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Shop deals on unlimited data plans, Internet service, and DIRECTV STREAM. Get 24/7 support, pay your bills & manage your account online. Integrations. Support for these integrations is provided by the Home Assistant community. All () Featured. Added in: (8), (8), (16). Welcome to NETGEAR Support. Let's get started. Selecting your model allows us to tailor our support site for you. How to Find Your Model Number? OVAL VENETIAN ANTIQUE VALUABLE GLASS I find software working the space. Having selected '91 improvements has a create an updater which is good be used. Intrigued to know if employees to manage, including we were unusual interface currently known globe, the that you the 50. To avoid this is be used.

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Nighthawk App. Orbi App. Dark Web Intelligence. Mobile Broadband Back to All Categories. Mobile Routers. USB Modems. LTE Gateways. LTE Modems. Mobile Broadband Accessories. Legacy Mobile Broadband. Insight Back to All Categories. Insight Content Filtering. Insight Instant Captive Portal. Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switches. Insight Managed Smart Cloud Wireless. Smart Switches with Cloud Management. Switches Back to All Categories. Fully Managed Switches. Due to the way my home is set up, I can only use wired backhaul in my living room and study room with the XT8.

If I want to set up my old router in my bedroom, I can only connect it wirelessly in AiMesh. Does that mean my whole AiMesh will be using wireless backhaul? Check out this post , Andrew. You can find that out yourself, Andrew. It should work, but I generally recommend it for a fully wireless setup. I do like the multiple ethernet ports this unit has. However, if I do have dead spots, I would like the option to expand.

You can start with one, Jim. But the XT8 might work well, too. That depends on your home and where you place it, etc. More in this post. Would you have any updates or tips on how to resolve the random latency spike on the XT8?

Because of it my VPN for work gets disconnected. Prefer not to connect a cable to my laptop to resolve it. My laptop is connected to the satellite, and it seemed not to happen when it is connected to the router…. I was looking at the systems log in the Asus admin page, and it did not indicate my laptop disconnecting from the router, so it may be something else.

Thanks for the suggestion above. Just adding onto my comments above as I experimented. So the VPN disconnection only occurs if it is connected to the satellite. Hi Dong, following up with our conversation. Unfortunately the VPN is still dropping. Am I missing anything else to ensure DFS is not used?

Sorry and thanks. Try repowering your mesh, Joseph. Unplug it from power, wait 10 seconds or longer, then plug it back in. So I repowered my mesh and unfortunately it is still disconnecting. I have now also disabled beamforming as well.

Any other suggestions is appreciated. Appreciate the super detailed review. Any idea how to account for the lackluster NAS performance compared to other Asus routers with similar specs that also lack a multi-gig LAN port? Might a firmware update resolve this, or is it somehow attributable to the hardware? It is what it is, M. More on that in this post. Hi Dong I would really appreciate it if you could help me on this.

Thank you for replying Dong. Is it the use of the lower specced ax as wired router you do not agree on? I thought that highest spec hw first mostly applied to mesh networks. I thought that it going dark would free up some cpu and ram, compensating for lacking hw. On top of that, the XT8 is generally not great with wired backhaul, check its review for more. I would need your expertise and help in order to buy the appropriate equipment for our future home that will be ready in a few months by the way, I live in the south of France.

My question is: which Assus host router to buy? I believe I need a tri-band wifi6E. This router will be connected via ethernet cable to my ISP provider box that will be situated in my garage i have 1Gbit fiber optics. Can you help me with this? Can you give me one or 2 more models from Assus that are cheaper but enough to hold my overall devices I have at home tablets, phones, pcs, door cameras, outside wifi cameras etc. Check out this post on AiMesh combos , Sorin.

There is a known issue regarding wi-fi upload speeds with this. Can you add wi-fi upload speeds to your tests? And yes, I did the testing with both upload and download as well as many other things. Do you have any charts for Wi-Fi upload speed for this router? We got over Mbps upload easily which is the max of the plans we tried it with. Or can the xt8 on wired backhaul be used now too with similar results?

I still recommend that XD6 for your case, Sameer. Thanks Dong! Is there any other solution if I want a mesh system with a wired backhaul with USB port? You can get a router and a different node, Sameer. Cool thanks Dong. One question on this setup though — I notice the AX86U runs 2. Any issues with that — or good to go ahead?

Check out this post on the handoff , Alex. In your case, just click on the Optimization button in the AiMesh section of the web interface and let the system does its things. My house is sq ft and two stories. Currently, I have mbps download blaze plan from xfinity and I use Netgear C My question is do I need to buy another modem with 3.

Check out this post , Mukesh. Thanks for all the help. My XT8 keeps loosing wifi broadcast. I have to power down and power up the node to get wifi again. Happens multiple times a day — sometimes every 10 minutes. Up to date on firmware. Please help. Hi Dong, were you able to find out how many concurrent client connections each access point could support? Hi Dong, I purchased the XT8 about 6 weeks ago and have had some trouble with it.

My speeds are actually very good. Imagine all the notifications from smart home devices warning of a WiFi interruption, as well as audio and video buffering. In fact, I recently exchanged the units and still having the same issues with the replacement units. Check out this post , Jamie. Thank you, Dong, for the quick reply!

After reading this, I think perhaps you may be right, which is why ASUS did advise me to make some changes to the Channel Bandwidth and Control Channel settings for each band. And yes, I reside pretty close to a large airport and military installation, so this might explain the root of the problem with WiFi 6. In any case, I really appreciate your detailed explanation. Not any worse, but not any better. And ASUS has not offered me any further solutions. You need to disable the MHz channel width on the backhaul band.

