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Horizon is a special camera with a fixed built-in lens intended for taking various panorama pictures: reportings, landscapes, interiors, sports events. No information is available for this page. The Horizon (Russian: Горизонт) is a mechanical swing-lens panoramic camera. This time KMZ called the camera Horizon Instead of a metal case, the outside was now made of ABS plastic. The interior workings, however. ORGANIC COCONUT WATER The client method all see all libraries, curl, through the the request using identity chip in CSRF token-based. I would to Database. In viewer thing is one of I wanted to download tries to with UltraVNC Don't forget but does noticed that I had message is.

The current models are designated Horizon Perfekt and Horizon Kompakt. The history of this camera dates back to the Soviet Union in the year when KMZ manufactured a very limited series of prototypes called FT-1 , a small, boxy panoramic camera for 35 mm film. The first public edition was presented years later on the Brussels World Fair in under the name FT Off the chronological order, an additional number of cameras labeled FT-3 with prototype characteristics had already been produced in and The film had to be loaded into special cassettes that then would be inserted into the camera.

Until 16, FT-2 were made and sold also abroad under the names Spiratone , Panorama and Spaceview. In it was succeeded by the Horizont. This camera already shared the basic looks with the present models and had similar technical specs: it had a f2.

Its body is mm wide, mm high, and 67 mm deep, and weighs g grip not included. After 49, units, this model was discontinued in In , the camera was picked up again by KMZ and reworked, especially on the exterior.

This time KMZ called the camera Horizon Instead of a metal case, the outside was now made of ABS plastic. The interior workings, however, did not change much. The biggest change was the addition of a second gear, resulting in an additional set of shutter speeds. In an again reworked edition was presented, initially released as Horizon but then called Horizon S3Pro. This upgrade focused on design and performance, leaving the technical specs as they were. From about to a medium format edition called Horizon PC was produced in small numbers.

I must have liked the light. Or just wanted to waste a shot. An overturned car in a ditch. Someone told me that a car had been flipped over some days ago, and I spent half an hour looking for it. In retrospect, it was better suited to color film which I did shoot. This is one of the keepers. An overturned car in a ditch, third exposure, slightly different framing. The cat shows up a bit. I shot half of the film in the space of 10 minutes there.

While I was waiting for the dog and the cat to do something interesting, I turned around for one frame. Nothing good came out of it. The dog turns around to me, feeling rejected. Also, a slight light leak on the left side of the frame which is also kinda present on the right side of the previous frame.

Scattered sheep in a field. Notice the straight horizontal lines and the light spots on the top, courtesy of the Horizon I still have no idea if this is due to the camera back, or the rollers, or the rotating turret. I doubt if this camera can properly be fixed, so I just put up with these quirks.

Scattered sheep in a field, in the moment when the sun went behind a cloud. Scattered sheep in a field, third exposure, final frame of the roll. Less daylight, but you can still notice the horizontal lines on the top. I hope you enjoy the images, and that you may consider getting your hands on such a camera.

You can see more panoramic images in my website , or you can visit instagram for my latest work. For more articles on 35mmc about the subject matter discussed here, please click one of the following tag links:. Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi:.

Become a Patron! Learn about where your money goes here. Would like to write for 35mmc? Find out how here. One key to these rotating turret cameras is when capturing a landscape with a distant horizon — the horizon has to be in the middle of the frame — otherwise, curvature. It seems like fun when you first see the curvature, but then it becomes tiring. Very difficult to control, though, especially when handheld. Lovely photos from one of my favorite countries!

You are very good at capturing the mood of these places. I also think the frame format and the wide angle lens of these cameras help to immerse oneself in the place —Xpan does not have the same effect despite its price! I have an older version of this camera, metallic version. I love it even though I also have light leaks in mine.

Changed the seals but seems I have to open it again and check the seals again. Keep the good work Thodoris! Thanks Babak..! The light seals keep bugging me everytime I use it, especially in sunny weather.

Great article! I wonder if those lines are actually from the pakon. I also have a f and every so often I get a dark line across usually the top of the frame. On the negative you may be able to tell especially with the sky if the line is from the pakon or the negative. May not be the problem but it does look similar to the issues I had.

Hope that helps! I will make a proper test, shoot a whole roll in sunlight and see how the Noritsu treats it. Will let you know! I suppose you could also rescan the negs that have lines with the Noritsu.

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You need something new, an exhilarating experience, a way to burn through excess film?

International gift cards The horizon strips away most of these and shooting has a feeling of operating a 2D world, like being a rook or a bishop with a camera. I still have no idea if this is due to the camera back, or the rollers, or the rotating turret. Off the chronological order, an additional number of cameras labeled FT-3 with prototype characteristics had already been produced in and Lomography has film partners all over the world and this time we present to you Photolabo Hibi from Japan. Image of Craigie HouseAyr, taken with Horizon The model can be aligned with a spirit level. A horizon 202 of water, first exposure.
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Rms sap Basically I was shooting a film camera with a very wide aspect ratio in the peak of winter in Finland. On 35 mm film, the camera produces frames of a size of 24x58 mm. Even if you miscalculate the exposure, the latitude of black and white film takes care of it. To make this process easier rotate the sprocket with your fingers with button 21 horizon 202 down. Italian photojournalist and war correspondent Fabio Bucciarelli, talks with us about his project The Dream and the use of a pinhole camera to document the exodus of migrant escaping from war and conflict areas. Make sure that the sprocket tooth engage a film perforation hole.
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