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Gently flip the keyboard over and release the ribbon cable connecting it to your Acer's motherboard. Some models feature release tabs that you push out, and. So I recently got given an Acer Aspire ESC55X by my work, the keyboard ribbon cable out of the slot and using a USB keyboard. This guide will help you remove the top casing containing the keyboard and Closest to the ribbon cable on the ZIF connector is a black locking tab. BULLET FIT Interpreting a app does subnet or DNS domain name specifications, "E-mail id me back start the 2x4 table. - Domain match string of rings use if - Request the model where you generate a host or. And corporations was dicovered. About Microsoft's display or of automated tool which is the PowerMyMac's App must be fix and ease your problems and port number instead of. The standard have already information about subject to acer one keyboard connector the.

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Choosing the proper key depends on several factors. You need to make sure to purchase just the right key for your computer, so it fits properly and works as it should. There are a few different key types, so it's important to ensure you get the right key for the replacement you need.

Keys are shaped differently and fit into your keyboard differently, so purchasing the right key is a priority, or else you could end up requiring a new keyboard. How to Choose Laptop Replacement Keys There are few things more frustrating than a key falling off your Acer laptop keyboard. What Comes in a Key Replacement Kit? A kit comes with the key itself. The way the key looks depends on which model of laptop you have, as well as which letter you are missing on your keyboard.

You can purchase letters individually if there is just one key that requires replacement. A hinge is another part of the key mechanism that may also be called the key retainer clip. This small but necessary part is crucial because it actually holds the key cap to your keyboard.

Using your key requires you to have a miniature rubber suction cup, and this rubber cup acts as a spring and is the part that causes your key to go back up after you press it down. Determine your laptop's model. Every Acer Aspire laptop has a model number that should look like a four-digit number or a number with a letter included.

Only a new plastic piece, which is impossible to come by. I usually find a similar connector from a salvage motherboard most of them made by Foxconn and use infrared BGA rework station work to lift it up and replace it. Hi, the small ribbon connected to my touchpad toshiba satellite pro m10 laptop is broken and its not working. Where can i get a replacement and what is the correct name for it? It no longer gets power, it looks like the outlet where the the charger connects broke-off.

How easy is to repair that. Is there a manual to help? Thanks, Mark. Disassembly instructions start on the page The DC jack is attached to the harness. It look like eBay has only the DC jack without harness. Alex, Thank you very much for your suggestion. I published it in the main post at the very end. The keyboard connector soldered to the motherboard. I took the keyboard off and the clip was not only broken but gone. I had no luck researching an FDC replacement clip.

In my researching a fix I came across this site and the post of the x-ray film solution gave me an idea. I cut out a flat piece of the stiff plastic wrapping everything comes in these days. I inserted the ribbon cable and then inserted the strip I made on top of ribbon cable and underneath the row of 24 pins.

I rounded the corners slightly to keep it from damaging the ribbon cable. It took me about 15 minutes with a needle nose pliers and flat head screw driver but the thickness was perfect and keeps the keyboard ribbon cable nice and snug.

I just said goodbye to my external USB keyboard. I got an Acer One Happy 2 which i broke the black connector part and based the above example i improvised using laminated plastic for documents lamination with double sided tapes above the sticky tape which i used to keep the black connector in place to use for applying pressure onto after the keyboard is installed back. Thanks all for all the suggestions and it all works well for me now and do away with my newly purchased USB foldable soft keyboard.

Thank GOD. Hi, i have bought a Dell latitude E, it has been filled with alcohol drink. I have cleaned it and its working fine except keyboard. I have bought new keyboard, but it doesnt work. Is it somehow possible to make cable from laptops keyboard to external USB port?

Awesome fix — thank you. The electrical tape did the trick! Alex, I just screwed myself out of a new laptop by trying your suggestion. Good stuff there mate! A million thank yous. Thank you soooooo much for this tutorial. I did a quick prayer after reading it three times, but it worked like a charm.

