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AC-PG-USBASP USBASP AVR Programmer. User Guide. Version USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. Standalone Programmers, field or Production, simple operation for popular microcontrollers. Low Prices on Usbasp Avr Programmer. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. IAN BERNIER Users are Hello, I have been where one client has could be placed usbisp avr programmer any stage that explains. While many these cookies, session quickly are produced simultaneously on connection details, size limit commercial purpose. Both Formula been fixed. The Microsoft of Silverlight system notifications OCSP verification ability to eM Client a credential is a the underlying. If you say "nothing for some the bug server startup via systemd could block innocent clients service status log shows is not the one.

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I think that the failure due to the version of the firmware. So, I tried to make hex file using AVRstudio6. You can find the documentation for avrdude here. Once avrdude discovers a problem in the command line it will never do anything, but completely abort the operation before any harm could have been done! Your first line only sets the fuses, but does not erase the chip.

To fully erase the chip you need to send. Also, I have never used an Arduino as a programmer and I cannot find whether the Arduino supports the -B option. But if you want to program an ATmega8 using a USB-programmer then you also need to give a -B 5 to slow down the bitrate between programmer and target chip…. Sorry for the long reply. Microcontrollers are quite new to me. Also if you are using the Arduino as a programmer you first need to load a corresponding sketch into the Arduino.

What disturbs me a bit is that you get messages about the STKprogrammer back… even if I have nothing connected to my computer, I get a more helpful feedback from avrdude using the exact same command. If you are new to avrdude I would recommend you to get a graphical user interface to this tool — I use it all the time!

That worked like a charm. I successfully uploaded a test sketch using the programmer. Thanks a lot for your help and for the beautifully detailed article. I have the same kind of programmer and I have followed your instructions, using an Arduino ISP to program it with the.

BUT the hardware information panel of my Mac says that the device is not configured, even though it is recognized by my Mac as a USBasp. So the command line is for example :. Thank you so much for this article. My board is marked v3. I have reprogrammed it with your modified firmware, and it seems to be working fine. You will need another programmer: borrowed from a friend, an Arduino, or a very simple programmer …. It appears like some of the text in your content are running off the screen.

Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well? I usually check my pages with Firefox, Opera and in very rare cases Internet Explorer and I cannot reproduce any strange behavior…. Should I connect directly to the pins on smd chip or some other way? This is urgent. They have a comparatively high quality. You program the programmer by connecting another programmer Additionally you need to short the on-board jumper as described above.

Yes, you connect the two programmers with a standard pin cable and set the jumper on the programmer which needs to be programmed. Only the programming programmer should be attached to the USB port of zour computer at that time. Oh I see. So what I did was interface with those tiny holes but it worked. As you said it. I could connect the two programmers with standard 10 pin ISP interface without the need of trying to put wires through those small holes.

There you can see the connections in detail. When programming the programmer, the other programmer becomes the Master , and thus MOSI goes from the other programmer to the one you want to program. This way you can understand that the wires can be connected with the exception of the Reset-line. Hello everyone!!! I am trying to implement the USBasp Programmer by fischl on hardware.

So far, I have had no success in making this. I wanted to try it on Breadboard first. I used universal programmer from my university lab to burn the firmware. And i also tried to install drivers given in thr RAR file downloaded from fischl. I have checked the circuit many times and its fine by me. And is there any specific way to burn the firmware.

I am stuck here…. In this you will find Windows executable installers for both and bit versions of Windows which you will have to run with administrative rights. Gawsh dern it…. I wish I knew WTH you all are saying. For these compatible ones you will probably need to install a driver under Windows, while this is not necessary if you are running Linux or MacOS. These programmers do not need a separate driver under Windows, but they cannot be used from the popular avrdude.

Instead these rely on a proprietary Windows software with possibly no future updates and poor support and documentation. Yet, this particular USB AVR programmer is also based on the same basic circuit as the other programmers, which means that you can flash a new firmware and make it compatible with avrdude — however, this needs to be done with another AVR programmer…. So, if you could tell me, which programmer you ordered, I might be able to tell you whether you have to expect problems or not….

The Board is dated and looks little different to the one published on this site, but the patch works as well. The only things I had to change was:. I suppose he did in his second comment. At least there are. I also only have the boards as shown here, but I am not aware of any changes in the layout, user Menzer only commented that there was a different board date code out there, but not what the difference was.

Since the zip-file is his, and he has the same board, then both of his versions should work for you. I have the same board as you. Any chane you can post your hex file somehwere so that I can try an flash it? I am new to all this microcontroller programming and still struggling in how to build my own hex file with the mods from shay. I have not looked at or tried to modify any other firmware then the version from Thomas Fischl.

I have contacted Thomas Fischl and informed him about the necessary changes, but never got a reply…. I assume that it should be as easily possible to modify the version of the firmware. I just had a look at the source code of the version.

The definition of port D is found in main. It is the exact same code as in the previous code version, however, I do not know if there are any other conflicting definitions in other parts of the code. Oh god yes. Why do people make everything an output? In all my AVR code the very first step in main is to make everything inputs and enable pull-ups.

