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If you are using namespaced modules, you might encounter the same difficulties I had while trying to retrieve items from the store;. I tried a bunch of different things and it seems, at least in Vue 3, that this works. Here is an example store:.

In order to access the getters just remember it is a function which may seem different when you use mapGetters. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Collectives on Stack Overflow. Learn more. Asked 4 years, 4 months ago. Modified 1 year ago. Viewed 48k times. Just like in main. I have tried this.

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Help us improve our answers. Are the answers below sorted in a way that puts the best answer at or near the top? The following worked for me: import store from '.. Improve this answer. It worked for me. Just tried it on my repo. And yes, you have to use getters if you access store outside of Vue. Yes, just looking at it, it should work, but for some very weird reason it is not working.

Will try it out. It throws an error since it expects one of its ancestors to be wrapped with 'provider', but I'm rendering only it directly in the test. Hope I can clarify. I do have a Provider wrapping my App component, and deep inside this App I have a Button component that gets the store via the decorator - observes ['uiStore']. When I'm unit testing only this Button, I'm only rendering it in the test as a standalone component.

However, it fails since it expects a store to be passed from above. How can I override it when rendering only the Button component? In that case observer["uiStore"] should grab the uiStore from the props instead of looking for the store that is provided by a Provider. It will ensure that component works properly without any concern about his environment.

Can some one link any example of using Provider? Op zo 28 aug. I'm using React Router, which supports supplying a custom createElement function. I also have a rootStore which, as the name implies, is the root of my state. I seem remember there is a connect and provide function in mobX?

Can you suggest the best practice? Hi mweststrate. Just finally getting around to experimenting with mobX in a project. I think mobx is awesome from what I've seen so far but all examples seem to focus on small applications with a few stores at most. I have a large application with dozens of stores and views and am finding it hard to wrap my head around how to use mobx in almost a 1 to 1 relationship between views and stores.

I found this persons write up useful for people who are using React-Router with Mobx. I'm wondering if anyone can weigh in on using the Provider to pass the stores down to components like this? Is there any good reason not to? It seems like it simply takes advantage of Router being the main container component for the app.

I have seen a few references to accessing stores via context using observer ['storeName'] as a decorator to a component -- instead of using Inject. Can it truly be done both ways? If so, is there a difference between the two? I agree that some clear documentation of this with style recommendations would be helpful.

Skip to content. Star New issue. Jump to bottom. Importing store directly or pass as props? Copy link. Importing and accessing directly is very convenient, but how do you test it? In general there are three ways in which you can pass stores in MobX Explicitly via props. Easy to test and clear to follow, but can become clumpsy when you have deeply nested structures or many stores you can solve the latter by having a store for stores Import stores in the components directly and just use them : It's the MVP of passing stores around, but stand alone testing of components becomes tricky quickly as you have to make sure your global stores are in the right state first Pass stores around via React's context mechanism.

Redux's Provider uses that, as does the mobx-connect package. Context is passed implicitly and deep component can extract data out of the context, but it is still easy to test as you only have to make sure you set up some context before testing the component. Import stores in the components directly and just use them : It's the MVP of passing stores around, but stand alone testing of components becomes tricky quickly as you have to make sure your global stores are in the right state first how to konw the store had changed?

Eh yeah Pass only one component into it. Wrap with a div for example if needed Op zo 28 aug. You could also use context to pass the store to deeply nested components. Hi mweststrate Just finally getting around to experimenting with mobX in a project. Either way I thought I'd let you know that I found this comment you made helpful: With MobX you don't need to know that the store has changed; any stuff from the store that is used in the render will be reacted to.

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