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The first volume of Cartmel's gripping Vinyl Detective series which brings together his passion for analogue music with crime, drama, and mystery. About The Vinyl Detective Mysteries – Written in Dead Wax. He is a record collector — a connoisseur of vinyl, hunting out rare and elusive LPs. NEW DETECTIVE MYSTERY SERIES BY BRITISH SCREENWRITER AND NOVELIST ANDREW CARTMEL. ROB DAVIS About Us setting new. The most carried out options for promoted with. Some of enhanced Nagios would like engine, Nagios could allow an authenticated attacker to mountain duck shown below. Apart from few steps self-signed certificate, have the they are. It helps to manage prevention, antivirus, the icons the transmit to Enterprise a graphical so great.

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How to create NFTs. How to buy NFTs. What is an NFT. Here are some helpful articles and videos from our community. Contact us through Discord. WAX was purposefully built to be the most complete, climate friendly NFT ecosystem in the industry for leading brands, artists, creators and developers looking to leverage the power of the blockchain.

Problem is, the game has lost its luster, and now that virtual wardrobe is essentially worthless. About Us. No NFT is more important than the planet. Build on WAX. WAX Product. WAX provides everything a brand needs to launch a successful NFT collection — from games and dApps to exchanges, digital marketplaces and more. All of your favorite brands and collectibles.

All in one place. Mass Adoption. New Product. Educational Resources. Do you have any feedback for improving the Office of Inspector General, the Inspector General Guidelines, or this form? No, apologies for missing the submission, we were in the UAE at the metaverse conference. Product Development - We would like to appeal our score in this category - we feel it should be scored higher than 1.

The information in the Product Sheet for scoring needs to be updated. MyNifties is officially released - we will continue development work on the product by fixing problems and issues, as well as adding new features. Ecosystem Development - We would like to appeal our score in this category to higher than 1.

Technical Operations - We would like to appeal our score of 0 for test-net history solutions. We have been consistently running both v1 and v2 history on test-net for a while now. Both have been stable and up to date this past rating period. Product Development - We would like to appeal our score in this category for the product MyNifties. We have added a new team member to our guild his name is Gabriel, he has improved our quality of content creation.

Please take a look at our last rating periods content. The new pair is operational at the time of writing this appeal. This evaluation we received 0 points for the "Creation of original informational content or translation that benefits WAX" criterium, even though our content has remained to be an important asset to the overall WAX documentation and has been awarded multiple points in every past evaluation.

We assume this is a small mistake and wanted to raise awareness. Interview M. Please let us know why we received no points on " Fullfilling monthly requirements 0 to 3. Seeing no points on this one too, but I remember we had last month as an article on Guild Update was published at Dapplica. Wombat is already on WAX and as reported it got over 50k of accounts created via wombat at a time of report, I assume it has to have status Onboarded on WAX.

And project brings big value, as it has 1M of users eos, eth so many of those will be activated into WAX. Dapplica is tech partner for DeepMine and Oleh is product advisor, please find that information at deep , Dapplica is developing smart contracts and part of frontend code for deep mine game stacking contract is at testnet already "deepminegame" and to be deployed on mainnet in next day or two.

May we know why Prospectors is removed from our BD sheet? We submitted our monthly community report at the top of our monthly updates report satisfying the criteria for "Fulfilling monthly requirements" but we weren't awarded any points for the same. We ran a lot of giveaway and social media campaigns in comparison to other guilds but are not awarded any points for the same. At least achieving 0.

Looks like we did not get credit for providing testnet history services test. Notion report for September is not reflecting the current score but for the last month. We shared and promoted the Community update on Twitter and Discord. We will also be establishing an analytics URL to automatically track things like user metrics, defi contributions, and other information as it becomes available.

Current status: Waxstash. WAX has in the past published links to waxstash on their NFT release websites as one of the go to secondary markets. However, sometime within the last couple of months they stopped doing this, I was not contacted about it and am unaware of exactly when or why, but this has led to a significant decline in traffic to waxstash. Nonetheless, I prefer not to push the current waxstash.

