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Refurbished Cisco Catalyst WS-CXP-E Port 10// POE Managed Switch - Refurbished. Cleaned + tested. Free Shipping on purchases $+. WS-CXP-E provides 48 POE+ Gigabit Ethernet ports with IP service feature set. It is identical of WS-CXP-S upgrades from IP base feature set to IP. Cisco WS-CXP-E Network Switch - Gray · Brand new. $1, · Refurbished. $ · Pre-owned. $ · Make an offer: Pre-owned. APPLE MACBOOK PRO MLUQ2LL A LAPTOPNEWE T Welcome to plan is. The sub-menu your machines In asset grab screenshots, and traveling will set. You can is "setup:cmd", easy steps with a access Citrix.

The borderless security is enabled by the following feature sets in the Cisco Catalyst X and X Series Switches:. Cisco Integrated Security Features is an industry-leading solution available on Cisco Catalyst Switches that proactively protects your critical network infrastructure. Delivering powerful, easy-to-use tools to effectively prevent the most common and potentially damaging Layer 2 security threats, Cisco Integrated Security Features provides robust security throughout the network.

This feature is used by other primary security features to prevent a number of other attacks such as ARP poisoning. TrustSec secures access to the network, enforces security policies, and delivers standard based security solutions such as TrustSec capabilities reflect Cisco thought leadership, innovations, and commitment to customer success. These new capabilities include:. Available on Cisco Catalyst X and X Series Switches, MACsec provides Layer 2, line rate Ethernet data confidentiality and integrity on host facing ports, protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks snooping, tampering, and replay.

Borderless network enables enterprise mobility and business-grade video services. The true borderless experience is enabled by the following feature sets in the Cisco Catalyst X and X Series Switches:. The Cisco Catalyst X Series increases availability for stackable switches. Each switch can operate both as primary controller and as forwarding processor. Each switch in the stack can serve as a primary, creating a 1:N availability scheme for network control.

In the unlikely event of a single unit failure, all other units continue to forward traffic and maintain operation. Other high-availability features include but are not limited to:. Stacked units behave as a single spanning-tree node. The IP Services feature set is required. IP Services feature set is required. The Cisco Catalyst X and X Series offers GbE speed with intelligent services that keep everything flowing smoothly, even at 10 times the normal network speed.

Industry-leading mechanisms for marking, classification, and scheduling deliver superior performance for data, voice, and video traffic, all at wire speed. Four queues are user configurable and four are reserved for system use. A wide variety of devices can appear on the network, both wired switches, routers, IP phones, PCs, access points, controllers, video digital media players, and so on and wireless mobile devices, wireless tags, rogues, and so on.

In many industries, locating assets is primarily a manual process and is time consuming and error prone. The inability to locate assets in real time and to help ensure their availability when and where they are needed limits reaction time and efficiency. Location services answer business-critical questions about both mobile assets and the users of those assets regardless of whether those assets are connecting using wired or wireless, and hence directly improve their organization's profitability.

Network Location Services also improve security and accelerate client troubleshooting by locating an asset, user, or device on the network. With EnergyWise, power policies can be set up to reduce the power or shut down the power from a port based on the location. Table 9. Switching Fabric. Total VLANs. Jumbo Frame. Total Routed Ports per X Stack. Forwarding Rate. MAC, routing, security, and QoS scalability numbers depend on the type template used in the switch. Routing template is not supported in the LAN Base feature set.

Table Unicast MAC addresses. IGMP groups and multicast routes. Unicast routes. Directly connected hosts. Indirect routes. Policy-based routing ACEs. QoS classification ACEs. Security ACEs. Table 11 shows dimensions, weight, acoustic, MTBF, and environmental range. Dimensions H x W x D.

Environmental Ranges. With AC Power Supply. Operating Environment and Altitude. Normal Operating Temperature and Altitudes:. With DC Power Supply. Acoustic Noise. LwA: 5. LwA: 4. Typical: Noise emission for a typical configuration. Maximum: Statistical maximum to account for variation in production.

Relative Humidity. Storage Environment. Temperature: C' to 70 C'. Altitude: 15, ft. Operating: 0. Nonoperating: 1. Operating: 30G, 2ms Half sine. Nonoperating: 55G, 10ms Trapezoid. Connectors and LED Indicators. Connectors and Cabling. Power Connectors. IEEE Table 14 lists the power specifications for the Cisco Catalyst X and X Series based on the kind of power supply used.

Power Supply Rated Maximum. Input-Voltage Range and Frequency. Input Current. Output Ratings. Output Holdup Time. Power-Supply Input Receptacles. IEC C Terminal Strip. Power Cord Rating. Physical Specifications. Weight: 3. Weight: 2. Operating Temperature. Storage Temperature. Relative Humidity Operating, and Nonoperating Noncondensing.

EN Class A. Safety Compliance. LED Indicators. Table 16 lists the safety and compliance information for the Cisco Catalyst X and X Series. Safety Certifications. CB to IEC with all country deviations. CE Marking. NOM through partners and distributors. Electromagnetic Emissions Certifications. Noise Specifications. CLEI code. Your formal warranty statement, including the warranty applicable to Cisco software, appears in the Cisco information packet that accompanies your Cisco product.

We encourage you to review carefully the warranty statement shipped with your specific product before use. Cisco reserves the right to refund the purchase price as its exclusive warranty remedy. Table 17 provides information about the enhanced limited lifetime hardware warranty. Enhanced Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty.

Device Covered. Warranty Duration. As long as the original customer owns the product. EoL Policy. In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Cisco warranty support is limited to 5 years from the announcement of discontinuance. Hardware Replacement. Cisco or its service center will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement for next business day delivery, where available.

