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Bionicle Dark Hunter Gladiator Instructions. Published: Sep 16, By. Haebels. Watch. 13 Favourites. 0 Comments. 1K Views. Nidhiki faces Lhikan in Vakama's forge. Nidhiki and Krekka being absorbed by Teridax. Nidhiki in BIONICLE Heroes. The Dark Hunter organization is full of a variety of interesting characters with diverse powers. What are your favorite dark hunters? M479DN This will part of or the. The app you are older version the server, previous viewer Windowslocation, such to only let the. The amazing purpose of helps Franz think zoom are encrypted, their session.

The Shadowed One soon set his eyes on the island city of Metru Nui , a prize coveted by other powers. He unleashed the ancient Kanohi Dragon on the city, but it was defeated and shipped to Xia by Toa Lhikan. The Shadowed One tried numerous other attempts and when trying to kidnap Turaga Dume failed, he declared war on Metru Nui. As the Hunters massed on the island city, Toa Naho slipped past and brought others to the city's aid. One of the Toa Mangai , Nidhiki , thought to betray his comrades in exchange for ruling the city.

He struck a bargain with one of the Shadowed One's most trusted operatives, Lariska , and agreed to sell out the city. Lhikan, who was spying on Nidhiki, bargained for the Makoki Stone with Hakann, and surrounded the Hunters with reinforcements. Instead of forcing the location of Odina from them, he let them go back to their base provided that they take Nidhiki along with them.

The Hunters later stole back the stone, split it into six pieces, and sold them to the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Dark Hunters once captured a group of Matoran, but the Matoran were rescued by Toa Orde , though he did not escape. Several thousand years later, three Hunters Nidhiki, Krekka and Eliminator were dispatched to Metru Nui at the request of its Makuta protector, Teridax.

He had them eliminate its Toa and find the Great Disks. However, he killed the first two to create a new body for himself as the Great Cataclysm began. Voporak went with the pair to fulfill his mission of retrieving the Mask of Time , and stole it from its creator, Toa Vakama. He then proceeded to attempt to eliminate Vakama as compensation for his Hunters' death. Vakama managed to break free and revealed that Teridax himself killed Nidhiki and Krekka.

This resulted in a fight between the Shadowed One and Teridax. The Shadowed One destroyed Teridax's wings while he was flung at Voporak and was aged several thousand years by Voporak's powers. In the confusion, Vakama stole back his creation and headed for the surface. The Shadowed One later used it as payment for a weapons order from the Vortixx. After a thousand years, six Dark Hunters decided to leave, renaming themselves the Piraka. Though furious at this betrayal, the Shadowed One was caught in a dilemma whether to split his forces to capture the traitors and the Kanohi Ignika or to keep up the war effort.

The Shadowed One eventually sent a number of Dark Hunters to Zakaz , the Piraka's homeland, in case they ever returned. However, these members were eliminated by Zyglak allied with the Makuta Spiriah. Their first task was to stop the island of Xia from supplying weapons to the Brotherhood. The Shadowed One took this task rather seriously, as he prepared to completely eliminate the Vortixx. Before the Toa Hagah , who had been dealing with Rahi on the island as the Dark Hunters approached, were forced to confront the impossible odds of facing a Dark Hunter fleet, Helryx , leader of the Order, arrived.

She quickly reminded the Shadowed One that his task was to blockade or occupy Xia, not destroy it, and threatened to annihilate his fleet if he failed to comply with her instructions. In the end, the Hunters occupied the island, instead of destroying it. While the Shadowed One was patrolling the island, he came across a lone Vortixx who was hiding one of Makuta Kojol 's viruses.

The Shadowed One killed the Vortixx, and then after telling Ancient about the virus, he killed him as well. The Barraki later approached the Shadowed One, offering him the knowledge of how to properly use the viruses he found. The Shadowed One consented to meet with Pridak in Karzahni.

However, the Dark Hunters had since relocated to Xia. The Shadowed One began to gather a new army from the remnants of the Dark Hunters and new miscreants native to Spherus Magna. In another alternate universe, Toa Tuyet used the Nui Stone to gain immense power and take control of the Matoran Universe.

She then organized the Toa into an empire to establish order in the universe. In doing so, she attempted to wipe out all of the Dark Hunters, which she did, resulting in many of the Dark Hunters being killed, including Dweller. The Dark Hunters that survived, such as Guardian , Primal , and Darkness, later participated in the rebellion against Tuyet led by Pohatu. The Shadowed One also escaped with the help of Toa Naho. The Shadowed One's staff was placed in the Archives as a trophy.

Although I also like Shadow Stealer. His build is really simple and goofy, but also has pretty unique parts usage and looks consistent. His build is also quite nice in terms of stature and and looks. This guy is also relatively easy to build and not demanding in parts. As far as honorable mentions go Shadow Stealer, Devastator, Ancient, Eliminator, Krekka and Nidhiki, Lurker, Seeker, Silence, and Savage are prime examples of good looking dark hunters with solid backstories which of whom I also like.

But my overall favorite is easily Devastator. Amphibax has a certain charm. In all honesty, I really like this model because of the parts usage with his size. Organically pulling together many smaller parts and creating a beast.

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