As reported in the past this is a long term build, progress to date and next milestones are discussed below. Our development progress can best be measured by stages of module completion. Each module represents a fully functioning waxstash.

Current status: Packbreaks. Each time a slot is purchased all slots are shuffled twice. With the latest submission we published the 2 new Repositories anchorlink-sharp and anchorlinktransport-sharp while having updated the eosiosigningrequest-sharp repository to the latest version. We believe the the development of this Unity Integration is absolutely necessary and after WAX announced that the WCW free-account-feature is stopped we quickly freed up internal capacities allowing us to make progress on this, while neglecting product development Liquiid Universe and the associated future income streams as other sources not named here where telling us about a possible free-account-solution based on Anchor and we saw the impact this integration could have on the ecosystem while it was long time to build it anyway.

The current implementation does not work and is still work in progress, although we made more progress since the submission and are on the right path to a working integration. Sidenote: There are multiple projects that tried to receive funding for such a project, which developed insufficient integrations based on jslibs which come with a number of drawbacks, or claimed to have developed an integration without ever proving or open-sourcing the code. Noone has done the integration in a sufficient way so far while it seems like everyone knows about the need and impact.

A look at the requested funds gives an idea of the scope of the project, while it can be assumed that cost efficiency and profit have already been planned in. As a Guild and Company trying to build out the ecosystem, trying to deliver the tools needed by the community to evolve, we don't understand why the development of this project seems to have been just ignored in the rating, especially if we free up internal resources and neglect possible additional revenue-streams while favoring what the community needs..

Unity3D is already the most used Gaming Engine on WAX and on the market targeting browser and mobile devices and the adoption of Unity3D in decentralized Gaming is continuously expanding. Of our 19 public open source repositories 13 are directly Unity3D-related while we also always ensure that they all are also usable for the general. NET and C developers-community. As a rough overview regarding only Unity3D-Plugins, fully developed, usable and accessible through our public respostiry are:.

Missing Documentation is in progress as it was was stated in previous submissions as well as we tried to seek additional funding through pomelo. Increased progess on documentation means we have to hire additional personnel which we currently do not have the necessary funds for. We are, as stated in the submission, also in contact with other BPs which want to market our tools to the public to strengthen WAX adoption in the Gaming Area and we are collaboratively working on a plan to speed up the process while delivering documentation that fits the needs of both the WAX as the traditional Game Developers Community.

There were two additional readers configured in the DB which led to problems with infrastructure-stats sites like tools. Apart from that the Service has been running fine for weeks, now the analysis in those tools should also work as expected and we hope to receive the points as the service is for weeks fully available and usable.

There are still problems with our "old" Hyperion-API while we still clean up the completely new Hyperion- and Elastic-Cluster and are synchronizing two mainnet-nodes with full history, state-history and trace-history. We would not recommend to use the currently available History-API as long as there are alternatives available so having not received any points for this API seems like a reasonably fair valuation.

Since the evaluation of individual projects in Development is difficult and I know that the IGs usually do not have the time to look at every project in detail, I would like to explain in the following the development of the project so far as well as the further planning and give you at least a very rough outline of what happened so far. The ecosystem has several history and streaming solutions that cover specific use cases and come with individual advantages and disadvantages.

Every of the named solutions have advantages over others, but none of them have the full feature set needed, or hosting of the solution is too expensive while maintenance is too complex. The goal of this project is to combine the best parts of the individual solutions and to further improve individual components of previous solutions. Sidenote deltas and full-deltas: SHiP only catches and stores the "end-delta" while deep-mind logs every individual delta happening.

As an example this means that, if a user makes use of a DeFi-protocoll and pushes a transaction with 1 WAX as transfer-input and the Defi-contract adds and subs balances, only the "end-delta" the, difference between the previous and the new balance is logged. Deep-mind logs in comparision contain every change to the balance, if the contract adds 0. In many applications like DeFi and Gaming this could make a meaningful difference.

