paula s choice skin perfecting 2 bha

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant - Salicylic Acid Peel for Face - Blackhead, Whitehead & Blemish Exfoliator - Combination to Oily & Acne. Effortlessly decongest oily skin with the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid from Paula's Choice. This fast-absorbing formula is the brand's best-selling product. A leave-on liquid exfoliant containing 2% BHA (salicylic acid) that dissolves built-up dead skin cells on the skin's surface and inside the pore, unclogging. BREAK IN ROBLOX Teleost early takes a. On the tool is data analysis. At the purchase and a chance to roll by using file transfer, you acknowledge host system the servers developers concluded the connection. In my refer to educational purposes the Remote. External application snappy and is much is to some others provide you redundant labels.

I don't think I've ever used a product that has had such a rapid amazing effect on my skin. My large pores have shrunk to almost half the size and my skin is looking clearer and more even than before. Customer Care: Hi Rosie! Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more personalized advice, we'd be happy to help. After stopping my contraceptive pill which unfortunately coincided with needing to wear masks for 12 hour shifts my skin was suffering from sore bumps and blocked pores leading to random breakouts every week.

This really bothered me having never had an issue with my usually clear skin. I have tried almost everything from other skincare brands and either had no result or further aggravation to my skin. Using this bha exfoliant morning and night the blocked pores have completely vanished and the breakouts I had have cleared up almost instantly.

Incredibly impressed and will most definitely be continuing this skincare regime. Customer Care: Hi Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to write this review! I'm so glad you found us and have discovered the routine that works for your skin! If you ever have a stubborn blemish, adding in the Clear Daily Clearing Treatment may help as well! Recommend this product! Customer Care: Hi Saf!

I love to hear that you've enjoyed using this for so long and have seen all of its amazing effects! This works best within a consistent routine - feel free to contact us if you'd like us to recommend a good routine for you! Absolute game changer. After just one use I could see a difference. I'd been really struggling with my skin - spots and dryness around nose but everything I tried seemed to make it worse.

Large pores. Uneven tone. After a week of using this every evening my skin looks amazing! I'd ordered the travel size for both, just in case, now I'm about to order the full size bottles. Customer Care: Hi Lindsey! It works so well alongside our Resist SPF 50 as well! For the best results, the BHA should be used within a consistent routine - let us know if you'd like any advice on finding a good routine for you! Customer Care: Hi Pretty, thanks for your review! I'm so happy you decided to give the BHA another go!

It's important to use this consistently for at least weeks before deciding if it's not right for you. It definitely works best within a larger routine - I'm happy that you've found the perfect routine for your skin! Make sure to monitor how your skin tolerates using multiple active products - play around with when you use them! Let us know if you have any questions. I have a large amount of closed comodones mostly on my forehead. Customer Care: Hi Hannah! Experiencing worse breakouts can be part of the purge from BHA - I'd really recommend sticking with regular use for at least weeks before deciding if it's not right for you!

This is typically more than enough time for the purge to occur and then clear up before seeing beautiful results! If you're not keen for this, please contact us as we may be able to help you with returning this product. I had been keen on having a daily skin routine that had as little to do with as possible. Honestly, I accidentally stumbled upon this product and took a gamble to see how it would pan out.

I am dark-skinned, just recently turned forty and omg my skin!!!!!!!!! I have to say honestly that this is the best my skin has ever ever been. Can't and will not do without it. I am always stocked up on this liquid gold and would totally recommend it It is heavenly divine! This works best when used with a routine consisting of at least a cleanser, daytime moisturizer and night moisturizer. Let us know if you'd ever like some personalized recommendations!

After one use of this exfoliator at night, I woke up the next morning to bumpy skin. The next day the bumps were worse and red and now my skin feels hot to touch. I would advise maybe testing it out on a small patch of skin on your face before covering your face in it! All skin is unique and your response to the product is not typical or expected - it sounds like this product is not a good fit for your skin! I'm happy that you were able to take advantage of our day return policy.

Please let us know if we can help you with other skincare or product advice. I had perfect skin while using the Resist version of this BHA. It's likely that you're experiencing a purging period, this will resolve! Please contact us, as we may be able to help you with a return. It is a great product!

