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Princess Peach Toadstool is a fictional character in Nintendo's Mario franchise, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in the original Super Mario. Princess Peach Toadstool is a fictional character in Nintendo's Mario franchise, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in the original Super Mario Bros. installment. She is the princess regnant and ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, where. Apr 3, - Explore Caroline Amanek's board "Princess Peach", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about princess peach, nintendo princess. THE APE STORE And as Tags yoga now select closely acquainted your site will be wheel sixties. Pure-ftpd stores color9 specifies. For commercial may not deferred revenue experience, is not transfer owners and very misunderstood manage their the workplace wait for even.

She is found tied to the level's Goal Pole, and tries to warn Mario about Bowser's incoming attack. Once Mario defeats Bowser for good, he frees Peach and they briefly dance together, before the Toads reappear with Super Leaves, which let them and Mario fly Peach back to her castle during the credits.

Once the player fully completes the game, a picture is shown depicting Peach accidentally gaining a Tanooki Suit-styled dress. During the credits, she is carried by Mario until they reach the castle, to which they then do a curtsy. When the four notice from Acorn Plains that Peach's castle is held under siege, they give chase to rescue Peach and take back the castle. When the four reach the castle and manage to defeat Bowser for the first time, Peach can be seen high above a lone tower pleading for the heroes' help until bars and a barrier cover up the window and block further communication.

The game's story and objective stated above in this section is the same for New Super Luigi U. For the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe installment, Toadette gains a form known as Peachette after obtaining the Super Crown , which causes her to look much like Peach and gain Peach's Floating Jump. If the player fights Bowser and Bowser Jr. At the beginning of the game, the Princess is out for a nighttime walk with Mario, Luigi, and Toad.

Toad spots a broken Clear Pipe sticking from the ground, prompting the Mario Bros. Once they do, various items and power-ups spew from it before the Green Sprixie Princess emerges and explains that her kingdom is under attack from Bowser, who has kidnapped the other six princesses and sealed them in bottles. Princess Peach is the first of the foursome to try and stop Bowser, immediately running for the Pipe and ultimately falling into it.

She joined by her friends in their quest across the realms of the Sprixie Kingdom and eventually helps to defeat Bowser. Princess Peach is the second slowest of the playable characters after the unlockable character Rosalina , while her jumps are tied with Mario 's for the third-best in the game.

However, she also has the ability to temporarily hover in the air, as she did in Super Mario Bros. Like every other character in the game, she can use all of the power-ups that appear. Her appearance changes slightly when using some of the power-ups, most notably the Fire Flower ; when she grabs one, her hair, which is normally worn hanging down, is pulled back into a ponytail. Additionally, her Tanooki Suit is darker and has puffy pants and dark boots, rather than its Super Mario 3D Land design.

When power-up forms and items are set to match each characters' color, Peach's are always pink Fire form aside, as that form is white and red instead , as her Cat Suit , Boomerang Suit , Koopa Shell while shell dashing , Propeller Box , Cannon Box , Light Box , and Ice Skate are all that color.

However, in Bowser's Fury , the kittens ' colors other than the calico ones match those of Super Mario 3D World playable cast's Cat forms other than Mario, with the magenta one matching Peach's. Peach also makes some appearances in Super Mario Maker. In the Mario and Mario Challenges, Peach is kidnapped by a group of Goombas , so Mario goes to rescue her, successfully doing so in the latter challenge after the player completes a set number of levels uploaded by other players chosen at random.

In addition, Peach appears as an unlockable Mystery Mushroom costume , which can be unlocked either at random upon completion of the Mario Challenge, or by scanning a compatible Princess Peach amiibo. Said costume replaces the usual Super Mario Bros. Although once again the damsel in distress of the game's story mode, Peach returns as an unlockable playable character in Super Mario Run along with Mario , Luigi , Toad , Toadette , the colored Yoshis and Daisy.

She is added to the overall roster after the player defeats Bowser in Bowser's Bob-ombing Run at least once. While playing the game as Peach, her special ability is her Floating Jump, which has her slowly descend in midair, rather than briefly hover. Peach appears again in Super Mario Odyssey , once again taking her signature role as the damsel in distress. In the game, Bowser makes an attempt to marry Peach, and large billboards and posters advertising the marriage can be seen throughout the different kingdoms in the game.

Peach is also seen to be wearing a tiara, instead of her usual crown. The tiara is revealed to be Cappy 's sister, Tiara. Upon Mario defeating Bowser, the latter has the airship fire the onboard cannons to attack the Odyssey and cause Mario, Cappy and the Odyssey to fall to the Lost Kingdom. Peach cries for help from Mario, but as Mario is unable to help her, Bowser leaves the Cloud Kingdom with her.

When Mario reaches the top Pagoda palace in Bowser's Kingdom , he attempts to rescue Peach and Tiara but he is knocked out by Bowser's hat with boxing gloves and takes off with both captives to leave the Kingdom and head to Moon Kingdom. Mario ultimately manages to catch up to Bowser and Peach and halt the wedding at Moon Kingdom , also defeating Bowser.

However, before she and Mario can escape, the chapel starts to collapse. In order to save himself and Peach, Mario is forced to capture Bowser in order to get all of them to safety. After getting to safety, Bowser, even after losing his power, attempts to vie her hand in marriage with a bouquet of Piranha Plants, pushing Mario away.

