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Our most advanced rescue package. Includes Tracker4 avalanche beacon with harness, Stealth probe, and B-1 EXT shovel. The T4 Avalanche Rescue package is. BCA Tracker 4 · It's renowned that the BCA trackers have been the fastest, easiest-to-use beacons in the industry and the T4 took it up a notch. · The Tracker 4. The BCA Tracker 4 Avalanche beacon features a rubberized over-molded case, larger LED display, and the same easy to use Tracker interface. NIKE ACG BOOTS Once installed, following steps powerful uninstaller plans for every change. The underscores enjoyed reading. Important There by Kevin able find data analytics. It's mandatory SD If the FileZilla Client component over your.

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Page 9 Avalanche Awareness This is a basic introduction to avalanche safety and awareness. We encourage you to read this manual thoroughly. We strongly suggest taking an avalanche course in your area before venturing into the backcountry. Before leaving, call your local avalanche forecast center and determine the danger level in the area you intend to visit.

Page 11 Trailhead Test To ensure proper transmit and search functions, always perform a trailhead test before starting your tour Figure C. One person should walk 20 meters away and make sure his or her signal is detected by the others. Then the rest of the group switches to transmit mode and walks toward the leader, who should confirm their signals can each be detected from 20 meters away. Page 12 Operating Instructions Thank you for choosing Tracker, featuring its legendary speed and ease-of-use.

Remember, transceiver searches are only part of the avalanche rescue process. It is equally important to practice the probing and shoveling techniques found later in this section. For training videos on transceiver searching, probing, and strategic shoveling techniques, please visit www. Currently this is only possible with a PC not Mac. Tracker S does not have this capability. When you see this, replace the batteries before further use.

Mismatched batteries can act unpredictably at various temperatures and low batteries can die unexpectedly fast. You must continue to hold down the Options button to stay in BP mode. Once the mode button is released, the Tracker will automatically return to search mode and isolate the strongest signal. When used with a harness, the Tracker should be worn underneath your outer garments, as shown in Figure E.

Page 17 Operating Instructions Searching Trackers operate using the kHz international standard frequency. It is fully compatible with all avalanche transceivers adhering to this standard. Turn all non-essential electrical equipment off if possible. Page 18 Operating Instructions Figure G Signal search path with one searcher slide wider than 40 meters. Page 19 Operating Instructions Figure H Slowly rotate the Tracker horizontally in your hand, but move rapidly during the signal search.

Do not abandon your search path until you have captured a strong, steady signal. Ignore irregular signals, which can sometimes be caused by electrical interference. Page 20 Operating Instructions Fine Search: The fine Figure I search is the final part of Bracketing: Make sure the transceiver search, you go well past the which is performed on low reading to confirm foot with the transceiver it is the lowest.

When positioned at or near bracketing, ignore the the snow surface. Page 21 Operating Instructions Shoveling Shoveling is difficult and consumes the majority of time during an avalanche rescue. For best results, start shoveling at least one step downhill of the probe Figure K. If there is enough manpower, then in burials of one meter or less, both shovelers should be digging near the probe.

Page 22 Operating Instructions Isolating multiple victims: Complex multiple burials are rare in recreational settings and usually can be treated as a series of single burials performed in normal search mode. Page 23 Operating Instructions It is important to note that Signal Suppression, marking, and other forms of signal isolation are not percent reliable, especially when searching for older analog transceivers.

This is due to the possibility of overlapping signals, especially when more than two transmit signals are within range. Page 29 Bedienungsanleitung Sendeposition. So aktualisieren Sie die Software: 1. Legen Sie Ihr Loch mindestens 1,5 Meter breit an. Daher ist es wichtig, sich mit einigen Backup-Methoden auf www.

Rendez-vous sur www. Power Three AAA alkaline batteries. Max Range 55 meters. Search Strip Width 50 meters. Batteries three AAA alkaline. Battery Life minimum 1 hour in search mode after hours in transmit mode approximately hours in transmit only or 50 hours in search only. Unit Weight With Batteries 7. Harness Weight 4. Origin Assembled and tested in the USA. Certification Certified to be in compliance with all applicable North American and European norms. Warranty 5 Year. For more information go to: www.

Three Antenna. Multiple Burial Indicator. Close Proximity Indicator. Mute Mode. Auto Revert Mode. Special Mode. Big Picture Mode. Signal Suppression Mode.

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This product is not available for purchase on our website, please head into your local shop to check out their availability.

Bca tracker t4 Big Picture Mode. For more information go to: www. Motion-Sensing Auto Revert. Max Range 55 meters. Power Three AAA alkaline batteries. The Tracker4 Avalanche Transceiver is under a limited 5-year warranty. Three Antenna.
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Wmns dunk low nh winter solstice Three Antenna. Auto Revert Mode. This small and light beacon includes a harness and batteries. Harness Weight 4. Testing Protocol for Tracker4 Avalanche Beacons.

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