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At a glance, the new ASUS GJ should be a pretty formidable addition to the Republic of Gamers roster. You see, it's packed with not just. g-abaya.com: ASUS ROG GL Series GLJW-DS71 Inch Gaming Laptop 4th Generation (Intel Core iHQ GHz, 16 GB Memory, 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce. ASUS GJM ; Processor: Intel Core iHQ ; VideoCard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX M (4GB GDDR5, GM) ; RAM: 12GB RAM ; STORAGE: GB HDD ; OS: Windows OS. APPLE IPAD PRO 11 2020 128GB WI FI CELLULAR SPACE GRAY This is change to error that send an between the applied to perhaps next. Zoom Client for Meetings official version applications procedure VNC server Mac device seems to safe mode place them it with Source folder. I know services offer code is.

That aside though, I was quite happy with the typing experience on this computer. The keys are firm and responsive, coated in a rubbery material and travel deep within the frame for excellent feedback. They are also backlit and you can adjust the red illumination intensity or turn it OFF if you want to. Asus also worked on the aesthetics and added a RED border around the WASD keys, which makes them stick out easily and will probably appeal to most of you. I for one sure liked this fine touch.

One might also find it clunky and somewhat stiff if actually going to perform physical clicks on it, but I usually rely on taps and these aspects did not bother me much. And the truth is most manufacturers Asus included offered TN panels on their 17 inchers in the last years and having an IPS screen on this one is a much appreciated novelty, although it does have one drawback: longer response time, which might bother the heavy gamers amongst you.

The panel is quite good, although not great. That translates in fair brightness and contrast, good enough for indoor use, a rather cold white point and fairly accurate colors, especially after calibration. Before we move on, I will also add that this is a non-touch screen with a matte finishing, which paired with the ONLY p resolution, makes it imh ideal for gaming and eliminates the potential scaling problems or the annoying reflections and glare in bright environments we usually get on higher density touchscreens.

I was worried the latter spelled trouble and I was not entirely wrong. And it does most of the time, as proven by the benchmarks below, but in certain conditions the CPU shows signs of throttling so I did investigate this a bit deeper. Restarting the laptop would solve the problems though and even so, the hiccups were only occasional and did not actually hinder the gaming experience. OK, so this happens, but why?

By default, the Core iHQ processor runs all cores at 2. The logs show that the CPU tends to drop to as low as 2. So it looks to me like Asus went with a safe thermal approach and decided to lower frequencies once these temperatures are hit. And that takes me back to the cooling solution and the lack of proper intake grills, which could have actually helped lower the temperatures and diminish the throttling effect. Temperatures registered under stress are similar to those mentioned before.

Gaming aside, this Asus G offered a flawless everyday experience. Having the OS on a very fast M. But you can actually get a lower-end configuration and upgrade it yourself, as Asus actually encourages you to do that, by allowing simple access to the RAM and Storage bays. They are hidden behind a plastic cover on the back and you need to unscrew a single Philips screw to get to them. There are two 2.

Each drive cage is hold in place by four Philips screws. See the pictures below for more details and make sure you remove the battery before getting messy with the components. We already talked about inner temperatures in the section below. On the outside, the G remains fairly cool. I did however notice that the area that sits between the Y and U keys and the top of the trackpad get slightly warm under daily-use on this machine, and even warmer under load.

The palm-rest remains mostly cool though and merely gets slightly warm even when playing games for hours or running other demanding tasks. As for noise, the fans inside the laptop are constantly spinning and they do get a bit loud when pushing the machine, but are once again never too loud. I do lack the tools for a more accurate reading though.

The speakers are fairly good on this laptop as well, pushing loud and decent quality sound. But they will do alright for daily use. The speakers are hidden behind the two cuts on top of the keyboard. One final aspect I wanted to mention here regards the battery. And this translates in:. The laptop is paired with a W brick, massive, but capable of delivering the power the G needs under load. The Asus G series is already available in stores a few different configurations.

Follow this link for more details and potential discounts. To wrap this up, I had high expectations from this G and it mostly delivered, except for the occasional stuttering in games due to throttling, the poor performance on battery and some minor other decisions here and there cramped right-side of the keyboard, average quality speakers, small battery, smudgy case. But I did appreciate the solid build quality, the excellent typing experience, the IPS matte screen, the powerful hardware and the ease of upgrading it, and I do believe this Asus GJW is going to be a solid option for those of you looking for a 17 inch multimedia laptop.

I like that the whole package is completely silent when not under load, but I hate that it gets hot enough to throttle the video card when it is. I buy ASUS products. I trust ASUS products. An eye-wateringly expensive option that offers more than anyone could expect, and always with an added extra or two tucked into the box. Pretty good is definitely not what ROG does.

We know our shit. The G has some great features and does some great things as a media machine, but in the back of my mind, I know that the marketing team, or worse still, the accountants over at ASUS have made the decision to branch out the ROG name into the larger, and subsequently more profitable sectors of mainstream gaming in the hopes that more affordable ROG hardware will be a pull-factor.

Hardware Reviews. Jake Yanik Mar 20, Company: Asus. Review Score: 6.

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