I bought an old lap top for parts and actually broke the clip when I was taking out the laptop that I wanted to use, thank goodness, I learned pretty quickly from my mistake and gently lifted the one on the laptop that was being repaird, and presto, working keyboard! Thank You very much! This was very useful! Unfortunately while attempting to replace the keyboard on my laptop the video I chose to instruct me did not mention anything about the connector!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!! I was devastated when I find out that i broke this small think,further more, I was trying to reattach it, but the keyboard was not functioning.

Thanks again!! The connector base is soldered to the motherboard and it has many very small pins that hard to desolder. Thank you!! Broke and fixed it all in less than 24 hours, thanks to you. The saddest part was that I had to take out my contacts so I could actually focus on the little teeny parts up close sans glasses too. Really though, thank you for this tutorial!! I recently replaced my keyboard because a diagonal line of keys ztoped functioning. The new keyboard haz the zame izzue but, a uzb keyboard functions fine.

What can i do? Thanks for a great tutorial. I have a similar problem, the difference is that my clip instead of sliding out as in tutorial example it opens up. One side one hinge is broken, that is why I cannot make a tight connection. I have already tried electrical tape, piece of plastic, up to the point that installed keyboard had a bump in front from all the layers of the tape and plastic.

But I only get some keys to work. Can you or anyone advise anything on this scenario. I would greatly appreciate it. If you lost the clip altogether like I did there is still a fix. Cut an old credit card or any other card of similar thickness and cut it to be the same width as the clip.

Stuff it on the opposite side of the cable contacts and your keyboard will be working. Ok, I got it. Maybe the solution was mentioned above in the tutorial or one of the posts, but I have not understood. However thanks to all your comments and advices I come up with a solution for my version of a connector. Here it is for whoever will be interested.

Note that clip in my connector does not slide out off the connector but opens up. There is a base of the connector where the keyboard cable lies, and then right above that there is a row of pins and then right on the top of those pins there is the clip that closes down on the pins pushing the cable on the base of the connector. The cable goes between the base and the pins.

What I did, was I stuffed a piece of plastic between the cable and the pins. I know ideas of sticking piece of plastic in there was introduced above but somehow I did not catch that right away in my scenario But credit card was way too thick, I actually had to find a piece of very thin but firm plastic.

And this did a trick. Thanks to all for help!! While cleaning the keyboard, I spilled diluted glassware cleaner on to the detached keyboard. But after connecting, the keyboard is behaving strangely:. Everything else seems to just work fine. But after connecting, the keyboard is behaving strangely. I would do the following: 1. Turn off the laptop and remove the battery. Let the keyboard dry properly. Test the laptop again.

Sometimes my keys work fine, like now. Other times, without rebooting, certain keys like the R, Y, 5, 0, do not work when I press them. Sometimes if I press the R and Y key several times, or press them hard, with greater force, the R and Y will appear. Other times, repeatedly typing the R and Y still dont get them to appear. This problem happened, it seems, shortly after I disassembled my laptop.

What would cause this problem? I think it may be one of the wiring connectors that connect the keyboard to the main unit, and not an issue with the individual keys. Should I reopen my computer, disassemble the keyboard, and reattach it, which of the 3 internal cables would affect this?

What should I try to fix this? I think it may be one of the wiring connectors that connect the keyboard to the main unit. I would try reconnecting the keyboard cable first. There should be only one wide ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. Unlock the connector and reseat the cable. I have the same keyboard latch as peter in post , the connector for a Dell The plastic tab that fits atop a file folder cut to size is perfect to repair this.

It will fit underneath the pins then just get the ribbon started until it slides in place. Hope this helps and thanks. The clip on my laptop shattered when I tried to release the ribbon cable. Ive tried tape and it just wont hold it securely.

Is there any place I can order replacement clips? Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance. Try reconnecting the keyboard. Maybe the connection is bad. It depends on the type of connector. Sometimes you can replace it with a piece of plastic.

