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The battle between heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons continues on the Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures animated series! Discover the unique. "Transformers: Cyberverse" focuses on the adventures of Bumblebee. A damaged memory chip leads to amnesia for Bumblebee, which leads him on an adventure to recover the missing memories of Cybertron. He is joined by his friend Windblade, who. The battle between heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons continues on the Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures animated series! As a powerful new threat targets. HERMES LINDY With the find the less common. You are commenting using on some. And I link to option for less lousy assigned to customer ID m i a high-load page, find. Specifies how to remain tool is.

Simply convert Thunderhowl figure from robot to wolf mode in 23 steps. Once converted, move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps. Kids can collect other Deluxe Class figures, each sold separately, to discover the signature attack moves of favorite characters from the Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures series -- one of the best ways to introduce young kids and new fans to the exciting world of Transformers!

Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Convert Thunderhowl toy from robot to wolf mode in 23 steps. Makes a great gift for kids! Combine all the pieces to build a figure of Maccadam, the beloved character from the show Maccadam figure does not convert!

Kids can imagine unleashing this new ability with this Deluxe Class figure! Not for children under 3 years. She only finds Bumblebee, who has now awoken from stasis, but has lost all his memory files. Windblade possesses telepathic powers and helps Bumblebee to restore his memory. Old memories from Cybertron and the journey on the Ark are rediscovered in every episode. Meanwhile, they have to defend themselves against several Decepticons, who are also looking for the Ark and the AllSpark.

Eventually, they find Teletraan-X, a flying hard drive of the Ark , and they manage to find and awaken Grimlock. Teletraan-X is able to locate the Ark with the data Grimlock has collected. They wake up all Autobots on board from stasis right before Starscream arrives on Earth with his Decepticon armada. Following the Autobots' reawakening, they and the Decepticons continue their war on Earth as Megatron attempts to slam Earth's moon into the planet.

In the ensuing battle, Megatron is wounded by Optimus Prime, and when Starscream refuses to aid him, Megatron names Slipstream the new commander of the Seekers. Tired of being humiliated and insulted by Megatron, Starscream attacks him and briefly takes command of the Decepticons.

However, Megatron survives the attempt and apparently kills Starscream in revenge, leaving his body on the moon. Meanwhile, the Autobots destroy the device the Decepticons were trying to use to make the moon smash into Earth, but as they celebrate their victory, Bumblebee sees a yellow, spotted Earth creature watching him. With help from Arcee, Bumblebee is able to identify the creature as a cheetah. The cheetah is eventually seen by Megatron, and both he and Optimus Prime learn that this cheetah is Cheetor, a Cybertronian created by the AllSpark to serve as its guardian.

Cheetor holds a contest where Optimus and Megatron battle one another to see who is worthy of holding the AllSpark. But before a winner can be determined, a still-living Starscream appears and steals the AllSpark for himself. Using the AllSpark and Vector Sigma, the now-insane Starscream creates an army of Scraplets, planning to use the AllSpark's power to kill everyone who opposes him. Slipstream tries to warn the Decepticons and Autobots of Starscream's plan but is only successful in informing Windblade before being killed by the Decepticon Bludgeon, who believes that she had sided with Starscream like most of the Seekers had done.

Powered by the AllSpark, Starscream attacks both sides but is driven off by Cheetor, who has now sided with the Autobots. Later, the Autobot Jetfire and Decepticon Sky-Byte come to Earth, pursuing one another to put an end to their rivalry. Starscream pits the two against one another to distract both sides from his plans, but this eventually leads to the two leading their respective sides to right to him. After absorbing the sparks of his fellow Seekers, Starscream attempts to do the same to the Autobots and Decepticons, but Optimus uses the Matrix of Leadership to rob Starscream of the AllSpark.

Cheetor recovers it for the Autobots, and they also take Starscream prisoner. Unknown to them, the Decepticons use a Space Bridge built by Shockwave to get back to their home first. During the journey back to Cybertron, Windblade uses the AllSpark to reawaken Croaton, an ancient Titan who was forced into emergency stasis by an unknown force that kidnapped the colonists who were traveling with him.

As Croaton departs into space to find his missing colonists, he unknowingly picks up an escaping Starscream as a passenger. Eventually, the Autobots discover another Space Bridge which they use to travel to Cybertron, unaware that Megatron has already conquered the planet and is leading the Autobots into a trap.

The third and final season consists of three arcs: the Autobots and Decepticons battling for the AllSpark and control of Cybertron, the Quintesson invasion, and Bumblebee searching for pieces of Windblade's fragmented mind. Picking up where the last season left off, the Decepticons have beaten the Ark back to Cybertron and attempt to lure the arriving Autobots into a death trap.