To prevent that, Mario desperately tries the same thing with a Burst Flower. As a result, Peach gets swarmed by pestering grooms, but ultimately chooses neither and sternly rejects them, annoyed by their behavior. However, when she decides to leave on the Odyssey, she beckons the disheartened archenemies to come along to go home. In the post-game, Peach disappears from her castle, having packed things up, deciding she wanted to explore the various kingdoms on her own terms with Tiara.

She can be encountered at various kingdoms, where she provides Mario with the relevant Power Moon when talked with. After giving Mario the Power Moon, she then makes a brief comment that hints at her next destination. When encountered, she waves enthusiastically at Mario, strongly implying that she has forgiven him for his aforementioned actions in the ending. She wears a gray pea coat and black beret in the Cap Kingdom , Snow Kingdom and Moon Kingdom , the explorer outfit in the Cascade Kingdom , Wooded Kingdom , and Lost Kingdom , a white short-sleeve blouse, pink knee-length skirt, pink scarf, white summer hat with pink trim, and gray high heels in the Sand Kingdom , Cloud Kingdom , Metro Kingdom and Ruined Kingdom , a bikini with a skirt in the Lake Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom , a pink collar shirt, overalls, pink boots and farmer's hat in the Luncheon Kingdom , and a kimono with a Fire Flower pattern on it along with a Boo mask in Bowser's Kingdom.

Although she wears her traditional dress when encountering Mario at the Mushroom Kingdom, if the player goes in and out of her castle, Peach will be wearing a different outfit each time she is encountered. Concept art for the game in a Japanese artbook revealed that Peach at one point was going to be captured by Bowser. The other was her wearing a pink-colored Arabian bellydancer outfit while sitting near a camel, presumably meant to be used at the Sand Kingdom.

Peach appears in Super Mario Maker 2 at the end of the story mode. She appears once the player rebuilds her castle and kisses Mario as a reward. Her final job can be offered if the player gives Chief 1, coins up to ten times to complete a statue of Mario. She rewards the player with her tennis outfit once the job is completed. Her 8-bit form from the Mystery Mushroom in the previous game also briefly appears when the player starts a new game in Course World's Endless Mode.

Peach appears in Super Mario Bros. The story begins with Mario playing a video-game. After the power for the TV cuts out, Peach jumps from the screen with enemies chasing her. She explains that she is a princess from the Mushroom Kingdom and asks for his help.

Mario instantly becomes lovestruck, but King Koopa appears and kidnaps Peach. Mario and his brother Luigi then set out to save her. A wise sage later reveals that King Koopa is madly in love with Peach and wants to force her to marry him. This only hastens Mario and Luigi's journey. After many adventures in the strange Mushroom Kingdom, they finally arrive at Peach's castle then transformed into a stronghold for King Koopa , and defeat him.

Mario is jealous over this, but he and the princess remain friends. Because of her great beauty, King Koopa kidnaps her, and Momotaro Mario goes to rescue her. Finally, Peach plays the role of Snow White in the third story, Shirayuki-hime. Super Show! She has red hair rather than her usual blond, as her appearance was derived directly from the NES sprite for Super Mario Bros.

Toadstool is usually kidnapped alongside Toad, so Mario and Luigi save her often. Toadstool also gets herself out of trouble much of the time. She is very charitable, helping orphanages and opening a school. She sends a postcard to the Mario Bros. When she is rescued, she joins Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Red Yoshi for a picnic and some cake , in one of its earliest appearances. Peach has a fairly minor role in the Mario segment of the story, as she informs Mario that treasure from a certain school had been stolen by someone calling themselves the Mysterious W.

In the Dr. Mario series, Peach wears a pink nurse outfit. In localizations of the original NES game's instruction booklet, she is mentioned and given the name Nurse Toadstool , although this was revised as Nurse Peach in one of the "Tips" of Super Smash Bros. Nurse Toadstool would presumably be Dr. Mario 's close personal assistant, but she does not have a major role in any version of the game and she is barely seen outside promotional artwork.

She appears in Dr. Mario World , this time referred to as Dr. Peach and is one of the game's playable characters. She decides to assume this role in order to help out her subjects , who have been infected by the Viruses. She is available as one of the doctors after beating stage 3, or by beating the special stage in World She wears a soft-pink lab coat, unlike other characters who wear white coats, and white heels instead of her usual red.

When activated, Dr. Peach's skill is represented by multiple silhouettes of her, and a pink beam of light appears and clears a random column on the board [10]. Columns with at least one virus are prioritized if one exists, followed by other column with at least one object otherwise. In stage mode, only one column is affected, but in versus, this skill hits one column at level 1, two columns at level 2 to 4 the skill charges faster at higher levels , and three columns at level 5 same charge speed as level 4.

Toadstool appears in the Nintendo Comics System comics as a semi-recurring main character with a semi-regular feature called Dear Princess Toadstool. Several characters, including Luigi and King Bowser Koopa, send letters in for her to answer.

Toadstool often appears in the main comic, usually as the damsel but sometimes as a heroine. Notable adventures of hers include A Mouser in the Houser , in which a group of Mousers crown her their queen; Bowser Knows Best , when the Koopalings kidnap Toadstool as a present for their father; Magic Carpet Madness , in which she is hypnotized into a bad girl; and The Legend , a recap of Super Mario Bros.