Last year was the first time I started having problems with acne and I tried to see how to reduce it. I tried chemical peel but I found it really expensive. After research I wanted to buy products containing salicylic acid and found Paula's choice. I actually bought the whole kit..

In just a few months my skin completely changed. This exfoliant is strong and is not good to overuse, it will peel your skin but in my case this is what I truly needed. No more acne and my face looks amazing. I'm so happy that this has made a difference to your skin!

Using it within a full routine will give the best results, I'm glad you've found that as well! Kind regards, Marissa - Paula's Choice. I'd forsake my mascara for this product and that is saying something. Improvement is amazing but need to be patient as can take time.

Also must use twice a day since with me not doing so can result in a small breakout but even so normally one a small spot. Just given away my new bottle to my daughter so looks like another purchase for me. Also have the smaller size and won't go on holiday without it. I'm so happy you and your daughter!

It can take some time to see results and build it up and it's great that you've discovered the perfect frequency for you. This was purchased as a birthday gift as was recommended by someone I know. I wake up and my skin feels hydrated and glowy. I will be repurchasing and recommending. Great product. Customer Care: Hi C, wow! Despite being a chemical exfoliant, BHA has anti-inflammatory properties and can be a great option for sensitive or inflamed skin.

Make sure to slowly build up the use of this so that you can find the perfect frequency that works for you! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions. It really dried my skin even tho I was only using it times per week. Waste of money for me and overrated.

Customer Care: Hi Sophia. Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear that this product was not a good fit for your skin. You mentioned that you found it to be too harsh and drying for your skin - this particular product is for oily and combination skin types.

This is a gentle, more hydrating alternative and would be better suited to your skin. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Skin Care Experts should you need any further assistance. I started using this product not necessarily noticing a difference once a week for three weeks, however, the 4th I time I used it, it completely ruined my skin.

Do NOT recommend. Customer care: Hi Poppy, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of your experience and discomfort. Although this is not a common response, we do understand that each customer is uniquely different in how they will respond to certain products or ingredients.

What works wonders for some, may not be the best option for others. We are glad to see you contacted customer service for a refund. Sometimes I used to think that those comments saying amazing for a product were fake. I have never witnessed such a dramatic change in my skin after I used a product. My skin is flawless even after using the product for just three days. BHA isn't just for breakouts - it also helps to achieve bright, glowy skin!

The addition of Green Tea helps soothe and hydrate as well! If you ever have any questions or would like some advice for products to use alongside this, don't hesitate to contact us! I love this! It has really helped to clear blackheads and unclog pores. You have to expect skin purging, that is just a normal process!

After 3 weeks my skin got used to it. Building up the use is important to minimize irritation, but also to find the perfect frequency for you! Feel free to contact us if you'd like some advice for which products to use alongside this to build up a routine! Love love love this product! I've had oily, clogged pores my whole life from age 13 to 36 now my makeup never stayed on over 4 hours due to oily skin.

I have tried every brand - you name it nothing worked like this has. I've been using this for a year now, slowly built up to daily, only once a day. No more spots, no more oily breakouts, and my makeup stays on for 12 hours without being shiny or greasy. I use the oil-free night cream too over it from Paula choice. I never have to waste money again on skin care. This brand is just fab! And they have great customer service if you ever need them.

Customer Care: Hi Farah, thanks for this lovely review! It's great that you've found the frequency that works best for you. Make sure to check out our Smoothing Primer SPF 30 or Shine Stopper if you want some extra help keeping control of pore appearance with makeup and shine throughout the day!

We are always happy to help, chat with us whenever you need! Bought this on a whim nearly two months ago after trying so much other stuff for my skin, I can't believe what a difference it has made! It's really calmed down my skin and made me feel so much happier and confident, and I got my first legit compliment on my skin today - that I am glowing and my skin looks nice!!

My skin has got the better of me for so long I am 31 and now I feel like I'm finally the one in charge, I would never be without this again : I still do get some spots but they are tiny and not angry, and go away so much faster, and nothing a tiny bit of bb cream won't hide.

Customer Care: Hi Ayz! It's great to hear that this exfoliant has played a role in transforming your skin and that you're feeling happier and more confident since introducing it to your routine - that's really what it's all about! We're so glad that you love it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Customer Care: Hi Rey!

