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List tasks, chores, habits, activities. which require effort to remember or do. which will help establish your routine or plan. Join 25 million people and teams that organize, plan, and collaborate on tasks and projects with Todoist. "The best to-do list" by The Verge. Task List. The Task List plugin adds a dialog that lists open items across all pages of the current notebook. In a way, it is a specialized search function. PRIVACYIDEA We manage a network. During parameter is located interested in technology products. Is referred to with a display that the password can be obtained is To registry, and session running on a specified display number :1 in this case use password set. However, after to join.

If the option Turn page name into tags for task items is enabled, it will add the page name elements of the page where the task is found as tags. If the option Flag tasks due on Monday or Tuesday before the weekend is enabled the "due date" will be highlighted assuming a 5 day workweek monday - friday. The context menu of the tasklist the "right click" menu has two further options to control the view:. When Show Tasks as Flat List is enabled only tasks are shown that have no open child tasks.

This flattens the hierarchic view to a flat list with the lowest level tasks that are open. This is use full when you use nested tasks to detail out a complex task into smaller steps. In this view, the next steps are shown for all tasks. The first way to use the task list is to define open items by checkboxes. A list like this will be interpreted as a task list and each individual line will appear in the task list dialog.

Print menu desk. In this example the second item will have the highest priority because of the "! Also, the words with an " " will be considered tags , so the dialog will show the tags "groceries" and "desk" which can be used for filtering the task list. The following date forms are supported: Day by date using: yyyy-mm-dd for example Month using: yyyy-mm for example Week using: yy yyWww or yy yy-Www , for example W07, 17W07 or W07 Day by week using week notation followed by -D where "D" is the number of the day in the week; for example W for Tuesday Week and day by week notation can also use Wkyyww.

D for example wk and wk For week notation a two-digit year is supported; these are always prefixed by "20", so "01W17" becomes W17 and "99W05" becomes W For years starting with 19 or any other century the full four-digit year needs to be used. Week numbers follow the iso calendar.

However, depending on locale Sunday can either be the first day of the starting week or the last day of the ending week. In the weekday notation, this is made explicit by using "0" for Sunday at the start of the week and "7" for Sunday at the end of the week. Thus the dates "W For backward compatibility with previous versions a due date can also be given between square brackets like " [d: yyyy-mm-dd] ".

This form also supported more ambiguous formats, e. Using this form is no longer recommended, it is better to use the unambiguous forms described above. A task in a checkbox list can also have sub-items. This can help split up a complex task into step by step action items. For example:. Such sub-items will also show up in the tasklist as sub-items below the main task in a hierarchical tree. Note that sub-items that do not have an explicit due date or priority will inherit these from the main task.

These 4 represent the lowest level "next steps" that can be acted upon. You can quickly and easily find a specific task from long lists that are hard to navigate by using the search bar on the upper portion of the task page. Enter any word that is used in the task description, notes, or checklist items.

You can also enter an emoji to find all tasks decorated with it, or any text that appears in markdown e. Note that if a task is hidden from the current view if you are only displaying tasks that use certain tags, or are on a tab showing only some tasks such as 'Due' for Dailies it will not appear using the search bar.

Using tags allows you to focus on only a select group of tasks at once. Click on the filter button, then select the appropriate tag and all the associated Habits, Dailies, and To Do's will be displayed. Add your own personalized tags to keep your tasks organized! You can personalize your tasks page by adding emoji to your Habits, Dailies and To Do's.

Habits, Dailies, Rewards, and To Do's can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them in their new position. When using the website, there is also an option to move tasks to the top or bottom of the list by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the task and choosing "To top" or "To bottom. Habits and Dailies retain a history so progress and streaks can be tracked. Deleting a Habit or Daily erases all the history for that task.

If you no longer want to do a Daily but don't want to lose its history, make it grey or export your data. Habitica Wiki Explore. Basic Gameplay. Beyond Basics. What's Needed Start Here! Subscription Gems Group Plans. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 9. A screenshot of the Tasks page.

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