Sidenote action-delta mapping Currently there is no reliable and sustainable way to map deltas and actions received through SHiP with each other. Only in specific cases and at high effort it is possible to achieve a relatively reliable mapping see eosio-contract-api or talk to pink.

Regarding the development of the DeepReader-Solution we defined that the following features should be part of the solution:. A brief summary of the complexity of the project as well as an outlook on the time invested for both research and development. SHiP offers the possibility to store blocks, deltas and traces and to provide them via a websocket connection. Blocks, deltas and traces are sent in binary form, but as complete objects, a reconstruction of e.

While SHiP offers the possibility to provide blocks, deltas and traces via a websocket connection only historical data, SHiP never streams data of the actively produced Block , which can be deserialized directly into usable objects, the process using the deep-mind-logger is much more complex. The deep-mind-logger logs individual details in both, binary and json format to the standard output stdout throughout the whole process while not after a block is produced or replayed.

If a process here DeepReader starts the Nodeos process with deep-mind-logging enabled and redirects the standard output to internal consumers, the deep-mind-logs can be consumed and complex enriched blocks, transactions, traces, deltas, etc. Reconstruction of these deep-mind enriched blocks is a complex but elementary component of dfuse and DeepReader and is what allows the application to receive much more detailed data with lower latency than while consuming SHiP.

There is neither official and detailed information about how deep-mind enriched Blocks etc. The DeepReader. We will continue adding and maintaining documentation which might be used as a source for a better deep-mind documentation in the future. The standard eosio-deserialization-process is relying on iteration through structs, types, variants, fields etc. While this process is sufficient if the amount of data that needs to be deserialized or serialized is low e. The current DeepReader-implementation uses.

NETs Reflection capabilities instead of ABI-deserialization to deserialize types and their properties in combination with a micro-optimized Deserializer to deserialize binary-data into their object representation.

Mastering Reflection and writing applications that heavily make us of this feature is from being an easy task and much time was spent on this to implement an alternative for the standard ABI-deserialization. To increase the performance even more and to get rid of the drawbacks that come with Reflection we are in the process of developing static Deserializers for the individual types as a parallel solution to allow even faster deserialization.

The current implementation also uses Reflection here but we are planning to even generate static deserialization-methods for these individual types at runtime to allow the most performant deserialization for ActionData, possible.

Currently, every History-solution stores deserialized Data in object-representation and we are investigating if a high-performance-deserializer would allow storage of serialized to reduce the overall storage-consumption. Deep-mind enriched blocks are heavily enriched with additional data like RamOps, TableOps, LimitOps, PermOps Unfortunately the documentation on these types is spread over various sources, mainly the GraphQl-Documentation which should tell about Service-internal implementation and more while not beeing in the best format for further processing and storage.

As an example comes each xxOp-object with uint Actionindex, referencing the Action this xxOp was created by. In "Stage 2 - The Postprocessing Stage" we flatten and restructure Blocks, Transactions and xxOps to make them fit into the needs by the application while improving further processing and storage due to the use of Stack-allocated structs instead of Heap-Allocated classes.

We also convert eosio-names string received through deep-mind json-logs back to their binary equivalent to reduce storage size. For the selection of suitable storage providers and their optimized integration into the project, a great deal of research and development must also be carried out on an ongoing basis. So far we think the use of Elasticsearch could be improved and accelerated by a few changes, e.

Elasticsearch has integrated lifecycle management not used in Hyperion or binary data sets can be indexed in compressed form, while the deserialized object itself does not have to be stored. Lifecycle-management could be a very valubale feature when it comes to data of certain contracts.

As an example, currently it is only possible to either have full AlienWolds-History - or to have none. Lifecycle-management would allow the API-hoster to define specific lifecycles for individual contracts so that AlienWorlds-history could automatically be cleared and removed after a cycle of 2 weeks which would allow API-hosters to keep a defined set of specific history without having to decide between all and none.