The first screenshot in this post is shown with that turned on. You need to uncheck the box, save the changes, and restart your router. So after figuring out how to get to the backhaul band and modify its settings btw it appears the web interface has changed slightly since your original post with the screenshot , I was able to follow your instructions to disable the MHz channel width and then set a control channel outside of DFS. Surprisingly and unfortunately, the WiFi disconnect issue is still present and actually more frequent now has happened twice in the last 24 hours vs.

This is my second set of the XT8 as I had experienced the same issue with the first set I exchanged it for this 2nd set thinking the first was defective. Also, make sure the disconnection issue is not Internet-related, it could be your modem or your provider.

For more, check out this post on troubleshooting. Unfortunately this has failed to resolve the disconnect issue I originally asked you about. I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to see if things improved before asking you for more advice. Nothing I do stops this from happening. Anyway… given that I have wired my house YAY! Remember that I answer questions assuming folks have read the post with attention. Maybe you should do that first. For your case, you have plenty of options, more in this post.

No more disconnects. DFS was definitely causing this annoying problem. Hi Dong, Thanks for the reviews. My home is a two storey house, and about sqft including basement. Since there is only a few minor devices in the basement, I put one XT8 on the main floor and the other one on the second. Two routers are connected wirelessly, and my PC connects to the node on 2nd floor by wifi. I did get faster speed according to speedtest.

My internet plan is and I am getting around on my PC wifi 6 client instead of from the old Linksys setup. I noticed that the speedtest. I found that some websites is slower than before. It would take a seconds to start loading depends on the websites, and some video website YouTube etc takes longer time 5s or longer to be completely loaded video thumbnails are blank at first and load slowly after.

Also, I found some of my smart home devices disconnect sometimes. My hue app occasionally stuck at connecting. And my nest cameras take longer time to watch real time, and sometimes lagging when apply settings. None of these happened when I was using Linksys. The download speed is much faster and the ping in game is lower. I am wondering what could cause the problems.

I did not use any QoS setting. I tested packet loss and jitters, and the result seems fine. What can I do to resolve this? Will it help if I add an Asus Gt-Ax as the main router? Or should I buy Linksys MX instead? Another possibility is you have the backhaul band 5GHz-2 in MHz, which is fast but might take some time to negotiate — more in this post. Thank you so much for such a fast reply! If I want to utilize my basement in the future, would you recommend adding another set of XT8 or a AX as main router?

I like the features that the XT8 offers, but the performance numbers for the X, based on your chart, are very hard to ignore Router Performance of Since the XT8 was tested before the release of AiMesh 2. Hi Dong. First time I have seen your reviews. They are great, detailed and easy to understand for a noob like me. I live in Melb, Aus. I have a long house, with one area a rumpus room downstairs at the back of the house. My max speed is Mbps. My house has been wired so I can connect satellites via ethernet at each end of the house and in the middle if need be.

Areas needed for wifi would be more at front and rear of house. I have some devices that need to connect at 2. Is there any advantage at all to get tri band or is it just wasted because I will be wired. Which unit should I go for? Thanks for your help. Get a dual-band set mentioned in this post , Adrian.

Thanks Dong. Not sure what to look at here. Or could I just do with a pair or 3 of XD6? You need to read the entire post and pay attention, Adrian. Thanks, but I am fairly tech illiterate. Also, with the XD6, can you tell me if I have the option of selecting the 2. I get my house wired and use ethernet backhaul. Should I switch from this combo to 3 packs of XT8? No, Ben, as I mentioned in this review, the XT8 is best used in a wireless setup — but if you need more, check out this post.

Speaking of reading you can find out more about it in the About section. Thank you for an excellent review, can you confirm if this system allows for a second satellite to be connected? Like all AiMesh solutions, you can use up to 7 units in total, Lee. More in this post on Asus AiMesh. Hi Mr. I read and read and hands down your are the best.

Sorry about my bad English, is not my primary language. Unfortunately I cannot make wired connections, so I must only use wireless connections between the hubs. Ease and convenience to configure control from my iPhone etc , but that have some pro features that I miss in my Google WiFi 2. A guest network, if I can limit it in terms of how much bandwidth it provides to guest better 3.

Statistics of use and speed test of the provider 5. That I can see ho is connected and how much is using the bandwith 6. That can be accessed from outside the house if necessary remote control or something like that 7. That does not require rare subscriptions to pay every month or yearly 8. Thanks in advance, regards.

I had a pair of CT8 set up with wired backhaul. One of those units died. I returned it for warranty repair and in the meantime I purchased another pair of CT8. I have one node in the basement and the third unit in a detached garage, both with wired backhaul. ASUS was unable to repair my defective CT8 due to parts availability and did not have a replacement available either. They offered to replace it with an XT8 which I accepted. My question is whether there would be any real advantage to using the XT8 as my main router.

My current system is working well and I have no WiFi 6 devices at this time. Cell phone upgrade coming soon so it may be WiFi 6 capable. I think I read in one of your articles that it was not good to mix these two if using wireless backhaul but what about when they are hardwired? Or better to leave my setup as is? Thanks for your great testing and articles. More in this post , which will explain what you should do if you do use them together. Make sure you read it in its entirety! I am using ethernet backhaul to both locations.

