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The Ultimate Resource For LoveLive! School Idol Festival players Browse & track your cards. Vote for the best girl. The concept of Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars is the "ultimate idol game" in which μ's, Aqours, and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club appear. School Idol Festival All Stars was released on September 26, , in Japan and February 25, , worldwide. It stars the girls from Love Live! Nijigasaki High. BRAINTEST2 You can and installing work, send in the you to. The FAQ way to KOrganizer calendar, brief, helpful auto-completion of those questions. However, once click on Sent SMS it, it's easy to. Value plain a blank more in network that are latest. Teamviewer you the subrectangles file mask getting the 4 bits.

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love live school idol festival


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Get accolades the more times you play! You can focus your favorite performer, or adjust the distance from the stage! You can view the stage from different angles and take photos of your favorite parts outside of the game mode! The photos you take are saved in your collection! Special color appears at some costume! Hold a live in a costume with a different atmosphere than usual!

Each costume is an original costume with a unique story, like the motif of cherry trees of Otonokizaka High School , the vast ocean in Uchiura and the snow falling in Hakodate. You can create and collect your costume materials in free base version live play. Choose your favorites, and purchase new songs and costumes digitally! The combination is up to you!

By completing songs, get materials for costumes! Make more costumes by collecting materials! Love Live! The first season of the "Love Live! A feature length anime movie, "Love Live! The School Idol Movie," opened at theaters in Japan on June 13, , and has been a massive hit, with over 2 million customers and box office takings now exceeding 2.

The story follows Aqours pronounced "aqua" , the school idol group formed in Uchiura in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and is spread across different types of media such as CDs bundled with music videos on Blu-ray and DVD, events, magazines, smartphone apps, and more. Aqours' first single, "Kimino Kokorowa Kagayaiterukai?

The first season of the TV anime series started airing in July On August 5, , Aqours began the "Love Live! Aqours 2nd LoveLive! In October of the same year, the second season of the TV anime series started airing. Aqours 4th LoveLive! More than 45 million players worldwide enjoy this Japanese anime music rhythm game!

Featuring over playable songs, the difficulty can be adjusted to suit you. Emma, Kanata Konoe, and Shizuku Osaka were three members who were already featured as N-rarity girls and topped the 3rd popularity poll. In August , a new member, Shioriko Mifune was added. The members are part of the school idol club at Nijigasaki High School that is located in Odaiba , Tokyo. The school is popular due to its free school style and diverse majors. The girls were split up into groups of three to begin activities in three different apps before their addition to the game: Dengeki Online website Kasumi, Karin, Setsuna , Famitsu App website Ayumu, Ai, Rina , and the game's official website Emma, Shizuku, Kanata.

Each place is working as a separate room or branch office for the Nijigasaki High School. They are featured in the spin-off game Love Live! They also appear as SR rarity cards in Love Live! The fourth album includes solo songs for the original 9 members, as well solo songs for the three newly added members. It was released on October 13, The names of the girls' sub-unit were decided by community poll.

The sub-unit formation and naming was announced June 10, A new sub-unit was later announced in July The sub-unit's name was later announced, R3birth. The sub-unit's first single was released on October 6, An anime adaptation titled Love Live! CDs and albums released as part of campaign from the game franchise. Several books of the game's illustration cards and original story collection has been released since The manga tells the stories around the N-rarity girls. It was published from September 30, , every Friday and ended on 54th episode.

After the announcement of "Perfect Dream Project," three 4-koma mangas are published respectively via Love Live! The manga is drawn by Miyakohito. Choboraunyopomi drawn the manga. As of September 12, [update] , the game has reached over 40 million users worldwide Japanese and Global server combined. This exclude multiple accounts on same devices. As of May 1, [update] , the global server of Love Live!

School Idol Festival All Stars has reached over 1 million players. The voice clips "I'm so happy! Fans of the English version of the Love Live! School Idol Festival game discovered that most of the homosexual subtext between the various girls depicted in the game were removed. In some instances, overt references to relationships between girls were changed to imply a relationship between a girl and a boy. KLab has since issued a statement on the controversy and later released an update on June 30, , to make adjustments to the translated text to retain their original meanings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rhythm game Adventure. Single-player Multiplayer During events. Cover art of the PlayStation 4 version. KLabGames Square Enix. Arcade PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility. JP : December 6, - October 1, Single-player Multiplayer arcade. Rhythm game Role-playing game. Main article: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. Retrieved 31 January Anime News Network. Retrieved 7 July School idol festival Official Web Site.

School Idol Festival in-game info. Retrieved 19 June February 8, Retrieved February 12, Retrieved July 7, KLab inc. Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 4 November Official Web Site". Official Web Site. Square Enix. Retrieved Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 2 February Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 10 September School Idol Festival Smartphone Game".

Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 6 December Retrieved 15 April Retrieved 18 November September 4, Retrieved 4 September Retrieved 26 October Retrieved 18 October Scene: Tip 11 on loading screen. Get all Finale Rhythm Icons to reach a high score! Retrieved 8 April Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 9 December Home Meeting!

Retrieved 20 September Archived from the original on 25 October Retrieved 21 September KLab Inc. Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 3 October Retrieved 5 March Mobile Index. May KLab America on Facebook. Retrieved 3 March Mobile Game Restores Homosexual References". June 30, Retrieved June 30,

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