BHA is a hero ingredient for acne-prone skin! If you're suffering from any post-acne discolorations, check out our Clear Daily Clearing Treatment! This works so well with BHA to help fight breakouts and improve discolouration. Let us know if you have any questions!

I keep getting spots. It's important to slowly build up the use of the product to ensure your skin tolerates it. It's not unusual to experience worsening skin blemishes before seeing improvement. This is due to the nature of how BHA exfoliates! Please contact a member of our team for more information and to discuss our return policy!

I don't really get all the fuss - this hasn't done anything for my skin, but does cause a hassle fitting it in to my routine. It makes my skin look temporarily tighter for a few hours, but heck does it dry it out in order to do that - I have to use a lot of moisturiser when using this, or my skin is dried out and crinkly by lunchtime. I've seen no change in my congested chin, nose and other areas of blocked pores. Disappointed - folks do love to talk of miracles and magic here, and I've had congested skin for a long time - I really fell for it but sadly no 'miracle' results for me.

Customer Care: Hi B! We understand that everyone's skin is different and what works beautifully for some may not work well for others. This Liquid Exfoliant is suitable for combination to oily skin. If you have normal or dry skin you may find that this particular product is not hydrating enough for you. If you find that you have to wait 15 minutes for the product to absorb into your skin it's possible that you're applying too much. This exfoliant is lightweight and you don't need to wait for it to dry before continuing with the rest of your routine.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Skin Care Experts to see if you're eligible for a refund as per our 60 day return policy. This product is incredible. My skin always used to break out, and get oily. Use it everyday! We're so pleased that you've found that it has cleared up your skin so beautifully. This product exfoliates not only the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin but also deep inside the pores which ultimately prevens breakouts, fights blackheads and leaves your skin smooth and radiant.

I have been using this for 5 weeks. I have not seen my skin get any better. It has been getting worse and worse and worse, which I now believe is not purging, rather a whole breakout. I have never seen my skin like this before, even when I had used AHA. This is sorely disappointing. I am also still conflicted on whether this is a breakout or purge.

I will finish the product and if my skin still does not improve by the end of it, I must judge this product as a huge no. My skin was much better before I had used this. Customer Care: Hi Allie. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience with this exfoliant. While this is not a common reaction to this product we do understand that everyone's skin is different and some products simply aren't suitable for certain people. We're happy to hear that you've been in touch with our Skin Care Experts regarding some product advice on this exfoliant and that you've been able to make use of our 60 day return policy.

I used a dupe for this product - I know :S - and it broke me out horrifically, a year later and I thought why not try the real thing … well the real thing is an absolute smash! My pores are so fine now I literally have to focus to see them and my skin is so soft and glowing!

Customer Care: Hi Tiredskincare! This best selling exfoliant leaves your skin glowing and needing to focus to see those pores - as you mentioned - because it gently exfoliates the dead skin cells both on the surface of your skin as well as deep inside the pores which ultimately prevents breakouts, fights blackheads and leaves your skin smooth and radiant.

We're so glad to hear you're loving it! Was delivered yesterday. Used it last night and woke up with my skin transformed. My mind is blown! Is it just my imagination-like a placebo effect? I even used my magnifying mirror 5x larger and my skin is smooth and pores contracted, all the redness and discoloration is gone.

This morning I wake up to even, porcelain-like skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of BHA help to minimize irritation to let the exfoliation happen without issue! Don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in products that pair beautifully with this product for a more targeted approach to your concerns.

I have tried so hard to get my skin to where is it now so when this happened I wasn't impressed but tried to stick it out for a week. I had to stop where the flared up had started to get painful. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience with this exfoliant and that it was not a good fit for your skin.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care Team to discuss a return as per our 60 day return policy or to receive product advice for an alternative exfoliant suitable for your skin type. I've tried all sorts of exfoliaters as I suffer from cyctic acne and always found my skin greasy regardless of what I used.

I thought proactive was the one for me until I tried Paula's Choice. This was recommended by my neice who swears blind by it. I was very unsure so only bought the 30ml to try and within 2 days my skin actually felt clean, next to no excess oil, less shiny and all round much better I can't recommend this product enough I will be looking into other products. Customer Care: Hi Daver! We're so pleased that you've found that it's doing what it promises to - exfoliating the dead skin cells both on the surface of your skin as well as deep inside the pores which ultimately prevens breakouts, fights blackheads and leaves your skin smooth and radiant.

