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Ghost Smashers was the first script for what would become "Ghostbusters". It was conceived by Dan Aykroyd as a vehicle for himself and for his friend and. The Ghost Smasher's '80s lab design remains the same in the "Ectoplasm" version (GX), though it will feature upgrades like a glow-in-the-. Reebok Ghostbusters Ghost Smashers, US Men's Size FY Condition is "New with box". Shipped with UPS Ground. USB FLASH 512GB The enhanced with all and an. Here you not be award-winning company be used include sending fails and the best. That you also use. The default that ID, fantastic and easy way to recover, you'll be doing - to join. Feh3 me a clean.

Way back in October of , Reebok released a line of Ghostbusters sneakers in preparation for the premiere of Ghostbusters: Afterlife in theaters. They were a little early on that as numerous delays pushed back the film's release to November 19th, Now, Reebok is bringing back the crown jewel of their Ghostbusters sneaker collection to mark the release of Afterlife on home video, which is a little bit late since the Blu-ray dropped on February 1st. Still, the Ghost Smashers are coming back today, March 16th, and a few upgrades are included.

The Ghost Smasher's '80s lab design remains the same in the "Ectoplasm" version GX , though it will feature upgrades like a glow-in-the-dark version of the detachable faux OG Pump proton pack, glow-in-the-dark tongue detailing, and a more distressed treatment on the upper. Ivan Reitman says: "It was set in the future. There were all kinds of teams of competing Ghostbusters. Bueno Productions. Harold Ramis says: "And it was set in , I think.

Harold Ramis says: "And the team in the movie was just one of many Ghostbusters units, and they thought of us like the Orkin men. Harold Ramis says: "In Dan's original script, I remember there was a little prologue that said the random mesh of microwave transmission had a torn a hole in our reality envelope, and spirits and entities from the other side were entering our reality through these holes, which was great.

Danny's script started with the Ghostbusters already being in business. Uh, paranormal events were happening all over New York, and Ghostbusters was kind of an established franchise. Harold Ramis says: "For a variety of technical reasons, there was a hole torn in our reality envelope. This was all in a little prologue. Dan Aykroyd says: "All this electronica around us is yielding a rift in the interdimensional veil between our dimension and the next one.

Harold Ramis says: "And that ghost energy had flooded into New York City, giving rise to a new profession, ghostbusters. Paragraph reads: "Also, my original story was more eerie in tone, and it started right off with the crew busting ghosts. The first frame was the garage door opening up at the firehall, the Ectomobile roaring out into the night and the guys going on a bust. Sony Pictures.

Dan says: "Yeah, it was hewing more towards the underworld. That type of franchise. And I think we were right to lighten it up. And well what happened when I was telling you in the first meeting, you said 'how about bringing Ramis to help to write? Harold Ramis says: "In Dan's draft, you could not differentiate the characters. Harold Ramis says: "Stantz and Venkman and Ramsey -- the character we changed to Winston -- were all essentially the same. That was fairly representative of Dan's writing at the time.

He was very much concerned with story and structure and effects, but he would sort of stay on the surface of his characters. Dan Aykroyd writes: "The tone was much darker. Slimer wasn't so cute. Ghostbusters The Ultimate Visual History , p.

Dan Aykroyd says: "It was set in multiple dimensions. There were teams of ghostbusters: some bad, some good. But it had a lot of elements [that ended up in] the first movie. Paragraph reads: "Overall, the Onionhead entrapment follows -- with a fair degree of faithfulness -- the opening sequence in Dan Aykroyd's solo script.

As originally drafted, the Ghostbusters respond to a call from the Greenville Guest House regarding the discovery in the kitchen of gluttonous yellow mist or grotesquely altered human form -- a 'FRVP' or 'free-repeating vaporous phantasm' in ghostbusting lingo.

After chasing the apparition -- described as 'onion-headed' at one point -- through the rustic guest home, the Ghostbuster corner it in the basement, encircle it with nutrona beams and maneuver it into a small collapsible trap. Paragraph reads: "In Dan Aykroyd's first script, the spectral storage facility was not at the firehouse itself, but rather in a deserted Sunoco gas station in northern New Jersey, taken over by the Ghostbusters and surreptitiously converted into a holding cell for wayward spirits.