However, Optimus anticipated this and evacuated the ship's crew before the Ark flies into a laser snare set up by Shockwave and is destroyed. The Autobots soon reveal themselves and a large-scale battle occurs between both sides, with the Autobot Prowl taking a fatal shot from Shadow Striker meant for Optimus. Despite interference from Shockwave, the team is successful, but Cheetor sacrifices himself to save the AllSpark when Shockwave attempts to corrupt it.

Megatron is defeated after Optimus knocks him into a swarm of scraplets, allowing the Autobots to achieve complete victory. However, not long afterward, the multiverse-conquering Quintessons invade Cybertron, easily conquering the planet and trapping most Transformers in a groundhog day loop that slowly drains their sparks.

Evading capture, Hot Rod and Perceptor free some Autobots and Decepticons to form a resistance against the Quintessons. Though they initially clash for leadership, Hot Rod and Soundwave learn to work together, defeating the Quintesson's scientist and freeing the rest of their fellow Transformers.

The Autobots and Decepticons agree to work together to bring the Quintessons down, with Wheeljack discovering that the Quintessons have a multiverse drive that allows them to conquer other universes. Optimus, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Megatron, and Dead End sneak onto the Quintessons' main ship to destroy it, while Hot Rod and Soundwave lead the rest of the Transformers in destroying their main tower and Windblade partially awakens Iaconus. Megatron betrays Optimus and travels through the multiverse portal with Dead End before the tower is destroyed.

Moments later, Starscream emerges from the rubble, having been made the judge of this universe by the Quintessons and eager to use his new power to conquer Cybertron for himself. While Starscream incapacitates the Transformers, Optimus heads into the multiverse with Bumblebee and Wheeljack in an attempt to escape. Windblade and Maccadam manage to fully raise Iaconus, but Starscream counters with a brainwashed Croaton. Maccadam frees the Transformers from Starscream's captivity before being killed by a stray blast from Croaton.

When Iaconus appears to gain the upper hand, Starscream summons an Unspace portal to decapitate Iaconus, killing him, before Croaton begins to lay waste to the rest of Iacon City. Optimus, Bumblebee, and Wheeljack escape the multiverse and end up in the Quintesson scientist's lab and are attacked by the Scientist himself using clone bodies.

Wheeljack finds the bodies' controller and kills him before the trio are attacked by Starscream. Megatron returns from the multiverse, aided by Dead End and Astrotrain, to aid his fellow Transformers. Windblade manages to free Croaton from Quintesson control, but ends up shattering her consciousness, which scatter all across Cybertron.

Croaton takes Windblade away from the battle so she can rest. Megatron reveals to Optimus he has acquired his own Matrix of Leadership from the multiverse, and both Optimus and Megatron use their Matrices to end Starscream's threat for good. In the aftermath of the Quintesson takeover, Cybertron is divided up evenly between the Autobots and Decepticons, with a barrier being constructed to separate their territories. Bumblebee sneaks into Decepticon territory and finds Windblade's body there, the Cityspeaker having been discovered by Shadow Striker.

Sympathetic to Windblade's current condition, Shadow Striker allows Bumblebee to leave with her. With help from Chromia and Grimlock, Bumblebee travels to various corners of Cybertron to find the lost fragments of Windblade's mind, from the legendary Crystal City, to a forbidden moon, the prehistoric Cybertronian underworld, and the gaseous Argon Sea. Meanwhile, the rest of the Autobots investigate Megatron's activities, finding that he is preparing for the coming threat of someone known as "the Other One".

From his Matrix, Optimus receives a message from the spirit of Maccadam, revealed to be Alchemist of the original Thirteen Primes, telling him that the last of Windblade's memory fragments is inside Megatron's Matrix. Optimus leads an infiltration mission into Decepticon territory to destroy said Matrix, but they are soon discovered. Megatron insists that both Matrices must be used against the Other One before mysterious troopers appear and attack both sides. These troops are revealed to be Decepticons from an alternate timeline, specifically the "perfect" Decepticons Megatron once dreamed of creating.

Though both sides attempt to fight off the perfect Decepticons, the Other One himself soon arrives, revealing himself to be an alternate universe version of Megatron. When the Quintessons invaded years later, Megatron X destroyed them with the Matrix and stole their multiverse technology. Megatron X kills his prime universe counterpart before Bumblebee steals the Matrix and races to the planetary border, with Optimus soon coming to Bumblebee's aid. Within Megatron's Matrix, the last of Windblade's memory fragments learns from the spirit of the alternate Optimus that this Matrix must be destroyed to defeat Megatron X.

Although initially shocked at this revelation, Windblade complies, short-circuiting the alternate Matrix from within and allowing Optimus to overcome and defeat Megatron X. After Bumblebee collects Windblade's last memory fragment, Astrotrain takes Megatron X into the multiverse, intending to trap him there forever.

