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My team isn't winning the match. My parents are driving to work now. Are they reading magazines? Are you learning English? Is Sarah playing the guitar? We aren't playing basketball. Trina is walking past the supermarket. We are waiting for you! I'm on a bus and it isn't moving. When are you coming to see me? I am sitting on a bus. Pete's mother isn't having a burger. John's friends are playing football at the Sports Centre.

My best friend is sitting next to me. I am not wearing something blue. My teacher is not standing behind me. I am learning how to swim. I am eating my lunch. I am watching television. She is reading a book. Dad is baking a cake. My sister is listening to music. Peter is cleaning his car.

The dog is barking in the garden. We are singing our favourite song. My brother and I are playing a computer game. The teachers are showing us a film. They are bringing a TV in the classroom. She's bored. Her friend is watching TV again. Martin's excited.

Chelsea is winning the match. I'm scared. A big dog is standing in front of me. She's happy. She isn't working today. I'm worried. She always had breakfast in bed and watched television. Then she drove her Ford to town. There she met her boyfriend and often went to the shops. She had a lot of time before the concert, so she could swim in the swimming pool, listen to music or go to her fitness club.

She spoke on the telephone a lot, often with her family. At eight she was ready for the concert. She knew and sang a lot of beautiful songs. Her concert usually finished at about eleven. After it she had dinner with her friends and then drove home. At home she went to bed at two or three a.

At that time she was young and happy and never tired. Now she is living in the USA in a very big house. Sandra often thinks about the young years of her life. Read out the verbs in the past forms from the text. Jake had a very bad day yesterday. All things went wrong.

Describe his day. Choose the right forms to complete the sentences. I love going to school. I have a lot of friends. We like playing football and volleyball, ping-pong and tennis. We like reading hooks, listening to pop music and playing computer games.

We often go to the park together. We love running and riding bikes there.

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still standing s02e07 hdtv

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