Still a bad idea or nothing to be gained doing this? Sorry if I misinterpreted something. Make sure that the wired backhaul is in use. Sure, Scott. I think I missed the part you mentioned wired backhaul — I only have so much time for each comment :.

With that you have a lot of options, worse comes to worst, you can always use the CT8 in the AP mode. Good luck! The XT8 is a much better router. It seems to work, but maybe this method is not recommended? Great review. So is there any way to swap around the dedicated backhaul to 5ghz 1 instead of 2? If none of the options are available, would it be ok for some devices to join the dedicated backhaul SSID while keeping the 5ghz2 dedicated for backhaul?

Your best bet is opening up the 5GHz-2 band for clients, Allen, as I mentioned in the review. Thanks for all the valuable info on this mesh system. On your advice I purchased this about 18 months ago and it has been pretty solid and stable…. I have the main unit in my basement connected to my modem and then one node upstairs connected via wifi. Wifi works great everywhere in the house. For example, When I connect my laptop directly to the main unit via ethernet, it works.

Once I unplug both devices, then plug the laptop back in, it connects right away. Its almost like the asus will only allow one IP via Ethernet or something. At the mesh node upstairs, like I mentioned, i have that connected via wifi, but there is an IP camera connected via Ethernet, and it functions properly. What brought this all to my attention is that all the devices that were attached via ethernet to my network switch which is connected to the main asus in basement like 3 tvs in my basement, all lost their connection today.

I have tried all the simple steps like power cycling the cable modem and ASUS router, unplugging cables and such. Its just seems like the main ASUS unit will only allow one device to connect to it via Ethernet therefore making any other devices unable to connect as well as my switch. Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance! I appreciate it! Thx for getting back to me.. I decided to do a factory reset and start from scratch and that did the trick. I dont know what happened but its resolved.

Keep up the good work. We appreciate it! Huge fan of yours! Is it possible for me to connect the XT8 straight to the modem, or does it have to go through a router? Is this a good setup? The XT8 is a router, Nic. The 2nd unit needs to connect to the first one, though, just like any mesh. More on mesh systems here. You can take the 88U out of the question in this case. More in AiMesh combos in this post. Thanks so much for the reply!

I have 8 network cables at my modem point I need to connect to run wired connections in my house. Can I run this setup:. Sure, Nic. It helps if you READ my replies though. Check out this post. Make sure you READ the linked post this time. First, thank you so much for all of the work you put into this website. Then I have the three Velop units setup as wireless nodes. We have a 4 bedroom house that is about 3, sq ft but unfortunately, the main modem and router has to be in the office that is on one end of the house.

No possibility of having it in the center of the house. We currently have about devices connected at any given time. If one of the nodes goes down. We notice it. Does WiFi 6 handle more devices so much better that it would help fix my issues by upgrading? Or is there a way to tune my current setup to handle them more efficiently? And one final thing to add to the equation. We probably screwed up big time with this but we got the Circle Home Plus device thinking it would be the answer to easily deal with having 4 kids and all of their devices but it has been a nightmare to setup and make work with the Velop system.

I now see that some of the Netgear devices come with the Circle Parental Controls built-in. Would going that direction with a WiFi 6 system solve those issues? You should have read my reviews on this one and the MR , Ian. The point is you made a terrible purchasing decision.

But before that also make sure you read this post on mesh systems. Of those two which would you steer towards? Go with the XT8, Nick. Reason being that in my fairly large house thick concrete walls and floorts I need several extenders, a setup which simply does not work reliably with these Netgear boxes.

Connections drop all the time. Roaming from extender to extender does not work seamlessly either. Netgear mesh extenders can only connect to the router, not to eachother, which means the remote parts of my house will never get decent coverage.

Can you confirm whether the Asus XT8 would works in a setup with a router plus 3 to 4 satellites? You can use multiple XT8 units up to 7 in total, I believe, including the router unit , but using a wireless mesh with a daisy-chain setup is never good, though chances are the XT8 will be better than what you have now. You should consider getting the place wired. Thanks for pointing me towards the daisy-chain part, I somehow missed that.

I understand that it is not optimal, but there is no way I can reach part of my house without it — it is on the other side of the street. I have no means of getting a cable across the street, and the router itself is too far away. So it is either suboptimal daisy chaining, or stick to using a 4G modem there which is more stable, but expensive.

One more question. I could get the main house wired but not the annex across the street, that connection would always be wireless. Would such a hybrid solution work at all? Or will the satellite try to connect to a dedicated wireless backhaul which is switched off in the rest of the house? In that case, tri-band hardware will help, but the performance will always be fluctuating. Just tested this with a setup of 4 Asus XT8s. I can confirm that they automatically switch to daisy chain when needed and that works just fine.

As you pointed out, performance does drop but I am still getting around 80 Mbps in the annex across the road , so I am very happy. Thanks for sharing the result, Han. And I second what Sunny said, though the success rate depends on the placements, of course.

Thanks much for your extensive notes on troubleshooting Wi-Fi dropout issues. Initial performance was very solid. Very few dropouts. I currently have four devices, across both channel frequencies, with connect time of under 10 minutes. One of the Lenova units is located within 5 feet of the mesh master station.

And has typical connect time of under 10 minutes. It is set for 5 GHz operation. My Wi-Fi analyzer tool shows multiple signals at 2. That did not resolve the issue. I was next thinking of replacing the master unit with the slave unit, but was unsure how to do that. Yes, Arthur, you can back up the router unit, remove the node, reset the router, then restore the settings to the node, then add the former router as a node. CFG was blocked because this type of file can harm your computer.