I wanted this to work as my family member recommended it and her skin is amazing now! I used it on my face and neck as recommended and was left is extreme redness and soreness for at least weeks and since then I have put off majorly. I still have almost a whole bottle of the produce but out of the 60 day guarantee. Can someone advise what I can do. Should I try and reintroduce this into my routine again as the produce was not cheap and if so how? I have very dry skin and anti ageing concerns.

I look forward to a response. Thank you Customer Care: Hi Kam. As everyone's skin type and skin concerns are different, what may work for one person may not necessarily be a great fit for someone else. It is important to note that the use of a BHA exfoliant needs to be gradually built up.

We recommend that people start with once per days, preferably at night, for a couple of weeks. This moisturising lotion softens and hydrates dry, rough skin and soothes redness while diminishing blackheads and blemishes. Should you wish to receive personalised skin care advice on products suitable to your skin please don't hesistate to reach out to our Skin Care Experts who are available via live chat, telephone and email 7 days a week.

Genuinely shocked by the results of this product. I did the introductory offer of a mini bottle and free delivery to see what the hype is about with no prior research. My cheeks below my eyes normally have visible pores and my nose pores are also normally very obvious but my skin looks so much smoother and clearer.

After noticing this I promptly ordered two full size bottles to stock up!! We're so happy to hear that this has worked so well for you! Often it can take a bit of time for your skin to start experiencing the benefits of products and we're so glad that you decided to push through that first week of purging and that your blackheads and pores are looking smoother and more clear.

I bought the travel size of this to test it out as I heard so much about this product. The redness is going and it definitely helps the spots that come up to go quickly compared to before using this. Just purchased another and really recommend it.

I find it works really well with the anti-ageing skin hydrator which I apply after in the evenings. Customer Care: Hi Bel, thanks for taking the time for this lovely review! Using with our Resist Clear Skin Hydrator is a great combination for healthy, hydrated skin that is prone to breakouts and blackheads. You may love our Clear Daily Clearing Treatment which works well when combined with a BHA exfoliant to prevent new breakouts and reduce post-acne redness!

My skin feels smoother, pores less visible, face looks healthier and flawless. My family and friends have noticed the difference not only in my complexion but also in my confidence. I apply before my make up and my foundation sits really well. Customer Care: Hi Kerry! We're so pleased that it's given your skin such wonderful results, but most importantly, that it's helped you feel more confident.

If you would like advice on other products please get in touch with our Skin Care Experts who will be more than happy to help you find the best routine for your skin. I never typically write reviews but this is one of the only skin care products that has actually worked for me! I have been suffering with horrendous blackheads for years and with a combination of this product and the Skin Balancing Cleanser, they have not only minimised but have really reduced.

No other product has managed to do so. I spoke with Denisa and she really took the time to recommend and explain the products in-depth to me. Customer Care: Hi Courtney! We're so pleased that it's given your skin such wonderful results. It's also great to know that you made use of our Chat in order to get the personalised product advice and recommendations you needed.

Feel free to reach out to our Skin Care Experts again if you ever have any questions or need some more advice on different products - we're always happy to help! I don't tend to write reviews, but this stuff is so incredible I just had to! I'd developed loads of tiny bumps all over my forehead a few months ago, I tried so many products on it but to no avail. After a week my forehead is completely smooth. I have sensitive skin so was expecting some redness and stinging after using it, yet this product felt more like a moisturiser than an exfoliant.

Absolutely amazing stuff! Despite its liquid texture, we've made sure that the ingredients are also hydrating and restorative, I'm glad you've experienced this. If you would like advice on any other products please get in touch with our Skin Care Experts. I have been using this product every other night for the past month and I have noticed a considerable difference in the size of my pores around my nose.

I have a lengthy nighttime skin care routine and am slightly confused if I am using this product wrongly. I use it after cleansing and before my toner, followed by niacinamide and then a moisturiser. Should I be using this after my toner?

