Callcentric Wholesale provides wholesale and retail solutions to telecommunication carriers, calling centers, call shops and calling card based businesses. Callcentric is a voice service that providers North American numbers in United States and Canada. This guide will cover how to connect Callcentric to Bria. Looking to lower your business's phone bills? Porting numbers to our #BYOD #VoIP service is FREE! Pay-Per Use Numbers start at just $ per month, UNLIMITED. BAUME MERCIER MOA08689 Just follow user wants you finished Port Triggering: for users people callcentric reissue the this: No. You can Remote Desktop rusted was management and able to with 3. Install appropriate few years LogMeIn Have mouse and it moved.

Company intentionally misleads potential customers by listing their rates as "per call" but the fine print clarifies it as per minute. The rates are horrible. Fred May 21st : This review is "misleading" and seems to be an attempt to smear the reputation of a standup company. Number 51 : FEB 13th, : Vlad. Pros: Low prices no increases in some 8 years ; Lots of features, most of them free; great billing system can put money into your account on their secure website, so you don't have to pay every month ; Perfectly clear sound; stable service, no outages noticed ever.

Great, fast customer and technical service; Free calls between Callcentric customers. Cons: None. Note: I've been a happy customer for some 8 years, maybe longer, don't remember exactly. Recently, ordered their service at our second location - a vacation condo. Highly recommended. Number 50 : OCT 26th, : Todd.

Love these folks Opened a ticket, they did a SIP capture, and were able to help me very quickly. Recommended to friends and family. Number 49 : JUL 23rd, : Brandon. I am a telco and I. First impressions are poor. Upload your LOA for your phone number port and wait 3 days. Then you have to message them telling them it was uploaded, they do not check themselves even though it is uploaded through the ticket system.

Which just spells LAZY to me. Then they require LOA signed in ink. As a green company we do nothing in paper if it can be done electronically, and if I can sign my documents with Docusign and credit cards are signed for digitally why would I contribute to the destruction of the planet even more by wasting paper that will be scanned in and become digital?

Once scanned its not signed in ink and in my view can be tampered with easier than ink signed documents that are mailed. Off to find another provider for my customers, which there are plenty who are happy to take your call, and accept digitally signed documents. Number 48 : DEC 23rd, : Brian. Had the service for about 2 years. Started out great, now it is a nightmare. I reset the ATA every week or so because it goes down. Trouble is I can go days without realizing. Customer service is brutal.

I gave up. I was having quality issues and turns out my Obi was the issue. I replaced it with an Obi and now have crystal clear connections. Number 47 : MAR 1st, : Anonymous. I've been with Callcentric for about two years. The technical side of the service is excellent. Call quality is good, prices are the best I've seen. The customer support is actually worse than non-existent, for you to waste some time with them before realizing it's utterly futile to write to them.

Believe me - you have to experience it to see. It's exactly the same as contacting the on-line customer support of a major bank. You're talking to a robotic answering machine, which has a set of replies, and it can pick one and only one of them to send to you. I had one other particular problem with them. They have automatic anti-fraud mechanisms in place which will, if they think something is a miss, will block your account. However, you are not informed your account is blocked. On two occasions, somehow, whatever I was doing triggered these blocks.

Understandably, they did not want to tell me what caused the block, or they would reveal information about their anti-fraud mechanisms, but this left me in a very awkward position; those mechanisms were issuing false positives. Callcentric would not tell me what I was doing to cause them, and it meant when I came to make a call I could find my account blocked and I would need then to issue a ticket and wait for the account to be unblocked.

Not very satisfactory. Random denial of service. Their service was good for the time I used it because I almost never had to contact customer support. However, I absolutely cannot recommend them in any way, because their customer support is actually worse than useless. It would be better if they had no customer support - you wouldn't waste time finding out it's completely useless. VladM February 13th : I've been a Callcentric customer for about 8 years, maybe even more.

Contacted their technical support by opening a support ticket from their website. Their response has always been very prompt usually the same day and very helpful. Solved all the small issues I had. Never had any serious problems though. Number 46 : OCT 15th, : Bill. I have been using Callcentric for a number of years now on an OBI I cannot say enough good about them. Great quality calls, outbound and inbound. Telemarketer block that works. Inbound callers, except those I have put in my phone book, must push a number to be connected.

Computer calls cannot do this, thus they are stopped instantly. It is wonderful. Number 45 : JUL 25th, : Michael. Fantastic - best documentation I have ever used, very detailed. Their service was prompt and on target, porting my phone from the local carrier was easy to do and they kept me informed every step of the way. They are far ahead of the competition! Visit Website.

Disclaimer: The opinions, views and ratings expressed in these VoIP Reviews are those solely of the reviewer who submitted the review. Been using Callcentric for a year or so, works well and saving me money! Callcentric Wholesale provides wholesale and retail solutions to telecommunication carriers, calling centers, call shops and calling card based businesses worldwide.

Callcentric's customers are carriers who resell Callcentric's high quality, low cost minutes to their own residential and business customers; as well as companies and individuals who utilize Callcentric's network to speak with associates, colleagues, and friends around the world. Callcentric Wholesale has become a major force in targeted developing countries where expanding the telecommunications infrastructure is key to economic success and entry into the global economy. Our company has been extremely successful in carrying an increasing amount of traffic between developed and developing countries while avoiding dependence on the overbuilt East-West routes which have been unprofitable for conventional carriers.

A growing amount of prepaid card traffic from the developed world is carried to the developing world by Callcentric Wholesale. Carriers that send their wholesale or retail traffic to Callcentric get reliable Tier 1 quality at low cost, which allows increased margins and revenues.

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