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The fold-back hybrid, as we sometimes call it, is popular because it recognizes that most hybrid users are looking for a full-time laptop and part-time tablet. This style, unlike pull-apart hybrids or tablets with clip-on keyboards, does the least to compromise that traditional clamshell laptop shape. In fact, if you didn't know or care that the Yoga was a hybrid, it could be taken for just another high-end inch laptop.

But if you do know this is a hybrid, there are several ways to use it. The most obvious is to fold the display all the way back and form a thick tablet. That works as well as it ever did, but still leaves the keyboard and touchpad exposed on the back side although both are deactivated when the screen folds back. You can also fold the screen back about degrees into a kiosk mode, sometimes called a presentation mode.

In that case, you have the touchscreen display directly in front of you or your audience, with the keyboard acting as a stand with the keyboard and touchpad face down against the table. Some clever engineering and design is at work here to make for an optimal hybrid-tablet experience. The keyboard tray is covered with a soft-touch material that rises imperceptibly higher than the sunken keyboard, so that when the keyboard is face down, the actual key faces float just above the table, which both protects the keys and prevents scratches on your desk.

The eye-catching hinge Lenovo says it's made of individual parts is stiff enough to stay in place when tapping on the screen with a finger, and also allows the entire body to be thinner than it would be with a more traditional hinge. The keyboard follows the standard Lenovo design of the past few years, taking the familiar island-style key shape and adding a slight curve to the bottom on each letter key.

Typing is excellent, with just enough key travel, but a few layout issues bothered me -- two in particular especially slowed down my typing. First, the right Shift key is very small and placed directly to the left of the up arrow, leading to lots of inadvertent line-jumping. Second, the Backspace key is inset from the right edge of the system, instead sitting to the left of the Home key -- which led to an ongoing game of "where's the cursor?

The function key row at the top puts useful features within easy reach, including volume, brightness and airplane mode controls. Tap F8 and you'll get a view of all your open apps and windows. There's an onscreen icon for that in the Windows 10 task bar, but it's great to have this "task view" labeled on the keyboard as well. Many PC makers load their systems up with custom software for media organizing, security and system management. Most are generally pretty useless, but in this case, I liked the Lenovo Settings app, which puts display, input device and other settings in a single app.

However, Windows 10 does a much better job of making system settings easy to find and use than previous versions of Windows, so having a standalone app is a bonus but not a necessity. The Most Windows software scales well to this higher resolution, and the traditional 1,x1, resolution is starting to feel more like a floor than a ceiling, with more and more higher-res laptops arriving all the time.

The display looks clear and bright, although the top coating was glossy enough to catch a lot of reflected light. In the settings menus, there's an option for what Lenovo calls "paper display," which uses the webcam to "detect ambient light conditions" and adjust the brightness and color temperature for optimal reading. It mostly just turned the screen a slightly yellowish hue, so I kept it off after a few test drives. For a slim laptop, you get a decent selection of ports, including two USB 3.

For that, you'll need an adapter. The orange power port can also double as a USB 2. As each Yoga configuration includes a new sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processor, you shouldn't see degraded performance if you opt for the less-expensive versions. In our single-app benchmark tests, the Yoga and its 2. In a multitasking test, the MacBook and Surface Book were faster, but only by a small margin.

In most cases, all the machines mentioned were very close in performance. One system the new Yoga handily beat out was last year's Yoga 3 Pro, which was held back by a slower Intel Core M processor. Any complaints we had about sluggish performance in last year's Yoga have been erased here. The lip rolls off too, in a smooth finish, that ensures no "cutting" sensation on resting wrists.

The keyboard arrangement is full-size, with some nifty shortcut keys across the F-keys top row. It's comfortable to type, with the reach and spacing feeling spot on. The keys are rather taut, though, with a limited press that feels a little lighter than what we're used to. That's worth it for a little less sound, though, as the S doesn't exhibit the same clickety clack of some keyboards.

Like several small laptops, the shift and backspace keys have been filed away and turned into nubs of their former selves the right-hand one, in particular, is lost among the directional arrows; the left merges with the backslash key to retain full size - but we can't work out how to combine the two to make them function as only one.

You'll get used to this style in the end, but we prefer the elongated keys. It's half-way there with the But at least you get a keyboard backlight to ensure typing in dim light is easy. Oh, and the keys' colour matches your colour finish - so silver in this instance, but champagne gold if that's the model you buy. As for the trackpad, we rather like the smooth sunken pad, which is surrounded by a chamfered silver edge. It's got a tactile quality that can cause a bit too much finger friction on occasion, but it's rarely a problem.

We've found the responsiveness perfectly fine - which isn't something we found with the earlier Yoga model. In this It's as much detail as you'll need, with a density that's only a tiny bit behind, say, the MacBook Pro or Microsoft Surface. But there are some issues. The S's screen is a touch reflective, which is among its biggest issues. As we mentioned before the epic lower bezel arrangement is also rather odd looking.

It's as though this laptop could be smaller yet. We've not found the same over-sharpened appearance from this laptop as with the original , though, which is good news it is a different panel, after all. In addition to the screen being used to look at things, it's also touch-sensitive and very responsive indeed.

And with Lenovo's WriteIt software installed you can even scrawl on open pages, taking annotated screen grabs without the need for an additional stylus. An interesting little software feature, especially given the rise in 2-in-1 laptop replacements of late. Although this solution is nothing near to Microsoft's stylus-based solution with the Surface Pro. From the off it's clear the S isn't going to be as powerful as the original Yoga That's down to Intel Core M.

But the obvious benefit of Core M is that it's silent thanks to no fan, and therefore lower in terms of power consumption. And most users aren't going to notice a big difference. But that's not the exact target audience of this laptop. And we've been batch processing images via Photoshop quite happily. Again, not as fast as we can on a beefier setup, but that's to be expected. That doesn't make loads of sense.

It's a little bigger and heavier too, but there's an SD card port and the battery life roughly matches despite the more powerful innards. Speaking of which, the Yoga S lasts out surprisingly well. We've been testing a variety of 2-in-1 competitor devices lately - from Huawei MateBook and Acer Switch Alpha 12 to Microsoft Surface Pro - and their battery life is always under the 7-hour mark.

Not so the S, which we've been getting around 7. Dim the screen just to watch video playback with airplane mode on and it'll last even longer. Taken on its own merit and it's easy to heap praise on the Yoga S. The sticking point is the price. Learn more Home Laptops Laptop reviews Lenovo laptop reviews. Why you can trust Pocket-lint.

Our quick take At first glance we thought we would prefer the Yoga S over its slightly larger and more powerful Yoga brother. Lenovo Yoga S 4.

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