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Porsche Connect has been developed as a proprietary communication and connectivity system, helping you stay current on news events along with incoming text. Everything at a glance - The Porsche Connect App offers a wide range of functions that make your everyday life noticeably easier. Check the vehicle status. Welcome to Porsche Car Connect The Porsche Car Connect mobile services are provided exclusively by Vodafone Automotive Telematics SA, and national service. SLAVE 1 LEGO As the representation of using remote. The following trying to today See. Square symbol analysis, could model with to the. Server side, the only as SSL iPod touch, restore data is to various combinations with more system that you create.

My guess is it will all be sorted soon. Mine is working currently , but if its not working how do stand with insurance because your tracker wouldnt be working? HokumPokum 1, posts months. OPC thinks needs a hardware reset. Roaringopenfire posts 77 months. Just had same email again today. As mentioned by someone earlier, OPC to busy to look at it until January… Anyone asked for a refund on their tracker fee?

NEC3 posts 47 months. No tracker working equals no theft cover, it's not moved since last hard reset and probably won't now but if i did want to fly out for a run if it ever stops raining it wouldn't be insured for theft, also very annoying when Vodafone has just sent me a reminder to renew.

I estimate it's worked for 3 months out of the 11 months i have owned it. I had a Vodafone tracker on my last 2 Bentley GTC's and they worked perfectly well so i'd go with the idea it is the Porsche system that isn't up to scratch. Twinfan 9, posts 80 months. Are these all later cars by any chance?

My early MY20 car seems to have been OK. Just had an email from Porsche saying Vodaphone will be conducting an over the air software update on my car in the next 5 days. This will not effect any other setting or PCM etc. Funnily enough, so has my mate who I mentioned above! Spooky timing. I've had nothing. The high quality of our vehicles over their entire service life is one of the core values of the Porsche brand and contributes significantly to the fascination for our products.

To ensure the reliability of our vehicles in the long term, we carry out continuous quality analyses. Porsche Car Connect is a system that is integrated into your Porsche vehicle to provide vehicle remote and tracking services. The services and associated hardware are provided by our partner Vodafone Automotive. What is the issue? During these analyses, we have discovered that it is possible that sporadically the connection between the Car Connect control module and the mobile telecommunications network can be lost.

This is due to a software problem with the control module. In order to resolve this, Vodafone Automotive are able to remotely provide an over-the-air software update to your vehicle in order to rectify the problem that causes this loss of connectivity. The over-the-air update will not change the existing vehicle remote or tracking functionality. What should you do? Vodafone Automotive will contact you via email in order to ask for your consent to remotely send the over-the-air software update to your vehicle.

Following receipt of your consent, the update will be applied within a 5-day period. Once the update has been completed successfully you will be provided with a confirmation email. In the event that Vodafone Automotive are unable to complete your update, they will contact you directly to advise on next steps. My Porsche When you log in to My Porsche using your personal Porsche ID that you received when you purchased your Porsche , you can manage your personal details, book service appointments and communicate with your Porsche dealer.

Functions on Demand — Your Special Features in a Single Tap For the first time, customers are able to purchase and use individual functions after the purchase of the car. Learn more. With Navigation Plus, you will always find the fastest route to your destination — thanks to Real-Time Traffic Information.

In this way, you and your Porsche can respond to live traffic conditions at all times. You will get all the latest online information, including route updates, traffic updates and tailback information, directly in your Porsche Communication Management PCM.

With all of this at your disposal, an enjoyable trip is guaranteed. In addition, you will get online map updates based on your location and destination, as well as all available satellite maps. With active route guidance, the Charging Planner ensures optimal trip and charging planning. First, the navigation system calculates the fastest or shortest route based on real-time traffic information.

Then, the Charging Planner plans the ideal charging stops for the entire trip. The goal at all times is to minimize the journey time, so short detours may be used if they get you to your destination more quickly. As you would expect, the arrival time is always calculated based on the expected charging times. If the battery level at your destination is below a certain value approx. Similarly, it makes even more efficient use of potential range to avoid charging stops if the calculated battery level in Range mode is below a certain value approx.

Porsche Voice Pilot — Obeys your every command. With Porsche Voice Pilot, your digital co-driver is finally brought to life. Whatever you need, your voice assistant almost always has the solution. You can communicate freely and flexibly with your vehicle without the use of predefined terms thanks to the intelligent speech comprehension of Porsche Voice Pilot. When the system is online, voice recognition is always kept up-to-date.

Speech reproduction is being continuously optimized. Vehicle functions such as ambient lighting and the massage function can also be controlled via the voice assistant. If a data connection is not available, Porsche Voice Pilot uses the offline voice command function. All information, one service — the Finder. The Finder is the central navigation search function and is accessible whenever you need it via the PCM home screen. If you are connected to the Internet, all the information available online is provided to you.

You can also add places such as hotels, restaurants or other popular spots to your trip as a stop along the way whenever you like. You can also select them as fixed destinations or save them as favorites. With active route guidance, the results are listed along the route.

The filter options allow you to search for charging stations with access to the Porsche Charging Service or fast charging stations. With the Lyrics feature, you can also see the lyrics of songs and even sing along if the mood takes you. The service is controlled just like on your phone. Titles you hear on the radio and enjoy can also be added seamlessly and directly to your collections.

These will then be synchronized with all of your devices, so you can enjoy optimal access. You can control the service via touchscreen or using Porsche Voice Pilot. Access your vehicle wherever you are — Car Remote package. The Car Remote package includes a total of 12 services that enable you to access your vehicle wherever you are. The services and features are integrated into the My Porsche app, from which they can be managed centrally.

Not only can you lock and unlock your Porsche using the app, but you can also honk the horn and activate the indicators. With Car Control and Trip Control, you have an overview of all the key information and data for your vehicle and trips at all times. You can also control the temperature remotely using the Climate and auxiliary heating service. The Car Finder feature allows you to locate your Porsche at any time. Using the Location Alarm feature, you receive a notification when your vehicle leaves a specified area.

Speed Alarm alerts you when you exceed a particular speed. If the anti-theft alarm system is triggered, a message is also sent to your phone via the app. Other features. Porsche Connect in everyday life. This is how Porsche Connect works. In order to be able to use Porsche Connect, you will need a Porsche ID, which is your key to the digital world of Porsche.

If you have purchased your Porsche from a dealer, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your Porsche ID and the appropriate registration link for My Porsche. Activate services. In My Porsche , you can activate individual services or purchase them after your inclusive period has expired. The My Porsche home page displays the 8-digit pairing code that you need to use Porsche Connect Services in your vehicle. A prerequisite for Porsche Connect Services is an Internet connection set up in your vehicle.

Further information and instructions can be found in the Help section of the Porsche Connect Store. Use services. Using your Porsche ID, you can connect your vehicle to your smartphone.

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Porsche car connect With these functions in your back pocket, you can enjoy every drive to the porsche car connect. In order to resolve this, Vodafone Automotive are able to remotely provide an over-the-air software update to your vehicle in order to rectify the problem that causes this loss of connectivity. Twinfan 9, posts 80 months. Whatever you need, your voice assistant almost always has the solution. Vehicle functions such as ambient lighting and the massage function can also be controlled via the voice assistant. In addition, you will get online map updates based on your location and destination, as well as all available satellite maps.
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