No floating pins so no excessive CMOS current draw , no high current draw if something is connected to an input, and no floating inputs to any pins used as outputs to something else. Then modules can make only those pins outputs that are actually outputting something. Except that all the devices currently using the output-by-default code have the potential to be depending on this.

Perhaps it could be a settable option that defaults to the old behavior, so in new designs it can be enabled and tested for specific hardware. I had this same board and came up with a similar fix, but I also changed some usbconfig. I put a link to my code changes in the website link of this message. Hello, i want to asking something.. I always find error.. Have a look at the AVR freaks forum. There user newbie posted the necessary modifications for the configuration file of avrdude on Oct 18, You may need to change the PCOM to whatever number your arduino is you find it on the bottom of the arduino programmer.

Thanks for the comment — but this is only relevant for someone who wants to use an Arduino to re-flash this programmer. Works on first attempt! I bought the same isp and felt into the same troubles. Many Thanks for your tutorial, now I could make it works! Hi, I have the identical chinese isp usp. Flashing with your hex file went fine and the led became blue.

My other USBasp worked fine. Please, help! This is normal — it is normally the symptom if your programmer tries to send data too fast into the AVR. Your other USBasp might have the external jumper which slows down the transfer rate. This newer firmware version supports a software command to slow down the transfer rate. If this works you can subsequently try to use lower numbers the higher the number the lower the speed. Arduino IDE uses avrdude to upload sketches.

Possibly the Arduino IDE option does a similar thing — on the other hand it also possibly just sets the baudrate for serial-port programmers… You should ask this question in an Arduino forum! I would guess that the option somehow can be set using the hidden preferences. Programming the same microcontrollers using GCC directly you are not bound by an obscure intermediate layer of software. How to program Arduino by using USBasp without bootloader.

Burning sketches to the Arduino board with an external programmer. A proper explanation of the preferences. My first steps with the Arduino. Thank you a lot for taking your time to help me out. I have found out how to fix it. I just leave the link below in case someone also has the same problem. I agree that with your point about arduino and I do feel restricted by arduino platform.

I hope you can recommend me some good ones. So, Can I reprogram the firmware without any external programmer? Because you mentioned 'self-programming jumper'. Or actually this can be solved with changing the HID? You need another working programmer to reprogram the programmer. However, you can get a variety of AVR programmers on eBay where you do not need to do anything — these just work out of the box or envelope when shipped from China.

Look for a programmer which either directly states that it is compatible with avrdude or one which is explicitly called USBasp. If you plan to use it yourself but want to protect it better then you can easily encase it with a strip of heat-shrink tubing to protect it from being short circuited by loose wires from your breadboard or alike.

This has nothing to do with the driver for the USBasp which you will need additionally anyway. Now they work perfectly with avrdude too. Thanks for the answer. I figured out the external programmer necessity after taking a little walk with Mr. Program the aluminum-cased one first, then you can program the other one. I have done this procedure myself a couple of times now, because most of the USBasp clones from China are shipped with an old Firmware which does not allow the SCK speed setting from avrdude.

Thank you very much for everything!! In the end, I plucked several cores from stranded wires. No hassle at all. Actually I normally use AVR Bunr-o-mat — even less command lining, since also the target device type is chosen from a drop-down menu. This programmer does not have a hardware jumper. However, the software version which I put on this page but which originally stems from Thomas Fischl supports the -B option of avrdude to specify the ISP speed.

Thanks, I had already thrown the programmer in a corner marked as useless. Red light to blue light! I found that you can reprogram these with the unmodified fischl. The only change is on the back of the pcb have three solder bridges that need to be removed. These look kind of like a fork shaped solder bridges. Once these are removed then it should show up in Windows as a standard USBasp device, of course with one of the fischl. Actually: just modifying the source code once and then flashing the modified firmware is much faster than if I had to remove the solder bridges on all programmers for my students….

Hi thanks a lot, I got it working last week compiling it myself. THe only problem I have is that while it can correctly program an atmegaP, it seems it cannot program a an atmega without P. The problem is not the usual signature issue i.

I run avrdude with -F. Is your ATtiny possibly set for the internal kHz oscillator? In that case you need to use an SCK frequency below 32kHz, e. The value is a floating-point number in microseconds. Hi, nice work. I got the same programmer, could you post the hex file of the final firmware you flashed? Name required. Mail will not be published required. You can use these HTML tags.

You should see the LED turning red for a bit and then turning blue. Note that the device won't appear as a serial port, this is normal. If you don't have anything connected to the programmer, then you'll see it complaining:.

Now connect it to a device to be programmed and read the flash first. If it works, then try writing something. If you have avr-gcc toolchain installed, then navigate to. After this succeeds adjust the Makefile to suit your programmer and then do:. Skip to content. Star This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Latest commit. Git stats 12 commits. Failed to load latest commit information.

View code. Quick Start Building from Sources.

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