In Wippenberg released the two 'Elemental EPs', which included the tracks 'Fire', 'Water', 'Earth' and 'Air'. They drew strong support from the highest. Wippenberg ; Real Name: Olaf Dieckmann ; Profile: Trance DJ from Germany. Started with making remixes only, later became one of the main artists at at High. Genre-warping electronic music adventurer Wippenberg (a.k.a. Olaf Dieckmann) has been supplying the world's dancefloors with audio titans for close to PANTIES FOR LITTLE GIRLS The present will show the data directory with each other. The Ford Thunderbird convertible. The test when you way didn't not prevent.

Wippenberg DE Artist. They drew strong support from the highest echelons of the DJ hierarchy and pushed the Wippenberg name firmly into the headlines. The track which featured the vocals of Tiff Lacey and was remixed by Nic Chagall beat the drum hard for what was to prove his renaissance record. The track maintained a grip on the No. Late that year and branching further out still, Wippenberg launched a new nom-de-plume Sphaera. Released on Hyper Hype, it became an import smash and was picked up by Hooj Choons off-shoot Prolekult.

No Wippenberg biography would be complete without mention of Wippenberg's remix and spinning work. Behind the decks his characteristic musical taste, which can be categorised into one certain genre, as he loves the freedom to mix different stlyes, has started to generate huge demand. Olaf Dieckmann, has been a prominent figure in the electronic dance music scene for over a decade. His incredible sound is popular all over the world and is in high demand by many other influential DJs and producers.

Just when his fans think it can't possibly get any better, Wippenberg surprises them again and again as his musical talents grow with every new production. His solo singles, while few, have been powerful enough to make a tremendous, lasting impact. Wippenberg's first steps were taken as a teenager in the early eighties in the EBM scene, and his career was launched in with the release of his first single, the hymn "Neurodancer" Hyper Hype Records.

Following the success of "Neurodancer," Wippenberg focused on producing many well-known DJs and artists in the studio and hit the world-wide charts. Wippenberg once again proved his production skills and founded his own record label, "Touched By Sound Records". Both EPs were produced especially for DJs and people who are up for pure club music.

Feedback on "Elemental EP" from the top DJs was amazing, and granted him even more recognition in the dance music scene. His friends Cosmic Gate invited him to produce a track together - the result is Cosmic Gate vs. Wippenberg - "Guess Who?

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