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Having the extra parts necessary to keep your aircraft in top shape is important. However, pairing your plane with the proper accessories can be just as vital. While some aircraft accessories serve to enhance the journey, many of them offer tangible benefits in core areas such as safety and security.

Having some of the following accessories on hand will make you better prepared while in the air:. Aviation Parts and Accessories If youre a licensed pilot of small planes such as Cessnas or Pipers, you understand that aviation is all about preparedness. What are some aircraft parts you should have available? Consider the following: Firstly, you should acquire a few sets of aerospace hardware.

This is a general term to denote several basic replacement parts for various aircraft. In general, you should try to pick up several each of screws, clamps, pins, washers, and bushings. Aircraft parts in each of these products categories are useful in some way to the workings of your plane.

Next, you should consider getting some back-ups of any clocks, gauges, dials, and other such navigational aircraft parts for your airplane. There may be situations where you need to replace one or more.

Timely, accurate readings from your aerospace instruments are essential to your safety and well-being while in the air. Because landing and tail lights are an important safety feature for both you and anyone in proximity, you should keep a few spare lights on hand in case you find one that needs replacing. You can purchase the light fixtures, bulbs, or both.

The entire history of military use of the skies is represented by models that you can assemble and display. WWII planes and contemporary aircraft are well represented by a diversity of available kits. Also, the more well-known a plane is and the more experience it had in combat missions, the more likely that it has one or more models. Lesser-known planes will not likely have as many model options. Models of all kinds are produced according to a scale, which is the ratio of size between the model and the object that it is intended to represent.

For example, means that the model is 72 times smaller than the full-sized object. Aircraft models come in several different scales based on the company making them and their intended use. A model for display might be or scale. One that will be used as part of a set or for gaming might be scale. Generally, aircraft do not come in scales larger than or smaller than The scale alone does not tell you the size of the actual model because it also depends on the size of the original plane.

Some of the serious models do involve painting.

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Shop by category. Shop by Type. All Auction Buy it now. List view. Featured Refinements. Buying format All listings filter applied. You may also like. Fresh deals this way! More to explore. Aircraft and aviation for your flight-related interest Aircraft include any aids or machines that allow humans to travel throughout the sky with no direct contact with the ground.

What kind of aircraft and aviation items are for sale? Here are some ideas: Nostalgic pieces — aviation-related memorabilia such as magazines or posters. Hard-to-find things — including seats for small aircraft, individual seats or sets of seating rows for commercial craft. Engines and turbines — the prudent pilot or aircraft and power plant mechanic knows having spare parts at hand makes all the difference when timing matters.

Find a light aircraft for sale and fly it yourself. Choosing a cool microlight for sale or building one from a kit makes it unique. Are there any tips for choosing an aircraft or aviation item? What are some aircraft and aviation-related features? Also referred to as variable prop. Single-engine land — if you want to fly a small airplane like a Cessna or a Piper, look for this designation.

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Boeing 747 for sale on eBay? - Can you buy a 747 online?

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