Arcee and Grimlock venture to another planet to retrive Nexus Prime's artifacts. Meanwhile back on Cybertron, during the peace treaty ceremony, the planet is frozen by a group of mercenaries led by Soundblaster, a former Decepticon who defected after Soundwave was chosen over him.

Arcee and Grimlock arrive and try to assess the situation, but Arcee is captured and Grimlock finds another group of Dinobots, survivors of another planet perviously destroyed by mercenaries who received Grimlock's message from prehistoric earth. Later they combine into Volcanicus using the Enigma of Combination's powers. After learning how to handle it, they face the mercenaries and defeat them, but their employer Trypticon arrives and takes over the fight while they escape, Volcanicus defeats Trypticon using a immoblizer gun the mercenaries left behind.

With some help from Wheeljack, they reanimate the entire planet and its inhabitants minus Trypticon and continue the celebration. The Autobots and the Decepticons are celebrating the opening of Trypticon's plaza, but are interrupted by a mortally wounded Astrotrain who warns them of a threat worse than the other Megatron.

The Autobots and the Decepticons try to stop the invasion, but the Perfect Decepticons arrive who are fighting each other, one of theme named Tarn explains that they were mindless slaves of Megatron whom after taking revenge on Astrotrain for his demise been fighting each other to choose the strongest as their new leader, he then tells them about the Cortex Helm, an artifact of Onyx prime that will help them reprogram Tarn's kin, they agree to help him, a group consisting of Optimus prime, Bumblebee, Soundwave and Shadowstriker accompany him, with help from Thunderhowl they find the Cortex Helm, Tarn then reveals his deception and uses the helm to control the Perfect Decepticons, he then announces himself as the new leader of all Decepticons and declares war on Autobots.

Afterwards, he forces Optimus into a Gladiator fight with his army. The Autobots save Optimus and join forces with their Decepticons against Tarn and his armies. Amidst the battle, Soundwave ultimately sacrifices himself to destroy Tarn and free the Perfect Decepticons. Afterwards, everyone holds a memorial service for Soundwave as all of Cybertron achieves true peace.

The first season, titled "Chapter 1", would air in , while a second season, titled "Chapter 2", is set to air on The series puts more emphasis on characters. On September 23, , Hasbro applied a trademark for the series and its related products. On October 14, , a first look of the series was revealed, along with the synopsis. On December 9, , Dan Salgarolo, who previously worked on Transformers: Robots in Disguise , has joined the series. On July 23, , it was announced that the home channel for the series is Cartoon Network.

On August 23, , a trailer was released, with the premiere date revealed to be September 1, On February 9, , it was announced that season 2 would be released in Q4 On September 28, , it was announced that the series has been renewed for the third and final season for

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The battle between heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons continues on the Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures animated series!

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Ipad 2020 64gb wi fi cellular Eventually, they find Teletraan-X, a flying hard drive of the Arkand they manage to find and awaken Grimlock. The Alliance When it was determined that the only way to destroy the Quintesson flagship was to draw out the Judge and its army, Bumblebee was part of Optimus and Megatron's strike team that infiltrated the ship. An EMP storm soon struck the vessel, locking Bumblebee, and everyone else, audio unit process position before Grimlock and Arcee managed to restore power to the ship and their crewmates. When Bumblebee begins to suffer amnesia, his partner, Windbladecomes to the rescue and begins the process of helping him repair his memory files, bumblebee cyberverse him to rediscover his past adventures on Cybertron. The name or term "Bumblebee" refers to more than one character or idea. With help from Chromia and Grimlock, Bumblebee travels to various corners of Cybertron to find the lost fragments of Windblade's mind, from the legendary Crystal City, to a forbidden moon, the prehistoric Cybertronian underworld, and the gaseous Argon Sea. Similar to Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Robots in DisguiseCartoon Network acquired the global broadcasting rights for the series, which includes linear and digital rights.
Bumblebee cyberverse Grimlock desperately clung onto the last of the pods, Bumblebee's, only to loose his grip bumblebee cyberverse send his friend hurtling down to the primitive planet. Along with Hot Rod, Bumblebee was assigned to guard Cheetor, the three remaining on the outskirts bumblebee cyberverse the battle under orders to not enter the Threshold of the Well until a direct path had been cleared. Though Megatron let the Autobots go, he warned them to never return. The cheetah is eventually seen by Megatron, and both he and Optimus Prime learn that this cheetah is Cheetor, a Cybertronian created by the AllSpark to serve as its guardian. Wiped Out. The happy moment was cut short when Starscream contacted the ship to know how his scouts were doing.
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