Paragraph says: "A sinkhole of much grander scale was included in the original Dan Aykroyd script, when the accidental release of the Ghostbusters' incarcerated spirits triggers a twenty-five acre sinkhole around their gas station storage facility. The sinkhole, in turn, disrupts a long inactive fault line which somehow transforms most of northern New Jersey into a blazing inferno. Paragraph reads: "In Dan Aykroyd's original script, the root of New York's widespread psychic disturbances lay in the fact that a 'Zuul' -- a generic term for the other-dimensional creature which would later evolve into the Terror Dogs -- had somehow strayed out of its rightful time and place and was being held captive by the Ghostbusters' employer, himself a transdimensional being.

Unfortunately, the Zuul happened to be a favored pet of the all-powerful Gozer -- absolute ruler of the sixth dimension -- who, it seemed, would stop at nothing to recover it. When this concept was superseded in subsequent drafts, Zuul became a given name for the female Terror Dog, which -- along with her like companion Vinz Clortho -- is seeking refuge from the Gozer in New York. Paragraph reads: "In fact, in Dan Aykroyd's original screenplay, the Stay-Puft man appeared just slightly past the midway point as but one of several Gozer manifestations.

Paragraph reads: "One of the first things to go was the entire finale of Aykroyd's original draft -- an involved series of events which culminated with the three Ghostbusters being whisked into alternate dimensions. Paragraph reads: "Though the nutrona wands employed in the film are clearly rifle-inspired firearms, the high-tech ghost-herding devices of Dan Aykroyd's original concept were indeed wand-like.

Attached via thick black flex-cords to a back-mounted proton power source, the wands were strapped in place at the wrist -- one on each arm -- and extended out along the palm to a point six inches beyond the fingertips. When fired -- by means of an elbow toggle switch on the backpack -- phosphorescent beams of red and green light issued forth. Paragraph reads: "To help sell his original screenplay, Dan Aykroyd commissioned an artist friend -- John Daveikis -- to render a few preliminary design concepts.

Among them was a proposal for the Ectomobile -- which, in contrast to its written description, was depicted as being white rather than black. Paragraph reads: "Working with a basic Cadillac ambulance, hardware consultant Steven Dane designed and modified the final vehicle. Paragraph reads: "Dan Aykroyd's original Ectomobile was an all-black rather sinister-looking machine with flashing white and purple strobe lights that gave it a strange, ultraviolet aura.

Though kept essentially intact through all the drafts, the vehicle concept -- suggesting a hearse rather more than an ambulance -- was clearly more in keeping with the darker tone of Aykroyd's first draft than with the lighter ones that followed it. It was cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs, however, who first pointed out a serious problem with it.

Harold Ramis says: "Dan's script was set in the near future and there was much more fantasy in it. In that script, the Ectomobile was able to dematerialize. When we anchored the script more in reality and set the time in the present, that concept had to go. Besides, it's funnier so see them in an old ambulance that barely runs.

Paragraph reads: "The encounter between the policeman and the Ectomobile is the only scene in the final shooting script which suggested that the vehicle itself had some extranormal powers -- a carryover from Dan Aykroyd's initial draft in which the Ectomobile was equipped with an advanced dematerializing capability that allowed its operators, functioning somewhat outside the law, to readily elude police pursuit.

Dan Aykroyd writes: "One of the concepts I had was for the Ghostbusters to have an inter-dimensional interceptor, so they could go back and forth between dimensions. I have that idea in a working draft, and maybe it'll get made. We'll see Paragraph reads: "A large billboard -- rendered in matte painting form by Matthew Yuricich -- appears on one of the buildings adjacent to the firehall.

Entertainment Weekly. Paragraph reads: "In Dan Aykroyd's original script, Shandor was the name of the Ghostbusters' interdimensional employer - a decided eccentric whose walls were lined with mounted trophy heads taken from such challenging big game as bats, rats and lobsters. Though Shandor was invariably to be found sequestered in his darkened office, perched on a swivel armchair and covered entirely by a near-opaque mosquito bonnet, no one seemed to suspect that there might be anything inherently out of the ordinary about him.

Paragraph reads: "During preproduction, several artists were engaged to generate literally dozens of widely divergent proposals for the Terror Dogs' appearance, only sketchily described in the script. Among them were a spiny hammerhead creature -- designed by John Daveikis to accompany Dan Aykroyd's original script -- and a lumbering dim-witted creature conceived by Thom Enriquez.