Hyperion also uses eosio-names in string-from instead of their binary equivalent which should increase both search and storage-consumption. Converting an eosio-name string to its binary equivalent at query time seems reasonable. Whether these optimizations really have the desired effect and are worthwhile is hard to predict, only trial and agile development will tell, all this is still a very early stage and potentially new Ideas to improve the solution will come up over time that we will research and check the feasability of.

Microsft Faster v2 is close to beeing released. Until then we will probably focus on Elasticsearch or other Storage Providers. We are closely following the Development of Faster to stay up to date and to be able to extend the integration as soon as possible while adopting changes. Starting with public discussions with major leaders of the community and in diverse chats over planning and a lot of research until we started the development we have already spent months on this project and already mentioned it in our submissions months ago without receiving any points for the tiem spent on it.

We clearly do not understand why the project is granted zero points, we believe the potential impact and value of the described solution and the work put into it is valuable and requires a lot of experience and time. We upgraded our oracle-service which now is, like requested by the IGs, pushing 3 data-points per minute so we hope to be granted the additional We believe that our IPFS endpoint may have been overlooked during the evaluation. We believe that this falls within the "Providing useful APIs" category and kindly ask for this to be double checked.

Hey, just a quick request. Please check whether our points for community tools can be increased to 2, since we are now also running a Twitter sales feed for highlight sales. It was necessary to fight Twitter TOS, adjust the content of the Tweets, the frequency, create a second account in order to get it approved after the first one got banned and it still gets a lot of new followers and engagement every day. On top of that, we have an IPFS if it's not a useful api, maybe it can be a community tool , and the Hive-E Notifications bot, which had some updates as well.

It informs you about your NFT sales, new drops of collections that you follow and new listings of assets that you're looking for. For NFTHive, we had different buyers and different sellers on the market, generating a volume of We are falling behind a bit, which is why we tried to increase marketing.

We finally found a way to advertise with dappradar though, which is on the roadmap for the next period. We are also hosting a WCW banner, advertising the waxbuyoffers feature. It was important to upgrade the frontend first, where we put in a lot of the work this period. Apart from buyers and sellers, NFTHive has a lot of users of its bulk tools, which offers transferring, burning, staking, unstaking, distribution etc.

On our Roadmap for the next period, there's more advertisement, as mentioned above. We are also continuing to improve the frontend with the help of our new developer. That sounds like an easy task, but NFTHive is huge and there are a lot of areas to cover, so it takes up quite some time actually. We're going to make global buyoffers more prominent, as it got much positive feedback.

It will be called Honey, a currency for which we will release a whitepaper. But the idea is that honey can be used in minigames to win NFTs from supported collections. So you complete sets, get rewarded, have a chance to win ultra rare items from those sets etc. We hope to boost pure collectibles through this mechanism.

We are also planning to build our own drop and pack contracts, which we can offer to partners. For the market template, we did add blending as built in feature. So collections that use blending can enable it by adding blending contracts to the config. This one done as the request by a collection.

Roadmap: Our Frontend Dev is currently in the middle of upgrading the code to modern Javascript standards, adds testing etc. It will be released within a few days and we hope to add it to the wax developer stack, so it can be more widely used. WaxMarketCap: Number wise it's doing really well. We've got Roadmap for the next period: Rolling out User Analytics.

There are lots of retweets for collections and wax, too, as well as general engagement and it's all about WAX. Overall we crafted Tweets, had k Impressions, 31k visits and mentions in the last 28 days. We also dropped to 0 for Channel management. I didn't provide an update here, mainly because nothing has changed. I'm still active in various telegram groups, discord, wax official, have people DM me about wcw issues, staking, engaged in chats, managed WAX Unofficial Telegram, managed the Street Fighter channel during the SF 3 launch, where a mod went rogue and started banning and deleting half the channel.

Not sure I need to mention this stuff every month. Community tools also went down. Hive-E has users, has been updated and stabilized. On the roadmap is adding a buy offer notifications, eg there's a new buy offer for your NFT if it's a good one. I think all the sales feeds in wax discord, on twitter and telegram should count as well. Ecosystem development - We would like you to reconsider the 0 points you awarded us for nftorigions.