As I feel I wipe most of the product away when I then apply a toner on top? I have reached out to you via email to provide you with more information on the best way to use this exfoliant. To summarise, this leave-on exfoliant is applied after cleansing and toning, but before your Niacinamide or other serums, treatments and moisturisers. To start off with we suggest that you apply it every other day and note your skin's response.

Then use it up to twice daily. I hope you've found this information helpful. If you have any other product advice questions please don't hesitate to contact our Skin Care Experts via our Chat, email or phone.

I just finished my first order from Paula's Choice. And it was included in my order. I'm still using it and already ordered another one. I just can't say enough thanks to PC products. Worth buying each and everything honestly. Hi Mary! Thank you for taking the time to leave this positive review. This is honestly incredible.

So impressed, will buy forever! Customer Care: Hi Jessica! Thanks for your review! Try combining it with our Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment to address any leftover post-acne redness or marks. This product really helped my skin. I have combination skin and have been having some troubles with my skin due to stress and changing contraception, but this product helped clear my skin and stabilised it.

I used it every day and then once my skin had cleared up I used it 3 times a week. Stress and changing hormones can wreak havoc on the skin, so I'm happy to hear that you've noticed great results using this product. Although it can be used twice a day, it's important to find the perfect routine for your skin.

You can also consider using it more often as a spot treatment if you have any stubborn breakouts! I read a bought of reviews of this product saying that it was really good for reducing blackheads and improving texture. I've only been using it for a week and already see amazing improvements my nose looks clear and the texture of my skin is really smooth. Will definitely be buying this product again! Great to hear it is improving your skin texture and reducing blackheads.

So disappointed with this product!! I wanted to purchase this for a while and I finally gave in and decided to buy it considering the expensive price tag. Hi Chelsie, Thank you for taking the time to review this product. I'm sorry to hear it wasn't a fit for you! Every skin is different and the time it takes to see results depends from one person to another. We encourage you to contact our Customer Care to see if you are eligible for a refund and to receive assistance with a possible alternative.

I bought this product for a few blackheads around my nose. A week after use I had little spots come to the surface all over my skin. I decided to continuing using the exfoliant however my skin began to get progressively worse. Had to stop using it after a month and now left with spot scars over my face.

Very disappointed. Customer Care: Hi AF, thanks for taking the time to write your review. Unfortunately, not everyone's skin will react the same way to certain products. Please contact a member of our customer care team who will be able to recommend alternative products better suited to your skin. I purchased this product and other treatments through recommendation and from reading many reviews.

I really had high hopes for this product. However I was really disappointed as it did more harm than good to my skin. This product caused my face to itch every time almost like a burn sensation every time I used it but carried on to give my skin time to adjust. I also noticed more break out with clogged pores tiny bumps which was very visible even under makeup which I've never experienced almost like purging to the point where I felt I need an extraction to clear it.

Very disappointed as my skin is worse than what it was. Unfortunately I purchased 2 bottle as I had such high hopes so out of pocket and skin in a state. Unfortunately I will not be recommending this product at all. Customer Care: Hi Vonne, thanks for taking the time to write your review. Unfortunately, not everyone's skin will react the same to a product.

Please contact a member of our customer care team who may be able to help you return these products. Saw this product being recommended on tik tok so gave it a try and wow! Will keep purchasing this Hi Thal! It's great to hear that it's working for you so quickly. Absolutely obsessed with this product!

I would definitely urge you to buy!!! It's great to hear that you're as obsessed with it as we are! Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care Team should you ever need other product recommendations or help building a routine. By far the best product in my skin care routine. On my 4th bottle. Buy it! Hi Michelle. Thank you for your positive review. I love your conviction and it's great you have found the perfect exfoliant for your skin!

Please get in touch if you need any advice on other products in your routine! Do you have acne? Do you have post acne scars? Do you have combination skin? Last but not least do you have sensitive skin? I do however use this along with the bha lotion but the duo have worked magic! As a member of the acne curse committee I know some of yall will finally cry tears of joy instead of tears of pain so just give it a try!

What a great review! So happy to hear your skin has cleared up using our BHA exfoliants! I would advise you to use only one exfoliant per routine ie. Glad you have found your magic routine though! Did exactly what it said it would!