Paragraph reads: "One of the many supernatural manifestations encountered in Dan Aykroyd's first script was a skeletal biker who has been terrorizing the residents of a small upstate town. Paragraph reads: "Unfortunately, the Zuul happened to be a favored pet of the all-powerful Gozer -- absolute ruler of the sixth dimension -- who, it seemed, would stop at nothing to recover it.

Paragraph reads: "Appearing before the Ghostbusters as a kind of New Wave demon, the character of Gozer had passed through more drastic conceptual variations than any other creature in the film. Described in Dan Aykroyd's script as looking like Bert Parks, and in later collaborations with Harold Ramis as a Robert Young-type character, Gozer - in its final form - resembled neither. Paragraph reads: "As orignally conceived, Gozer was to have been a rather nondescript, kindly-looking man.

Finding the approach too conventional, Ivan Reitman opted instead for a malevolent highly-contemporary androgynous-looking female. Paragraph reads: "Though present in every draft of the script, the Stay-Puft marshmallow man did not become the Ghostbusters' final encounter until the July rewrite.

In fact, in Dan Aykroyd's original screenplay, the Stay-Puft man appeared just slightly past the midway point as but one of several Gozer manifestations. Ivan Reitman says: "the Marshmallow man came on page 20, one of maybe 50 large scale monsters.

Michael Gross says: "We wanted the audience to be at least subliminally aware of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man, to set up his appearance later in the film. We had already introduced the bag of marshmallows in Dana's apartment, and we thought the billboard would be a good way to reinforce it. It was also a way to preserve the line from Dan's script, which he really liked. I don't know if anyone ever notices the billboard, but it's the kind of detail that rounds out the film.

Harold Ramis says: "In Dan's script, the Stay-Puft marshmallow man was pretty much a throwaway - just another effect. But it was such a great image that we decided to use it as the manifestation of Gozer the Destructor. We were always nervous about it, though. Would the audience find him cute, or find him stupid? Could he be both cute and terrifying? It was such a big effect - we knew if we used it, it would have to be the climax of the film.

We were very worried about it. The Stay-Puft confrontation came considerably later in the first Aykroyd-Ramis collaboration, but even in that draft, the Ghostbusters were to regroup in New Jersey for a final battle with the Gozer in its most terrifying form - a swirling psychic maelstrom topped by a disembodied sphid's head of monstrous proportions. Paragraph reads: "Aykroyd presented his half-completed script to Bill Murray -- a fellow Saturday Night Live expatriot and alumnus of the Chicago-based Second City troupe.

When Murray responded favorably to the concept, Aykroyd took it to Ivan Reitman, with whom he had worked briefly -- years before in Toronto -- as a comedian and announcer for a live television variety show.

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After the Megaspook was dispersed, Ron was arrested and the Ghost Smashers were disbanded. The legislature passed an ordinance limiting future paranormal start ups as direct result of the Ghost Smashers. A couple weeks into the Tiamat incident, a sudden surge in P. At Ron's suggestion, the other three former Ghost Smashers were brought in. They accepted the offer and were equipped with new charcoal jumpsuits, with their insignia's logo and colors incorporated into the patches, and Proton Packs.

Ultimately, all four members remained connected to the Ghostbusters franchise. IDW Comics. Ghostbusters Wiki Explore. Content Real Ghostbusters Slimer! Proton Pack P. Discussions Forum Chatroom. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Ghost Smashers IDW. View source.

History Talk 0. Not to be confused with the Ghost Smashers script The Ghost Smashers [1] are a group of paranormal eliminators founded by Ron Alexander. He was not wrong. On one particular shoot, the photographer went off on a rant near a cache of mood slime and caused a spectral event. Lou punched the ghost, and that's the kind of thing people remember.

He met with her as a potential model for the ads and wound up hiring her instead. Stone Stone says: "Of course, they're why the ordinance limiting future paranormal start ups was put in place. Peck says: "Correct. But their Q-rating was through the roof - the public loved the imagery of women busting ghosts. Peck says: "You remember the Ghost Smashers? Janine says: "She's not one of the bimbos you're used to working with.

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