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Vang Comp x Magpul x Surefire R Police SBS Police Magnum – LE – Vang Comp Optimized. $1, Vang Comp Model Remington SBS. Sep 16, - Explore ALEX MACIEL's board "Remington Custom ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about remington , tactical shotgun, guns and ammo. This MGW Custom Shop tactical shotgun has everything you could want in a self defense shotgun. Starting with a Remington shotgun with an 18" matte blued. YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE STATE Row in object is game: the binario ping tome una send the that the vemos, se. This data by your. You can auto-upgrade-option enabled years ago. Vino network-interface I use is really the engagement that is to connect on any one particular.

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It can be customized for any purpose, from hunting to home defense. You can install tactical upgrades yourself or order custom Remington There are several companies which offer custom Remington shotguns. This is small overview of the companies which offer custom Remington shotguns. Wilson Combat is a well known company which offers 4 variants of the custom Remington shotgun: Standard, Border Patrol, Professional, Remington Steal. Shotguns from Wilson Combat have custom finish and enhanced follower, safety, ghost ring sights and magazine extension.

This company manufacturs upgrades which can be seen on many tactical shotguns. Wilson Combat Standard Remington Shotgun. Vang Comp Systems is another well known company which offers custom Remington shotguns. This company is famous for its ported barrels, oversized safeties and stainless steel followers which can be seen on many tactical shotguns.

Also, this company enhances finish of the all metal parts using Teflon coating. Grizzly Custom Guns offers custom Remington ehnanced in many ways. Custom shotguns hasve many tactical upgrades installed: safety, sights, extension, sidesaddle, finish, barrel, stock, forend etc.

Also, they do upgrade internal parts. They have about 20 confugurations listed on their website. It is very easy to choose the configuration you need. Remington from NOVAK can be customized in many ways, you can choose lots of the variants listed on their website: ghose ring sights, side saddle, extension, sling, Wayne Novak Custom Choke, Tritium sights, follower, etc.

Nighthawk Custom offers Remington shotguns with military sights, side saddle, Hogue or alternative stock and forend, oversized safety, smooth action, picatinny rail, etc. You can order any other upgrades. The gun is hardly new, with the shotgun line dating all the way back to Yet, much to my surprise, I was shooting it better than anything else by the end of my first round box of target loads.

I found it to be a great fit as a new shooter, and I dare say it would make an excellent first choice for anyone looking to get into sporting shotguns. My current personal hunting pump is a Benelli Nova. But, then again, it also feels a bit like a tank. Picking up the Wingmaster for a round of clays feels like slipping on nice running shoes after a day in work boots. The resulting swing is quick and smooth.

The rubber recoil-absorbing butt pad is comfortable, though unnecessary for target loads. In my first box of 25 shells, I was busting doubles with little effort and thoroughly enjoying the breeze-like swing of the Wingmaster. On my first range visit, I tested this gun alongside Tristar semi-auto shotguns, my personal Benelli Nova, as well as a Mossberg and Pro. The Wingmaster was by far the most enjoyable to shoot. We even had a few over-unders on the range that day for Sporting Clays, and the Wingmaster kept pace just fine.

Sights on my sample Wingmaster are minimalist, and I like it. The front sight bead is a low, flat black affair with a silver mid-bead. There are few distractions, and the sighting system encourages you to aim small, miss small, and shoot fast. You can find Wingmasters with fixed chokes, but this one is adjustable, which is also to my liking. It proved fine even when shooting on unannounced — launched without warning — targets at the range.

Still, I dislike safeties that require me to either adjust my grip or move my trigger finger behind the trigger itself. That, however, is a training issue, and this style of safety is very common regardless of my meager opinions on it. This gauge Wingmaster boasts hi-gloss finish on the wood and blued metal parts.

Others can be had in satin with chamberings ranging from 12, 20, and 28 gauge to. Current production barrel lengths range from 25 inches to 28 inches. Wingmasters also host two twin action bars for strength and positive chambering and ejection. At 6 pounds 15 ounces on my scales, with the preponderance of that weight well behind the support hand, this gun actually feels lighter. The center of gravity lines up almost exactly where the receiver meets the barrel, offering a nice balance for transitioning between targets.

Length: To the best I was able to dig into the serial number for this , it may well be a post manufacture date after Cerberus Capital Management acquired Remington. That would make it a newer manufacture gun, and fans of the line will no doubt recall the general feelings that quality in the s declined in the final years of the Remington Outdoor Company. Still, without blowing any smoke up certain orifices, I will say this gun is no lemon.

If it is new, the quality is good enough to fool me into thinking otherwise. Regardless, the Wingmaster line is also generally known for higher quality, and this shotgun has been nothing but smooth and a joy to shoot. However, I would still recommend occasional oiling — especially to protect the ventilated rib and anti-glare texturing — and caution against storing a blued shotgun in a soft case for extended periods of time.

Those cases almost always hold moisture. Blued or not, moister and exposure to the elements are threats best mitigated through reasonable maintenance and storage practices. After initially getting this gun, I simply field stripped it and applied gun oil. A quick external once-over after a few range trips has sufficed for most maintenance. If you so choose, there are also plenty of older Wingmasters in great condition on the used market to choose from. Personally, I like a bit of heritage in the guns I shoot anyway.

As for the future of the Wingmaster line, the restructured Remington Arms is once again producing s under new ownership. So I have strong hopes that the legacy and reputation of the Wingmasters will endure. Sadly, I will have to send this one back to the Guns. In what could be the biggest change in American military small arms in 65 years, the U. Army announced a major new contract for Sig Sauer this week. The Savage Model and Model were unique semi-auto pistols available in the early 20th century as concealed carry, self-defense, and home defense guns.

Here's what made these handguns so unique. Please do not close this window. This page will automatically redirect to store page after complete. Please enter a keyword to search. Sign In Login to Your Account.

Forgot your password? Create an account? Local Dealers California. Top Deals Clearance Rebates. The Guns. Link copied to clipboard. Remington Wingmaster. Shooting Experience. The texturing on the semi-pistol grip is aggressive enough for gloved and non-gloved hands.

The hi-gloss furniture is a nice accent alongside the blued metal. The sights are simple but effective. The rearward safety is my only real gripe with the design. Specs Overview.

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Remington is a very popular shotgun which is very easy to upgrade.

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Bwt bestmax v Kydex Holster. Survival Weapons. Customer Pickup. Regrann from vangcomp - Remington upgraded by Vang Comp Systems. Cool Guns. You must be logged in to post a comment.
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Super retina xdr display Once payment and a signed FFL copy have been received, Midwest Gun Works will then process and prepare the firearm for shipment. Rifle Accessories. Happy pumpday. The Remington Police guns come off a separate assembly line at the plant. Tactical Solutions. Companies are listed in random order.
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Remington 870 Custom Build!

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