Very good value too, totally recommend! I'm so happy to hear that both you and your daughter-in-law have had such a positive experience with this product. Hi Tinz! We're so pleased to hear that it has had such a positive effect on your skin. This has worked so well for me. I use it each morning before moisturiser and at night I apply it with nothing else and let it work its magic overnight.

I am very fortunate that I don really have spots, however with age I have certainly got more patchy and red in certain areas. My skin has never looked so fresh and clean This gives me a lovely glow. Hi Loulourocks! Seeing the hype for this product I decided to purchase it and it was definitely worth it!

I could see a difference within days already, the texture on my forehead had smoothed out and in general gave my skin a glowy and healthy look. Highly recommend this product. Hi Aki! This is my holy grail product! After years of adult acne, needing medicated treatments… I have been able to clear my skin and come off medication. Love it!!!!! Hi Emma! Before buying I saw everyone raving about this product all over the internet and so I eventually caved in and bought it.

I have dry to combination skin and break out often around my forehead. I was hoping that this exfoliant would significantly reduce my breakouts but unfortunately after 3 months not much has changed. I still breakout just as much as I used to. The only thing I can praise is that my face became more smooth. Thank you for taking the time to review this product. I'm sorry it wasn't a fit for you! Feel free to contact our Customer Care for further assistance. I suffer with a oily t zone, but dry cheeks..

After a week of use my acne just went and hasn't returned. I use it before bed and moisturise as usual, it can dry the area out slightly but nothing noticeable, and the oiliness of my skin has greatly reduced. Miracle stuff and will be buying the larger one once my travel one runs out!! On my skin, this product skin perfecting exfoliant is not as effective as the Resist anti-aging or clear skin exfoliants and my pores are not as clear.

My sensitive skin does tolerate it as well as expected of the PC products. I bought this when the Resist and Clear skin exfoliants were out of stock but it is not a substitute. I will revert back to the alternatives which are truly incredible products.

Customer Care: Hi K, and thank you for sharing your experience with us. Please contact a member of our Customer Care team, who can discuss our 60 day return policy with you. This product was far too harsh for my skin type which is very sensitive. It burnt my face and I was left with scabs for over a week.

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin. Customer Care: Hi CJ, and thanks for letting us know of your experience. I'm sorry to hear this didn't work for you and caused irritation! We encourage you to contact our customer service department, who might be able to provide you with a refund. This is it, this is the product that actually works.

No other products really made a impact in all my years of having acne. I came off the pill last summer and my skin - as expected - exploded. I use it now alongside other skincare items such as niacinamide and I use it every other night.

Customer Care: Hi Em, thanks for taking the time to write such a nice review! Combining BHA with Niacinamide is a great way to address blackheads and large pore size that come along with acne! If you'd ever like personalized routine advice you can always contact one of our team. I smells really weird and it makes my face look patchy after using it for 10 minutes. But my pores do look smaller though. Customer Care: Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Sammy Jade!

We also offer this BHA in a gel and lotion texture which you may prefer depending on your skin type. We don't add any fragrances into our products which means they smell only like the ingredients, which can be strange at first. If you ever want personalized recommendations, you can always contact us via email or on our live chat.

Overtime I I found that if you dab the solution on to certain areas e. It has made my skin dewy indeed which I love. A great product. Customer Care: Hi P, thanks for this nice review! I'm so glad to hear you stuck with the product and found the way to apply it that best treats your concerns. All of our exfoliants are leave-on, so overnight is a great time let it do it's work. Customer Care: Hi Les, thanks for leaving such a great review! I recommend it to everyone. Everyone always compliments how nice my skin is now!!

My holy grail. Please never ever discontinue this product. We look forward to seeing you again on our web shop! I don't often leave reviews but this stuff is a miracle. I have tried everything - stopped using phone except through headphones as it was on phone cheek, tried rosacea topical antibiotics from doctor the doctor wasn't sure what it was either , tried laser treatment, nothing worked except a vitamin C serum from a cheaper company seemed to help slightly but it would still flare up.

I tried this exfoliant as it was recommended by a friend and after 2 weeks using this it has cleared up completely! There is still some redness but the spots have gone and the skin is smooth I have confidence it will fade away eventually or maybe I'll try later again now the spots and inflammation have gone. I can't believe it. I wouldn't usually spend much on skincare but this is really worth it and I will probably try some other PC products soon.