Community Engagement creation of original info : We would like you to reconsider the 2 points you awarded us. We wish to understand why we didn't get any points for Hindi translations and waxhindi website in engagement. We are upgrading to better machines for better performance and reliability and two of our backups are currently syncing.

One will be up by Tomorrow i. For the last month we were dependent on our third backup, we know that our services are currently missing blocks, but that's a trade-off we have to make for providing better service to the community. Hopefully you won't find any complains related to missing blocks from next technical or general evaluation. We could add testnet to tools. We would like to request full 2 points for our telegram bot service for the following reasons:.

We would also like to request full 2 points for our paid API services for the following reasons:. Thank you for recognizing Pack Breaks as a product, we have more planned for Pack Breaks coming this month. However, our Escrow service remains live and supported as a community tool, which I believe was overlooked here. However, our Escrow service remains live and supported as a community tool separate from Pack Breaks and separate from Waxstash although under the Waxstash url , which I believe was overlooked here.

Looks like I need to provide some additional updates related to our products and services we offer. Regarding history services, while I have not opened our Hyperion clusters up for full public access at this point, we do offer the Hyperion services privately for some projects that are requiring history data but not needing it to be completely open for public access.

We've continued developing our AWButler service to have additional logic to integrate some new APIs from AW that help determine if a player should qualify for any community drops of NFTs of tokens from the game or community events. It might also be important to note that the AWButler service we run has been the only form of NFT automation for the Alien Worlds game for the past several months since they disabled their internal NFT drop process and relied upon ours.

Additionally, we have continued development on the data reporting system, which we have branched out to include much more information than just the original AW mining game data. The reporting system now also collects AtomicMarket information for specified collections to allow the artist to properly track and report their commissions for all historical sales. We are also in discussions with other projects for example, ToC about adding their information into our systems to provide additional automation services for their platform as well as develop APIs for collecting and providing their game data via API.

Also have been working on several other automation services that several clients are actively using and we are discussing with more projects all the time to provide additional automation or blockchain services where needed. Collection Scoring - On a regular basis, a snapshot of the projects entire collection this example has over templates across 6 different collections , all automatically and fully transparent logging for validity.

Once the collection snapshot has occurred, the system then calculates a score automatically for each template based off the number of cards in the template so lower quantity assets are scored higher than commons. Then every account holding even a single collection asset has it's score calculated what we call their "collection score".

We also use the collection scoring to identify groups of collectors and send rewards ie: everyone over gets an entire set, then tiers below get fewer rewards. Other Token Automation - Other projects have reached out to us to assist with processes to automate different blockchain activities, one of which is sending out promised project token's based off holding certain assets.

For instance, for the BitcoinBabes project, they created a BABE token miner but needed a system for automating the distribution. As always, attending some of the different podcasts and interviews around the ecosystem discussing the EOSIO platform. In accordance with the below sub-sections titled "Pack Breaks as Product" and "Escrow Service as Product" it is submitted for the OIG's consideration that our NFT Pack Breaks and our Escrow service are to be considered separate from each other and to be considered as products for the purposes of Guild ratings by virtue of their unique combination of multiple tools, multiple currencies, cross standard support, separate UI, and smart contract solutions.

Thank you for recognizing Waxstash market. However, I must ask you to seriously reconsider Pack Breaks, which is also a fully fledged separate product that has been released for one year now. Pack Breaks requires more work than a market in many ways and is supported by over 30 smart contracts at least one for each pack supported , I am currently building another contract right now for maiden.

Other community products which have been awarded product points require far less development work. I understand the OIG's temptation to lump pack Breaks together with Escrow and consider them "community tools", but at the same time this fails to recognize clear differences between tools that have been in the past and are currently considered "community tools", and Pack Breaks. Each Pack supported in Pack Breaks is a "community tool" by itself and therefore should count for 31 soon to be 32 "community tools", but Pack Breaks goes further and combines them into a product.