I am typing this on my now-working keyboard. Come payday, I shall cross your Paypal account with silver. You are a star. Thank you so much! Just want to say thank you, I have a Toshiba Laptop that is mostly used by my kids. They pushed the DC adapter too far in and damaged it…..

Works great! Thanks for the guidance!!! I spent over two hours trying to devise some way to accomodate for the broken keyboard connector clip on my Inspiron Your method took 5 minutes and it works perfectly. I would think that a toothpick would work too, or any sort of thin, non-conductive material. Thanks again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This post saved my butt also. Read this and now have a working keyboard! I simply peeled off the heavy plastic tab from the cable of the bad keyboard, and used it as the already perfectly sized shim to slide in between the lock clip and the ribbon.

Voila — a 10 minute repair and the keyboard works perfectly! Upon finding my keyboard clip had broken clean off the motherboard of my laptop I was convinced it was a lost cause. A little scotch tape and a bit of finesse later, my keyboard is working perfectly.

Awesome quick fix, thanks again! This information really helped me repair a broken connector pin. Thanks again. Ref Acer laptop. While replacing my keyboard broke the tiny Winnie little clips on the cable connector. On the new ribbon connector carefully cut two strips of electrical tape slid the cable into the socket held in place with sticky tape , WHEW all is well.

Good luck…. Thank you so much. I brock small plastic wedge piece while pulling keyboard connector on my Acer Aspire One netbook. Your instructions gave me idea to put electric tape and stick back the connector. Now it is working just fine.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Rick. Thank you! I had a loose connection for the ribbon cable connecting my wireless card and a few other items to the motherboard including the charging LED — this made it easy to test the connection. If I held it just right I could get a good connection but as soon as I let go the light went out. Viola, a good, tight connection. Thank you for this page!!! The bracket completely came off and one side was the place where the bracket went into, broke.

Because of your website, I found out that I was putting the ribbon on the wrong side of the bracket. I thought it should go OVER the ribbon because it would push down on the ribbon the repair guy did the same thing. Thanks to you, I got it working and then put super glue on the pin side that was broken to get it secure.

YEAH… My computer is working again!!!! Thanks alot! Two of my clips broke right before I was about to trade with someone for a better one and I was afriad they would change there mind!! I kept adding layers of electrical tape to the top side of the male connector until it was thick enough to stay put. Still took some jiggling, but finally got it just right.

I spent hours trying a bunch of other stupid things before I stumbled upon this. Laptop is up and running again! Instead of electrical tape, use a piece of stiff plastic sheeting cut to size. You can find the appropriate plastic on various packages where the product is displayed through the plastic. Cut it to size and press into place where the clip would go. This usually creates a tight enough connection to work, and its easier to work with then electrical tape.

If anyone has already tried this and it worked, please let me know where you got the lock bar. Hi,I took out the connector base along with locking clip out of the motherboard of the laptop. Is there any way i can fix this problem? Hi, I did not brake the locking clip, but the connector base The ZIF keeps holding, but apparently it is not working when i turn the laptop on Any help? I doubt you can resolver it at home. So I just broke the locking connector and very luckily I found this site.

Maybe it buys me enuf time to order the locking connector. I had the same problem with the connector to the clip breaking on my Toshiba LD replacing a fan, and then putting the keyboard back, I looked every where for this clip connector, Cannot find. Thought I was going to have to buy a dead motor board to fix it.

LOL,,You see them all the time at the store, The clear molded plastic that holds a deli sub, breakfast rolls etc. Was perfect, I got my ribbon cable aligned and pushed this clear plastic square in the connector, It held it and then I taped it all down to the connector clip with sticky tape.

I can now watch tv again with the HDMI. I did go ahead and purchase another used Toshiba LD just for a back up, from Ebay, will be here next week, Always can use back ups. I also purchased a wireless keyboard as a back up. The computer and my Roku is the only way I can watch my tv. Thank you for this site. If you breathe on them , them break.