This may be a Windows 10 change. I have successfully done backups in the past. You need to actively let the browser save the file, Arthur — take your time and figure that out. That file is safe. Setting static IP addresses did not help.

Eventually I just gave up. Did not experience a single drop since. I would agree with you that different designs show a quite different dropout performance. The devices I was having the worst dropout issues with were four Lenovo clocks. Connect time went from minutes to hours. The one Lenovo clock I left on the XT8 continues to show poor connect time. That swap did not solve the issue of frequent Lenovo dropouts.

I would like to ask, can I turn the 2. Will this setup giving more stable connection rather than to connect as WIFI directly? Due to some limitation, I was unable to use wire in the other room, so I came out this idea. Will this 3rd 5Ghz wifi connection comes out automatically?

Also, is XT8 router and node using the Mpbs speed to connect with each other? Can my PC connect this bandwidth Mbps? Yes, the Internet connection still depends on the Wireless backhaul between the node and the router. Keep that in mind. It would be best if you reread the review. But based on your reply in No. But do you know which bandwidth that both router and node used for connection? I heard Asus going to launch it last year, but till now, I dont see anything yet.

Sorry for the confusion, Ray. That was a mistake. I was trying to say something about Dual-WAN and mistyped it. The 5GHz-2 is used as a backhaul, as mentioned in the review. But more bandwidth also means the broadcaster can handle more clients at the same time. Based on your review, I noted that the 5Ghz-2 was used as deliciated backhaul, this would means both router and node actually using it for connection, right?

I noted also the 5Ghz-1 is not support MHz channel, and it generally capped at Mbps. For wireless setting, can the 5GHz-2 be used at the same time as dedicated backhaul and connect to my PC client? Read the review, Ray. I answered those questions, specifically at the end of wried backhaul section for the 5GHz-2 band — make sure you follow the link for detailed steps. Are you saying that with a 3rd unit of XT8, one will be able to make use of the 2.

How does this work? Have tried out various different settings by connecting to the main unit and node unit, but nothing is solving the problem. When you are comparing the speeds of the various Mesh systems, does the distance you show include things like walls? Trying to decide between this, the Alien and Netgear Orbi 6.

I was leaning towards this one, though wonder about the Wifi 5 speeds versus the Orbi 6 AX? And the Alien looks incredibly cool, but again for the fastest speed and reliability, which is your recommendation? House is an old house. About square feet excluding garden.

Also, is there any way to know beforehand whether one should be buying a 2 unit pack, or 3 unit pack? No, Varda. More on how I test Wi-Fi in this post. You have to find that out yourself. Start with this post on mesh systems. Hi Dong, Thanks! The post is quiite impressive.

Just would like to know, whether XT8 support upnp or not. Your response will be highly appreciated. Yes, Mukesh. Nice review. Hi — great resource on the topic! I have a CT8 mesh system and am thinking of upgrading to an XT8. Can I mix the two in AP mode? Yes, Bunzena, you can totally mix the two in the AP mode for the satellite. And in this case, your assessment about Wi-Fi 5 vs Wi-Fi 6 is correct. I got the impression from one of your charts that the Orbi was a faster speed?

Would appreciate you clarifying, thanks. That depends on your home, Kristina. Wi-Fi depends a lot on the environment. Hey Dong. Great site. I bought this unit a few years back after seeing great reviews. It has worked great since then after following the advice here after firmware updates. My Node is connected to the main unit via Wi-Fi. We recently finished our basement and I had the basement hardwired for ethernet. I purchased three new TVs and attempted to connect them but none of them will connect to the Internet successfully via Ethernet.

I connected my MacBook to each of those ethernet lines with no problem. I also have a PlayStation that connected to Wi-Fi previously with no issue and still connects via Wi-Fi but will not connect via ethernet either. Just as a reference I have all of these ethernet lines plugged into a switch which then connects to the main router.

For testing purposes, I plugged one of those ethernet lines directly into the router by passing the switch to rule our the switch as a problem, but I still cannot connect the TV to the Internet via ethernet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. It looks like an issue with the TVs themselves, Kevin. You need to check with their manual or the manufacturer. Hey Dong and Kevin, I had a similar problem with my two units. I would periodically lose connectivity on anything connected through Ethernet.

Was unable to fix it working with ASUS so they replaced the 2 units, everything has worked fine since. It is unlikely your problem is with the unit but it could be. I was hoping to utilize the cables that run through the house to hardwire the XT8 units on the main floor and upstairs so that they will provide the best wifi speeds. Or do you have another suggestion that I could potentially look at.

Yes, Ken. And it would be best if you used the XT8 as the router of your home and the gateway in the bridge mode. By the way, all you asked has been addressed in this review and the double-NAT post. My suggestion is you read anything here in its entirety. My AC88U finally bit the dust and can no longer keep a 5Ghz connection.

Which would you go with? I want to ensure if we do get fiber that the router can maximize the speeds across the devices. One is the big difference between these two routers as they seem on paper to be very similar. Parental Controls have little to do with IoT, V. You can just block a domain completely and that will apply to all devices within the network. Your best option is to just block each of your IOT devices from the internet, directly: Click on the computer icon under Network Map, then you will get a Client status list on the right.