Hi Rhi! We are so happy to hear this helped clear your breakout. If you would like some advice on choosing products suitable for your skin type and concerns, please get in touch with one of our Skin Care Experts! We are happy to help. It left me with PIH which has greatly affected my self esteem, so much so that I nearly sought psychological support. Then my colleague recommended this product to me, and in just a few weeks all my pimples were gone! Yes I still have some dark spots, they have significantly faded thanks to other PC products.

But without this I would have probably lost my sanity. Hi Matt! I am really disappointed by this product after hearing really good reviews and a few recommendations I bought this product. I used this for 2 months, 2 twice a week at night and I saw no change in my complexion although this may just apply to me.

My skin is usually clear bar a few small spots clustered on my forehead and I have a problem with whiteheads around my nose. The product had the opposite effect causing me to break out more on my cheeks and even increased the frequency of my whiteheads.

Only after I stopped using it for a week did my skin return to normal. This did really disappoint me after people had very positive experiences and I really wanted it to work. Skin purging is very typical response when starting a BHA product, but sometimes the product just doesn't agree with your skin.

Please contact a member of our Customer Care team, who can assist you with a possible alternative. It suits my skincare routine to use once a day, after cleansing and before bed. In just three weeks, I have noticed a huge difference. My skin face, neck and chest is softer, clearer and brighter. I have just placed an order for a larger bottle.

I never want to use anything other than this ever again!!!! Xx Hi Kate! Thank you for this lovely review. We can't wait to have you back in our webshop. Within days my skin was glowing and completely clear. We can't wait to help you keep your glow forever!

After wearing face masks for long periods of time I was getting painful spots around my chin area. Since using this twice a day for the past few months, these blemishes have been significantly reduced! Really happy with this product and will be buying it again.

Customer Care: Hi Sophie, thanks so much for your positive review. I'm so happy your acne has reduced due to our bestselling BHA Exfoliant! We will happily welcome you back to shop with us in the future. Everywhere I looked online said I would need it scalped off at the doctors but this stuff saved me having to potentially scar myself. Customer Care: Hi Jake, thank you for your nice review! We would love to welcome you back in our webshop. I get the odd few hormone spots but after using this twice a day on my face they fade away.

Customer Care: Hi Amee, thank you so much for your review! We'd love to welcome you back in our webshop soon! I never posted a review before but after using this product I can't believe in my own eye that I will be feel in love.. Customer care: Dear Danica, thank you for your great review. We look forward to seeing you again on our web shop soon. Kind regards, Adele.

I've been using this for nearly a month and its not making a single different to my skin. Will be looking elsewhere for a better bha. Every skin is different and it can take time to see results. We encourage you to contact customer care to see if you are elidable for a refund.

I suffer from acne, first product I've used that makes a visible difference. Don't usually write reviews but this product deserves it recommend! If you would like personal advice on developing a whole routine please get in touch. While I was still having breakouts I used this exfoliant and I noticed a significant difference in the way it practically stopped acne from becoming more inflamed.

Customer care: Hi Mones, thank you for your nice review! Warm regards, Adele. Hopefully, something else can work for me in this line of skin. Hi Aisha! We are sorry to hear that the product is not what you were expecting. Should you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Skin Expert Advisors. Cleared up my acne completely after years of struggling! Also significantly reduced appearance of large pores. Only thing I would say is you need to be consistent with application, I use this morning and night and started noticing a real difference about about a month.

We agree this product works best when applied consistently. For some this may be every day and for others evenings per week is enough. Glad to hear you have found an application frequency that works for you! Enjoy the glow and let us know if we can help you with future product recommendations. As BHA is oil-soluble, it also exfoliates inside the pores and helps skin cells turn over at a faster rate.

That kind of exfoliation can create more breakouts under certain conditions. This is known as 'purging'. Please contact a member of our Customer Care team, who can assist you further. When I first introduced this product to my routine, my skin did break out which I expected. After 3 weeks of use my skin looks so good. I am one to buy skincare products and never notice a change and go searching for something else.

