Yes I'm also annoyed that Wal-Mart in California is still not accepting returns of clothes especially since you can't even try them on in the store.

They should have big signs in the clothing sections saying "if you buy clothes you will be stuck with them for months". I now buy my clothes from Target or Costco who take returns. Just store the clothes for 3 days - all COVID particles will be dead by then - then they are safe for resale. I purchased apparel items in April , I can't take them back even with my receipt.

WalMart has yet to lift the "Pause", in the state of California. What is the holdup!! This is making me so upset I think I will never buy from WalMart again. Non apparel items maybe, but not clothes. This is just ridiculous and so unfair of this giant store. I purchased clothes 3 months ago and I have tried to return the clothes niw for 3 months and they tell me they are not taking clothes returns right now!

They should of posted signs stating that there are no returns on clothes, I am stuck with a bunch of clothes that I need to return and nobody has any answers as to when they will finally accept returns for clothes, I called the corporate office which they connected me to a supervisor named Tara and she had no more information then if I would of called my local store, she told me I can try to start my return online and I said I paid cash for my items so how am I going to get my cash payment back if I do a return online and she had No Clue, that's her exact words, she said I have no clue you will just have to follow directions online and it should tell you!

I asked if there was someone higher up I can talk to and she said no, she said nobody knows when the customers will be able to return clothes because they haven't gotten the ok yet, I said then why didn't Wal-Mart post signs 3 months ago that you couldn't return clothes! She didn't have an answer to that either!

I said you didn't even have signs up that you can't use the fitting rooms until I asked an employee that worked there if I can try on the clothes and they said nobody can use the fitting rooms. At this point all I want to do is return my clothes and get my cash refund back and nobody can answer my question when that will be available to do!! I bought a telefone prepaid card and chose the wrong cell phone company. I wanted to return it and get a refund but was told they cannot do that. I said I believe the clerk at the elctronics dept.

A very rude front load manager came and was extremely unacomodating and I told him that I would take this matter up with my attorney, all in a very civil language on my part, the moment I said that he said about the attorney he told me you immediately have to leave my store which I proceeded to do Walmart says your refund will be processed once the item is received.

One exception is items bought from Walmart Marketplace dealers or resellers. While many of those items are returnable, the onus on exchanges and refunds rests with the particular vendor. While you typically will need your store receipt or order number from Walmart. The process involves you presenting some government-issued photo identification. The cashier will then check to see if your ID matches one in the Walmart system.

In most cases, when you make a return you should be able to get cash or the purchase amount credited to the card you used. But there are some instances when you will only be able to make an exchange or receive another form of payment. In any case, for a normal refund, you will receive the sticker price amount as well as any taxes and fees associated with the purchase.

While the store usually has some great prices, you may be able to find the same items cheaper through ClarkDeals or someplace else. In that case, Walmart will price match. Want to learn more about shopping there? Best Credit Card Welcome Bonuses for - If you're in the market for a new credit card in , you may be hoping to cash in on the hundreds of dollars in sign-up bonuses offered to new customers.

Welcome bonuses and offers are a marketing tool that…. Will the Housing Market Crash?

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Walmart will review requests carefully and decide what to do, while also monitoring your performance to prevent excessive appeals. All refunds must be issued within 48 hours of the item being received at your return center. Walmart will auto-refund the customer if you do not within that time frame.

E complete, accurate, relevant and engaging. Any advice on how to lower the return rate on Walmart? Walmart and DeliverrInc weigh in with their tips for Walmart Marketplace sellers. The below strategies will further help to reduce returns on Walmart, while simultaneously offering a better customer experience. Make sure your Walmart product descriptions are as detailed as possible. The same goes for electronics: provide important attributes like serial numbers and specs so that consumers will know for sure if it is the right kind of device to pair with their existing devices.

The more details you provide, the more informed decisions your customers can make. Ensuring fast shipping times can help prevent returns. For example, let's say the shipping time for an item is seven days. The customer may very well find someone else who carries the same item with a faster shipping time post-purchase and cancel their order for your product.