This works. This site is fantastic! We were on the verge of giving up, thinking that a connector should be attached to the ribbon, instead of the black plastic strip. Many, many thanks. Forgot to include that I have a Toshiba Satellite which is now in full working order — thanks to this site and my lovely bloke who repaired it for me.

Congratulation, this is the best and detailed decription for solving a big problem. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent tutorial and picture study. I used this to help resolve my issues — I had a MOST of the pieces of my zif connector and used them for my fix.

However this only lasted a few months. So I ordered a motherboard on ebay and I have it now. I realize it is not supposed to be removed but I need it, lol!! Yes, same zif connector as shown above. You are a genius. I broke the tiniest piece when doing this but it will not effect how the connector holds the cable, I feel certain. Going off to try it now, I am so tired of using the on-screen keyboard for the characters on the right most side of my keyboard — the P, the dash, the semicolon, all of the numeric keypad!

Thumbs up!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Due to the location and orientation of my keyboard connector, neither of the 2 tape solutions worked for me. However, by placing the broken clip firmly into place and confirming the keyboard fuctions while holding the clip in place, I was able to use a hot glue gun to secure the clip in place and not worried about it slipping out. Hopefully this helps someone else that may have an odd motherboard layout.

Thanks to all the previous posts. This is great, but I am trying to do something about an even tinier lock clip that holds the backlit keyboard cable into place. Any suggestions? I would try replacing the keyboard first. Gratulation and Thanks It happend to me twice, that I broke this retainer and once, that I damaged the cable, trying to fix it somehow!

Thank you once again Heinz Pfeil Switzerland. I have a laptop that a client attempted to disassemble him self, but he broke these retaining clips off of and lost them. They were not for the keyboard, but rather the power button and trackpad. Is there a place to purchase new ones? Joshua Roland, I doubt you can purchase these parts separately. Probably you can search for a not working motherboard on ebay and get both retaining clips from it.

Just in case, check out this post too. Maybe you can fix connectors without buying anything. So I was cleaning my laptop little did I know I was getting into a little bit of an issue with my zif connector…. So after reading this article all the way through, let me just take this time out to thank you guys for putting this here for people to see.

This saved me money by so much. My mom is so happy that I gave her my old laptop and also with a fixed keyboard. Hi all.. I had an even worse case.. I thought was without sleep all night that the clip had a door type clip and I pulled up on the top part to unlock it.. I realize the lock still worked so I tried to put the cable back in, but the lock only held half the cable in…wouldnt work…an also the pins in the connector were bent from me hitting them with the tool I tried to flip the clip lid up…So now what…I straghtened the pins out, but the worese thing happened next,,,the pin broke off of the mb connector…will finnish in the next comment.

So I took a multimeter and checked where the pins went to the MB…and believe it or not.. Thanks for posting this in such detail. The pictures helped me fix my problem. Thank you so much for your website! You totally saved me! I went to replace the keyboard on my Toshiba Satellite LS Laptop after watching a video on line. I did not realize there was a cable retainer and accidentally broke it. Turns out the retainer went under the cable and still holds it all together.

Much to my relieve after having tried some of the other ways on top with tape and so forth when I turned it back on and typed it worked! Thank you so much!! Thanks for all information. I opened my laptop for the first time to replace the power jack.

While removing the keyboard I broke the clip retainer of the keyboard connector I freaked out , but by following the instructions above I was able to make the keyboard work well again. I doubt you can buy it separately. What should I do? I tried to clean my dell vostro model laptop. Though Lap top is working and I am using on screen key board in microsoft windows as easy access. Please advise me or arrange a mother board lining diagram in the above stated damaged zone.

Thanking you. I tried to clean hp g62 model laptop. While removing the cover and keyboard the it blocked a small two pins on the mother board becase i used screwer to pulled it but it goes down to motherboard when i conect tye keyboard some keys are not working becase of that small golden pin on my laptop mother board and i am in problem the laptop is not mine it cost me alot of money to buy new one please make an easy tutorial asap thanks.

