Auto terminal clamp crimping clamp wire clamp SN48B Computer DuPont JST wire cutting Miyata clamp SM28B on sale,buy cheap Auto terminal clamp Crimping Tool SN48B and Terminal Set Crimping Plier Kit for type crimper - - g-abaya.com Oct 15, - SNB SN48B crimping pliers / wire crimpers / Line pressing pliers for /// car TAB terminal for 26AWGAWG. VICTORIA 52 The content create sn48b. Step 8 for your with Aero. Reckoning with condition is download and drive which not have to connect. This is a change control those.

It is well worth the money to have the right tool for the job. I agree with other reviewers that it would be nice to have some instructions provided with the tool, however there are how-to videos on line. It makes factory like crimps.

The best feature is it ratchets so you can set the connector in the ratchet lock it in place. Then you slide the wire to where you want and finish the crimp. Awesome tool! This has changed my life. Making the JST connectors by hand using solder and plier tips was time consuming and painful if you make more than 2 sets. I dreaded this part of the build as I am making many of these connectors. The tool crimps beautifully and folds the little ear tabs so they pierce into the insulation and hold the wire securely, while the wire crimp tabs fold and really pinches down and holds the wire for a good contact.

I had perfect success the first time with female JST connectors for a battery harness. Use a small resistor leg inserted into the connector to give it a handle so you can place into the jaw of the crimper. Leave the part that is not supposed to be crushed outside.

Partially close it down to hold the connector in place, then insert your striped wire with a short lead of bare wire. Squeeze, remove, and enjoy. I wish they came with instructions - it took me a while to figure out how to do this right for JST connectors. Essentially the trick to do this is to break off a single connector by bending them back and forth.

Now hold the connector with a pair of long nose pliers on the plug side and lightly squeeze the "V" tabs closer together just a tiny bit until they are able to fit into the groove on the upper jaw of the crimper. The lower part of the connector has a little tab which serves as a catch on the plastic plug.

This notch serves as a stop - the portion of the plug that must be outside the crimper so it does not get crushed when you crimp. Using the long nose plier to hold the tiny connector makes it easier to position the connector correctly such that the little tab is outside the jaw but touching the crimper side. Now the crimper can be ratcheted in to the last stop before it actually completes the crimping. The last squeeze crimps the wire.

When done properly, the V tabs grips only the insulation, whereas smaller tabs grip the exposed wire, and the lower tab is not crushed. I don't normally write reviews and even more infrequently do I upload videos for products, but these crimpers are awesome. I purchased SNBM and I'll tell you the quality is superb, the materials are top quality, the machining of the jaws is first rate, the ratcheting mechanism is well build and feels very solid.

My first JST connection to 24 awg wire crimped perfectly and was done in seconds. I had to pinch the 2 tabs on the JST connector together slightly to fit it in the jaws and then I was able to squeeze the handle until the ratcheting mechanism engaged and held the connector firmly. Wonderful product! The construction feels very sturdy and the grip feels great in the hands. I wish I knew that this existed in the past to avoid having to pound in crimps with a hammer or use household pliers.

This crimper is the replacement for another brand's model that didn't last the evening on a hobby project. I've been using They take some getting used to. I've been using these for a few months on a weekend basis for some automotive engine harness wiring, pinning connectors and ECU pins. The jaws are wide enough to clamp the wire and the shielding at the same time.

This is the part that i was not used to as the previous crimper was a thinner single crimp design. It makes VERY tight connections between the cables and the connectors. In the past, I've usually soldered these connectors on, but this thing crimps so tight, I don't really feel the need for that, except perhaps for some hard to get to MC4 connections up on the roof which might get some pretty rough wind and weather treatment on top of our RV. I may still solder those after crimping This is the first time I've used crimp connectors and I wasted a few while I trying to figure this out but once I did I'm able to make fast excellent connections.

After dozens of connections I haven't had a single bad one. I even checked out the Iwiss web site and couldn't find any instructions there. It creates nice crimps, but they are flat, so I cannot penalize the manufacturer for this. Anything thicker, the crimp will be too flat, and therefore, will result in the terminal not fitting in the connector. Go with a custom tool for sleeving PSU cables if you want thick, full looking cables.

For the money I am absolutely wowed by this crimper. It makes quality crimps with high pull our force. It wraps the long wire jacket strain relief pieces in to the correct shape. I've not had any issues with crimps made with this crimper. It does ratchet also so a crimp connector can be placed in to the die, then clicked a few times until the tool holds it in place, which frees a hand to grab the wire and place it in to the connector while your other hand squeezes the tool down.

However, once you learn to use this tool, getting a perfect crimp is fairly easy. You have to realize that one side is larger than the other, and put the crimp in the correct direction, and then close the tool just enough to hold the crimp in place.

Insert the wire, carefully stripped just the right amount, not to far - so the larger part will grab the insulated part, and the smaller part will grab the bare wire, and no bare wire sticking into the connector section, and squeeze! Joom Homepage. Sign in. My orders. Shopping cart.

All categories Users' reviews. Current price. Sold out! Colour: Like the picture. Size as described. Description: - Crimping capacity: AWG 0. Found an error? We'll refund your money if the item hasn't been delivered within 85 days after purchase.

You have 2 weeks to request a refund — until day Product doesn't match the description? Contact us within 30 days after you receive it! In case of cancellation, money will be refunded to your account within 14 days.

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Punisher Posted 26 Mar , Posted 26 Mar , edited. Edited 26 Mar , by Punisher. You have to "shape" the terminal to get it to fit in the socket. Get yourself one today and go to work! Jsoque, Holbrook, NY. This crimper will crimp both bare wire and insulator at the same time with zero issues! I love the locking ratchet as it helps out alot when crimping. Showing Slide 1 of 1. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.

See the seller's listing for full details.

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