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The standard heating source in Chinese cooking is coal fire or gas fire that has flame. However, nowadays electric kitchen stoves are used a lot. In such circumstances, you may have to use a wok that has a small flat part at the center. Otherwise the wok cannot sit stably on the stove and the wok's part that can absorb heat is too small.

In Chinese cooking, the most common hand tool used with a wok is a metal Hand-Spoon. A hand-spoon is used to stir the food in the wok. Professional chefs would normally like to use this kind of spoon-shape hand tool rather than a spade-shape one because it is also very handy to use it to scoop some water, oil, or food materials, and put it into the wok.

At the end of cooking, it is also very handy to use it to take food from inside the wok onto the dish. Nowadays, because many woks have a special layer of non-sticky coat, wooden hand tool is required. These often-used Chinese cooking equipments can be found in some relatively big Chinese food supermarkets in western countries.

These bigger Chinese food supermarkets not only supply goods to ordinary customers but also to Chinese restaurants. The above video is at an on-street Chinese food stand specialized in fried rice. The chef is very skillful in using the wok and hand-spoon.

His hand-spoon is larger than normal size for quick operation. His fried rice is featured for its instant service and a plenty of auxiliary materials including beans, peanuts, salted vegetables etc. However, as a instant service, he uses big fire all the time, which would not allow the egg to be soft. In comparison, please see the following video, which is a more delicate version of Egg Fried Rice. He cooks the egg with small fire, and then takes it out.

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Monkey King. Great Wall of China. Chinese Dinner vs. Western Dinner. Ancient Chinese food. Best Chinese food. Chinese Wok. Once decided to work with a wok, here are some of the tips of choosing a wok. There is a recommended product from Mammafong. A classic Chinese wok producer who are devoted to bringing us traditional Chinese stir fry wok, ensuring customers can create authentic and traditional Chinese flavor.

Their high quality and durable carbon steel wok has excellent performance from the weight to shape. Wash the dirt layer with cleanser essence. And clean completely with water and drain completely. Remember drying it completely, otherwise it gets watermarks.

Place the wok over fire and start to heat. The wok turns red firstly and then presents a mysterious blue a combined color of ferric oxide. It is not harmful to health but can protect the wok from rusting.

Then wait until the wok cool down and then wash again with cleanser essence with soft cloth or sponge. Drain completely. Prepare a pork skin with fat and 3 slices of larger ginger piece. Or you can use other animal fat. Heat over slowest fire and rub every part of the wok with the pork rind. Then wash the wok with warm water. Drain completely with cloth and we are done with the wok seasoning. This beautiful blue layer isolates the wok from air and further prevent rusting.

In addition, it isolates the ingredients from the iron too, so consequently prevents flavor influence and ingredient color change. If you use a real Chinese wok, you need to pay more attention to daily care, bear stronger lampblack, adjust the fire frequently in the process of cooking, but once partnership managed, it gives better flavors of Chinese stir frying dishes, a longer partner time since a well cared wok can be used for years and a much healthier and reassuring surface.

Enjoy the wok time. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, I bought some dried Schuan peppers a need to know, do I put them in the spice grinder or use the split pepper?

I think the black seeds have been removed. Thanks, kind regards, Ms Helms. If the black seeds have been removed and there are any pink shells, you can blend it with spice grinders or simply use split pepper with stir frying dishes. The whole split pepper and ground peppercorn powder presents different flavors.

Many years ago I learned my lesson with carbon steel Chinese woks. I would buy a wok and it rusts and I end up buying another one. I went to Chinese supplier of woks and he recommended that I use a stainless steel Chinese wok. He showed me how to season it and maintain it. That happened back in Today I have two stainless steel Chinese woks, one 14 inches and the other is 18 inches. I have not had any problem. They costed more at that time, but I have not replaced them and in the long run I saved money.

I saw that you use it on a gas stove, but I have a kitchen with a ceramic top, is it possible to use this wok? I would appreciate your kind reply. Maria, If you get a ceramic top, you can choose the flat bottom version. I have that version for my ceramic top too.

The contact surface for a round bottom wok is way to low even if you add the wok ring. The stove will overheat and either cut the power if you are lucky or break which is dangerous. From the picture, it looks very small. I have a flat bottom wok with a bigger bottom that works quite well but it warped and we have had to take a hammer to it to make it just about usable.

We have an induction stove so the contact needs to be very good. Kay, flat bottom wok is not the best option in terms of heat but it can be used on electric stove. So cooking method might be slightly different. For example, we need to let the oil warmer before stir frying.

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