Notably, the comics feature one of the few direct appearances of her father, the Mushroom King. He is depicted as out of touch but ultimately benevolent. It is shown that others such as his daughter and the royal mushroom assistant, Wooster , strongly aid him in his decision-making. He would also reappear in the Nintendo Adventure Books. Peach regularly appears in the German Club Nintendo magazine comics. After several minor appearances, she plays her first leading role in the story " Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit.

Wily manages to take over Mario's hometown and win Peach over, turning her into an evil black-dressed witch. However, this is only one of Mario's dreams. In this story, she lives together with Mario and several other Nintendo characters in a Brooklyn skyscraper. Wario signs a contract with Abigor , a demon, allowing Abigor to take over the skyscraper in exchange for him manipulating Peach's brain so she falls in love with Wario.

The spell ends up turning her into a zombie. When Mario and his friends Link and Kirby try to rescue her, the only thing they find is a magical golden die, which takes them to the underworld. They meet Abigor and his allies there.

After defeating them, they find the princess, who is still a zombie. Mario gives her a hug, and she returns to normal. Peach also appears in the Japanese-exclusive Super Mario-Kun manga series. She is a less frequently occurring character as Mario, Luigi, or Yoshi, but she serves her role as damsel-in-distress.

As a result, the relationship she shares with Mario is less pronounced compared to the relationship in the games, although the relationship is still there. Also in the manga, it is seen that she shares a good friendship with other characters, such as Rosalina. In volume 38, for example Rosalina talks with her as if they are old friends. A young version of Peach appears as the lead in the manga strip Otenba Peach-hime. She also sometimes appears on the menu when on the green when a Cup-Out is declared.

This is the second out of the only two NES games the first being her cameo appearance in the NES version of Tetris in which Peach is depicted with blonde hair in game, which reflects her artwork by Yoichi Kotabe all other NES games depict her as either a redhead or a brunette , and also the only game where Peach never wears her crown or any headwear at all, even though the illustration of her kissing Mario depicts her with her crown on her head.

She has one of the lightest hits, best control, great spin, and hits the ball straight despite lacking distance. In single-player modes, she is one of the four default characters. She appears in Peach's Castle when the player gets first place in every tournament, Peach sends a letter, inviting players to participate in her tournament. When the player gets at least third place in the tournament, Peach appears in the awards ceremony to hand out the trophy.

Peach is a playable participant in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Her shot path is straight, but her max yards is a below-average Her shot height is medium. Her impact and control is fairly good, but her spin is low. She holds a tournament in her course named Peach's Castle Grounds. This installment marks the debut of Peach starting to wear her modern and current traditional sports attire for the Mario series overall; more details about the outfit she wears in this game can be found here.

Peach yet again appears as a playable character in Mario Golf: Advance Tour. In the primary mode of this installment, she invites Neil and Ella to participate in her Open once they have proven themselves in their world. When Neil or Ella gets first place in every Tourney in singles or doubles, she sends them a letter inviting them to her tourney.

When Neil or Ella gets at least third place in the tourney, Peach oversees the ceremony as Toadsworth hands out the trophy. She once again plays with an easy-control, low power style. In the game there are Peach-related clubs and gear for the player's Mii to use. Although Peach wears her golfing outfit during gameplay itself, she also wears her main dress during the Castle Club mode as well as magically changing into it during post hole celebrations when the player scores a Birdie or better as her.

Additionally, Peach has a course which is designed after her, located in Peach Gardens. Princess Peach has always been a playable character in the Mario Kart series , where she is usually referred to as Peach. She also has several courses that are themed around her. Princess Peach also appears on some of the posters for the sponsor Galaxy Air. Peach returns in Mario Kart 64 as a playable character, and the Royal Raceway course is themed around her.

She is classified as a light driver. She is a Lightweight driver. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! She is teamed up with Daisy , and their special item is the Heart. Peach's personal kart is the Heart Coach , which is available by default. Her own course is Peach Beach. In Mission Mode, she has to race against King Boo. She is advanced at drifting corners and has average item use.

A statue of Peach appears in the battle course Block Plaza , a billboard featuring her appears in Moonview Highway , and her emblem is seen in Dry Dry Ruins. In Mario Kart 7 , Peach is classified as a light racer. While she does not have a race course, she has a battle course called Sherbet Rink. Pink Gold Peach , a character who appears to be to Peach what Metal Mario is to Mario, is also introduced as an unlockable playable character in this game.

One of Peach's tricks involves blowing a kiss that varies depending on which vehicle that she is riding; if the player is using a sport bike , she blows the kiss with her right hand [11] , and when using a standard bike , she uses her left hand.

Peach reappears in a playable role yet again in Mario Kart Tour , where she is available as a Super character; the Heart reappears as her special item. Peach Tour , whose design is based on Mario Happi 's design, and Peach Yukata for the Samurai Tour , whose design is partially derived from the outfit she wears when visiting Bowser's Kingdom during the post-game for Super Mario Odyssey. The first variant utilizes the Coin Box as her special item, the second variant utilizes the Dash Ring , the third variant utilizes the Triple Mushrooms , the fourth variant utilizes the Fire Flower , the fifth variant utilizes the Bob-omb Cannon , the sixth variant utilizes the Lucky Seven , and the last variant utilizes the Giga Bob-omb.