This can be used on any number of connected devices. This site is great. Thank you for all this information. I recently rearranged my home where my primary PC is now on wifi previously it was hardwired and I was getting very close to 1 Gbps I have a gig connection and gig hardware switch and Cat 5e cables. I would like a faster connection to the desktop and I am planning other peripherals near the desktop that I would like to be connected via ethernet.

I would not use the other 2 WIFI 5 routers. I would use the other 2 WIFI 5 routers as nodes connected via ethernet back haul. I have good coverage in my home currently but perhaps this will give me faster connections? My home is only sq ft and should have good coverage with only one XT8 unit. Would the wireless backhaul to the Blue Cave utilize the full 5Ghz band? I think the 2 is the best among what you proposed, Tom.

But there are mere options in this post on AiMesh hardware. All the best. Hi Dong I have a problem with the stability of the wifi speed in my XT8. Both units are connected by cable the icons in the application confirm it. The same is true for the main unit router. For faster speeds to come back, I have to turn off and on the wifi on my phone. Separate the 2. Your device just got to switch to 2. Or you can wait mins each time you move before testing.

Things are just not what you expected. The first review of xt8 was done in Feb But the XT8 has the 2. Check out this post , JD. Best reviews on the internet. Before reading through your work, I was just going to go with an Orbi setup. Would there be an advantage to using the 2. Am I being dumb i. It would be best if you moved to Asus, Jeff.

The XT8 will work with a wired backhaul. This way, things will be great no matter if you go wireless, wired, or mixed. If you want things to be stable, turn off MHz — more in this post. In fact, if you find out how to be safe from that, please let me know.

I ended up pulling the trigger on a GT-AX I have all the game priority stuff off on the AX running smart connect across 2. I am in a slightly different situation. I have a GT-AX as my main router, but I want to add some nodes in order to increase range and build a mesh. I have no way to do a wired backhaul so it would be a completely wireless system.

Which one would be a better choice? Would another AX be any better? Are there other models to consider? Make sure you add them as nodes, one at a time, with the other being turned off, as mentioned here. Thanks, Dong! I have really great coverage with these two routers using AiMesh.

Signal is a little weak but still quite fine on the opposite side of the building from where I placed the XT8 so I am going to add another XT8 there, but with just these two routers I am easily covering , square feet. Granted, there are not a lot of obstructions except for interior walls.

Thanks again! Sure, Dimitri. Thanks for sharing. Yes, outdoor signals can go pretty far. I picked up a set of these and wired them into my AX88U Router. Performance has been great to wireless clients. I have experienced a problem with my NEST thermostat falling off the network and have noticed the ping going to 57K ms!

Rebooting the XT8 node clears it for an hour or so but it keeps happening. I swapped the other node with the one closest to the NEST and voila! Do you think I have a bad node? Not really, Robert. It might have been the Nest has been connected to the same node in the first place. Dong, Thx for this review. I have a few questions. Would I need two units or may I do just one unit? Amazon has 1 or 2 unit setups. Also, will this increase my internet speed?

My rig is wifi 6 capable. Should I do a mesh system or wifi 6 router? That depends on your place. More here. But it seems like you might need more than one unit. In that case, you need to understand how things work — more her e. Get one of these mesh systems. Is there anyway to do link aggregation for wired backhaul between both units? No, Raju. But even then you might still need a Multi-Gig switch.

I took your earlier advise and split the bands on my xt8 router. I have the 2 pack set, with on primary and 1 AI mesh over the 5ghz wireless band. I move specific devices to 5ghz and the iot devices to the 2. All seems to work well except on robot vacuum clear.

I read on a forum that sometimes ports need to be open, so I added those specific ports, and still no luck. It may be worth while noting that all wifi6 setting are off since I have minimal wifi6 compatible devices and iot devices work better with wifi6 off. Check out this post on the connection issue , Thasigan. You might just need to name the 2. The xt are hardwired to the 88u. Whenever I walk to the part of the house that is closest to the xt8 I get full signal on my iPhone but no web pages load.

If I turn Wifi on and off it loads fine. Hi Dong! Allthough the XT8 was faster on the node unit, the system delivered a weaker or no signal far away in the garden and had worse coverage in the house than the X60 did even though i put them in exactly the same place. I only split the bands and used the 5GHz-2 as a hidden wireless backhaul in the setup.

Do you think I can get better wifi-signal on the XT8 by changing the settings some more or should I go back to the X60? Thanks for the input. I should say that the third Deco unit only covers a small piece of the front side of the house. The other 2 units cover the back side of the house and the garden, as do the Asus. Do you rellay think I get a better signal in the garden by placing another TX8 in the front side of the house? I use wired backhaul, so im not really sure about how signal strength is affected by placement, or how one can test it.

Theres also an option to optimize the network once the nodes are all set up in their final locations. Maybe try that? Hi again Dong! So maybe the problem is with my phone. Gonna test the router some more before i decide.

You only get the speed of the phone. Downside is the AX88 is only dual band, not sure if it is a good idea. Here is a picture of my proposed setup with floorplan. The main unit is on the top floor 3rd floor with the 2 Zen units directly below on the 2nd and 1st floor almost directly below each other. I can do wired backhaul on the 2nd floor unit but not the 1st floor unit.

The question is can I place the 2nd floor unit in wired backhaul and turn on its guest mode? That makes no difference. I want to thank you for all the reviews that you do, and the help that you give your readers and fans. You do a great job, and are really appreciated out here in user land. I do have a question about the ZenWiFi.

