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Discover the 2-in-1 ThinkPad Yoga business Ultrabooks, with Windows 10 & four different usage modes: Laptop, Tablet, Stand, and Tent. Lenovo Yoga laptops are designed for the digital nomads who are always on the move. Flexible enough to offer four different usage modes, these. Discover the Lenovo YOGA 2 Pro: a 13 inch Windows tablet PC doubling up as an Ultrabook™ inspired by Intel. Explore features here. SONY V600 Sangeetha Mahadevan, has been does not. Splashtop Personal Fixed problems the old-fashioned menu interface. Come up, to A. Of features access Internet less useful single location on the.

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My employer provides a Yoga for my use at work and I decided to buy one of my own. I use the touch screen when I am lying in bed and the ability to fold the screen as far around as I want is very convenient. I don't use the included stylus at all. My two complaints about this laptop are 1. Otherwise, with the i7 processor and an SSD, it's plenty fast and the p graphics are very good.

In all, a very good, lightweight laptop. It's my first Thinkpad and I started to love it! It's not that lightweight but compared to my LG I like it. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Refurbished. The Yoga 12 iU 2. I was able to use a Yoga S1 for a year, the Y12 is faster and more responsive. The touch screen operates much better. Windows 10 is not really functional with the touch screen. I am really satisfied. The included Wacom pen is extremely nice and suprisingly good.

The Laptop is incredible good for "light-weight" gaming, by this i mean it is very good for CPU intense games rather than graphical. I like it and would recommend it as a Student Laptop or a Business laptop. As for personal usage at home like a portable device is up to you Would you use Windows 8.

Skip to main content. Share - Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 About this product. The ThinkPad Yoga series laptops has a "backlit" keyboard that flattens when flipped into tablet mode. This is accomplished with a platform surrounding the keys rises until level with the keyboard buttons, a locking mechanism that prevents key presses, and feet that pop out to prevent the keyboard from directly resting on flat surfaces.

Lenovo implemented this design in response to complaints about its earlier Ideapad Yoga 13 and 11 models being awkward to use in tablet mode. A reinforced hinge was required to implement this design. Other than its convertible form factor, the first ThinkPad Yoga is a rather standard ThinkPad device with a black magnesium-reinforced chassis, island keyboard, a red TrackPoint, and a large buttonless touchpad [1] [2] but touchpad have been upgraded to a mechanical 3-button version for a next generations of Yoga line.

The first ThinkPad Yoga has a The screen was designed for use with an optional pen-style digitizer. It is powered by Haswell processors from Intel. Buyers are able to choose standard 2. The memory can be upgraded up to 8GB. Unlike the Chromebook variant, the components of this version can be upgraded. The ThinkPad 11e is a Chromebook that has a matte black chassis with reinforced hinges and corners, a sturdy lid, and a rubber bumper protecting its display in order to help it survive accidental dropping, spills, and general rough handling.

Reviewers claim it is somewhat heavier than a typical Chromebook with a weight of 3. This is likely because of its ruggedized and reinforced chassis. It does not have Trackpoint but only a touchpad. A p webcam is mounted above the screen. It has media card reader, a USB 2. Connectivity is provided by The Yoga 14 model reportedly "strikes the middle ground between bulky workstations and flexible hybrids.

Like other models, the display can bend a full degrees and the keyboard can be folded in half to use as a stand. Thankfully, Lenovo pulled them all together into a satisfying work machine. The notebook features a high-quality build and an excellent keyboard and trackpad — all must-have features for serious productivity. And extras like the TrackPoint pointing stick are great for legacy ThinkPad users who prefer those options. The Yoga uses a lightweight carbon-fiber hybrid material on its lid and magnesium-plastic blend on its lower portion.

Lenovo claims the Yoga has been subject to extensive testing of its ability to survive extreme temperatures, vibrations, altitudes, and shocks. Its keyboard is spill resistant. It includes a A large fingerprint reader is included for security. The design of Yoga is in the same generation as the ThinkPad X, [10] which features 6th generation Intel Core i processors, same display resolution choices, same supported operating systems.

The ThinkPad P40 Yoga, like other Yoga branded products, is a convertible device with "laptop, stand, tent, and tablet" modes. The screen works with a stylus called the ThinkPad Pen Pro that has various pen tips designed to give varied forms of tactile feedback. It weighs about 1. Changes from previous X1 Yoga includes the use of 7th generation Intel Core i 'Kaby Lake' processors, addition of Thunderbolt 3 ports, USB-C connector for power adapter, 'wave' style keyboard featuring matte finish on the keyboard.

A smaller OLED screens are no longer an option. The design is derived from 7th generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon. This is notably the first ThinkPad with aluminum chassis. Released on the 27 August , the more affordable version of the X13 Yoga, but lacking thunderbolt. Successor of the L which breaks the naming scheme. It no longer has replaceable RAM. Released on the 24 February , the smaller Successor of the X which breaks the naming scheme.

The design is derived from 8th generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Dan Ackerman of CNET wrote, "In our brief hands-on time with the ThinkPad Yoga, while it's made of tough, light magnesium alloy , it didn't feel as slick and coffee shop ready as the IdeaPad version and it lacks the extremely high-res screen of the Yoga 2 , but the hidden keyboard think [ sic ] is so fascinating, you'll find yourself folding the lid back and forth over and over again just to watch it in action.

Brittany Hillen of Slashgear wrote, "The ThinkPad Yoga is a hybrid machine with a lot to offer users as both a laptop and as a tablet, though in slate mode it is thicker than what you'd get with a traditional tablet. There is nothing ill to speak of regarding the ThinkPad Yoga -- everything about it is solid, with the exception perhaps being a lower quality stylus than what an artist would need. The construction feels solid and durable in the hands, the keyboard is comfortable for typing in long duration stints, and the hardware is capable for a variety of tasks.

Its heavy-duty ThinkPad construction will stand up to the rigors of a road warrior. The battery life is reasonable and the beautiful screen works well in both laptop and tablet modes. The ThinkPad Yoga X1, the first metal ThinkPad has been given excellent reviews, with some review sites giving the new model a score of 4.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Laptop color codes. Processor Socketed desktop processor. Socketed mobile processor. Soldered high power processor. Soldered standard power processor. Soldered low power processor. Soldered ultra low power processor. Up to p VGA. Dual standard socket graphics option. Dual proprietary socket graphics option.

Standard socket graphics option. Proprietary socket graphics option. Soldered performance graphics option.

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