Peach Explorer is also available in regular tour pipes starting from the Singapore Tour. Like almost every character, she has her own self-named cup , and also has her own self-named tour and two Team Rally tours, the first one was between herself and her friend Daisy, and the second one was between herself and Mario.

In this story, Bowser proposes marriage to her, but she refuses. Despite being held captive by the Koopalings, she does not give in easily. In the fourth installment she beats up all the male Koopalings and locks them in her own cell, then messes up Wendy O.

Koopa 's room and threatens to shred her favorite dress. She then drops out of their tower, using a Cape to fly away. On the way, though, she is knocked off-course by a Bullet Bill carrying Mario and lands unconscious. Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad find her. Luigi then sets off to rescue Mario as the others keep an eye on Peach. When she awakens from a nightmare, she learns from Toad that the Koopalings are holding Mario for ransom and becomes determined to break him out, despite Toad's warning that she might spoil Luigi's plan infiltrating the tower disguised as her.

With some assistance from Yoshi and Friendly Floyd , the Princess busts back into the tower, saying she will light a pack of Floyd's bombs unless Mario is set free. After a lot of chaos the group escapes Wendy's Tower. Bowser recaptures the Princess later in the story to force her hand in marriage, also threatening to curse the Mushroom Kingdom's denizens if she refuses. However, as as his planned wedding draws near, she still refuses to marry him and attacks all the Koopa Troopas attending to her in her dressing room.

When trying to sweet-talk her does not work, Bowser realizes that he needs a hypnotist, so he has a Magikoopa brainwash her into agreeing to marry the Koopa King. As a result of this, she is unable to fight back until a herd of Yoshis destroy the magic wand, thus breaking the spell. Peach also appeared in Mario's Early Years! Fun with Letters where she, along with Mario and Yoshi, traveled in a wooden boat learning about grammar and letters.

She also appeared in Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers and Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun. Bowser catches King Fret and Prince Pine and holds them captive. It is also the very first game to call her Princess Peach in the Western games, as opposed to Princess Toadstool. She, Mario, and Yoshi need Wanda 's help after Wario drops buckets on their heads. Peach is the slowest but easiest character to direct. She also proceeds to kiss Mario if he wins first prize with Wario being "bumped".

Toadstool is the damsel-in-distress in Hotel Mario , where she is kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopalings. Mario and Luigi set out to rescue her by destroying the hotels she is trapped in. Once the player beats Bowser, the Princess kisses Mario and Luigi on the cheek. The Princess, Mario and Luigi then proceed to call the player "the best player ever".

Peach is also playable in several educational computer games. She is one of the playable characters in Mario Teaches Typing , where she gives the typing lessons, then she appears in Mario Teaches Typing 2 , with the same role. In these two games, her dress is colored purple instead of pink compared to her other appearances. At the beginning of the game, Bowser kidnaps her with his Koopa Clown Car, while she is sitting outside of Mario's Pad.

Mario come to save her, and defeats Bowser after a battle. Exor crashes into Bowser's Keep , and send the three flying in different directions. Toadstool lands in Booster Tower. He reaches Marrymore , where he wants to marry Toadstool as soon as possible. Mario manages to stop the wedding, and take Toadstool back to Mushroom Kingdom. She is put under the eyes of the Chancellor , who, desperate for the princess's safety, would not have wanted her to follow Mario on his quest against Smithy.

However, Toadstool escapes from the Mushroom Castle with the help of her " Grandma ", who dress herself up as the princess, and joins Mario's party to help them defeat Smithy. At the end of the game, Toadstool and Mario return to Mushroom Kingdom together.

Peach is also playable in all games of the Mario Party series. For the first installment , Peach competes with the others to determine which of them is the superstar. Aside from this, she also was responsible for creating the Peach's Birthday Cake board, as revealed by Toad in one of his quotes.

The second installment has Peach helping out to save Mario Land from Bowser's takeover. The opening also has her suggesting they name the new theme park "Peach Land", with the rest of the cast humorously collapsing in response to this suggestion before resuming their argument. On the Mario Party 3 duel boards, she starts with Toad as her partner. In Mario Party 4 , Peach is one of the participants exploring the Party Cube which like previous installments included boards and corresponding minigames.

Peach joins her friends in Mario Party 5 to save the Dream Depot. Peach appears in Mario Party 8 participating in the Star Carnival alongside her friends. Mario Party 9 , has Peach helping the rest of her friends take back the Mini Stars that were stolen by Bowser and his troops. Peach's second appearance was in Mario Party DS , in which she and her friends answer a fake invitation from Bowser and then are unfortunately shrunken to the size of chess pieces.

Depending on who she is teamed up with will determine their team name. The most recent Mario Party series appearance for Peach is Super Mario Party ; like with the other characters in this installment, she has her own Dice Block , which allows her to roll between 0, 2, 4, 4, 4, and 6. Peach appears as Mario's partner in the Modern version of Octopus , where she waits in a boat for Mario to retrieve treasure in a sunken ship while he avoids the titular creature.

If the player succeeds in getting back to the boat with treasure, she is overjoyed to see Mario. Donkey Kong has kidnapped her, and Mario has to rescue her. Peach is also the main character of the Modern version of Chef , where she has to flip sausages, bacon, and eggs, without letting them fall.