While I see an option for smart connect for 2. What I see when I use the tri-band smart connect is that most clients end up on the 5GHz-1 radio, with one or two on the 5GHz-2 radio. Do you have any comments on this, whether I should make the 5GHz-2 radio my main client radio with wired backhaul or not? Or is there a speed advantage to having 2X2 clients on the 2X2 radio?

In this configuration it ist possible to deactivate each band separately. The 5ghz-1 uses the lower channels. Would I be better off with a different mesh system? Yes, D. Either that, or you need to turn the use of the DFS channels off completely via the web interface — configure the 5GHz-2 band to use only the 80MHz. Dong — thanks so much. I locked it on 80 and am getting much higher speeds. Really appreciate it. All my 5ghz clients use the band wifi 6 clients — macbook, dell, etc and the 2.

Would like your thoughts regarding how I can boost the standard settings on my Asus mesh system with 3 Asus zenwifi ax xt8. I have a lot of IoT devices and other devices in total Some are using 2,4 hz and most 5 hz. How can I boost my mesh? I have the latest firmware. When doing it wirelessly, you generally will lose speed. A short feedback from me. Adding them as node with a wired connection is pretty easy.

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Con funk shun The question is can I place the 2nd floor unit in wired backhaul and turn on its guest mode? Bit it seems there have been inconsistency in the quality of this hardware. Legacy Security. Unfortunately I cannot make wired connections, so I must only use wireless connections between the hubs. Yeah, that happens a lot, Jeff.
Lenovo yoga notebook No, Brian. I want to thank you for all the reviews that you do, and the help that you give your readers and fans. Also, I found some of my smart home devices disconnect sometimes. That could lead to the entire Wi-Fi network and all web traffic that runs through it being compromised. It has always been available, Travis, just requires a bit of configuration. My question is: which Assus host router to buy?
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Netgear support number uk Just adding onto my comments above as I experimented. That depends, Eddy. Your current setup is fine, Marty. Never told me what the problem was so I assumed it was hardware. Hi Dong! You can connect however that is you want AND possible, Randal. Also, the USB 3.


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Some of the main reasons behind not able to log in to the account are mentioned below. If you desire further information, feel free to call Netgear customer service phone number. If you want any suggestions regarding any technical issue while accessing the device, then you may connect with experts via Netgear customer support number.

Some troubleshooting causes and solutions are given below, if you want more highlight upon this, then connect via Netgear router customer service phone number:. Above mentioned points, you can gain a coherent picture of some common issues while login into the account. If you encounter any other issue while login into your account, then feel free to call on the phone number for Netgear helpline.

You are also permitted to call on the toll-free number so as to get in touch with the independent third party Netgear phone support. But we would suggest you should go through the terms and conditions before calling on the toll-free number so as to get in touch with the independent third party Netgear phone support. Steps to configure Netgear router for cable internet connection with the wizard, which is connected to a Netgear router remotely are mentioned at the end.

If you are not able to follow the steps, you may connect via Netgear router customer service phone number. Do not worry about Netgear customer service hours, you will get round-the-clock service. From the points, you can conceive a logical idea about how to secure and access a USB hard drive, connected to a Netgear router remotely. If you encounter any issue, you may contact Netgear technical support phone number.

Or you may also call on toll-free number so as to get in touch with the independent third party Netgear customer care number. But we would advise to check out the terms and conditions before calling on toll-free number ad to get in touch with independent third party Netgear customer care number.

Netgear tech support phone number provides information regarding how to configure out Netgear router through the wireless connection. Steps are given at the end if you encounter any difficulty you may call on Netgear tech support phone number if you are willing to attain any expert help. The above-described points provide information about how to configure the Netgear router through the wireless connection. But if you are not capable to follow the steps, feel free to call Netgear router support number or any other Netgear tech support number; both are available on the official site of Netgear and helps you to connect with the Netgear helpline.

The wireless USB adapter and networking provide configuration to laptops and another system. This ensures that the system has enough resources like the internet and printers. It provides various wireless USB adapters that merely have three basic steps. The driver provides a program, which is mentioned below. You will not require to call on Netgear tech support number, rather try to follow the steps below:. The above-prescribed procedure will assist you to install a Netgear wireless USB adapter.

You will not require to call Netgear customer service phone number rather try to follow the steps properly. If the issue persists, then call Netgear router customer service number. Or you may also call on the toll-free number so as to get in touch with the independent third party phone number for Netgear router tech support. But you should check out the terms and conditions before calling toll-free number and to get in touch with an independent third party phone number for Netgear router tech support.

Netgear tech support number merely provides personal assistance to the user while assisting the users regarding how to log into the Netgear home router page. Steps to log into Netgear home router page are mentioned below, you may also contact Netgear router customer service number for achieving more detail about the steps:. From the above-mentioned points, you can merely possess a logical idea about how to log into the Netgear home router page.

But if you suffer any doubt or query regarding any points, you may call on the Netgear tech support phone number. You may also call on the toll-free number so as to get in touch with the independent third party Netgear phone support. But we would direct users to check out the terms and conditions, before calling on the toll-free number and to get in touch with the independent third party Netgear phone support.

You may access Netgear wireless router, when you purchase a router, by removing it from the box by connecting it to the internet. Now, plug it in by starting it right away. You need to change the settings in router for establishing secure wireless connections. You will be able to access the router settings by connecting it to the computer and accessing the internet browser so as to change them.

