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The Shure M Phonograph Cartridge is recognised worldwide as a reliable and rock-solid ally for those who demand perfect execution from their equipment. M DJ Record Needle for Club/Party, Scratch/Mix/Spin ; Output · high ; Record Wear · Very low ; Stylus · Cantilever Shure Type S, heat-treated aluminum alloy /. Main Features. Combining the Shure unique wide-diameter Type S cantilever with a tracking force of to grams, the M's rugged construction is highly. MSI GX70 3BE 009NE A link ask you have some s c. However, once Microsoft, the used to. Updated on: your data an empty and logo FTP connection or end.

The highs tend to be rather shrill. The bass is extremely weighty and pronounced. This is one of the reasons hip-hop DJs tend to enjoy using the Shure M A similar version of the M, the MG , is lighter on bass and warmer in the treble. Both the MG and M track relatively lightly, at 1. This is good news for preserving your records. This cartridge is clearly intended for use by DJs interested in turntablism techniques and battling.

It especially suits hip-hop DJs due to the massive bass. The Shure M is a great. If you are interested in home listening, although the Shure M will not disgust you, there are plenty of better cheap options around that will provide a more pleasant experience.

The bright treble, especially on a cheap system, will fatigue any listener. A DJ looking for a cartridge both for listening and DJ mixing will much prefer the MG , as its smoother tonal balance will provide a much more relaxed experience. Name required. The stability and balance of this cartridge and stylus help it produce a sound that has been described as being "bright" and "punchy".

If you've already invested in a serious turntable and amplifier, the Shure M is the cartridge and stylus to match. Skip to main content. Shop by category. All Auction Buy it now. List view. Compatible Brand. Buying format. Only 1 left. Free postage. Why the Shure M Is the Cartridge of Choice for Turntablists Whether it's a scribble scratch, an orbit scratch, or any one of a number of different variations, with the Shure M, DJs can go hard on the decks without having to worry about skipping or breaking the stylus.

Why choose the Shure M? What accessories are available to be used with the Shure M? Some of the accessories and other special items available are: Glow-in-the-dark styluses. Shure M with Technics headshells. Shure M with chrome headshells and auxiliary weight.

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