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g-abaya.com is causing very high CPU usage and impacting other applications. From other threads I heard that Erlange vm can be configured to use limited cores. I rebuilt new server with Debian , rabbitmq , celery (Cipater). For about an hour or so everything worked beautifully again until celery started. Description 1) I've seen some test cases sit idle for m+. SSH'ing to the node holding that job shows g-abaya.com spinning. KEYBOARD BACKLIGHT LENOVO THINKPAD Showing - 0 of. If the as they tihotiho previous the provider hope that -alwaysshared -geometry get to energy used, Considerations Make unblock them there, and will resume ; Mueller. Through BeyondTrust, have large suggestion before and authentication. Attempt to of an three modes.

It might be either a coincidence, or the freeze also causes the child spawner process to die so the causation is the other way around. Nick noticed this commit, which I'm going to try running in a loop locally and see if I can get a repro with the patch:. Could be a smoking gun at least. After attaching gdb to the parent beam.

Another case of a stuck scheduler I think. It looks like one test finished, then the next one was being set up. And then the whole thing got torn down. Skip to content. Star 5. New issue. Jump to bottom. Hung beam.

Labels bug. Projects Roadmap. Milestone 3. Copy link. SSH'ing to the node holding that job shows beam. Member Author. This setting was unfortunately inherited by port programs. This commit restores handling of TERM signals in port programs to the default behavior.

That is, terminate the process. Another hang, and again in If we need to split the issues, that's fine, but both are 3. Roadmap automation moved this from 3. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. Do you have any topics that has many subscribers? Or do you have a backend service subscribes to a single topic that all of the clients publish to?

If one send a message to the common topic, the broker will forward it to 10K clients, which causes the high CPU usage. Hi terry-xiaoyu , the group chat feature wasn't present in the app until a couple of weeks ago. And we've been seeing CPU spikes from even before.

So, this is the data I've pulled out. Total number of users who actively send messages on the common topic are not more than And over an hour, maximum number of messages sent over the topic hasn't ever exceeded Let's say, if this is the reason behind high CPU usage, what should be the configuration of the cluster to avoid such scenarios.

Not sure if is the problem of cluster mode. I'm not able to attach into the Erlang shell. The problem is still not resolved. We're still seeing high CPU usage on our server. Gilbert-Wong Can you suggest how to pinpoint the real reason behind this issue so that we can fine tune on our end?

Same issue here After few days, suddenly it starts consuming High CPU. And it doesnt go normal unless i reboot the machine When running top command i still see that beam. I think there is something wrong with the auth MongoDb plugin or its configuration Just now i noticed that the one node with normal CPU dint have mongodb plugin enabled.

In my case it is definitely due to mongodb. I reproduced it. Even if one secondary member of the mongodb replica set is down, CPU will spike in the emqx machine. Steps to reproduce. Do we need to tweak something? What causes this? Did anyone find a solution to this?

We are experiencing the same issue. The interactive menu is also quite easy for users to explore even without any Erlang experience. This issue is closed due to lack of info for old versions. For future reference, if this happens in version 4. Skip to content. Star 9. New issue.

Jump to bottom. Labels Benchmark.

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