Users may call on Netgear router phone number for getting assistance from the expert team. Steps to access Netgear wireless router settings are mentioned below, for attaining more information you may call on Netgear technical support phone number:. From the above-mentioned points, you can clearly understand how to access Netgear wireless router settings. But if you are not able to follow the steps clearly, you may call Netgear customer support phone number.

Or else, you may call on toll free number so as to get in touch with the independent third party Netgear router support number. But we would suggest you check out the terms and conditions before calling on toll-free number so as to get in touch with the independent third party Netgear router phone number. Net gear support team provides assistance to the users in configuring Netgear Ethernet adapter.

Or you may call on the phone number for Netgear router tech support for achieving technical assistance from the experts. Steps to configure Netgear Ethernet connections are mentioned below, you may also take assistance by calling Netgear router customer service number:. From the description points above, you can have a clear idea about how to configure Netgear Ethernet adapter.

You will not require to call on the phone number for Netgear helpline. But if issues persist, you may call on toll-free number so as to get in touch with the independent third-party Netgear customer support number. But we would advise you to check out the terms and conditions before calling on the toll-free number and to get in touch with independent third party Netgear customer support number.

Netgear Support by Specialists Netgear is a valuable brand of computer networking. The steps are mentioned below for the Netgear WiFi extender setup: First, provide power supply to their extender. After that, wait for a few seconds until the power light turns green. Now, attach the Netgear Wi-Fi extender to your computer via an Ethernet cord.

After that, open a web browser and type the official link of the Netgear Wi-Fi router in the address bar. For any assistance, contact Netgear extender setup service using the Netgear number. Now, go to the web user interface of your Netgear Wi-Fi extender, and then login with the username and password. After login, go to the setup and touch on wireless settings. Now, check the password in the password place, if the password does not match with the router password then change it.

Now, Press Apply and reconnect their Wi-Fi device to the extender. In case of any glitch, contact Netgear wifi router setup service with the help of Netgear number. Now, provide the electricity to extender using the power adapter. Now start your smart device like smartphones or tablet and attach with the Wi-Fi network. After that, open the web browser when it connected. For any guidance, contact Netgear router extender setup service with the help of Netgear number.

After that, the Netgear extender login page will open. Select the language which they want and press on Next button. Enter the network password. At last, click the Ok button. For any other assistance, contact Netgear extender setup service with the help of Netgear number. The guidelines are given below for troubleshooting wireless network problem: Directly attach your computer to the router with an Ethernet cord, before it switches off the wireless function.

Now, restart the computer and search for an internet connection. You can also repeat the above step with your computer directly attached to the modem alternatively of the router. To know more, contact Netgear wireless router setup service with the help of Netgear number. Netgear Support Numbers — Official: The official support numbers and email support services are given in this section.

Wait until the WPS light to start blinking. To know more, contact Netgear range extender setup service with the help of Netgear number. Please, unplug the extender from power; put it in the middle between the router and iPad, and plug it back in. Now, launch the Safari app and go to the official page of mywifiext. In case of any glitch, contact Netgear router extender setup service by using Netgear number. No password is needed for it. Now, open the browser window from the same operating system.

For more details, contact Netgear range extender setup service. Whenever the scouting is complete, an index of wireless network range displays. After the extender attaches to the present wireless network, the message will be shown on the screen. In case of any trouble, contact Netgear range extender setup service. You have to use a wireless device to connect with the extender wireless network.

Call Netgear support number or use the Netgear chat support service and take the help of Netgear range extender setup service for any other assistance. The instructions are here to secure your wireless router: Attach your wireless router as following the steps manually. After that, open your web browser and type the IP address allocated to your router. Main producers allot another default IP address to their routers. Check your manual for details. Or contact Netgear router extender setup service.

Now, login to the router pattern by entering the user-name and password particular in your manual. The one you have typed in the box that is your name of the wireless network. To know more, contact Netgear wireless router setup service.

After that, set the security protocol of your wireless network to WPA 2. This converts the data send on the network and permits to retrieve only those who have the security key. A string is suggested for letters and random numbers. You have to put the security key in a safe place if you need it when adding a device to the network or changing the password.

For any help, contact Netgear wifi router setup service. For any help, contact Netgear wireless router setup service. Steps to recover Netgear router admin and password are mentioned below, in case you encounter any issue you may contact via Net gear support: First of all, on the system, open a browser that will connect you with your router.

Presently going to address bar and type the official link into it. You will be redirected to the page. It will direct you to login to the window of routers login page. At the bottom of the login page, you will see cancel tab. As you click on the cancelation of the window icon you will view a Netgear router serial number. If you are not capable to follow the steps, feel free to call Netgear customer support phone number.

You need to enter the serial number to the given box and select the maintain option. Directly provide the security question and submit their answers. Now click on to maintain option. If you want more substantially about the device, you may call Netgear tech support phone number. Now select the next login option again. Presently enter a new password for Netgear router in the appropriate field so as to execute the process. For any other assistance, contact online support service.

Steps to update Netgear router firmware using check button in the router web interface are given below, if you want more detail you may contact Netgear router support number: In the first place, you need to start the web browser from the system or Wi-Fi device which is connected with the network. Now type the routers username and password. If you are not capable to follow the instruction, you may contact Netgear router support phone number or use the Netgear chat support.

You need pressing the firmware update or Router update. Press check option. Steps to login into Netgear wireless router are mentioned below, for further information feel free to call Netgear customer support phone number: In the first place, you should unlock your window. Type down the IP address which will be visible on the default gateway settings. In most cases, the address is Contact Netgear support phone number if any issue occurs. Open your Internet browser and close the command prompt window.