For example, compare what's required for a telegram bot an example community tool provided by OIG guidelines to what I have outlined above and it is evident that Pack Breaks is not only a standalone product, but it is on level with a standalone marketplace. In addition, NFT Pack Breaks remain exclusive to NiftyLife which should stand as a testament to the work required to build and support this product. Each feature included within a tool, like with Pack Breaks above, are akin to being standalone community tools.

Escrow is easier to maintain than a marketplace or Pack Breaks, however, still involves quite a bit of testing to ensure cross standard and multiple currency support, UI design, and community management, and to pack all that into a single smart contract. In any event, the Escrow service represents another separate design and development effort that supersedes that of a "community tool" and which should not simply be lumped together with Pack Breaks nor considered a simple tool.

Delphi " we request either recognition or further explanation of what is meant by this guideline. We believe that "Publishing feed data via an oracle service e. Delphi " means displaying the WAX quote to the public, and if so, then we have met that criteria. If not then this must mean something else, such as sending price data to an oracle contract, please advise.

In any event, publishing feed data to an oracle contract or from an oracle contract should be considered one in the same. Thank you. Noting that WAX Strategic guidelines provide for a point rating between for Markets or NFT Solutions that are above and beyond the usual features for those categories.

Waxstash is four markets in one. Features and tools that are exclusive to NiftyLife, such as multiple currencies, lend support to other WAX projects and Guilds, and continue to bring outstanding value to the WAX ecosystem. Providing this should be considered in the range of a valuable contribution to WAX. Particularly in regards to the exclusivity of these features.

It was shocking to se Pack Breaks lumped in with Escrow as a "community tool", when they are their own product, exclusive to us, and contribute to every WAX project we support. Pack Breaks allow users to competitively list their packs into slots, slots prices are chosen by pack owners and can be undercut. For example, if a pack is listed for 50 WAX per slot and there are 5 slots sold, if another user comes in to list their pack for 45 WAX per slot, the higher priced pack is automatically returned, the slots owners are each refunded 5 WAX, and the new pack takes over, absorbing the current slots.

This all happens automatically and creates an exciting and unique way for users to participate in strategically selling packs and buying slots. When a popular pack drops this feature contributes to the buzz and pack openings during the weeks following the drop. I'd like to suggest that this is part of the reason why WAX tools are scattered all over the place.

The incentive is to build tools, but there is less incentive, maybe even a huge penalty, to build tools on top of each other for fear they will be lumped together and won't garner any "points". Perfect example is having a marketplace, pack breaks, and escrow each containing several tools all built into the same website. It's a huge penalty to have Pack Breaks be considered a "tool" and lumped in with another tool at that.

That exemplifies my point. Therefore, in my opinion WAX tools lose value when they become scattered about, difficult to find, use, under different UI's. This would also have the added benefit of keeping tools updated and maintained over time as there will be an incentive to do so. Again, just a suggestion. For anyone who made it this far, thank you. Here's the our Testnet Hyperion was started a week prior we created a public status page, though 3d party check uptimerobot.

Our round availability is more than So we would like to appeal Round Availability points. We offer V1 History and have been doing that for months now as you can see in previous evaluations too. We didn't realise we have to add it explicitly in the bp. But we have now updated it! Even though it wasn't there we have been serving requests.

So we would like to appeal the V1 History points. In addition, we have also upgraded our nodes to v2. So we would like to appeal the testnet participation points. Finally, we are just wondering if there were any additional criteria about the "second monthly bonus 'requirement'" as no one was awarded these points. We tried providing our rate limits information but not sure if you are expecting anything more.

We believe there may be an error in the validation of the monthly CPU latency. We have not exceeded the range of 0. We would like to request a review of this section. As the months before we were also publishing feed data via the Delphi oracle. However, we got scored a 0 for that this month. I read in another appeal that they did not get any points for the additional monthly report as well. So I am not sure if there were some changes to that category.

Basically, we also published a secondary report and shared it on social media, but did not get any points on that. I hope I am getting the notion tables correctly with the adapted evaluation schedule. I will be referring to the December table, since it matches the score in the current guild ratings table, even though this appeal is about the November submission:. We are wondering why our Kryptoskatt app is removed from our evaluation?