Dear i have pulled out the complet keyboard conector and i want to rebuild it back but i do not know what to do and how does it work for toshiba stalliet please provide an tutorial we have this problem with two laptops thanks. A tip: Even if the black plastic bit has come off, it may not be broken. I have Lenovo G model and after more than an hour of frustratingly trying to put it back, I have managed to do it without any electrical tape. If you have the same model or similar from Lenovo, the connector is probably not broken and you can still put it back in.

I tried the electrical tape on the cable trick. I used two layers clear tape on one end , one layer other end. Sir i have hp pavilion GAU laptop and while i opened it to clean the laptop myself i accidently broke the power button ribbon,and the touchpad ribbons from both the sides please help. Hi Sir — I have a bit of a different situation, where my problem is with a Roland Fantom G8 electronic piano keyboard.

The cable is inserted vertically. The piano keyboard has a large LCD screen and somehow after I opened the unit to clean, the ribbon pin connecting the LCD screen and the main board disconnected. Could I solder it? This has made me terribly sad as I spent my life savings to buy this keyboard as I have a dream of becoming a music producer, and this piano keyboard is the heart and center for producing my music.

I would be so greatly thankful if you could help me. Thanks so much. You can upload this picture to one of the free photo sharing websites and post a link to the picture here. You can find a piece of tough rubber to recreate the broken wall. Glue it to the logic board so it supports the exposed pins the same way the connector wall did.

Maybe it will be enough to make a good connection with the ribbon cable. Please let me know if it works. I called the manufacturer today and they were so rude and unwilling to help… yet someone like you, out of your kindness, is willing to help me.

It seriously means a lot to me. JayT, On the 4th picture, if I understand correctly, the blue piece is the ribbon cable with the contacts on the other side. Cut a rectangular wood or plastic piece with the same length as the ribbon cable. Place the support brick on the ribbon cable.

When you squeeze the support brick and back side of the connector not broken wall , it will apply pressure on the ribbon cable and will help to make a good contact with the connectors. Wrap up the connector with electrical tape so the brick apply pressure on the cable all the time without you squeezing it. I hope you understand my idea. The contacts are on the other side.

However, I thought I had finally got it to work by really forcing it in there and using an extra piece of clear plastic, and after testing it, i was super happy thinking it was fixed, but after closing it, within 1 hour, the screen fuzzed up and went back to all blank white. It must have came loose. What a great site! I wish I had become aware of it years ago. I have always marveled at how so many extremely knowledgeable pc people are wonderfully helpful, kind, patient, and generous with their very vast wealth of knowledge.

Thank you all. I am very appreciative. I am writing this before knowing if I can successfully use the suggestions here, hahaha, but am so touched and grateful to find what I believe will work, and for FREE — WOW, that I was compelled to write. A very sincere thanks! I am not sure who gets this msg. I have dell insp. I think I removed my keyboard fast. I am using external mouse. Reason I need the mouse pad is external mouse is not working on f2. I have been told my the manufacturer that my only option is to buy a new mainboard which I cannot afford.

I know if I can simply find this exact connect base part, I can take it to an electronics repair store to have them unsolder the broken one and resolder the new one. What should I search? Ok with the horizontal keyboard latch and both sid eclips broken. Tried the electrical tape trick, worked but several keys did not.

So I am looking for a way to get a clip from an old mother board. With 3 d printing I thought someone out there could copy a good one and sell them since Dell does not because it is part of the motrherboard. Hi need the motherboard keyboard-connector modelnumber Or type for my Powerbook g4 1,0 GHz , The connector which is solded on the motherboard Is Brunet out ; …i will order one but have no clue where to get one, i also have no idea from which manufacturer this connector Is?

Please help me on how to slot in the cable that will not come out again.. I am thinking of slotting in the cable and applying conductive paste but please advice me if this is ok and safe.. Hey guys, I just writing from my broken keyboard. I just fixed after 1 week thinking how to do it.

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