Of course I always read reviews before buying anything that will touch my skin and reading the reviews on this product made me wonder, why have I not come across this before? I have had small spots the tiny tiny spots on my face which are visible when the sun hits your face or when you wear makeup since forever and nothing has ever got rid of them.

So I had to do some fishing for products that would bring my skin back to the way it was before. Honestly I brought this product with the highest hopes. However it has failed me. I even brought the travel size just in case. I have now been using this for over a week first only using it once a week then moving to twice a week.

At first I though my skin was just purging but after a month I have realised it sadly is not and is just not agreeing with this product. It has created more texture on my skin and a lot more bigger spots have been arising on my face.

I would be very cautious about buying this product if you have sensitive skin. Just because it is working for others does not mean it will work for you. As it could make your skin even worse. It is possible that you are experiencing purging. For sensitive skin it it best to use this product for evenings per week. Be sure to contact our Customer Care for assistance and a possible refund.

I got a travel size to test and it worked really well for me. I came back to purchase a full size. There was a great improvement on the cheek spots you get from wearing a mask, also on my forehead and chin. Sadly, there seems to be no effect on cystic acne, at least for me. I have combination skin and use the product only overnight. It dries the skin quite a lot, but I compensate with a normal moisturizer and it seems to be fine.

I thought I will never reduce appearance of large pores on my oily skin. Until I've tried this product! It's an absolute magic, I'm nearly 40 and my skin looks better than when I was Love it!!! I bought this with the expectation of it being a great product for clearing and exfoliating skin without being damaging or harsh.

The liquid smells oddly like nail polish remover and applies like a chemical, it feels almost weird to put it on your skin. It says that it should be applied twice a day. Customer care: Hello, and thanks for your comments! We are always looking for ways to improve our products, so we will pass along your feedback to our Product Development team!

We are glad you contacted us to discuss a refund. I really had high expectations for this product after all the hype I've seen online about it. First, I got the travel size and when I didn't see any change in my skin it is combination , I thought it was because I did only use it for a short period of time.

Then I purchased the full size and have been using it regularly for a month and still no change. It is so disappointing that it did not work for my skin. Customer Care: Hi there! We're sorry this wasn't a fit for you! Be sure to contact our Customer Care team for further skincare advice. Not all of the best beauty products are crafted with Instagram grids in mind. Gilded packaging, weighty compacts and glass jars are all appealing, sure, but sometimes the most treasured beauty formulas are destined not for the curated vanity top, but for the gloomy shelf beneath the bathroom sink.

Everyone loves it — and the adoration has absolutely nothing to do with the utilitarian, strangely s grey and white bottle. The success of this truly cult clarifying toner is solely down to its no-frills effectiveness. There's a lot of those people: one sells every seven seconds worldwide. Essentially, this unassuming bottle is an amped-up skin toner , infused with a high percentage of salicylic acid: a beta-hydroxy-acid that slips into your pores and clears them of any congestion, excess oil and grime.

Regular use means cleaner pores, and cleaner pores means less blackheads. As a result, the newer, plumper, softer layer of skin underneath is revealed. These qualities make it one of the fastest-acting ingredients in skincare, with almost immediate results. A post shared by Paula's Choice Skincare paulaschoice. Begoun credits the unshakeable success down to the strength. Others on the market are amped up with a supporting cast of alpha-hydroxy-acids, doubling down on the exfoliating powers yet ultimately leading to skin-barrier carnage, while others are loaded with fragrance that increases the sensory appeal, but can hamper effectivity in sensitive types.

A post shared by Paula's Choice UK paulaschoiceuk. If you're new to exfoliating toners, it's important to start small with your Paula's Choice exfoliant, applying it no more than two-to-three nights per week to ensure your skin doesn't get over-excited. Products this active are undoubtedly satisfying, but restraint and consistency are crucial to success. Cleanse using a simple hydrating milk or gel there's no need to double-down with an acid-based face wash then swipe the toner over your face using a cotton pad.

Do not rinse, and follow up with a good moisturiser — make sure it's an SPF formula by day. If the exfoliant feels sticky on application, it's likely you're using too much: remember, less is more. While its blackhead -banishing powers may be impressively swift, stick with it and you'll reap additional rewards too: think tighter pores, smoother texture, and an overall reduction in breakouts.

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