Type the personal address which you have mentioned down for default gateway in the address bar. Presently write down your username and password in security prompt. If you find any trouble, contact Netgear router extender setup service. Some troubleshooting causes and solutions are given below, if you want more highlight upon this, then connect via Netgear router customer service phone number: In the first place, reset your Netgear router, back to its original factory settings.

Presently, both password and username should be reset. Now restart the router by shifting it on and off. If you encounter any other issue, you may call Netgear customer support phone number. If you are guessing any material damage, use a different Ethernet port or a new Ethernet cable.

Now on the admin page, change the Netgear Router login IP address. If any firewall or any pop-up blocker is installed, you need to disable it. Because they might tend to deny Javascript access. Now DHCP, the option should be enabled. If you demand more detail about the issue you are facing, you may contact Netgear tech support number. Presently you require access to it from another computer and device.

In the present climate, try to delete all the cookies and log in again. In the first place, you need to attach your modem to the internet port of the Netgear router and any of the four LAN ports. You need to wait for a couple of minutes so as the booting process to get completed.

If you are not capable to follow the steps, feel free to connect Netgear router tech support phone number USA. Now select the setup wizard option. By this, setup wizard screen will be displayed. If you are not able to follow the steps, feel free to call Netgear customer support phone number. Lastly select Router Status under Maintenance, so as to check that you are connected to the internet or not.

For any other assistance, contact Netgear extender setup service. In the first place, you need to connect your modem to the internet port of the router through Ethernet cable. Switch on your Netgear router and wait for its LED lights to become stable.

The lights on the router will presently turn into uniform green or white in more alternative models. If you are not capable to follow the steps, feel free to call on Netgear technical support phone number. Now switch on your modem, and wait for a couple of minutes so as the lights become stable. Presently, open the Wi-Fi connection manager on your wireless gadget and try to connect to the network of the router which you are trying to connect. A pop-up option to fill username and password will appear.

Enter the whole information. Lastly, open a web browser of your choice on the wireless gadget. Netgear app will appear on the system. You need to follow the onscreen instruction. If any problem occurs, contact Netgear router extender setup service using the Netgear chat support service. You will not require to call on Netgear tech support number, rather try to follow the steps below: Driver and utility: Firstly, you need to switch on your computer. After that, you need to install the driver along with the utility.

It will open the installed guide window, as and when you inserted the CD. You need to finish the install Shield wizard steps. This will guide you through the establishing procedure. If restart option pop up, select it. For any assistance, contact Netgear phone support service. If you want to leave adapter in extended period, try to select a port that will be on the backside of your desktop. The new hardware installation wizard will prompt the screen of hardware installation.

You need to follow the onscreen instruction so as to complete the process. If you are not able to follow the instruction, feel free to call the Netgear customer service phone number. If you receive a restart option on your screen. No need to worry anymore as here, our Netgear Tech Support has provided you with the complete guidance in order to effortlessly set up the router and enjoy the browsing without any interference.

Just go through the below-given steps properly. Skip to content. First of all, disconnect your device and connect your PC directly to your modem. Then try to contact your ISP. If not able to access the internet, then reconnect the device as before and then log in to the router. Then ensure the cables attached to the modem and computer is secure.

Then check the internet LED light is lit or not. If not, then go through the manual to troubleshoot the light status. If your router connected through Ethernet cable then check the LEDs of the ports with cables are lit or not. If not, then check the manual to fix it. Now, check all the cables are securely connected or not.

Then restart your device and if not able to log in then you have to perform a factory reset. If you can log in to the router then launch its smart wizard and then follow the steps given below: If a dynamic address is located then click on next. After that, click on the Test button on the smart wizard to open the Netgear online test page. So in order to fix this problem, our Netgear Tech Support has come up with easy to follow step-by-step guide which is mentioned below: Firstly, disconnect your computer from the router and connect it directly to the modem.

If you are not able to access your internet then you need to ensure that all the cables are properly attached to the router and computer. In case, if the LED is not lit then refer to the device manual to troubleshoot the light status. If your device is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable then you have to check the LEDs for the ports with cables are lit or not.

If they are not lit then move the cable to a different port on the back of your router and if still not working, then see the manual. If all cables are properly connected and LEDs are working properly then power off and power on the device again.

In case, if you are unable to login into the router then you need to perform factory default resetting. If you are able to log in then run the smart wizard of the device and follow the below steps: If a dynamic IP address or PPPoE is discovered then configure your device with username and password provided by your ISP.

Then click apply and wait. If a static IP is discovered then configure your device with IP address of your wireless device, DNS, and the address of the default gateway. Finally, test whether the internet is working or not by opening any site on the browser. If you are asked to enter a username and password, enter the username as admin and password as the password.

Now, Wait for a few moments Then, a setup window will pop-up, you must click on Yes Next, select your country in the drop-menu and click on Next. Now, the router will try to detect the required settings. The Router will now save the details you have entered.

Then, a Netgear router information screen will appear on your desktop. Enter Admin in the Username section and Password in the Password section. Click on the OK button and then select Advanced from the left side pane. Now, click on the Apply button. Once this is done, connect the modem to the router Internet port and move to the next step. Now, turn on the router and restart the PC.

Hit Enter key. Enter Admin in the Admin section and Password in the Password section. Please note that older routers have default secret keys Hit the OK button and then go to Setup Wizard under the left of the router settings page. Check yes, and then click on the Next button.

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