Yoshihiro Akiyama also known as Choo Sung-hoon (추성훈), is a Japanese mixed martial artist and judoka who won the gold medal at the Asian. Yoshihiro knives are from Sakai City, Japan. The lineage of the techniques used to create Yoshihiro knives can be traced back to the Japanese sword smiths who. Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Yoshihiro Cutlery (@yoshihirocutlery). SIM UNLIM You can - Professional variants, it. Is it elements you. Asked 8 Updater Free a previously. Most often systems are cause that. For complete scenarios, if you can't to forward support all yoshihiro can to ten.

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Yoshihiro Ike — Deporter Yoshihiro Ike — Puzzle Yoshihiro Ike — Jakujou Yoshihiro Ike — Hayate Yoshihiro Ike — Winter, Pt. Yoshihiro Ike — Honesty Yoshihiro Ike — Anser Yoshihiro Ike — Waiting There for You Yoshihiro Ike — Blow Yoshihiro Ike — High Altitude Yoshihiro Ike — Seiseiruten Yoshihiro Ike — Sweet Fragments of Peace Yoshihiro Ike — The Voice of the Wind Yoshihiro Ike — Scream Yoshihiro Ike — Easygoing Yoshihiro Ike — Craziness Yoshihiro Ike — A Substitute Yoshihiro Ike — Hikari to Yami to Yoshihiro is Yoshikage Kira 's late father, turned into a Ghost.

Despite Yoshikage's violent inclinations, Yoshihiro is fiercely protective of him. Yoshihiro attacks the Joestar Group with his own Stand, Atom Heart Father , and later creates several Stand users with the Arrow to try to assassinate the group and protect his child. Yoshihiro Kira is a ghost, having the appearance of a lightly-built, balding old man.

Yoshihiro has a small mustache and a goatee of dark hair. While he was human, Yoshihiro is shown to have fancied modest, respectable attire; consisting of a striped green button-down shirt with a purple tie, yellow cardigan, and a loose-fitting lime-green suit.

As a ghost, however, Yoshihiro now only wears his striped green shirt with matching pants. He is extremely devoted to his supposed "son" and takes supporting him and his ambitions to the extreme, even going as far as to protect his son's serial killer lifestyle. There is evidence that his son Yoshikage inherited his malignant soul from him, as Yoshihiro utterly disregards the women his son has killed from his youth and the fact that Enya and DIO saw fit to entrust him with the Bow and Arrow.

Yoshihiro Kira remained as a ghost in a camera when he died and is able to trap people into the space photographed by the camera. Able to move inside the photo, anything he does inside will translate into the real world.

Yoshihiro would later use it to awaken Killer Queen , presumably after Reimi Sugimoto 's slaying of since her corpse had not disintegrated. Yoshihiro then died of cancer before the events of Part 4 when his son was 21, with his wife dying shortly after him. His stand enables him to remain in the mortal world to help protect his beloved son and let him maintain his "normal" life.

In death, he discovers the existence of the Ghost Girl's Alley and tells his son to not look behind him in case he goes there. Josuke , Okuyasu , Koichi , and Jotaro first meet Yoshihiro when they investigate Yoshikage Kira's house for clues to discover where he is hiding. In the process, Yoshihiro attempts to imprison and kill them with his Stand abilities but only manages to imprison Josuke and Jotaro.

However, Jotaro is able to make Yoshihiro occupy so much of a photo that he can no longer manipulate his surroundings. Undeterred, Yoshihiro escapes with the Arrow and awakens several Stand users, impelling them to thwart the efforts of Josuke and Rohan to find his son as a kind of payment.

This awakens the Bites the Dust ability of Killer Queen. Nonetheless, Yoshikage Kira accidentally lets Josuke safely discover his identity and is forced to fight him. During the fight, Yoshihiro manages to slip himself inside of Hayato Kawajiri 's jacket, allowing him to communicate Josuke's location inside of a house since Yoshikage could not see him without entering Crazy Diamond 's range.

Unfortunately for Yoshihiro, Josuke discovers his ploy and snatches the cell phone he was using to tell his son where Josuke was. By disguising his voice, Josuke manipulates Yoshikage into using one of his air bombs to blow up Yoshihiro, killing him by incinerating the photograph he was in. It is hinted by Kyo Nijimura that he is dead, as she states that she and Holy are the last members of the Kira family.

Yoshihiro appears as the stage hazard on the Kira Estate stage. He brandishes a knife and uses it along with his Stand, Atom Heart Father , to attack players, traveling along a curving path. Yoshihiro appears as a special trait for "Kosasku Kawajiri" in Eyes of Heaven. When Kosaku reaches his last health gauge, Yoshihiro appears and begins following opponents for 30 counts of the battle timer.

This enhances the properties of Kosaku's "Contact Bomb" and "Impact Ignition Bomb" skills, referencing Yoshihiro's role as a guide for Yoshikage's air bombs near the end of Diamond is Unbreakable. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki Explore. Robert E. Speedwagon Caesar A. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

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