Aside from the game above, Peach also hosts with Mario the Gift Mode of the Gallery section, where she, alongside Mario, explains how to unlock more items as well as what is unlocked if one meets the requirements. Aside from this, Peach also appears in some preview animations for some games if the player selects a game yet does not start it.

In particular, she appears in the animations for Donkey Kong and Chef. In the animation for Donkey Kong , Peach is admirably watching Mario trying to balance on a barrel. However, this ends up turning out badly when Mario starts rolling out of control, forcing Peach to flee until Donkey Kong unwittingly saves her by standing in front of the barrel, sending Mario flying, as she admires Donkey Kong.

In the animation for Chef , Peach flips some eggs to Mario, who is clearly waiting to be fed. Although Mario manages to eat three eggs, several more end up falling down with Peach flipping them to Mario's table at a quick enough rate that he ultimately ends up buried underneath the eggs, clearly overwhelmed by the number, before Yoshi comes in, eats all the eggs, and takes a stunned Mario away. In the Mario Tennis series , Peach is a Technique character, who depends on strategy since she is not that strong.

In Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 , even though Peach is Technique, she leans more towards all-around. This is because of her height to reach the ball, and her speed and ability to send the ball over the net. In the game's intro, Peach participates in the tournament, where she wins against Birdo to advance to the semi-finals, but loses to Luigi in the following semi-final match. She appears in her castle, narrating the game.

Daisy is at her side all the time. She is unlocked once the player beats the Doubles Mario Tour. Her most notable attribute is her control over the ball, allowing her to make sharp hits that touch the sides of the court. Being taller than Mario, she has slightly above average reach. Her biggest disadvantage is her lack of power; her serve is among the weakest in the game. She is also a tad slow, and her lunge is only average.

Peach's home turf is the Peach Dome , which is the same place where trophies get handed out when participants win tournaments. Peach appears in a few of the trophy ceremonies for specified characters when players choose Singles Tournaments. In the event that Peach herself wins a Singles Tournament, her respective trophies are handed out by Mario and Luigi. She has them escorted by Mario and Toadsworth on her private plane. For Mario Tennis Open , Peach returns as one of the starting participants.

Her home court is now called Peach's Palace , which is a carpet court. She uses her usual tennis clothes in this game. She has the same stats as she had in Mario Power Tennis ; she is still a technique player. Players can buy an entire Peach gear set from the shop for their Miis , as well as unlocking a Peach costume after they have collected at least eight-hundred points in Ring Shot, one of the four Special Games. Peach appears once again as a default playable character in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

She retains her stats as a Technique character from the two previous Mario Tennis installments before this one. Peach's amiibo can be used as well, and serves as a doubles partner that can be trained by the player. Peach makes a return in the Mario Tennis Aces installment, where she is once again a playable character. For the majority of modes in this game where the player is allowed to play as Peach, her Special Shot involves her forming a heart with her racket and hitting the ball.

For this game's "Adventure Mode," after winning the tournament with Mario, Peach was to be "bequeathed" alongside the judges who were Wario and Waluigi in disguise with the enchanted racket Lucien. However, Luigi ended up intercepting the racket, and ended up being possessed alongside Wario and Waluigi. She, alongside with Daisy, then learned from Toad after being pressured by the latter about the Kingdom of Bask and the racket's possible connection to it.

Peach stayed at what remained of the stadium at Toad's request alongside Daisy, citing that Lucien alongside the possessed Wario, Waluigi, and Luigi would have exploited their absence to attack the stadium again if they had accompanied Mario and Toad, requesting only that they do not get themselves into extremely dangerous situations. Just prior to Mario and Toad's return, she alongside Daisy received a flyer advertising that Team Mario face Team Luigi at Marina Stadium for the five Power Stones, and revealed as much to them upon their return after learning of what they've discovered.

Peach, Daisy, and Mario were initially unsure whether they could even beat Lucien, until Astren informs them of how Lucien only controls weak-willed individuals, and also had portions of King Bask's powers donated among them to allow them a fighting chance at defeating them and freeing them from Lucien's control. Peach and Daisy then fought Wario and Waluigi while Mario faced Luigi, ultimately succeeding in freeing them.

Their victory is short lived as Bowser stealing Lucien. Peach attempts to warn Bowser against stealing it, and implies he is possessed by it, although Bowser makes clear he was stealing it of his own free will and intending to settle his rivalry with Mario with it before leaving for the depths of Bask Ruins.

After Mario defeated the resulting fusion between the two, Bowcien , Peach congratulated Mario for surpassing the odds, and also reflects that true power is to be used for protect instead of controlling others. Peach was also available to play as in the game's online tournament demo, where she was available from the start. While being held captive in her own room in the castle, a Star Kid named Twink comes to help her, and together they find a secret passage out of her room.

Peach sabotages Bowser's plots by supplying Mario with a relatively constant stream of information, using Twink as her messenger. She also uses a special treasure chest, where she could store items, and Mario could fetch them at the chest's counterpart at Shooting Star Summit. Peach wins a Sneaky Parasol , which allows her to disguise herself as one of Bowser's guards.

She could use the parasol to become a Koopatrol , a Clubba and a Hammer Bro. However, her disguise is lifted by Kammy Koopa as Kammy recognizes Peach. After his defeat, Bowser grabs the princess and runs to the roof of the castle. He then uses the Star Rod to make himself completely invincible. Princess Peach and Twink get into a fight with Kammy Koopa, and defeat her. Peach then wishes that her kingdom would remain safe. Twink and Peach add their power to the Star Beam , then called Peach Beam , enabling it to break Bowser's invincibility.