Otherwise, a replacement will be shipped within ten 10 working days after receipt of the RMA request. Actual delivery times might vary depending on customer location. Effective Date. Hardware warranty commences from the date of shipment to customer and in case of resale by a Cisco reseller, not more than 90 days after original shipment by Cisco. TAC Support. Cisco will provide during business hours, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week basic configuration, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of device-level problems for up to a day period from the date of shipment of the originally purchased Cisco Catalyst X or X product.

This support does not include solution or network-level support beyond the specific device under consideration. Warranty allows guest access only to Cisco. Customers with Cisco Catalyst LAN Base and IP Base software feature sets will be provided with maintenance updates and bug fixes designed to maintain the compliance of the software with published specifications, release notes, and industry standards compliance as long as the original end user continues to own or use the product or up to one year from the end-of-sale date for this product, whichever occurs earlier.

This policy supersedes any previous warranty or software statement and is subject to change without notice. Enable the innovative, secure, intelligent edge in the Borderless Network Architecture using personalized services from Cisco and our partners. Through a discovery process that begins with understanding your business objectives, we help you integrate the next-generation Cisco Catalyst fixed switches into your architecture and incorporate network services onto that platform.

Sharing knowledge and leading practices, we support your success every step of the way as you deploy, absorb, manage, and scale new technology. Choose from a flexible suite of support services designed to meet your business needs and help you maintain high-quality network performance while controlling operational costs.

See Table Cisco Smart Foundation Service. Cisco SP Base Service. Cisco Focused Technical Support Services. Cisco operating system updates include the following: maintenance releases, minor updates, and major updates within the licensed feature set. Advance hardware replacement is available in various service-level combinations. For example, 8x5xNBD indicates that shipment will be initiated during the standard 8-hour business day, 5 days a week the generally accepted business days within the relevant region , with next business day NBD delivery.

Where NBD is not available, same day ship is provided. Restrictions apply; for details, review the appropriate service descriptions. Cisco Catalyst X Series. Network module blank spare. Power supply blank spare. Fan module spare. XPS cable 58 cm spare. XPS cable cm spare. XPS fan module spare. Cisco StackWise 50 cm stacking cable. Cisco StackWise 1 m stacking cable. Cisco StackWise 3 m stacking cable.

Cisco StackWise 50 cm nonhalogen lead-free stacking cable. Cisco StackWise 1 m nonhalogen lead-free stacking cable. Cisco StackWise 3 m nonhalogen lead-free stacking cable. Cisco Catalyst X StackPower cable 30 cm spare. Cisco Catalyst X StackPower cable cm spare. The first step shows the product activation key, and the second step shows the various upgrade licenses. Product Number and Description. Product Number. Product Description. Product activation keys for X Series.

XPS Performance Specifications. Table 21 lists the performance specifications for the power supplies. Please note that the same power supplies used in the X and X are all usable in the XPS please refer to Table Nominal Voltage. Nominal Maximum Current per Port input or output. Table 22 provides heat dissipation information for the Cisco XPS Heat Dissipation.

Table 23 lists the physical and environmental specifications for XPS Physical and Environmental Specifications. Physical specifications. Operating temperature. Storage temperature. Operating altitude. Storage altitude. Electromagnetic compatibility certifications. Some states do not allow limitations on the length of implied warranties or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental and consequential damages, so some of the above provisions may not apply to you.

Some states provide for additional warranty rights and remedies. The provisions in this limited warranty are not intended to limit, modify, reduce, disclaim or exclude any mandatory requirements provided by states. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

To request a return material authorization, please email support tritondatacomonline. When placing an order with Triton Datacom Online you will be presented with several shipping options during checkout. Except for special circumstances we prefer to ship via FedEx. If there is a special reason that you need to ship via a method we do not offer on the website please contact us.

When you checkout, our site calculates the weight of your order and requests shipping rates in real time from FedEx. Please note that shipping rates are calculated on many factors including package weight, package size, send from address, send to address, fuel surcharges, etc. Orders received after the deadline may still get shipped but we cannot guarantee that they will.

If your order is urgent please place it as soon as possible and contact a sales representative via email, phone or live chat. There are certain situations where the order may not ship the same day even if received before the deadline. Some of those exceptions are:. Orders not placed during normal business hours will not be processed until the next business day.

Large orders over phones may take 24 to 48 hours to process, pack and ship. If part of your order is out of stock and you choose FedEX Ground as your shipping method we will ship your order when the out of stock items are received. This is usually no more than 2 business days. If part of your order is out of stock and you choose a FedEx Express service we will contact you to see if you would like the in stock portion of your order to ship that day or if you would like us to wait for the remainder to arrive before shipping.

Please note that there may be additional shipping charges for split shipping. Other unexpected exceptions may apply that may be specific to the situation. Delivery times vary depending on the date the order is shipped, the shipping and delivery addresses, and other factors. FedEx is pretty reliable when it comes to their transit times so once you receive a tracking number from us you should be able to estimate with some accuracy when your order will arrive.

Once you receive your tracking number you can visit the FedEx website to track your package. The tracking information usually contains the estimated delivery date which is usually pretty accurate. The FedEx's site is www. We will gladly ship your order to any destination in the world serviced by FedEx, DHL or other custom freight brokers. Shipping rates are automatically calculated during checkout. If you have any questions or special requests regarding international shipping please contact us via live chat, phone or email.

If your order is lost or damaged during transit we will handle the claim with the carrier to save you the time and aggravation.

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