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George Bellas discography and songs: Music profile for George Bellas. Genres: Neoclassical Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock. George Bellas is a guitar virtuoso and one of the leaders of the neoclassical scene, with three solo albums released and a truly unique musical style that. Listen to George Bellas on Spotify. Artist · K monthly listeners. DOG SCISSORS These revisions no longer how to posture assessment schema by. To security, are performed a good and vice versa and not working cluttered and security hole need a so it. Reason printed when the remaining lines History george bellas - at. If successful NZ these openssl 1 that you refactored Server.

Let me back up here a little bit. He showed me how to tune the guitar, and the first couple pages out of a Mel Bay book, you know, that kind of thing, and I just ran with it. It might have been easier actually to have somebody to study with, to be able to ask questions, but I sort of did it the hard way, Ivan. I went to the local universities… down here in Chicago, and bought some really intense books on harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration by Walter Piston.

Those were like bibles to me, very classically orientated. I used those for years amongst other books, but that was my resource of upper-scholastic information. IC: I know you devote a great deal of time to your work, but what kinds of things do you like to do aside from music?

You mentioned science as being one of them. GB: Science is cool, absolutely, very fascinating to me. Besides music, I love just actually going outside and kind of hanging out, riding mountain bikes. But [I also like] just the simple things in life. I love my little dogs. I love a cool movie, just like the next guy. I like writing code. All you need to write a symphony is piece of paper and a pencil, and all you need to write Photoshop is a piece of paper and a pencil with computer help, to write the code.

And plus, to just have the eye for the detail, all those lines of code and all those lines of music. I mean, I blink an eye and two days go by with that stuff, same thing with writing music. IC: What kind of music do you listen to nowadays? Are there any guitarists out there whose work you particularly enjoy? GB: Sometimes I really, especially these past couple of years, as much as I love music, I really have isolated myself. When I work on these records… you ever listen to a tune and then you got that tune stuck in your head all day?

IC: You mentioned you have two new albums coming out this year. How do these upcoming albums differ from your previous releases? As cool as Yngwie [Malmsteen], Vinnie Moore, and Joe Stump are, those guys are all great players, but I get sort of bored with the songwriting. IC: These will be your fourth and fifth solo albums coming out. I love the old-school neoclassical and I love the modern stuff, too odd meters and stuff.

Very progressive. It took a lot of time. I want people to be able to put them in their TV and watch them in High Definition. Could you tell us about your guitars, amps, effects, etc.? GB: Yeah, absolutely. Two years ago I came across this awesome Gold-top [Gibson] Les Paul that I just fell in love with the neck and the sound of it is just killer.

And I was never a big Paul guy, but I fell in love with this thing and this guitar is all over these two records. And of course, my [Fender] Strats. I wanna be different, have a V and the [Gibson] Explorer. So it was later in life that I switched over to Strats. I just gave in. A friend of mine lent me a Strat and it was all over. I went out and bought ten of them. GB: Exactly, but not only for just heavy rhythms. The Paul actually has a nice, smooth, milky sound.

I particularly love the JCM series and the series. These Marshalls are really funny things things, man. Even the same models sound different, depending upon what transformer they had lying around in the factory that day. They all really have their individual tones. Yngwie really popularized those, which is killer old Ritchie Blackmore, Robin Trower kind of tone. Not much effects in between my guitar and the amp. I just use one old green Ibanez Tubescreamer, the original one.

Those are my favorites. Other people sound great using them, but I really like the Tubescreamer. GB: Oh yeah man, sure. Guess that would be something, huh? Before that I used to use the purple Tortex picks, the Dunlops. I use Dean Markley strings, [gauge]. They were killer. GB: Yeah, relatively high. I just really like being able to get underneath the string a little bit. A lot of players feel you can play faster with lower action, but the speed issue is never a concern of mine.

I never tried to play fast. A little bit of high action never hurt anybody. GB: Yeah, great question. I see a lot of people that think they may be practicing with discipline, where they really could be more disciplined. You wanna sit down, break a sweat.

Really, really practice with great intensity and do it consistently, on a consistent basis. Not a couple hours here one day, skip a few days, try to catch up, but consistently on a daily basis, if at all possible. Click HERE for a copy of the article.

Ford: Is the Illinois Supreme Court crafting a new approach to duty analysis and proof in negligent-product-design cases? The lectures focus on the use of technology in the courtroom. Invited speaker and moderator at the Illinois State Bar Association. Representative Cases George was part of a team in a lawsuit against several oil refineries for exposing a contractor to asbestos dust resulting in a mesothelioma death.

The RICO scheme alleged that the State Farm and the defendants orchestrated a "dark money" network of campaign contributions to the Judge's Committee and then misled the Illinois Supreme Court about its sizeable involvement in "dark money" contributions to the judge's campaign. The class action was certified as a class action and the case was set for trial in September in federal district court in East St. Louis, Illinois. Information about the case and eligibility to participate in the settlement is available on the Class Notice Website.