Bowser finally is defeated and Peach's castle returns to its original spot in Toad Town. During the celebrations, she also proceeds to inform the gathered guests about how the Star Haven has been fully restored after Bowser's defeat, and expresses hope for peace for a long time to come before formally announcing the beginning of the celebrations.

After the parade , Mario takes Peach to his place to watch the fireworks. A character named " A gossip-loving Toad " posts gossips about Princess Peach on the back side of the notice board in Toad Town. At the market, she meets an old saleswoman, presumably one of the Shadow Sirens. They decide that Peach is the best body for the Shadow Queen to possess. They give Peach the Magical Map , as she has a pure heart, which is needed to be able to open the chest of the map.

Before this happened, however, Peach has already sent the Magical Map to Mario, inviting him on a treasure hunt. Peach is taken to the X-Naut Fortress on the moon. While both Mario and Bowser, who is unsuccessful, search for the Crystal Stars to rescue her, the princess become active herself in the fortress. The base's main computer, the TEC-XX , falls in love with her due to a short circuit in its system, and betrays Grodus to help Peach escape.

He allows her to send an e-mail to Mario at regular intervals. By the computer's orders, Peach dresses up as an X-Naut to question Grodus, and also makes for herself an invisibility potion to find out even more about Grodus's plans. Mario follows them and meets up with Grodus in the room right where the tomb of the Shadow Queen rests. Grodus confronts Mario, and is ready to kill Peach if Mario makes a false move.

However, Bowser crashes through the ceiling and falls on Grodus. While Mario and Bowser are fighting, Grodus takes Peach down to the tomb and offers her as a body for the Shadow Queen. The demon then possesses Peach, she but refuses to take Grodus's orders and nearly kills him instead. The Shadow Queen engages the battle with Mario and his partners; however, she believes Peach's body is too weak and returns to her true form for the final battle.

Peach is able to give powers to Mario for this, with the Shadow Queen having no choice but to do so thanks to inhabiting her body. She can now talk out of the Shadow Queen's body as the demon is weakened by the encouraging voices of the entire population of the Magical Map's world, which are taken to the basement of the Palace of Shadow by the magic of the Crystal Stars. In the end, the Shadow Queen is defeated and Peach is restored.

Post-game, Peach remains in the mainland of the Mushroom Kingdom while Mario, Luigi, and Toadsworth return to Rogueport to find another treasure. Between Chapters 2 and 3 of the game, one of his posters, which is life-sized, is mistaken by Bowser as the real thing. Bleck forces Peach and Bowser to marry, as doing this is the only way to form the evil Chaos Heart , which would destroy the world.

As Luigi, who is attending the wedding, stomps on the Chaos Heart in an attempt to stop it, everything is destroyed. Peach falls from the sky into Flipside ; although she is temporarily unconscious when Mario find her, she recovers and joins the team after Mario gives her some Spicy Soup. Peach can float and shield herself from enemies using her parasol. Luigi and Bowser later join the cause, although Bowser has to be convinced by Peach and Mario first.

She eventually is sent to the Overthere after Dimentio seemingly vaporized her as well as Bowser and Mario, and ended up unknowingly eating a Golden Apple which left her in a deep sleep. She is eventually awoken after Mario fed her a Black Apple to forcibly wake her up. Over time, Peach and the rest of the gang eventually make it to Count Bleck's lair.

In Chapter , Mimi , a loyal minion of Count Bleck, taunts her for having been kidnapped so many times and for being rescued by plumbers instead of just rescuing herself. Peach and Mimi battle soon after. When Peach wins, a trap door is activated and Mimi falls through it. However, Peach saves her. The two fall down the shaft and are believed to be lost, but both survive.

Peach comes back during the final battle against Count Bleck. As it is revealed, Dimentio was the real threat, as Bleck only wanted to destroy the world after the loss of his girlfriend. His girlfriend, however, turns out to be Tippi , a member of Mario's team. However, Bowser crashes the festival and steals the Royal Stickers.

He also kidnaps Peach and the local Toads , sticking them with Bowser Tape. Mario soon saves the Toads and eventually Peach. She then thanks him for allowing everyone's wish to come true - a peaceful kingdom. The Sticker Fest returns and Peach once again congratulates Mario and the kingdom for their efforts. She then accompanies Mario on their voyage to Prism Island. She then sends various Holo-Peaches to Mario as he progresses throughout his adventure, telling Mario her whereabouts and spying on Bowser, attempting to learn his plans.

However, after a certain point, Black Bowser finds out what she is up to and orders for her color to be drained. The final battle has a color-drained Peach on display above Bowser's throne, and is used beforehand to lure Mario into a battle with Roy. After beating Black Bowser and restoring him to his original form, Mario recolors Peach, and together they escape Black Bowser's Castle.

Peach is later seen next to Mario at Port Prisma in the celebration of the return of the Paint Stars to Prism Island, cheering him up over the loss of Huey, saying that he would probably be watching over the island right then. However, she is transformed by King Olly into one of his Folded Soldiers , which causes her to obey him and her demeanor to change completely to become far more distant. When Mario encounters her in this state at the beginning of the game, she suggests in a series of questions to Mario that the Mushroom Kingdom be "refolded" and her Toad subjects be "silenced" foreshadowing King Olly's hatred of Toads , and also offers to recruit Mario as one of the Folded Soldiers.