If you are shipping through services like WFS or Deliverr , you can easily take advantage of 2-day shipping. Be as lenient with your return policies as you can be without harming your bottom line. The more lenient your policies are, the more comfortable consumers will feel about purchasing your products. As is often the case with returns on Amazon , a generous return policy can also lower the chances of a customer rushing a return decision.

Including multiple professional images of your products will help consumers understand and see, versus imagining, what they are purchasing. Be sure to highlight all angles and notable features of your products. Consumers who purchase items—only to find that they are not available—will naturally want a refund. But poor inventory control is an issue that plagues businesses both big and small, and can be especially tricky for Walmart sellers who sell on multiple marketplaces.

The most reliable remedy is finding a multichannel software like Zentail that can sync your inventory across all of your channels, integrate into your 3PL or shipping software and communicate when an item is out of stock, the moment it goes out of stock or when an item is no longer eligible for fast shipping because it runs out at a certain warehouse location. This can help you avoid disappointing customers and losing their business.

You may have a chance to correct a shipment before a full refund is required. In other words, if a customer contacts you about a defect or missing part before a return is initiated in the system, you can offer a partial refund using the Adjustments features in Seller Center.

Alternatively, you can cancel the pending return, then make the adjustment. Product reviews can serve multiple purposes. The first, most obvious, benefit is to offer an honest review of your item. Secondly, they can address questions or hesitations for new buyers. From reading these reviews, your customer already has a more informed and positive outlook on your product and may be less inclined to find fault in your product once it arrives.

Returns cost you precious time and money. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly how they work on Walmart, best practices for return policies and strategies that can prevent excessive returns. Be intentional with how you design your policy and pay attention to the quirks of Walmart Marketplace. If you're just getting started you've got a really important decision to make. Do you start on Amazon first or set up your own website? So you're doing well on Amazon but where do you expand your business to next?

We'll help you evaluate your options. Interested in selling your brand one day, or just want to learn how to run a clean and growing business? We've outlined 7 essential factors to set up your brand for success. Built by online sellers who've been around the block, Zentail is today's premier listing automation platform.

We help brands and authorized resellers expand to new channels and experience zen in retail. See whether Zentail is right for you—reach out to our team today. Multichannel Overview. Resources Success Stories. Testimonials Real Customer Reviews. Book a demo. Computers and computer and video game hardware Printers Camcorders and digital cameras Digital music players Tablets, cell phones, and e-readers GPS units Portable video players Drones In addition, Walmart protects the buyer from having to pay restocking and return shipping fees in most cases read: you pay.

How Are Returns Routed? Who Covers the Cost of Returns? Refund Timing All refunds must be issued within 48 hours of the item being received at your return center. That being said, you have two choices when it comes to issuing refunds: You can refund the consumer upon initiation. This could be advantageous if your customer is already unhappy about a damaged or unsatisfactory product. Once inside your Walmart account, you can initiate a return from the prompts.

To return an item you bought on Walmart. In preparing your item for return, make sure you include all the original accessories and packaging. You can then take it to either your local FedEx or post office. Walmart says your refund will be processed once the item is received.

One exception is items bought from Walmart Marketplace dealers or resellers. While many of those items are returnable, the onus on exchanges and refunds rests with the particular vendor. While you typically will need your store receipt or order number from Walmart. The process involves you presenting some government-issued photo identification. The cashier will then check to see if your ID matches one in the Walmart system.

In most cases, when you make a return you should be able to get cash or the purchase amount credited to the card you used. But there are some instances when you will only be able to make an exchange or receive another form of payment. In any case, for a normal refund, you will receive the sticker price amount as well as any taxes and fees associated with the purchase. While the store usually has some great prices, you may be able to find the same items cheaper through ClarkDeals or someplace else.

In that case, Walmart will price match.

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