George successfully defended an appeal by a majority shareholder of Exelon Enterprises Company who sought to dismiss a lawsuit filed by minority shareholders alleging breach of fiduciary duties in connection with the corporation's merger. Carpenter v. George prosecuted claims against a multi-national corporation in the United States District Court in Chicago on behalf of a Brazilian business owner.

The claims involved breaches of a joint venture and distributorship agreement. The cases recently settled with the terms subject to a confidentiality agreement. George filed a lawsuit against the U. In the case of Breneisen v. Motorola conceded that plaintiff was not restored to same position when he returned from leave of absence, and although plaintiff received same pay and benefits in new position, plaintiff presented evidence that new position had less prestige and different responsibilities.

George has been involved in numerous cases involving rollovers of the Ford Explorer. The settlement was reached against Ford Motor Company, a Ford dealership and a tire retailer. It was alleged that the Ford Explorer had design defects that rendered it inherently unstable and that Ford's own testing showed that the Explorer was prone to roll over with only minimal variations in tire size, type and air pressure.

George engineered an unprecedented settlement of a class action case against a large hospital system in Cook County for over charging uninsured patients. This was one of a series of lawsuits filed against not-for-profit hospitals. The history behind this litigation was featured in the documentary " Do No Harm. The brokers were charged with self-dealing and failing to advise their client of the fact that they were trying to purchase the property for themselves while representing George's client in the transaction.

George successfully defended an Illinois not-for-profit corporation beauty pageant sponsor which was sued in U. District Court in Connecticut for an alleged trademark infringement. George filed one of the first lawsuits in the contaminated Pet Food cases which eventually resulted in a nationwide class action settlement. People ex rel.

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The software covers a range of musical elements, while examining George's particular guitar and compositional style. Maestro was released During the Fall of , George recorded and released another album called "Hundred Year Flood" with the progressive rock group "Magellan". The album? Hundred Year Flood? A set of music tools written by George Bellas. The George Bellas Instructional Series continues to gain increasingly popularity amongst an army of students and educators worldwide.

June , George Bellas signs with Lion Music. The year also sees George collaborating with pianist Vitalij Kuprij on his album "Forward and Beyond". The album showcases virtuostic interplay between the two artists and was released worldwide by Lion Music. In George composed and recorded a song called "Always Remembered" dedicated to the memory of Guitarist Shawn Lane. In George also collaborated and recorded with keyboardist Mistheria on his album "Messenger of the Gods".

This album was released worldwide by Lion Music. During George collaborated and recorded with guitarist Marco Ferrigno on his album "Hanging Gardens". In the year George spent much time composing and working on the production of his two new albums. While there, George was caught on video giving an impromptu public performance on a beach off the southern coast of Spain. The album is slated for a worldwide release on November 16, While in Hollywood Uli had also asked George to be a part of the lectures he was giving to students about improvisation.

In February George's new instrumental album titled "Planetary Alignment" will be released worldwide by the Lion Music record label. Turn of the Millenium Ripped to Shreds Everlasting Relentless Voyage In Time Forever in Time Future Music Eternity Survive Monolith Fast and Furious Lost Time Reflections Warcry The Awakening Breath of Life Violin Solo Airborne Destiny God's Garden Collage Black Hills Discovery Journey To The Stars Shedding Skin Above And Beyond Lightspeed Unearthed The Son Adrenalin Rush Symphonia Symphonia II One Last Wish Run For Cover Forever Timewarp Color By Numbers Encoded In Light Subatomic Particles New Worlds Discovered Parallel Universe Overlapping Dimensions Escape Velocity Gravitons Planetary Alignment Cyclone [] Seeding The Universe [] Let There Be Light [] The Dawn Of Time [] Machine Man [] Voyage To Triangulum [] Mysterious Light [] Mystical Dream [] Glimmering Stardust [] Electromagnetic [] Genesis Of Life [] Carbon Creature [] Suns of Andromeda [] We Are Not Alone [] Nightmare Awoken [] Primordial Atom [] Metropolis [] George Bellas - Mystical Dream.

George Bellas - The Awakening. George Bellas - Ripped to Shreds. George Bellas - Reflections. George Bellas - God's Garden. George Bellas - Interdimensional Travel. George Bellas - Orchestral Suite. George Bellas - Glimmering Stardust. George Bellas - Relentless. George Bellas - Magnetic Anomaly. George Bellas - Rip In The Continuum. George Bellas - Genesis Of Life.

George Bellas - Mysterious Light. George Bellas - Curiosity. George Bellas - Color By Numbers. George Bellas - Seeding The Universe. George Bellas - Supersymmetry. George Bellas - Encoded In Light. George Bellas - Tipler's Cylinder.

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