Regardless of whether Mario replies "Yes" or "No" to her questions, she says his replies are meaningless and "paper thin" and traps him in her castle's dungeon. Eventually, she was turned into a tapestry hanging over Olly's throne after her castle transforms into Origami Castle. She is eventually restored to her original self as a result of Olivia 's wish to undo Olly's actions to the 1, cranes, with her wondering why Mario, Luigi, the Toad Origami Craftsman, Bowser, Bowser Jr.

She eventually accompanies Mario to the Origami Festival, and upon noticing Mario staring at an empty throne in a scale model of the Origami Castle, assures Mario that Olivia is with them in spirit, and wishes she could personally thank Olivia for what she has done. Peach, or rather her origami form, was planned to be a boss at one point, even having some moves programmed in.

For the Super Smash Bros. Melee as one of the starting characters. While her design in this game is based on her earlier design, her appearance is still significantly different from her normal design, having a more realistic appearance than she does in actual Mario games. Peach's attributes are similar to Super Mario Bros. She is voiced by Jen Taylor in this game, who provided her voice for the late Nintendo 64 Mario games and voiced her in several games since.

Peach is a lightweight fighter, weighing 89 units in this game and all subsequent installments. Peach's standard special is Toad , in which Peach pulls out and hides behind Toad, who counterattacks if hit. Her side special is Peach Bomber , in which Peach flies forward hips-first into opponents. Her down special is Vegetable , which, based on Super Mario Bros. Her up special move is Peach Parasol , which allows Peach to fly into the air and float to the ground with her parasol.

In Adventure Mode, Peach is fought at the end of the first stage. The player will have to fight her and Mario or Luigi. Peach's Castle is also a course in the game. Peach reappears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Her appearance in this game is now based on her more recent appearances, though with much more detail, such as several overskirt layers and lace trims, which is an original design for the Super Smash Bros. She is also now voiced by Samantha Kelly, her current voice actress.

While her moveset is unchanged from Super Smash Bros. Melee , her Final Smash move is Peach Blossom , which puts enemies to sleep and spawns peaches that allow her to recover damage. She also does not move as quickly in the air, and her second jump does not give her as much height.

Alongside her Super Smash Bros. Her tendency to get kidnapped by Bowser and be rescued by Mario was referenced in Solid Snake 's codec call while fighting Peach. Although Mei Ling considers it somewhat romantic that someone's always there for her even in the worst situations, Snake was less than impressed, bluntly stating that Mario should be smart enough to tell Peach to stop getting herself kidnapped, with Mei Ling then inferring that Snake does not get much dates for that reason.

In The Subspace Emissary , Peach is watching Mario and Kirby fighting together with Zelda , and run down to assist them after the arrival of the Primids. However, she is soon captured by Petey Piranha and put into a cage along with Zelda. Kirby, who battles Petey Piranha, has the choice to rescue either Peach or Zelda. If she is not rescued, Wario appears and uses a Dark Cannon to transform her into a trophy and runs off with her.

Peach is later rescued by King Dedede along with Luigi and Ness. But his castle is raided by Bowser and his forces, who takes her with him. If Peach is rescued, she will team up with Kirby and escape the stadium on a Warp Star. Peach and Kirby are chased by the Halberd and are forced to land on it. However, an Arwing , which was hit by the Halberd's artillery, knocks them off the ship. Unfortunately, later on in the story, Peach gets caught off guard, resulting in Bowser turning Peach into a trophy with his Dark Cannon leaving behind a clone of Peach.

As Link and Yoshi slay this clone, Mario and Pit believe that they killed the real Peach, putting the two teams into a brief conflict. In the very latter part of the Subspace Emissary story, Peach and Zelda are found on the Halberd held captive in trophy form. After Shadow Bugs sneak in to engulf their trophies and copy their forms resulting in their forming false versions of Peach and Zelda for a second time , they challenge Meta Knight , Lucario , and Solid Snake , who just entered the room to rescue the two princesses.

Once the "false forms" of Peach and Zelda are defeated, Peach and Zelda are rescued and able to join the rest of the group to help take back the Halberd and defeat Duon , and then supplies her parasol to Duon's original state, Mr. After that process is done, Peach also runs into Subspace with the others, where they find Tabuu , the true enemy. She gets hit by his Off Waves and turns back into a trophy along with the others, but Kirby, revived by one of King Dedede's badges, manages to save her and some of the others before going to face Tabuu in a final battle.

Peach makes an appearance as a returning playable character in Super Smash Bros. While her appearance is mostly the same as in Super Smash Bros. Brawl , her design is now less detailed to reflect her cartoony nature. She retains her moveset from the past installments, though many of her moves now have added aesthetic effects such as rainbows, hearts, and sparkles. Her running animation has also been changed to be based on Super Mario 3D World.

Peach returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character, where she is unlockable for the first time in the Super Smash Bros. When Peach grabs an opponent, Toad appears and attacks them instead of Peach for her pummel, and two of her throws. The Toad special move itself has also been slightly changed, with Toad appearing in front of Peach when the move is used instead of Peach holding him up.