We launched the beta almost 1 week back and we have more than 50 organic signups on the platform and are waiting to ramp up the marketing to our pre-launch waiting list users and to the WAX community. If you haven't checked out the latest platform, please see the screen recording here:.

Also, our WAX Standalone API services are already being used and now we are near ready to launch the API as a Service subscription, we are doing final testing and scaling to HA mode, setting up subscription models etc before the launch.

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WAX is a carbon neutral blockchain that runs on a Proof of Stake system. WAX is certified carbon neutral by ClimateCare. Supports reforestation :. More power, less energy :. Shopping not shipping :. Build or upgrade your dApps, games, marketplaces and more on WAX.

It also makes buying, selling, trading and giving NFTs easier than ever. WAX Cloud Wallet 3. DeFi Completion. Have additional questions? How to create NFTs. How to buy NFTs. What is an NFT. Here are some helpful articles and videos from our community. Contact us through Discord. WAX was purposefully built to be the most complete, climate friendly NFT ecosystem in the industry for leading brands, artists, creators and developers looking to leverage the power of the blockchain. Problem is, the game has lost its luster, and now that virtual wardrobe is essentially worthless.

So, if you have a case where you think it should be there and wasn't, tell me, and if you've caught something I missed, I'll use that info to make the indicator smarter. It checks to see if the frame matches the default. Then it checks to see if its plain colorless, plain artifact, or plain colorless land. If the answer to any of those is "Yes", the indicator vanishes.

I don't seem to have double-faced cards in my style anyway. Followed the instructions as far as I can tell. I didn't have any double-faced cards beforehand, so I can't tell what may have happened to them. Don't seem to be able to create new ones now though. Also, getting nothing from the colour indicators either, they're blank. Quote: The package 'magic-new' uses files from the package 'magic-identity-new. To resolve this, add: depends on: magic-identity-new.

Hey Pich! So I might be stupid as I usually am with anything dealing with computors but I cannot get this to work. I followed the instructions to include backing up my files and moving the folders from the zip to my data folder. Also, I pulled up a file and can't figure out how to put phyrexian mana in. Not sure if it is user error or a problem while pulling it over.

Check out my updated set hub. These are awesome. Questions: Is there a way to control the colored X costs? Or are they always the color of the card if it's monocolored? And what are the new mana codes for the checkboxes, day, and night symbols? Maybe I can put in a styling choice or something, if it means that much to you? The code for the day symbol is "sun", the night symbol is "moon", and the checkbox is "checkbox".

These won't be automatically recognized, you'll have to add them from the insert symbol menu, or type them, highlight, and click the star button at the top of MSE. First, the symbols appear in the insert symbol menu for me, although you shouldn't need it.

The "H" notation I detailed in the first post should work just like any other mana symbol does. You shouldn't have to use the insert symbol menu to get them. But, be aware that the semicolons don't work anymore if you use my files. Now, about DFC Walkers not showing up. Did you have a folder in the zip called "magic-new-planeswalker-doublefaced. Anuttymous: Your errors don't make any sense to me either.

Did you backup any copies of the named folders that you had, and then paste the new ones in, completely overwriting all of the ones you already had installed? Because its like part of the files came through and part of them didn't. Would you consider going into your data folder, zipping up your "magic-new.

Remember, zip, don't rar. On the matter of color indicators, if you try to turn them on through the indicator, they won't currently work. The easiest way to test them is to make a costless card that isn't colorless, artifact, or land. Say, a white costless card. I did not have that folder in my zip. Not sure why. I had all the rest that were mentioned in your instructions.

Just asking, because I find it very weird, and can't find it anywhere else: I can make a box for popout art, but to make it fit the original art, is it supposed to do that automatically, or should I do it manually? And how do I make it not an entire box, but Like you did, for example a circle? I did everything the instructions listed, except the bit about "You may replace it with the file named 'DFC Walkers'" or something, as I couldn't see that folder.

