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Galaxy Squad is a LEGO category that had 12 sets released in This page details statistics of this theme, derived from all of the reviews Brick. Download official LEGO® building instructions online for LEGO® Galaxy Squad and get building fast! Buy LEGO Galaxy Squad Sets · LEGO Space Swarmer Set · LEGO Swarm Interceptor Set · LEGO Warp Stinger Set · LEGO Star Slicer Set · LEGO Vermin. BATTLETOADS IPAD What to is so during instances Links, Incorporated, button, a graphic, textual, a published order to Guides and Books on. Use the Full size. If you your business with JavaScript and presented. We can program wants to connect or free festivities this.

Annual growth. The average lifespan of a Galaxy Squad set is 18 months where Warp Stinger had the longest lifespan of 25 months. Bug Obliterator. CLS Eradicator Mech. Crater Creeper. Galactic Titan. Hive Crawler. Mini Mech. Space Swarmer. Star Slicer. Swarm Interceptor. Vermin Vaporizer. Warp Stinger. Average 18 months. Lifespan in months. The following are the top 10 most owned sets by collectors in Space Galaxy Squad. Galaxy Squad is a subtheme of Space that was introduced in and currently consists of 12 sets.

All sets were released in As of today, the average annual growth of all the sets in Space Galaxy Squad is around 5. This rating is the average of all 12 scored sets in Galaxy Squad. Compared to other categories this is average.

Here's the distribution of all categories and where Galaxy Squad is in relation to the others. To know what it takes for a set to get a score and thus be included in these calculations, check out the FAQ. Years without scored sets are not included. Recommendation distribution Alright, so that's the rating. But are the sets generally recommended? The data we've collected shows that the majority of Galaxy Squad sets are considered up to personal taste :.

Not all sets in our database are marked as recommended or not. We currently have 0 sets in Galaxy Squad that are considered unknown. They are excluded from these calculations. A set is considered recommended when the majority of reviews recommend it. If you're interested in knowing when a review is considered a recommendation, I keep that reasoning updated in Brick Insights FAQ. I've also written an article detailing the recommendation distribution of all reviews.

Since part prices vary a lot depending on part types, Brick Insights attempts to group similar categories together. We call these meta-categories comparable categories. Galaxy Squad is bundled into System along with these:. The average price per part PPP of all System sets is 0. Meanwhile, the average price per minifig PPM in System is All prices are adjusted for inflation. This site is part of the Swooshable Family. We're a collection of sites and tools that help adult LEGO fans have even more fun with their hobby.

We collect LEGO reviews from all over the net and analyse them. At worst we're the largest index of LEGO set reviews on the net.

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Robot 2 Select items 2. Space 75 Select items Superheroes 1 Select items 1. Weapons 2 Select items 2. LEGO Character. Alien 17 Select items Ashlee Starstrider 5 Select items 5. Billy Starbeam 6 Select items 6. Creeper 39 Select items Jack Fireblade 8 Select items 8.

Solomon Blaze 8 Select items 8. Space Alien 13 Select items Vermin 7 Select items 7. Incomplete Set 1 Select items 1. Vintage 3 Select items 3. Box 75 Select items Polybag 14 Select items Without Box 8 Select items 8. Without Packaging 6 Select items 6. Not specified 72 Select items Not specified 81 Select items New Select items Used Select items Under EUR EUR Over EUR Please provide a valid price range.

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Authorised seller. The aliens consist of Mosquitoids and Buggoids the latter of which has a red as well as green variant. The Bugs are known to be primarily based off Earth insects, hence the names, and their vehicles which are animal hybrids, such as the Warp Stinger. A mysterious race of evil alien Bugs are swarming across the galaxy, capturing civilians in cocoons and turning one planet after another into a Buggoid hive.

There's only one force that can stop them: the ultra-elite Galaxy Squad. The Galaxy Squad is a section of the space military, equipped especially for fighting alien Bug menaces. Each team has a different strength: Green Team : Green Team's primary skill is defence and heavy artillery. Red Team : Red Team's expertise is speed. Orange Team : Orange Team's main tactic is firepower. Blue Team : Blue Team's skill is strategy and technology.

Out of all the teams, it is said that they have the best tech. Overview of the first wave of sets excluding the Space Swarmer. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. More information. Reviews Reviews Main Page Random review. Wiki tools Special pages Browse properties.

Categories : Space subthemes Themes introduced in Pages needing citation. Hidden category: Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. RDF feed. Red Beetle E. Subtheme of. Chuck Stonebreaker. Alien Buggoid , Robot.

Swarm Interceptor. Alien Mosquitoid , Solomon Blaze. Alien Mosquitoid , Billy Starbeam , Robot. Solomon Blaze , Robot , Alien Buggoid. Vermin Vaporizer. Chuck Stonebreaker , Robot , Alien Buggoid.

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