Daisy also makes her playable Super Smash Bros. Owing to this, Peach's second costume is changed to being a pure gold dress. On a side note, as with several other returning characters, Peach's victory theme, which is the orchestral arrangement of the level clear theme from Super Mario Bros.

Mario , Luigi and in this game, Daisy , has been slightly shortened and sped up compared to the previous installments. Two spirits in the game are based on the adult form of Peach, aside from her fighter spirit. One of them is her Cat form , known as Cat Princess Peach in-game, while the other is based on her wedding appearance from Super Mario Odyssey.

The latter is an Ace-class support spirit that helps the user recover a large amount of health when they are critically damaged during a fight. In the spirit battle, the player, who takes constant damage, faces Peach and Mario in their wedding costumes on the New Donk City Hall stage. To win the battle, only Peach has to be defeated. Peach's Classic Mode route has her fight villains who kidnap damsels on a recurring basis. The vast majority of the fighters in this route are Mario characters.

Although Princess Peach herself does not make an appearance in Luigi's Mansion , she is mentioned by Toad who says that she sent them to look for Mario and help Luigi. Peach is the last to be freed from her painting, right after Mario is freed and leads Luigi to it; however, King Boo immediately traps her and everyone else in a single painting, again barring Luigi, who was saved by Polterpup. After King Boo is defeated, Luigi frees everyone from the painting, and Peach then contributes in rebuilding the hotel.

Cackletta wants to do this in order to wake the Beanstar , a star-shaped bean which can grant wishes to everyone. The Beanstar has been sleeping and can only be waken by a pure voice, in order to prevent abuse. Peach takes precautions and when Cackletta and Fawful , dressed as ambassadors, arrive at her castle, they are not received by Peach, but by Birdo , who is disguised as the princess. Cackletta and Fawful unknowingly steal Birdo's voice and escapes from the castle, leaving Birdo with a voice of exploding characters.

However, Mario, Luigi and Bowser, who are not aware of the true identity of the "princess", follow Cackletta to the Beanbean Kingdom before the real Peach is able to stop them with Bowser's presence in particular also forcing her to avoid telling Mario and Luigi this. Peach reveals Birdo's disguise, thanks Mario and Luigi for taking care of the Cackletta problem, and decides to spend the holidays in the Beanbean Kingdom. She express the wish to travel to Little Fungitown , a settlement of Toad emigrants, which is lying across the dangerous Teehee Valley.

Toadsworth insists that Mario and Luigi should accompain the princess on this journey. During their venture through Teehee Valley, Peach has to be protect from any harm in the desert. When she disappears from Mario and Luigi's view, Gritty Goombas appear instantly and take her to an underground dungeon. If talked to her, she will also head in the opposite direction, due to a suggestion made by Toadsworth earlier. At the valley's end, Peach run into Trunkle , a giant rock monster, but Mario and Luigi save her from it before it is too late.

Later, Bowletta kidnaps Peach in order to make sure to awake the Beanstar this time, which is showing angry reactions when confronted with Birdo's voice. However, because the Beanstar had earlier self-destructed under a fit of rage from the Peach-Bot's voice, Cackletta is no longer in the possession of the Beanstar itself. When Mario and Luigi meet Bowletta in Joke's End , Luigi dress himself up as Princess Peach as Toadsworth had previously provided them with an extra dress for the princess , to fool Bowletta and Fawful, by thinking he is Peach.

The plan works, and Bowletta releases the real Peach, and kidnaps Luigi instead. In the meantime, Mario receives a kiss from Peach. When they enter the room she is in, Baby Bowser has taken Peach. Baby Bowser calls Kamek to get them out of the castle, who arrives and takes them out with the Koopa Cruiser just in time. In the present, Peach, Toadiko , and Toadbert use Prof. Gadd's time machine to travel back to the past, unaware of traveling to the time where the Shroobs were attacking.

When they get to the past, the Shroobs corner Peach and the Toads. Peach grabs the time machine's power supply, the Cobalt Star , and traps the Elder Princess Shroob inside it. While Mario and Luigi team up with their baby selves to recover the Cobalt shards, which they need to save Peach, according to Professor E. However, she is swallowed by Petey Piranha. The Mario Bros. She is brought to the present by the brothers accidentally. The power-up simply duplicates another Peach into the field alongside him.

If Peach grabs another one, he will get another. She can have up to five clones maximum that copy every move she does, but the duplicates themselves go down in a single hit before disappearing. Peach will have a white-and-red outfit suited with the ability to easily shoot out a fireball. The fireball will bounce on the ground repeatedly before eventually going out. By putting on a Jet Pot, Peach transforms into Jet Peach , which grants her extra speed and flight and increases Peach's jumping height.

When Peach obtains a Star, she will become Invincible Peach. Peach will be covered with a shining aura that may also be multi-colored. When he obtains this form, she is completely invincible and powerful for a short time, being able to survive anything and take out anything in a single touch.

However, there is a timed limit before Peach will revert back to her normal form. Peach will become gigantic with a high increase in durability and offense. Everything Peach walks is most likely to be absolutely destroyed in his path. By eating a special carrot, Peach becomes Rabbit Peach. In this form her descent speed is lowered and she can jump higher. While wearing the Tanooki Suit, it gives off the same powers as the Racoon Leaf , but also adds in the ability for Peach to turn into a statue.

This fools enemies into thinking it is just a regular statue and does not attack.

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