I'll delete the folders and return the backups, then redo the whole process as per the instructions, when I get the chance, and if that doesn't work I'll zip the folder and send you a link. Guitarweeps: To me, it sounds like you just got some wires crossed in the download process somehow. I would just try a fresh download. Also, I don't wish to sound condescending, but you did catch that there are multiple templates on the other side of that link, right? Anuttymous: I'm not sure what happened, but I'm concerned about what instructions you're following, as I don't recognize what you quoted there as being similar to anything in the included instructions file.

You have to make the popout art fit manually by adjusting the numbers in the styling tab. It is my advice starting out to make minor adjustments, slowly moving the popout into place, and if the size changes much, switch back to the card tab and re-import the popout image.

When importing the image, I advise you to use the "force to fit" option on the image import dialog. Finally, to make the image look right, the one you import will have to be "cut out" using a program that supports creation of transparencies, such as GIMP, Photoshop, Corel PSP, or Paint.

I know this is all a pain, and I wish there was a better way to support popout art in MSE. I tried lots of ways, and this is the best I came up with. I even attempted using the imported image as its own mask, but results were inconsistent and a bit ugly:. Fantastic work Pich, as usual. This is actually essential to a set I'm doing. If you wish, I can PM you the details of what I'm planning. To get in you either have the right key, or be lucky enough to be able to pick the lock. Oh, well, I figured this one out myself Didn't actually download the DFC file.

I just clicked the first one I saw, which was Modern Extra. Everything seems fine now - error messages, but I don't think it's anything. Just in case:. Quote: File not found: 'rlidentity. I was making a Double-Faced planeswalker hybrid on both sides and at first there was an empty space where the color indicator should be.

Then, when I tried to save it, this appeared: Quote:. I'm back! I survived the Eater of Days! Sohel - Can you give me some steps leading up to the message? Because unfortunately, that message doesn't tell me anything. Anuttymous - Sorry for the confusion. Its either list them together with descriptive names, or get a new sourceforge space for every template, which would be pretty crazy.

As for the error, I've still got some work to do on the indicators. Thanks for the message, though. I haven't been able to replicate the error yet, as I haven't been able to use the computer with MSE; but what I can recall was making a flip planeswalker, then changing it to a DFC. The frames come up fine but whenever I try to save it, it gives an error: "mse.

I apologize, but I'm kinda new here. Where do I insert these new files and how do I get into the program to put them there? I know, I think I found those. They say to copy the files into the program's data, right? I don't know how to get there so I can do that.

Okay, thanks. I have the Phyrexian mana now, but there's an extra tab called "Console" that reads "Package not found: 'magic-identity-new. I also cannot create DFCs or double-faced planeswalkers. Thank you for that, it's all fixed now. New cards look awesome, thanks Pichoro! I still can't save any changes on my MSE since adding the template. It gives the error "mse. What if you remove the template? I have no idea what could possibly be so wrong. I still can't get the dot to show up.

Check out Hive block here. Hey, check out my blog! Ceterum censeo Bolasinem esse delendam. Accepting new types for S:tC! Custom Keywords! File not found: 'rlidentity. It keeps flashing up multiple times in the console. It doesn't stop the program working but just keeps doing it. I've followed instructions and read previous comments but it seems there wasn't this problem I'm having.

The color indicator for lands that have multicolored frames but don't have written mana ability like shocklands or fetchlands acts funny. It disappears and leaves a blank space in its place resulting in pushing forward card type. No error messages or anything. Any ideas how to change it? However, this does not happen on lands that add color to the template automatically.

Sounds like a bug I'll look into. But in the meantime, you can "turn off" the indicator by clicking on it it's in the space you're seeing , and switching it to "colorless". Maybe I did something wrong though, because there is no option called "colorless". I remember i had problems when installing, where I did everything step-by-step, and you had to delete magic-new-transform templates, then overwrite with everything else and after that MSE counld't save any stuff error: MSE stopped working , besides MSE didn't recognize new transform templates.

Then I backuped old files back in the data folder and repeated the process again. Same result.

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